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I need an Upgrade Ford Focus Focus Hatch 1.0 #WinAnyCar #Carfie This Focus is the sweetest drive in the mainstream hatch class that I can ever wish for The Adaptive Cruise Control is just magnificent ! Bluetooth, Cloth Trim, Convenience telephony and Electric Mirrors,

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What would you do first if someone gives you 1,000,000,000 of your country’s currency?

Lets assume that this money is deposited in my bank account, and that for ease of answering the question all of the issues potentially involved like investigations on where the money came from, transfer limits, gifting limits, taxes etc are uninvolved. So this is a billion dollars USD after taxes, disposable income in my bank account. First thing I would do is do my best to resist the urge to tell all of my closest friends. This kind of money would drastically change the life of you and 100 of the closest peers too you, and it would be tough to maintain normal friendships and relationships when you just arrived at enough money to buy a handful of countries. I would then contact my father who is a lawyer and successfully went from a lower middle class second generation American to owning a global company. He would be my first stop for advice of this nature, and probably one of the only people I could trust to have my best interests in mind. After that I would get in touch with our close family friend and former boss who runs a hedge fund to get a better grasp of the money side, and start to flesh out investment strategies, and who were the right people to have by my side through the turbulent initial phases. I would then assemble a team outside of those two original people. The team would be at least two financial advisors (possibly from different firms if there weren’t issues about this and my first two contacts agreed). A legal team, a trusted banker, a bodyguard, and a driver. All of this team would be people I do not have personal ties with, but would also have input from my father and former boss. Exact amounts might differ based on advice from my team, but I would put at least 100m and probably more like 250m into a high yield savings account. This is safe, but makes a low return. I would make sure I cannot touch this account without approval of my team. This way, even if I somehow blow through the other 750m, I still have money to live off for the rest of my life in a relatively comfortable state. I would then take 250m and invest in broad portfolios, which encompasses established companies from Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ. While this will give me higher returns, it also carries more risk, especially in our current low return period. I would take another 250m and invest that in real estate, as well as gold, silver, and other commodities. A large portion of the gold and silver I would own “digitally” and trade, while the other portion I would take in physical stock and keep in safe deposit boxes. With 250m left I would probably use 150 for starting companies I have dreamed about, buying others, angel investing, or other high risk but potentially more enjoyable or passion projects. This includes starting a production/lighting company and putting on events and festivals for the single biggest thing in my life, Trance music. To investing in privatized space travel and aerospace technology. With various levels of safety nets and sources of consistent income set up I would then have 100m to play around with. Despite common misconceptions, 100m isn’t that much in the ultra luxury market. The largest super yachts cost in the 400–500m range (+20% or more per year in upkeep), and even a 250′ range mega yacht is going to run like 55m. I would probably buy a Pershing Yacht. I have always loved their sleek Eurostyle builds, and the dark grey coloring. Either a custom built Pershing 82 or 115. Which would set me back 6–12m, plus another 2m for 5 years of running. So lets say 25m with dockage, crew, fuel etc. (25m) Then I would buy an apartment in London, New York (my home), and San Francisco (my current location). Nothing two wild, say 10m for all three. (10m) Total: 35m. Grand Total: 35m I now have 65m left. I would purchase a Audi R8 V10. And for an extra cost I would have them put the old body on the new frame/engine. Take the car to a top level shop and have it totally customized. First I would have some professional car and aircraft designers figure out a new body kit that is angled, but retains the same basic shape/styling and character of the original (think a cross between the 2015 r8 and the Lamborghini Reventon). It would have angles and lines resembling a F-22 or F-117. It would then be painted in a dark grey radar absorbing paint. I would have radar and laser jammers installed in the front and rear. Finally I would have a custom system designed featuring IR headlights and two stereo FLIR cameras installed in front of the rearview mirror or in shallow pods just above on the roof. This system would at the flip of a switch turn off all visible lights emitted from the car, turn on the IR lights and FLIR cameras, and I could flip down the sun visors which would contain a screen displaying the stereo FLIR images. If I was ever pulled over at night I could engage this system, punch it, and essentially disappear, while still retaining view of the road with the FLIR system. Car (200k), customization (no idea), and probably tons of fines and fat legal fees, lets say 2m. Tesla roadster (gotta save the environment, plus the autopilot is great for long drives) 300k. Audi v8 S4 (b7 body). Not a billionaires car, but the first car that ever belonged to me (after a hand-me-down from my dad) and I wrecked, so this one is for nostalgia. (Used listed under 20k, but I would try and hunt one down that has basically been unused (under 10,000 miles), I got mine for 32k at the time + cost of hunting down a mint one and bonus for the seller to let it go, lets call it 50k. 1969 Ford Cobra 428 (also called the Ford Torino Cobra): 100k Ducati Panigael V4 S: 27.5k Oshkosh L-ATV (Currently in production as the JLTV for the US Army and Marine Corps, but civilian models available soon) 250k base. Add another 100k for creature comforts, stereo, sat tv, licensing/fees etc.: 350k Cobalt R3 w/ Volvo V8 6L 430hp. (Wakeboarding/cruising boat) 150k Rather than maintaining a private jet, lets set aside 10m for chartering, which is about 125 8-hour flights, like New York to Europe, NY to SF, etc. (10m) Total: 12.9m. Grand Total: 47.9m Next a stylist, and a huge spending spree. Suits: (x20= 500k) Brioni tuxedo: (48k) Dress shirts: (x100= 50k) Shoes(10 dress, 20 casual, 20 sneakers and assorted): (18k) A rose gold Daytona Rolex with an onxy face: (68k) 3 Patek Phillippes (Grand Complications, including the Celestial): (700k) 5 Breitlings (Navitimer, Chronomat, Avenger II, Emergency, and Bentley B05 Unitime): (63k) 2 Omegas (OT 2468 Chronograph from 1946, and Omega-Louis Brandt il de luxe from 1994: ??k) and a handful of other more daily wear watches: (100k maybe?) Hudson jeans(x25), CK briefs(x100) and V-necks(x100) for casual wear: (9.5k) Jackets and outerwear (Burberry trench coat, Prada camel coat, officers coat, Gucci peacoat, Belstaff leather jacket, Patagonia technical down): (9.5k) Basic accessories (Ties(x50), Belts(x20), Cufflinks(x20pairs), tie bars(x20), tux studs, collar stays, etc: (37k) Fashion accessories (Scarfs (cashmere, cotton, wool, and silk(a dozen)), leather gloves(x5), pocket squares(x20), Sunglasses (style (Gucci, Ray Ban, Tom Ford), Technical (Oakley, Costa del Mar)(10): (3k) Sweaters (x50= 10k) Total: 1.5m. Grand Total: 49.5m And I still have 45m to burn……. Time to drop money on my hobbies New top of the line equipment for my astrophotography: Canon EOS 6D, Angle finder c, Wireless controller, Tamron 15–30mm f/2.8 wide-angle, Sigma 35mm f/1.4, Sigma 50mm primary f/1.4, Canon EF 28–300mm f/3.5–5.6, Solar filters, Orion 10010 Atlas Pro equatorial mount, HGM Titan equatorial mount, Obsession Telescopes 25″ f/4 model w/ ServoCat GoTo tracker, JMI EV1 focuser, Ethos eyepiece, laser collimator, Telrad and 13x80 finderscope, and dew heater. Plus a Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope for traveling. All in: (41k) For rock climbing (mostly just replacements/upgrades/expanding on current gear): Sterling Evolution Velocity 9.8mm 70m rope (x2) Mammut Infinity Dry 9.5mm 70m rope (x2) Maxim Airliner 2X Dry 9.1mm 70m rope Sterling WorkPro static rappelling rope 200m Sterling HTP static rappelling rope 200m La Sportiva Genius climbing shoes Five Ten Anasazi Pink climbing shoes Black Diamond Momentum climbing shoes Petzl Spirit Express quickdraw (x 25) Petzl Ange Finesse (x 25) Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight cams .4-4 BD Camalot C3 1-2 BD Camalot X4 .1-.5 BD Stopper set #4-13 BD Offset micro stopper set #1-6 BD Wired Hexentric set #4-10 BD Zion 145 haul bag BD Touchstone 35 haul bag BD RURP Piton (x10) BD Pecker Piton (x15 assorted sizes) 18mm Daisy chain 45" and 55" 12mm Daisy chain 45" and 55" BD rope bucket BD Link personal anchor system 18mm runners of various lengths (x20) Cobra Ice Pick (1 hammer, 1 adze) BD Cyborg crampon BD Express ice screws of various lengths (x20) Ice protection toolbox BD Storm headlamp (to replace my current one with a crack in it) BD Offset Stopper Set #7-11 Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 2 tent and footprint Osprey Atmos 65L pack Gregory Baltoro 85L pack Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel Garmin Oregon 700 GPS Sea to Summit UL insulated sleeping pad Feathered Friends Snowbunting EX 0degree bag REI Co-op Magma 10degree bag Hoffman Richter HR-100 multitool Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX boot Scarpa Phantom 8000 High altitude technical boot La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX light mountaineering boot Arc'teryx Alpha SV (upgrade and addition to current Beta AR) North Face Himalayan Parka (Upgrade and supplement to Patagonia down sweater hoody) Patagonia Black Hole 120L wheeled duffle (more mobile version of my 90L Black Hole North Face Inferno -40degree bag Julbo Cat 4 Goggles Petzl Tibloc Petzl Ascension Jumar Ascenders R+L North Face 2-meter dome (to replace aging Northstar 4) North Face Phantom 50L pack BD Vision harness (current BD doesn't have ice screw clipper slots) Ice clipper x6 Total: 62k. Grand Total: 49.5m For my girl: (because when I asked her for help to figure out how to spend this hypothetical money her first response was “Lingerie, that adds up fast” also “Really expensive sushi”) At least 10 sets of Agent Provocateur lingerie: (5k) Another 10 from For Love and Lemons: (3k) 50 assorted sets from some of our other favorite brands (BrasnThings, Gooseberry Intimates, La Perla, Honey Birdette, Handmade by Coquette (a custom design boutique we have used before), Bordelle, etc. etc.: (17k) While we are at it…. The Fantasy bra and matching set that Miranda Kerr wore in the 2011 Victoria Secret fashion show: 2.5m for the bra, say 100k for the matching panties (more because of their one off than the actual cost of making them) plus 400k for the wings (though we both don’t love them as much as the more traditional ones). so: (3m) Plus if we are sending it, 100k for a custom set of wings more to her liking: (100k) Women’s fashion is far to item specific to include things like, “suit x20.” So, rather than an itemized list, say 3m for wardrobe. However, rather than a bulk spree (guys fashion doesn’t change as fast) call it 500k a year for 6 years, with more income coming in for subsequent years, or subsequent women….., ,(3m) Heaps of assorted jewelry that is quality and telling, but not overly opulent as to be gaudy (to include each of the 3 different gold Cartier Love Bracelets(19k), Etincelle de Cartier earrings (rose, white and gold)(60k), Mikimoto Moonlight White South Sea Pearl w/ diamond and white gold earrings(57k), Eddie Borgo Safety Chain chokers(1k) among others): (1m) And since I dress her, I can’t forget shoes: Louboutin Daf Booty 160mm (2k) LB Viyonce 70mm: (1.3k) LB Dirdibootie: (1.2k) LB Belle: (900) LB Bianca: (1.3k) LB Pigalle Follies 100mm (x2=1.5k) LB Douce du Desert 100mm (900) Throw in another 500k for more than I’m too lazy to look through. ,Total: (510k) Handbags are one thing I don’t do, but definitely a Hermes Birkin 40 and 25 (25 and 55k respectively): call it 580 for those and whatever else she wants. ,(580k) An Audi TT RS with iridescent paint job, matching brake calipers, adaptive rear spoiler, and 20″ anthracite forged wheels. 80k Total: 8.2m. Grand Total: 57.7m Since I don’t know the top sushi places on the planet, I am going to go with a few of my personal favorites, Sushi Seki in Chelsea, 200 Omakase, for two 400, and other times with larger parties of friends, 2000, plus sake 2500. Say 50 dinners. (125k). Tanoshi Sushi, Upper East side, 100 Omakase. 1000, plus sake 1250. (x50=62.5k) My personal favorite steak restaurant on the planet, Minetta Tavern, Greenwich Village. Black Label Burger, split 4 ways as an app, 33, x2 for groups, 66. Dry-aged côte de boeuf for two, 152, x4 for groups, 608. Frites, spinach, and champignons poêlés as sides, 148. Côtes de Provence Rosè to start (x2=138). Red with the main, either Arbois Rouge (x2=112), Listrac-Mèdoc (x2=186), or Pauillac 2008 (x2=390). Depending on the occasion, all of them. (1.65k) I still dream about their côte de boeuf being out here on the west coast, so probably fly in there frequently, 50 dinners (or last time we did if for breakfast honestly…) (82.5k) I have yet to scope out any exceedingly exquisite restaurants in San Francisco because my new friend and co-worker groups out here are from differing socio-economic backgrounds. But Mensho Tokyo ramen here ~20 a bowl x4, plus sake ~80 x2. (240) (x50=12k) Bar Crudo on Divisadero, oysters 5, (x48=240), bottle of Bejoulais 23 (x4=92) (332) (x50=16.6k) Lets add another 500k a year for eating a drinking. Total: 800k. Grand Total: 58.5m Well it’s way harder to spend 100m than I thought, so lets start getting really aggressive. Back to hobbies and things at interest me: Flight on the Zero-G “Vomit Comet” to experience 8min of weightlessness for me and 33 friends: (177k) You can buyout Kennedy Space Center for private events after hours, it doesn’t list pricing but it does say 200 attendees. The Museum of Science in Boston costs 85k for 100 people, so lets double that, 170, plus some extra because its a special place. (200k) Have a massive party there, plus alcohol and food. (300k) A Virgina based company called Space Adventures has a bunch of different options for space tourism. For 20m you can spend 10 days on the International Space Station, and for an additional 15m you get a bonus 8 day and becomes the first civilian to ever walk in space. (35m) Total: 35.5m. Grand Total: 94m The remaining 6m I would spend on lavish vacations (food, excursions and accommodations, since I already paid 10m for chartered flights). Probably Fiji, Venice/Rome/Florence, Egypt, France, Patagonia, Everest/Nepal/Tibet, Antarctica, I would go back to Australia and the Philippines, plus more. I would buy rare first edition books and stock a massive library, probably commission some artwork, and Trance music from my favorite artists. Then once I had everything squared away, I would throw a party for the ages for everyone I know to celebrate having a billion dollars. Total: 100m. Grand Total: 750+b and counting… Notes: For those noticing my obvious lack of charitable donations, that would be included in my ventures budget. I would rather start my own charity and hire people I trust, and know what is going on in the charity, than give my money to someone else who might be just paying out their employees with it. Also, I realize I now have a massive amount of assets that require upkeep, management, taxes, etc, etc. But that is what The early investment blocks were for, to ensure that I had the backup to pay for these toys and expenses long term. I could easily expand on some of the ventures, businesses, savings, investments etc that I would get involve in, but there is something very therapeutic about being able to go shopping for everything you have ever wanted. Money cannot make you happy, but using money to facilitate experiences with the people around you definitely can!

What are some disadvantages to owning a Tesla electric car?

The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m a fairly recent proud owner of my Model S P100D, but I do a lot city traffic driving, as well as some 2.5k miles + return journeys. TLDR Model S: ,Expensive to buy, extremely cheap to own, under warranty, at least so far (~12 months). Amazing to drive, somewhat poor quality car in terms of luxury compared to other cars in its price range. Software is amazing, autopilot above any other car. Should you buy a Model S/P100D? Yes if you’re after a toy, otherwise buy a Model 3 instead, or a fleet of them. P100D is for adult children with more adrenaline rush than sense(yours truly). High spec Teslas simply aren’t worth the money, unless you’re a very very confident driver and you want to win every traffic light drag race. If you still want one but don’t care about performance, buy cheap,, even if you want more, benefit won’t scale, and you’ll still have a car faster than 98% of all other cars, sports cars included. 4.2 seconds in a Model 3 AWD is on par with a Mercedes AMG Sedan, a Bentley GT pre 2019, etc. Futuristic: ,The most amazing realisation when you own a Tesla is that electric will become standard. For now, it’s very expensive, because scaling up and doing R&D costs money. There are problems for sure, the charging network, the service industry, the speed of charge, the cost, and so on. But it’s so incredibly obvious electric cars are so vastly ahead as a mass market product, there’s simply no question where the world will be in 30 - 40 years. It won’t be long before petrol cars will be a very old memory, and something generations to come will only learn about from stories. A word of caution,: This review is written by a man child with more love of fast cars than sense, the very audience for the ,P ,models. A lot of it applies to all the Tesla range, but it’s a review coming from someone after easy to own sustainable performance, not an economically sane family sedan, where I honestly think the Tesla would come off a lot better. Collection day photo of my pride and joy. Good The way it drives It really doesn’t feel like anything else you’ve ever set foot in. The power delivery and the AWD system is insane in the best of ways. This car knows no weather, and does not care much for road conditions either, you can floor it all the way whenever you feel like it. It’s perfectly stable at all times, and it feels incredibly safe, plus you can accelerate out of harms way whenever you need to. Is it a true sports car? ,No, absolutely not,. It’s a big heavy family sedan, with Porsche 918 Spyder vibes only up to 70mph, not much going for it beyond that. But if you’re in a busy city it’s a dream, you have on tap the launch power of a £1m+ exclusive hyper car for run costs of a Toyota Prius. This is the essence of what’s insane about it, any other brand you go to you would need to drop very serious cash, multiples of a Tesla price, to get anywhere near the same drive train quality. Here’s my friend trying the P100D for the first time. The speedometer reads in miles, so that’s a 0 - ~105kmh. It feels like you’re in the Space Mountain in Disneyland every single time. If you skid in a Tesla, you’ll be the first, that’s how insane the power delivery/traction system is. It’s not fun in the controlled drifts way, it’s fun in the “holy craaaap” way. You get used to it after 1 - 2 months, but 0 - 60 in 2.28s seconds or whatever makes all other cars obsolete in city driving, and unlike sports cars, it doesn’t cost you a small monthly fortune to be naughty in a Tesla all the time. Quite literally, nothing, not even a Bugatti, can hold a candle to you in city traffic. Seriously: ,List of fastest production cars by acceleration - Wikipedia,. When the worlds most expensive Ferrari or insert name here creeps up in front of you at the traffic light, it’s amusing and entertaining. Nobody can ever overtake you from a standstill, and there’s no such thing as an yellow light anymore, which come in quite handy if you can use them responsibly. That kind of launch power in a petrol car is a major event, it means launch control, good grip, no wheel-spin, good weather, dry road, even road surface etc. In a Tesla it’s business as usual, all day every day, every time you floor it you’re flying, you don’t even think about it, it feels like you’re playing an unrealistic PC car game. Driving a Lambo like car through the city at that speed of flow is impossible, any car with anywhere near the performance to 60mph would be too low(close to the ground) and too compromised to compete, you’d have to cause very serious damage to the car to keep up with the Tesla. “Really? Tesla vs Lambo? Reality check please”,. I’ll let you, ,judge for yourself, courtesy of DragTimes, Model S P100D vs Aventador SV Launch Control. I’ve tried that competition in person, in my own SV. Without launch control, the SV has a very unimpressive throttle response, there’s almost 1.5 seconds of delay in between flooring it and it starting to move. The Tesla simply flies. Here’s a cuter sample, courtesy of a dear friend and his son. Run costs are near 0 It’s not cheap to buy, but after that life gets a whole lot easier, unlike other cars(especially performance ones), which generally require a continuous forking of cash for things every month. Without oil to replace, break pads and discs to worry about, anti-freeze and a lot of the petrol engine saga, there’s almost never a reason to open up your wallet again. Mine was a fairly expensive, 6 figure price tag, high spec P100D. Ever since? £300 on a tire + replacement because of a nail, nada on all else, and still drove 2000km with a nail in the tire before it was found. I live near a supercharger which helps tremendously. Tires will wear out because of the acceleration, but they already behave much much better than other cars I’ve owned, and 4 tires every 2 years is something I’m happy with. Servicing is run on a 0 profit model,. Maybe the most amazing and understated feature of being a Tesla customer is the way they don’t try to rip you off in a service. Owning other brands, at even higher price ranges, has meant a very off putting routine of every 3 weeks visiting lets say Mercedes Service, for this reason or the other, all at a very very heavy premium. They always take forever, cost a fortune, and don’t care for you one bit, except for selling you stupidly expensive monthly care packages that don’t actually end up covering for anything.. If you call Mercedes, you go through 5 answering machines, and you have this back and forth test of patience with their absolutely idiotic phone system. It’s not possible to call your service technician directly, they never have a replacement car, and when they do it’s not even supplied by Mercedes, but a third party company, etc. If you want to get things done fast, they tell you to come at 8AM, you turn up and you’re casually told service technicians are not in until 11AM, things like that. The best or nothing as they say, so you truly get the ,nothing ,because it’s cheaper for them to make it happen. If Mercedes is the most incompetent car brand of all time at post sales, Tesla is the very best there ever was. If you call them from a known phone number in their system, by the time someone picks up the phone, they will know who you are and what care you’re on about. Mobile technicians are deployed, and there’s never a talk of cost estimates, because ,warranty means warranty ,in Tesla, and that’s pretty amazing. I had a door mirror replaced post a minor incident, no one ever talked about dollars. Government likes you buying EVs(at least in the UK) The purchase terms of an EV are very friendly, and the Tesla staff has been extremely useful in pointing out the correct channels. A £5k government contribution, no congestion charge(otherwise, £11.50 per day), no fuel no matter how you drive, and barely any consumables(no engine oil, no break pad/disc wear due to regenerative breaking etc). Business owners choosing to purchase EVs are allowed to do so pre-tax, unlike all other types of cars, with a significantly decreased tax burden for benefits in kind, which will go to an even lower 2% in 2020. Leases are very competitive, so the conversation starts at half the APR your average dealer would begin talking to you. With ,New Inventory,, I have been offered an APR of <1%, which is a steal. There’s a lot of space There’s more trunk and frunk space than in almost any other car, and short of buying a semi-truck, you won’t get more load capacity buying from the competition. This is pretty cool if you have a family to carry around. I generally carry everything I need to carry, which my one laptop bag, in the frunk, so it doesn’t wobble around as I drive through the city like I’m auditioning for a role with McLaren’s F1 team. It’s really convenient, and you do feel the car has great light permeability, the sunroof is really fun, and the really big windscreen is pretty cool, there are barely any blind spots when driving, and it’s a great feeling of openness. The autopilot is incredible If you’ve never trusted your car to drive itself before, it takes some getting used to, but you’ll never go back. If you’re tired, drowsy, on your way back from work on a late night, it’s perfect. I am comparing it to one of my other cars, a Mercedes with Distronic technology, which will casually steer into adjacent lanes, not keep pace etc. Cruise control/distronic are highly useful on a motorway, urban use is a problem, though Mercedes explicitly warn you against using Distronic in the city. The Tesla is pretty spot on at all times, and I’ve done 2000 miles plus in a single journey on autopilot, taking over only for roadwork areas, where lane markings are confusing, and I’ve done it at 95mph/150kph, the car can be trusted. Hands off the steering allowed only up to 20 seconds, so for now it’s not fully autonomous, more of a “party trick”. If you ignore the car’s warnings to put your hands back on the steering, auto-steering will become unavailable for the rest of your current journey. If you drive at 150kph in autopilot and press the acceleration, auto-steering is also automatically disabled, so the car will penalise you for trying to be too naughty. Confusing lane markings, such as new lanes on old road, roadworks, etc, will nearly always confuse it, so watch out. Below is a video of me doing 150kph with the Tesla autopilot, intentionally driving at the max speed possible, on a completely empty road and perfect weather conditions. Great scenery too. Most of the interior is pawned from Mercedes The indicators and many elements of the steering column are borrowed from Daimler, because they are exactly the same as in my S class and I’m sure other Mercs. If you’re used to a Merc, you can jump straight into a Tesla, and your reflexes work instantly. The best part is that there’s no on/off in a Tesla, no button to press. You simply put it in drive mode and off you go. At the end you press the ,P, button at the end of your mode switch and done, no off button. That’s quite fun. , Bad The car feels really cheap In spite of its very generous price tag, the quality of everything you touch is on par with a car 1/4th of its price or less. Note, it’s a good looking car, and I don’t want to try and account for taste, but the interior looks like an entry level Ford or worse. Many people love the “minimalistic” approach, however they tend to be people who don’t have the experience of owning a Tesla or if they have a Tesla they’ve never owned another car of a similar price tag, so they cannot compare. Interior wise, it’s a 2.5 out 10 for the Tesla. It’s a little bit of an unfair comparison, as the price gap from a 75D to a P100D is mostly battery and tires, and they are not secretive about that in any way, but I still feel mass producing the interior could be done better, and in time I have no doubt it will. Over the years Tesla has always incrementally upgraded every detail about the car. This is about comparing a 6 figure priced car with other cars in a similar range. The consumption range is too dramatic. Being a wildfire traffic hopper can mean you have to charge every 2 days, up to 75%. It’s pretty incredible, but in Ludicrous+ the range calculator is another piece of decorative kit. The computer is simply pretty useless at adapting to individual driving habits, location, or recent consumption, instead of re-working your averages, it provides you with a false rolling instant value. E.g you’ve done 800Wh/mile until now, we’re still going to assume you are going to do 250Wh/mile until destination. That means in city traffic and power driving, you could get as little as 120 miles of range in total and Mr computer is largely useless at warning you in advance. The paintwork sucks, it’s really really crappy, and it gets dirty all the time, and it just looks cheap. It also costs £1000, which is insane, because it’s 100% not worth it. A paint job in a base spec Mercedes is another world apart quality wise. Same story for the rims and wheels, cheap stuff with cheap paint over it, sold in a very expensive wheel upgrade package. The car has out of the box LTE internet/connection, but it’s really poor, and as soon as you’re out of the home country, good luck. The number of times the GPS crapped out, or Spotify stopped working, too many to count, so it’s a completely unreliable connection. You can pay and add your own SIM card in the car, which improves life a lot. The steering wheel is way way too big and uncomfortable and nowhere nimble enough, that whole steering column could do with a massive upgrade. It makes it tiring for long drives, and manoeuvrability is terrible, the turning radius is only slightly smaller than the circumference of the Earth. The headlights are too powerful, to the point where other motorway users constantly flash you to warn you you’re on full beam, even when you’re really not. The car feels like its made of cardboard entirely, and the door feels like it weighs 500 grams, but not in a good way. No soft close, no nicety features, leather is very poor quality, no massage seats, no seat cooling, no proper seat settings(lumbar support etc). Cry me a river I know, but these are all common features in other cars of similar price. When you slam the door to close it, which you have to, it feels like you’re about to tear it in half. Other cars in this price range will always have soft close. The lights inside the car, both interior and the trunk/frunk are useless. I don’t know how they managed to cheap out on these, but it’s painfully annoying, dinner candles in the 15th century were much more powerful. There’s also no 12V socket in the trunk or frunk(seriously???). It’s completely missing on the nicety features you’d expect, like a decent set of air vents. Everything is cheap cheap cheap, and doesn’t really work at all in very hot weather, where you have to drive with the ol’ windows open technique. The cupholder system is a nightmare, and the storage space is pretty useless for a car of its acceleration. There’s nowhere to put stuff to prevent it from flying all over when you floor it, it’s very poorly thought through as a performance vehicle. If you don’t drive like you’re trying to beat Ayrton Senna theres plenty of space. The sound system is decent but could be better too, in spite of the Dolby Digital surround sound etc, it’s not on par even with the entry level sound systems in cars of similar price(S Class Coupe, Range Rover Autobiography, Aston Martins, Bentleys etc etc). The performance is inconsistent, after you floor it a few times and accelerate all the way to motorway speeds, the car will cut you back significantly to prevent battery overheating. This happens very very quickly. In a petrol car, I can be wild all day long on a track, in a Tesla I’d be out of juice in one lap. The front windscreen is great for visibility, not so great for direct sunlight. Fortunately not often a problem in the UK. You get massive sun glares or condensation from battery heat all the time. I don’t know how you make something this bad, a 20 year old Vauxhall(Opel) Astra does better.It’s physically very hard to see in front of you on a sunny day, and it’s a basic thing in any other car. Not in a Tesla. The windscreen wipers are extremely feeble, and consequentially when you drive at speed/wind, they look like they are about to fly off, and barely work. They are too thin and cheap, especially for the massive windscreen they have to deal with. The GPS is completely useless through a busy city, it has no knowledge of traffic whatsoever, constantly takes you down poor routes, and so on. It’s a decorative piece unless you’re driving long range. Top end Teslas are not as fun for petrolheads Having a Tesla is quite fun for the engineer inside you, and for the futuristic geek inside all of us, but the inner child is left with a bitter taste of disappointment. If you’re a real car fanatic/adrenaline junkie, you might want to skip buying a Tesla, for now, because it’s dtill a heavy sedan with a big turning radius, so not the thing you would take to the track. Kills at the drag strip though. The straight line speed is fun for the first month, but the truth is 6 figures on a car will never ever make any financial sense, unless you’re buying a big semi-truck and your name is DHL. It’s a straight up vanity purchase, no two ways about it, especially in the higher echelons of Tesla pricing, but it’s missing any kind of excitement whatsoever. Not really the biggest problem in the world, but if you buy a toy for the entertainment value and smiles per electrons, Tesla is probably not your top choice. It’s absolutely incredible for the city though, probably one of the best daily drivers out there, for any amount of money. The interior, the lack of sound, the poor interior lightning, and the various details remove the sense of occasion and excitement, no matter which model you buy. Other cars for the same money would either give you serene luxury you would enjoy every time(S Class, Audi A8, Porsche Panamera etc), or full on boy racer noise and performance, as well as great luxury(Mercedes C63S/E63S/S63 Coupe). It’s also dangerously close to the price of a barely used Lambo Huracan, McLaren 570S or a Ferrari 458, which are extremely fun cars to own. With a Lambo/McLaren/F Car, you know you spent the money at all times, and at all speeds, it just feels amazing and even going to the supermarket is an occasion, in a Tesla it’s too civilised, which makes buying a top end Tesla even more unjustifiable, since you don’t really need drag strip record times for the city. Longer journey? Double up the time Longer journeys take much longer, anything above 500 miles requires serious planning&math. If you’re a statistics nut like I am(life of the party I know), it’s pretty cool, and a bit scary. The consumption in a Tesla increases far more than in a petrol car depending on your driving. I’m comparing a P100D with the average performance petrol car, which is why the mpg figures are quite low versus the average car. Motorway cruising at 70mph, ideal weather conditions. Tesla,: 200 - 240Wh/km ,Sports Car,: 20mpg - 22mpg or 14L/100km. Motorway cruising at 100mph(Autobahn in Germany, ideal weather conditions. Tesla,: 400 - 450Wh/km ,Sports Car,: 16mpg - 17mpg or 17L/100km. If you’re doing that kind of long range you want to keep a good speed, but you simply can’t or you’ll miss your next charge. In a Tesla, you are constantly calculating and optimising. Do I drive faster because the battery charges faster in the initial phase, so it’s fine to end up at destination with less charge? Do I keep pace? Have I accounted for wind? Why am I doing 300Wh/km at the same speed as I was doing 250Wh/km earlier? Oh, 1% elevation, hmm. All part of the fun. Like in no other car, you get to feel first hand how changes in weather conditions, elevation/incline, road surface changes, affect “fuel economy”, because Tesla is kind enough to give you a live rolling chart. As a rule of thumb, you will lose 40 - 50% of the excess miles. E.g if your next supercharger is 200 miles away, I would charge for 300 miles, and hope to have 50 - 60 miles of range left at destination. Even at constant speed, the GPS estimates are way off. You will always arrive earlier than predicted, with less range left, even if you autopilot at constant speed all the way there. Realistically ,you will need to stop every 250 - 300 miles,, and spend 40 min - 1 hour each time. Supercharger coverage is still a problem, for now It’s absolutely amazing that you can drive so far and for free, but it’s not something you can take for granted just yet. For one, the European coverage for Tesla is pretty scarce. You can get from A to B for most of it, but not efficiently. It looks good on a map but compared to petrol stations it’s nothing, for now. You incur a significant number miles added to your journey, just so you can pass through superchargers. On a 700 mile journey in a petrol car, you might do 1000+ in a Tesla, not even accounting for the charge time. If you’re in France/Italy, you will pay additionally for every charge, as you’ll go in and out of the same motorway to access the chargers. It can be as much as 2 -3 times the toll charges in a normal car, if you do this very often it could be meaningful. Superchargers are rarely located in places normal gas pumps are, and have no service industry around them yet. That means you may or may not get a toilet at your next stop, which in long range mode can be fun. If you’re lucky, you end up near a shopping centre. This is in Orange, France. The GPS on the car will tell you what facilities await at your next stop, so you can in theory pick and choose, but in practice this can add huge mileage to your journey. Most Superchargers in France have turned out to be “in the middle of nowhere”, in the courtyard of some hotel etc etc. It’s a little bit weird stopping for an hour at 2AM in complete darkness in the middle of a field. Value for money Looking at the competition, say S Class, spending £75k for a base model is a whole other world from dropping £140k on an S63 AMG, or a used Maybach, completely different planet. Looking at a Maybach vs an S560 is a visible, obvious, world apart difference, no one would wonder where the £££ went. In a Tesla, it’s the same car with slightly more range and acceleration. I know this falls more in the “cry me a river” segment of the market, but equally, you expect something for your hard earned dollar or GBP, which Tesla somewhat fails to deliver on. They are very upfront about it, more money = more power and more battery, but it’s a whole lot of money “just for that”. The option list is both surprisingly short and expensive. A little more software/equipment, some autopilot fancy gear that’s not legal yet, and a bit more battery, for “just” twice the price of the base spec. As a normal sensible consumer, this is somewhat extreme. It’s certainly the cheapest “city focused Lamborghini” you can buy, but beyond that the pricing structure really makes no sense in terms of value for money, and I would probably struggle to justify spending the same again. The sensible thing is to buy a mid range Tesla and save half the price-tag, and still get everything except the acceleration. Not being able to floor it in a Lambo through the city isn’t exactly the mass market problem solving Elon had in mind, but ironically it’s kind of all you get in the P100D. Conclusion:, You’re paying for a power train, battery tech, and technology. You won’t get a fancy car, if that’s what you’re after don’t spend that kind of money on a Tesla just yet. Go half the price and get a Lexus hybrid instead. The car is really amazing in one way, a little boring in another. Overall the best piece of commuting/city gear you could ever have, though P100 models are ultimately an expensive toy. Love of Tesla: ,Having “talked it down” so much, I do feel the need to re-enforce the insane capability of this car is very addictive. Even if you’re fortunate enough to have driven crazy cars, yes it would get more feel, but you would not have more acceleration and torque, and the lack of sound is replaced by the consistent “holy sh******t” launch power at every single traffic light. Update(after 12 months of owning it): ,The honeymoon phase is now long over. The performance is still there, the run cost is still brilliant, but Tesla as a company is sometimes showing some fairly ugly colours. Tires lasted quite well, got a comfortable few mm of thread depth left. If you knew how I drive, in Ludicrous Plus constantly, that’s an insanely impressive thing, nearly 20k miles later. Loss in traction is noticeable, and I’m certainly way more careful in the wet than I was on fresh tires. At some point the £1k replacement cost will be unavoidable, in the next few months. Range is a big lie. 10 - 15% lost to software updates,, restricting max charges further and further. I haven’t seen a number starting with 300 since the day I took delivery of the car. As detailed further above, do not trust the range of the car. Charging speed has decreased massively,. It used to be you would drive to the supercharger with 10% - 15% and it would bump straight up to around 114kw - 117kw pretty much straight away, and stay there till the battery was nearly 80% when you could go home. No longer, the car now only goes to 85, then slowly to 95 and so on. It may be a software update to preserve battery life, however you have ,less range and longer charges,. No yellow cornering on the screen which lots of other people report, but it’s definitely a pain in the a**, it randomly resets itself, as you drive, or as you follow the sat nav, for no apparent reason. Music cut offs etc for about 30 seconds while the screen reboots for no apparent reason. Suspension isn’t proving very reliable. 1 year in and squeaks and creaks from everyone single corner possible. Car went to service and got cleaned by Tesla engineers under warranty, all back to normal now, no squeaks and creaks. HEPA filter had to be replaced after 14 months, around £186 inclusive of VAT from Tesla. Not terrible and done same day, however it’s a consumable and not under warranty. Software updates coming constantly have actually made the car a lot worse. Now it barely ever reads speed limits properly. While the AP is fully trustworthy, it won’t change speed limits, so you have to pay attention a lot more or you might get a speeding ticket and those lovely points on your license. Completely new design delivered around 5 months ago, and I hate it with a passion. They’ve made it more Model 3 like, but it’s absolutely stupid, various things on the touch screen overlap, as if it wasn’t hard enough already to touch things accurately while driving. The Dolby Digital surround system constantly gets deactivated as an option for no reason whatsoever, which drives me crazy, and nothing I do seems to affect that at all, I have to remember to re-enable it every time I get in the car, which is not great for an audiophile such as myself, the sound system is pretty terrible anyway even if you go for the high end option, at least compared with proper in car audio systems. Would I buy one again? ,The answer is ,absolutely not,, I got carried away by very low interest and tax benefits, and Ludicrous acceleration, but the honest to god answer is that I simply don’t enjoy driving it at all, it’s far too basic, too plastic and too crappy for the enormous price tag. I don’t dislike the car, but similarly I never look forward to drive it, and all I keep thinking is I could’ve bought x y z make and model instead. It’s coming from a place where I am fortunate that run cost isn’t my number one concern, but it’s been the only reason why I kept it, it’s very hard to say no to driving around for an extremely small cost, again when considering the performance. Like I said above, buying it is pricey, after you pay close to nothing beyond insurance. However, for the buy price of the car, I personally want a lot more. Value retention, Luxury, exclusivity, convenience, and a feeling of being able to drive it endlessly, like an S class, where after 15 hours of driving you don’t get that “sticky” feel of having been in a car for that long, you feel quite good. None of this come with a Tesla, and 99% of Tesla owners are extremely fanatic, but the reality is the majority of them don’t come from a high vantage point, and it’s by far the most expensive car they ever bought. Yes it may be better than a Honda Accord, but for many times the price tag isn’t that implied? The worst Tesla experience so far After a bump traffic so light that not even the paintwork on the car is damaged, the steering felt really funny, so naturally I pulled over into a side road, and phoned my beloved highly competent Tesla assistance. They quite literally told me to f off, there’s no other way to put it nicely. They said it’s not their problem, that it wouldn’t be possible to tow it to a Tesla depot(even if I offered to pay for this separately), and that ,the car is no longer safe to drive,. Insult to injury and acid pour on it in the span of a 10 second conversation. I had the extreme luck this happened 2 miles from home, where it was manageable, had it been 3AM in the middle of nowhere, the messiah of all car companies would’ve had me stranded useless in the middle of nowhere, no their problem of course, the nearly 150k they billed me for the car just a few months earlier had long been forgotten from memory. Thanks to good friends, I made my way back home, and the next day after insurance told me they are happy to help/cover the costs, but the car should go to a Tesla garage since no one else can repair a Tesla, low and behold, it was entirely possible to pay and have the car towed. What in the actual f*ck? A very nice Joe shoes up 3 hours later with a tow truck, and while on the phone with his boss/colleague, he politely asks me to dictate my credit card details so he could further dictate them on the phone. I thought he was joking, but no, he was dead serious. I told him no way josay, take cash or no deal. One cash machine trip later, the saga ends, the car is loaded on the tow truck and off it goes. Or so I thought. The wonderful people at Tesla politely informed a ,new steering rack is required,, post my 2mph barely any paintwork damage hit, for the great price of nearly £4000 inclusive of VAT. How wonderful, the steering rack mechanism can be completely destroyed by softly blowing air towards it, the build quality is insanely poor, more so than any other car I have ever owned, including a 20 year Vauxhall Astra I drove for a long time, with 200k miles on it and no problems. The truth? ,I’m seriously hoping this was a bad assistant on the other end of the phone, because this has felt like a slap in the face, which after the latest massive price drop adds a little bit of insult to injury. I’ve got a car worth a lot less than what I anticipated it would be worth, and a service quality that seems to fluctuate a lot based on who you get on the phone.