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Owner Review: The best choice, it is worth waiting for 2 months. - My Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid

In addition, this is the top variant that is equipped with a 360-degree camera, a moonroof, an adaptive

New locally-assembled 2020 G20 BMW 330e M Sport launched in Malaysia – From RM 264k

with a 0-100 km/h time of 5.9 seconds.The XtraBoost feature can be activated by switching to Sport mode

Briefly, pros and cons of W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

which features: Blind Spot Assist PRE-SAFE System KEYLESS-GO Active Parking Assist Active Brake Assist Cruise

Honda CR-V vs Proton X70 vs Mazda CX-5: Which SUV has the best ADAS?

ADAS.In the X70 (Premium and Premium X variants), the ADAS includes: Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Adaptive

Video: New Perodua SUV with 1.0-litre turbo?

full suite of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) which bundles Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive

2020 (F98) BMW X4 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, from RM 904k

But there is a 4WD Sport mode that is more rear-biased.0-100 km/h is done and dusted in 4.1 seconds,

Subaru XV facelift launched in Japan; New grille, e-Active Shift Control

featuring a new Plasma Yellow Pearl colour, a new front end, and new feature called e-Active Shift Control

When you should turn off traction control?

First of all, what is traction control?

Toyota Raize GR Sport buyers face 9-month waiting period in Indonesia

This engine is paired to a D-CVT (Dual-Mode CVT) automatic gearbox.Also read: Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota

All-New Subaru Forester Launched in Malaysia, 3 Variants From RM139k

All variants come with the X-Mode should you choose to hit the path less travelled but only the 2.0i-P

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Volkswagen Golf R Mk8 gets Drift Mode like an AMG A45S

hatches, there is one feature on this Golf R that will terrify the tyres and that is “Drift” mode

2020 (F97) BMW X3 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, RM 886k

But there is a 4WD Sport mode that is more rear-biased.0-100 km/h is done and dusted in 4.1 seconds,

Stability control is not the same as traction control

But traction control and stability control are two different ideas altogether.

All-new Toyota GR Supra 2019 3.0L launched in Malaysia, RM568,000

There is also a Launch Control function which requires the car to be in the sportiest setting (Sport

2020 Honda City RS previewed in Malaysia! Honda Sensing, LaneWatch, new i-MMD engine

engine is also available), Honda LaneWatch and even Honda Sensing.i-MMD stands for intelligent Multi-Mode

Video: 2019 Toyota Camry 2.5V Review, Why Settle for a BMW 318i?

not just responsive, its also highly communicative giving you a rewarding cornering experience.Body control

You can’t turn off Eco Mode on the Perodua Myvi because…

The new Perodua Myvi does not come with an active ‘Eco Mode’ which alters the powertrain

Are you using your rear-view mirror’s night mode properly?

Many people never realise that their rear-view mirrors have a night time mode.

All-new 2021 Honda HR-V to be launched in Europe, only hybrid offered

For ultimate efficiency, the all-new HR-V pulls off in electric mode, changes seamlessly to hybrid mode

2021 Lexus LS 500 open for booking: 3.5L V6, LSS+ ADAS, from RM 1 million

bumper, headlamps, and a dark metallic finish on the spindle grille.The new headlamps feature BladeScan Adaptive

With 3 choices, what is the best variant of the Perodua Ativa for you?

encapsulating these features: Pre-Collision Braking (PCB) Pre-Collision Warning (PCW) Pedal Misoperation Control

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport launched in Malaysia – R-Dynamic variant, from RM 380k

Disconnect, which works by disconnecting the drive of the front axle to the rear wheel under steady cruise

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class features E-Active Body Control - Raises car in side impact!

series.In the latest update, Mercedes-Benz has revealed that the W223 will feature the E-Active Body Control

These are the 5 cheapest cars in Malaysia with adaptive headlights

Perodua calls it Adaptive Driving Beam and this feature is carried over from its Japanese donor cars,

Pros and Cons: VW Passat R-Line, brilliant ride but would you pick this over Accord?

interior Fuel efficientCons: No ADAS Pricier than rivalsPros – Excellent ride qualityFitted the adaptive

The Porsche 911 (992) is now available with a manual transmission in Europe

function, tyre temperature display, Porsche Torque Vectoring, Dynamic Drivetrain Mounts, PSM Sport Mode

Owner Review: A Car That I Can't Resist- My Story With My Toyota Yaris

The transmission actively upshifts at a lower RPM; Sport mode overrides this to allow the engine to rev

Malaysian orders opened for freshly debuted 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

seeking to take the Taycan Cross Turismo off the slightly beaten course, Porsche introduces a fifth drive mode

In Brief: 2019 Volkswagen Passat, GTI in a business suit

Chassis Control (cycles between 4 different drive modes), XDS Electronic Front Differential Lock, Engine

Adaptive LED headlights on the Perodua Ativa (D55L); cheapest new car to offer this feature!

More interestingly is the mention that H and AV variants of the Perodua D55L will be receiving Adaptive

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adaptive cruise control mode Post Review

Plant models, control strategies, adaptive cruise control, oh my! Clint and Jackie, our controls, system modeling and simulation gurus, aren’t wasting any time getting into competition mode. #EcoBuckeyes #STEM

I’m currently trialing the gorgeous new all-electric Golf from @VolkswagenIE. So far the battery life is great. Got it with 270km in the ‘tank’ so I’m going to see how long I can go without charging! So far so good!

#RoadTrip in the rain to #matpra2018 with the 365hp RWD #KiaStingerGT - loving the adaptive cruise control and eco mode!

VW Golf GTI2.0L turbo 4-cylinder engine, 228 hp, and 350Nm of torque. Driving Mode Selection8" glass touchscreen display Touchscreen navigation systemAdaptive Cruise Control (ACC)Blind Spot MonitorLane AssistPark Assist (Images: VW)

Just the one thing?

Definitely risky. Stay vigilant!

Yes. For contrast, years back , I drove my 2016 F150 3.5 Turbo with adaptive cruise control cross country and back from Charlotte to Washington State , and it was insanely trustworthy. That was just mobileye I would prefer rear brake assist on my Tesla over fart mode too

Enjoy @LaraDungan. They're a great car. I just drove from Cork to Galway (220km @ 12.2kWh/100km) and I've 50km range left for the coffee run in the morning :) . Eco+ mode with adaptive cruise control without regenerative breaking (just roll) seems to be the way to max range.

@vwroc @VWUKHelp @TheDanProsser @stuartg917 remove standard fit, adaptive cruise control from GolfRs. Or give it an "analogue" mode. A mindbendingly dangerous gadget that ruins an otherwise perfect car. The next #dieselgate waiting to happen

Main Jaguar FPace chat • Re: Follow Mode - Adaptive Cruise Control #Jaguar #FPace

adaptive cruise control mode Q&A Review

What new technology of automobiles should I know as a final year mechanical engineering student other than textbook knowledge?

Thanks for A2A ; I like the question may be one of the best question in my view and it falls under my favorite category. Most people depend to much on the text books just reading what it says . They do not try to come out of it and try to explore more about it. Ill just say about the topics and its your work to google them :) Engine technologies. Direct injected petrol engines (GDI gasoline direct injection) ,Vigneshwarraj Chandrasekaran's answer to Why are GDI engines not being used in India in place of MPFIs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? HCCI engines ( Homogeneous charge compression ignition ) Cylinder deactivation Variable valve timing ( mostly found in petrol engines) ,Vigneshwarraj Chandrasekaran's answer to What is a VVT engine? Variable geometry turbo (VGT), Vignesh War Raj's answer to What is turbo engine? There are researches to make Petrol engine as compression ignition ( preventing detonation and controlled ) Multi air by Fiat Multi jet diesel engines by Fiat Fuel stratification in petrol engines Hybrid , semi hybrid engines Exhaust gas re circulation to prevent NOx Kinetic energy recovery systems Variable compression engines ( petrol engines ) Lean combustion in both petrol and diesel engines Peizo electric fuel injectors Nitro boost Engine auto stop and start while idling Transmission Automatic transmission ( dual clutches) ,Vigneshwarraj Chandrasekaran's answer to What is the difference between automatic and semi-automatic cars? Slipper clutch in bikes Centrifugal actuating multi plate clutch (rekluse clutch) All wheel drive (AWD) Types of differentials (LSD , locked up or torsen type ) Vehicle control modules Anti collision braking Electronic braking distribution Pre safe brakes Hill hold and hill decend control Electronic stabilty program Lane keeping assist Adaptive cruise control Driver attention assist Innovations Audi matrix headlights Static bending head lights Automatic climate control ORVM control Autonomous driving Safety SRS Airbags Crumble zone in cars Bio weapon defense mode in Tesla Tire pressure monitoring ( so no need to repair punctures) Blind spot detection Occupant sensitive airbags ( can detect is it a Kid or empty seat or heavy parcel on the seat) Suspension Magneto fluid dampers Multi link suspension Torsion beams (semi independent) Still there are much more technologies , hidden in cars most are under development stages If you find any other technology in automobile just comment below , ill just add up :P A automobile is a field which incorporates almost all field of sciecne , hats off to modern world

Why does Adaptive Cruise Control ride the brakes while going down a hill to maintain speed? Isn't it better to downshift?

The adaptive cruise control may not have any interlink with the gearbox; that’s an extra system that adds complexity to the car. Mine (a VW Golf Alltrack) seems not to directly control the gearbox, but if you have the box in “S” mode, it will trigger early downshifts and tend to hold the lower gear. Or you can tap the downshift paddle and put it in manual, that doesn’t cancel cruise control. A relatively light car with a big diesel engine doesn’t really need high RPM to hold quite a steep slope anyway, and I suspect its big and well-cooled brakes won’t get hot enough to care about unless it is a truly monumental slope. But I tend to use manual shifting for steep slopes, which are usually twisty anyway and you do NOT want to use adaptive cruise on a twisty road.

Do you trust using cruise control?

I have 2 2020 vehicles with adaptive cruise control and lane keeper assist. The Honda has a great lane keeper assist. The pressure it applies is gentle and it applies it slowly. If you cross a line, it gives the wheel a gentle shake. I keep the Honda’s lane keeper assist on always. But the Honda’s adaptive cruise control only works well on straight roads. On curves, even curves safely taken at highway speeds, it gets confused and starts reacting to cars that are in adjacent lanes. Worse, it not only pulls up the gas pedal, it applies the brake. I hate it when a car next to me on a curve catches the adaptive cruise controls attention and it hits the brake! Another negative is it kicks off automatically if traffic slows to 20 miles per hour! I drive through downtown Atlanta on the I-75/85 connector several times a week. I tried the adaptive cruise control several times before I rejected it for urban highway use. The Hyundai is the opposite. The lane keeper is okay on highways, but it is horrible on curvy roads. Even on highways it is pretty aggressive at applying corrections. Unfortunately, the lane keeper assist has to be enabled to engage the adaptive cruise control. But the adaptive cruise control on the Hyundai is great. Even in downtown Atlanta traffic it does at least as good as I would . It gracefully handles cars moving between lanes in front of me. The adaptive cruise control only bothers me when transitioning from unrestricted highway driving to traffic following mode. It doesn’t look down the road far enough to gracefully make the transition. But, I can brake earlier and when I’m closer let off the brake and it will takeover nicely.

Do you set your car headlights in auto mode?

Yes. And my wipers. And my heating/cooling. And usually my speed (cruise control), distance (adaptive cruise control), lane (lane assist). It just leaves much less to worry about. But. I never blindly rely on any of these systems. I check each of them every so often. And I am always ready to take manual control of I have to.

Can my car sense whether it's driving uphill or downhill in cruise control mode?

The cruise control senses whether the speed of the car is at the set speed. If it is less, the control increases the gas feed to bring the speed up to the set speed. It doesn’t “know” whether the speed fell because of a hill or a headwind or anything else. Similarly if the speed of the car is greater than the set speed, the control decreases the gas feed to bring the speed down to the set speed. Again, it doesn’t “know” whether the speed fell because of a hill or tailwind or anything else. The newer “adaptive” cruise control systems are also able to sense whether the distance to the car ahead is increasing or decreasing compared to the distance set point and adjusts the gas feed as needed to maintain the distance set point if possible while not exceeding the set speed. Very nice feature!

What is the point of buying fast cars like BMW and Audi when I can't drive fast on the highway?

I’ve recently upgraded from a Passat to a (used) BMW 520d, and would like to share my experience. I live in Germany, where there are parts of highways with no speed limits. You could drive at light-speed (if it weren’t for physics:). I drive around 25.000 km per year, and mostly in 400+ km stretches. Although I could satisfy my needs with a less expensive car, I bought this one because of ,how it makes me feel,. I smile every time I get to drive somewhere, it is truly an enjoyable experience :) Here is a breakdown of my thoughts. Speed,: I’ve driven mine 225 km/h once, but it isn’t something I’d want to do all the time. Fuel economy at that speed is just ridiculous, and if something unexpected happened, you’d be a pancake in an eye-blink. Also, German highways are crowded, so driving at 200+ km/h for long stretches of road is seldom possible. I doubt many people decide to buy BMWs because of speed. Driving assistance & toys,: The car is loaded with features & toys. My favorite is the adaptive cruise control (ACC), which has completely changed the way I drive. It works flawlessly, and sometimes I drive for hour(s) without touching the pedals (the car is an automatic). Almost all car brands already offer this feature, and I highly recommend it. I often get stuck in traffic-jams. Although my car doesn’t have self-driving yet, it has a traffic-jam assistant. The TJA drives the car autonomously (including steering) up to 40 km/h. Other assistance features are also helpful (steering wheel vibrates when you steer too close to the lane lines, adaptive LED lights automatically adjust beams so they don’t blind the other drivers etc.). All these make the driving more care-free and safe. Toys,: I like the digital display which changes with the driving mode. It looks like something out of Star Trek. The cameras simplify parking (it’s a big car), mirrors self-fold, the Harman Kardon sound system is very enjoyable and button-controlled opening/closing of the trunk is cool. Car has remote controlled auxiliary heating, so it’s never necessary to sit into a cold car. Comfort,: It’s sooo comfortable to drive. The heated leather seats can be electrically adjusted in ~17 directions and feel better than most home sofas I’ve tried. I sometimes go sit in the car just to listen to music :) The front seats truly envelop the (co)driver and the ride is very smooth. The cockpit is sound insulated and road noise is negligible. I have a sports steering wheel which is thick and soft. The way all buttons and control feel is very premium. It is just a pleasure to operate. Design,: This is very subjective, but I prefer the design of the 3-series. Would I spend all my savings on this car? Absolutely not! But if one can afford to splurge a little, I think buying a nice car can be a worthwhile experience.

Is the tech in a 2014 Tesla Model S outdated compared to a 2019?

I’m pretty qualified to answer this question. I bought a 2014 Model S85 in April 2014. I put 102K miles on it and then sold it to upgrade to a 2018 Tesla Model S75D. I did so for newer “tech”. Tesla did not offer Autopilot in any form until September 2014, so my car had none of the hardware or software for that. That means no autopilot, adaptive cruise control, automatic headlights, windshield wipers, etc. I also wanted all-wheel drive which was also not offered until September 2014. There are some things that came on my new car that I didn't care about including air suspension, bioweapon defense mode, non-leather seats (not to insult the vegans but these just don’t resist stains as well), auto-closing charge port, etc. I lost a little bit of range (6 miles) in the upgrade and the car charges more slowly at Superchargers, at home and on the road (I had the special 80A dual chargers config, and the new home charging cord is crippled at 32A vs 40A). Overall I’m very happy with the upgrade and the newer tech. I wouldn’t say my old car was old tech as it was still a magical experience with the dash and large center screen, 265 mile range and fast acceleration. The person who bought my old car was delighted and I’m sure it will serve them for many more years. There are Teslas out there from that era with over 500K miles on them. While Tesla pushes out software updates to all cars continually, they can’t automatically upgrade hardware and it would cost them too much to do retrofits, so there are times when you’ll need to get a newer car to get some of the latest tech. Less so than traditional car companies, but it will still happen until we have nano devices and all that fun stuff someday :)

Which car should I buy, VW Polo, Hyundai i20 or should I wait for Skoda Scala?

Škoda Scala. NCAP Crash Test Ratings: 5 Stars (★★★★★) (Disclaimer: I was in love with Scala as soon as I saw these first three pics.) This rear back reminds me of Volvo V40. Mesmerizing! Kerb Weight: 1138kg. Engine: 1.0 or 1.5 TSI Petrol; 1.6 TDI Diesel; 1.0 G-TEC is Petrol & CNG. Virtual Cockpit 5 different layouts. Two modes with Sport and Normal. Airbags - 9 9 Airbags, Isofix and Top tether, Crew protect assist, ESC, ABS. Full LED Headlights & Tail lights Front Assist with predictive pedestrian protection & Side Assist Park Assist, Rear Traffic Alert & Park Distance Control with Manoeuvre Assist Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist & Drive Alert Auto Light Assist & Multi-Collision Brake Every Smartphone Ready Phone Box, SmartLink, Andoid Auto, Apple CarPlay, Mirror Link, Two front USB type C connectors, Voice control. Premium Interior 3D Navigation with Gesture Controls. Skoda Connect Alarm activation, fuel prices, free parking spaces, information on traffic, e call, details of every trip. Practicality Holders for 1.5-litre bottles in the front doors Cooled glove compartment Jumbo box High-vis-vest storage in every door Skoda Sound System - 10 Speakers & 405W Phone Box with inductive charging Multimedia holder KESSY ,(Keyless Entry Start and exit SYstem) Electrically adjustable driver’s seat Electric tailgate Electrically retractable tow bar Clever Boot Adjustable false boot floor Double-sided boot liner Boot nets Hooks in the boot Fold-Out Boot Mat Rooftop Bicycle Holder Smart Holder Dog Safety Belt Copper Designed Foot Mats The only problem you will face it buying in 2019 is that it will ,launch ,in ,2020,. My Advice:, I would advice you to wait for this car to come and then invest your money in a better company. I would do that. I don’t know if this is coincidence or not, but this year Volvo discontinued V40 and it can certainly replace it at a very less cost. It is one of those cars with “,Best of Every World,”.

What pros and cons does your car have?

Mine is a Hyundai i20 2019, 7 speed auto (DCT), 100hp There are not too many reviews online (for the 2019 model) so I guess this answer might be helpful for a few people. Pros For a small car, it looks pretty nice It’s loaded with options (cruise control, heated seats, heated side mirrors and steering wheel, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, backup camera and sensors, lane keep assist, automatic windshield wipers, automatic headlights and high beams, …) It has a 1.0 petrol turbo engine (T-GDI), but it accelerates pretty quickly and has a nice little engine sound (although it’s pretty quiet when not driving sporty) It’s a DCT, meaning I can shift manually if I want to It handles well. It remains very stable even at high speeds (140 km/h and above, don’t ask me how I know) It’s very fuel efficient (on average, 5.5 l/100km / 42 mpg) It has plenty of room for a car of this category The reliability is great 5 year warranty, unlimited mileage Cons Not very good for overtaking at high speeds (100 km/h and above). You can still overtake, but you need a longer distance than with more powerful cars. In terms of options, the only useful and “modern” options missing are adaptive cruise control, blind spot assist and front parking sensors Would be great to have a snow mode for better handling in the snow Crappy start/stop system, always on by default. This is an issue when I stop at roundabouts for a couple of seconds and the engine stops. When this happens, it takes quite some time for the engine to start and get going again, which is not very safe in such situations. Every time I start the car, I have to disable this feature, which is annoying. The infotainment system does have Bluetooth and we can stream music on it, make phone calls, … Although, to use Apple CarPlay, a USB cable is necessary. makes sense, right? So far I’ve done over 33k kms (20k miles) in 11 months and I never had any issue. Let me know if you have any questions. :) Here are a few additional pics:

Are you satisfied with owning the new Volkswagen Tiguan (2018-present redesign)?

I do not own the latest model (2018 redesign) but believe that under the skin there are not so many changes. I have the Tiguan 2.0ltr petrol engine (184 hp/140 kw) with 4Motion and 7 speed DSG, and one of the earliest series. With most optional extra’s (leather interior, advanced navigation and audio, Apple Carplay, digital dashboard, adaptive cruise control, panorama roof, lane assist, light assist, blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, head up display). I have owned it since September 2016. Below a picture of my car. I have driven 107.000 km’s since new. I regularly tow a double horse trailer, also in fields (around 2100–2200 kgs). I have been to Italy, Austria through the Alps in the winter with winter-tires about 6 times. Never needed snow-chains. I have an easy driving style. Both summer tires and winter tires have now done over 50.000km’s and not needed replacement. My fuel consumption on average over that total distance is 8,10 liters / 100km (12,34 km / litre). In mpg that is around 29 mpg. Occasionally I do give it the spurs. I have driven at speeds of over 200km/h although I feel happier cruising the German motorways at 150–160 km/h. I have had no extra repairs other than the long-life service performed at the 30.000km intervals. When the car was delivered I had some software issues with the advanced driving modes (adaptive cruise control, and the automated traffic sign recognition) and sensors but these were resolved within 6 months. I attribute that to having received one of the earliest cars in the new model series. Overall I am extremely happy. I came from a larger Touareg with a diesel engine. The Tiguan is very comfortable, quiet, much faster in acceleration, and versatile. I can fully recommend the car.