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G30 2021 BMW 5 Series facelift (LCI) launched in Malaysia; from RM 334k

530e M Sport comes with Adaptive LED Matrix headlights, while the BMW 530i M Sport gets BMW Laserlight

G30 2021 BMW 5 Series facelift (LCI) in Malaysia; from est. RM 343k, ACC with Stop&Go, Laserlight

The BMW 530e M Sport comes with Adaptive LED Matrix headlights, while the BMW 530i M Sport gets BMW Laserlight.Both

2020 (F98) BMW X4 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, from RM 904k

BMW Malaysia has launched the 2020 BMW X4 M Competition, priced at RM 904,276 (OTR without insurance,

Soon you will need to pay to unlock features on your new BMW

Like modern day smartphones, BMW sees their cars as a digital platform.

Malaysia to launch M Sport kitted 2021 BMW 7 Series (G12) soon; est. price from RM 630k

BMW Malaysia will soon introduce the 2021 BMW 7 Series (G12) M Sport, likely in the 740 Le variant.

Adaptive LED headlights on the Perodua Ativa (D55L); cheapest new car to offer this feature!

More interestingly is the mention that H and AV variants of the Perodua D55L will be receiving Adaptive

In Brief: G20 BMW 3 Series – For the driving enthusiasts

(G20 BMW 3 Series Prices & Specs | Gallery)The BMW 3 Series has been the enthusiasts’ choice

Video: 2019 Toyota Camry 2.5V Review, Why Settle for a BMW 318i?

ManoeuvrabilityLike most new-generation Toyotas, the athleticism of the Toyota Camry is more akin to a BMW

2021 G30 BMW 5 Series facelift (LCI) launched in Thailand, from RM 405k

Assembled in Thailand, the G30 BMW 5 Series facelift is offered in 3 variants: 520d M Sport, 530e Elite

Indonesia launches cheaper 2021 BMW X7 CKD, Malaysia to follow

After last years Covid-19-induced delay, BMW Group Indonesia has officially launched the locally-assembled

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All-new Toyota GR Supra 2019 3.0L launched in Malaysia, RM568,000

UMWT has managed to price it at RM 568k, on par with the competition such as the BMW M2 Competition,

All-new 2020 BMW X5 plug-in hybrid launched in Malaysia, priced from RM 440,745

BMW Malaysia has just launched the all-new 2020 BMW X5 xDrive45e plug-in hybrid (PHEV) in Malaysia, priced

All-new 2020 BMW X6 xDrive40i M Sport launched; 340 PS/450 Nm, CBU, RM 729k

BMW Malaysia has officially launched the all-new 2020 BMW X6 xDrive40i M Sport in conjunction with the

2020 BMW X1 sDrive18i launched in Malaysia - RM 208k, 1.5L 3-cylinder turbo, 140 PS/220 Nm

this year, BMW Malaysia has expanded the BMW X1 lineup with the sDrive18i.It is locally assembled (CKD

2020 BMW X3 M Competition and BMW X4 M Competition launched in Indonesia, only 12 units!

BMW SUV customers in Indonesia have racier options to look forward to as BMW Group Indonesia officially

2020 BMW 330e vs 2020 Volvo S60 T8 - Which is the better plug-in hybrid?

BMW Malaysia recently added the 2020 BMW 330e M Sport into the 3 Series range, priced at RM 264,413 (

All-new 2020 (F40) BMW M135i launched in Malaysia – 306 PS/450 Nm, RM 356k

BMW Malaysia has just launched the all-new 2020 F40 BMW M135i in Malaysia alongside the 2020 BMW X1 sDrive18i

Used F10 BMW 5 Series, from RM 115k, what to look out for

If this system fails, it will interfere with the brakes, traction, and stability control.

Stability control is not the same as traction control

Last week, we shared our insights on traction control and how does the system work, and due to the nature

New locally-assembled 2020 G20 BMW 330e M Sport launched in Malaysia – From RM 264k

BMW 330e M Sport.

The 2020 Proton X50 is smarter and safer than a BMW X1 with all that tech

looks of it, the crossover definitely has an impressive array of safety features that puts even the BMW

BMW X5 PHEV vs Volvo XC90 T8 - Which is the better buy?

BMW Malaysia recently unveiled the BMW X5 PHEV, priced from RM 440,745 (without SST).

These are the 5 cheapest cars in Malaysia with adaptive headlights

Perodua calls it Adaptive Driving Beam and this feature is carried over from its Japanese donor cars,

In Brief: All-new CKD G20 BMW 3 Series 2019, when driving matters most

(BMW 330i M Sport | Gallery)First launched as a fully-imported model back in March, BMW Malaysia has

2020 (F97) BMW X3 M Competition launched in Malaysia, 510 PS/600 Nm, RM 886k

stiffer anti-roll bars and M-specific rubber mounts.Complementing the bespoke suspension parts are adaptive

2021 G30 BMW 5 Series LCI (facelift) Malaysian launch teased – No more 520i?

So says BMW Malaysia in their recent social media posts on Facebook and Instagram as the G30-generation

G30 2021 BMW 530i M Sport - What's so special about Laserlight?

So, what exactly is Laserlight and how does it compare to the Adaptive LED headlights on the 530e?

New vs Old: 2021 G30 BMW 530i LCI – Changes where it matters

BMW Malaysia launched the new 2021 G30 BMW 530i facelift (LCI) in Malaysia a couple of days ago.

2021 BMW X7 xDrive30d (CKD) launched in Thailand, RM 810k

BMW Thailand has launched the locally-assembled (CKD) 2021 BMW X7.

BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes-Benz E-Class vs Volvo S90, which is the better buy?

, measuring 275/35 R19 at the rear and 245/40 R19 at the front.All three cars feature adaptive suspension

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adaptive cruise control bmw 520d Post Review

BMW Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofitted in G30 520d:http://youtu.be/RUbPyAAE_tg?a(来自@YouTube)

adaptive cruise control bmw 520d Q&A Review

What is the point of buying fast cars like BMW and Audi when I can't drive fast on the highway?

I’ve recently upgraded from a Passat to a (used) BMW 520d, and would like to share my experience. I live in Germany, where there are parts of highways with no speed limits. You could drive at light-speed (if it weren’t for physics:). I drive around 25.000 km per year, and mostly in 400+ km stretches. Although I could satisfy my needs with a less expensive car, I bought this one because of ,how it makes me feel,. I smile every time I get to drive somewhere, it is truly an enjoyable experience :) Here is a breakdown of my thoughts. Speed,: I’ve driven mine 225 km/h once, but it isn’t something I’d want to do all the time. Fuel economy at that speed is just ridiculous, and if something unexpected happened, you’d be a pancake in an eye-blink. Also, German highways are crowded, so driving at 200+ km/h for long stretches of road is seldom possible. I doubt many people decide to buy BMWs because of speed. Driving assistance & toys,: The car is loaded with features & toys. My favorite is the adaptive cruise control (ACC), which has completely changed the way I drive. It works flawlessly, and sometimes I drive for hour(s) without touching the pedals (the car is an automatic). Almost all car brands already offer this feature, and I highly recommend it. I often get stuck in traffic-jams. Although my car doesn’t have self-driving yet, it has a traffic-jam assistant. The TJA drives the car autonomously (including steering) up to 40 km/h. Other assistance features are also helpful (steering wheel vibrates when you steer too close to the lane lines, adaptive LED lights automatically adjust beams so they don’t blind the other drivers etc.). All these make the driving more care-free and safe. Toys,: I like the digital display which changes with the driving mode. It looks like something out of Star Trek. The cameras simplify parking (it’s a big car), mirrors self-fold, the Harman Kardon sound system is very enjoyable and button-controlled opening/closing of the trunk is cool. Car has remote controlled auxiliary heating, so it’s never necessary to sit into a cold car. Comfort,: It’s sooo comfortable to drive. The heated leather seats can be electrically adjusted in ~17 directions and feel better than most home sofas I’ve tried. I sometimes go sit in the car just to listen to music :) The front seats truly envelop the (co)driver and the ride is very smooth. The cockpit is sound insulated and road noise is negligible. I have a sports steering wheel which is thick and soft. The way all buttons and control feel is very premium. It is just a pleasure to operate. Design,: This is very subjective, but I prefer the design of the 3-series. Would I spend all my savings on this car? Absolutely not! But if one can afford to splurge a little, I think buying a nice car can be a worthwhile experience.