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2020 Honda Civic 1.8L NA vs 1.5L Turbo, worth paying more for the power?

Valid until 31 December 2020.The answer is - as is often the case – it depends.Do you really need

2020 Toyota Hilux Rogue - is it worth paying RM 13k more?

Are the additions worth it?

2019 Honda Accord – up to RM 14k discount, should you still buy it?

replacing the previous generation model that was on sale since 2013.That begs the question – is it

Spied: 2021 Genesis G80 in Malaysia - could it be launched alongside the GV80?

infotainment system are all standard fitments.Other smart features in the G80 include the AI-enabled Smart Cruise

In Brief: Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2018 Facelift, W205) – Still worth your attention?

The base Mercedes-Benz C200 (price: RM 259,888) get the following features: New LED headlamps (adaptive

Review: All-new 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo, is it worth your purchase?

While it may lack support for Android Auto, texts are sharp and the overall user interface (UI) is crisp

Spied: 2021 Honda CR-V facelift spotted - coming to showrooms near you real soon

Overall, it looks about the same as its predecessor but with additional touches on the exterior - including

These are the 5 cheapest cars in Malaysia with adaptive headlights

Perodua calls it Adaptive Driving Beam and this feature is carried over from its Japanese donor cars,

Honda CR-V vs Proton X70 vs Mazda CX-5: Which SUV has the best ADAS?

ADAS.In the X70 (Premium and Premium X variants), the ADAS includes: Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Adaptive

Closer Look: 2021 Toyota Fortuner 2.8 VRZ - worth the RM 31k bump from 2.7 SRZ?

Do you see it too?

View More

In Brief: VW Polo – Old, but is it worth it?

2015, featuring a basic 1.6-litre MPI engine mated to a 6-speed torque converter automatic.How Much Is It

Review: Perodua Aruz 1.5 AV, is it worth paying RM 77,900 for a Perodua?

Paint thickness is also rather consistent, as it ranged from 100s micrometer to 120s micrometers.Perodua

Stability control is not the same as traction control

of the topic, we have readers that got it confused with the stability control system instead.

Pros and Cons: Ford Ranger Wildtrak - Love the comfort, but is it worth RM 150k?

Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Semi-Automatic Parallel Parking (SAPP), and Adaptive

With 3 choices, what is the best variant of the Perodua Ativa for you?

are questions youll undoubtedly ask, so well answer them for you in this article.Base X variant is worth

Get RM 30,000 worth of rebate on your new Subaru Forester

Subaru vehicles in Malaysia is offering buyers of the Subaru Forester a special rebate package that is worth

Closer Look: 2020 Toyota Vios GR Sport - nearly RM 8k more than the 1.5G, but is it worth it?

Much like the GR Yaris, it also has some commendations of its own which well go through as we progress

Pros and Cons: Mazda 3 – Premium inside out but are you willing to pay for it?

function at crawling speedsMain rivals like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis feature all-speed adaptive

Owner Review: The best choice, it is worth waiting for 2 months. - My Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid

In addition, this is the top variant that is equipped with a 360-degree camera, a moonroof, an adaptive

When you should turn off traction control?

First of all, what is traction control?

Subaru XV facelift launched in Japan; New grille, e-Active Shift Control

featuring a new Plasma Yellow Pearl colour, a new front end, and new feature called e-Active Shift Control

2021 MG HS – What is it and can it challenge the Proton X70?

C-segment SUV that rivals the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, and Proton X70.First shown as a concept in 2018, it

The 2021 Perodua Ativa's standard safety kit is better than the Proton X50

You have to fork out for the X50 Flagship.Also read: Adaptive LED headlights on the Perodua Ativa (D55L

Proton X70 – How does it compare against the Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5?

Stability Control Auto Brake Hold Hill Hold Assist Hill Descent Control Emergency Stop SignalThe X70

Adaptive LED headlights on the Perodua Ativa (D55L); cheapest new car to offer this feature!

What will it be named?

All new 2020 Honda Accord has 2 variants; 1.5L TC/ 1.5L TC-P – which to pick?

You might think: are the safety features worth paying RM 10,000 more? The answer is yes!

In Brief: Mazda CX-8 - Is it worth buying this RM 200k SUV?

tailgate, 19-inch alloy wheels, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, tri-zone automatic climate control

Deal breakers: 2020 Peugeot 3008 – Love the car, wished it came with AEB

To give credit where it’s due, the 2020 Peugeot 3008 1.6T CKD is a great car to be in.

Pros and Cons: 2020 Toyota Hilux Rogue - loads of good stuff, but not Triton-level comfort

But is it really?

Worth paying RM40k more for a Mercedes-Benz C300 when a C200 is good enough?

worth it?

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adaptive cruise control worth it Post Review

Car insurance went down by $40/mo for next year and all it took was me driving no more than 5 mph over the speed limit for 6 months

I just turn on adaptive cruise control and chillWorth it imo

Dear car salesman, if I ask you about a car feature the answer should never be, "isn't worth it."

What about adaptive cruise control?a: we don't have that, but just so you know it isn't worth it.

Curious on your thoughts a week in? Looking to buy one next week.

Best car, by far. Worth it. Adaptive cruise control, automatic bright lights, use the Android Auto app to add Google maps and Spotify, lives up to the 48mpg, blind spot sensors, awesome gauges to see on the dash, nice leather interior, what an awesome 21st century car!

What model you currently driving? You got the full self driving feature? if so, hows it currently go? I know u gotta touch the steering wheel every few mins or so there goes my plan of having a sleep in the back seat

FSD can stop at traffic lights, take turns, change lanes, adaptive cruise control? Take corners, it can do SO much and is only getting better and better as every week goes on. Is it worth it? Yes, because you’re securing your price for FSD when it releases to the masses

Car have to be equiped with Camera, Laser then fitted with Adaptive cruise control. Is some cool shit but damn expensive but is worth it.

Adaptive cruise control is worth it's weight in gold