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15 coolest pop-up headlights that flipped our minds – AE86, RX-7, Ferraris, and more!

RX-7Some consistent design elements across all three generations of the Mazda RX-7 are the overall design

Lexus LM 350 launched in Indonesia – pimped out Alphard?

This year, Thailand has received the LM 300h while the LM 350 has been launched in Indonesia.Available

All-new Lexus RX to launch in 2022, current model to be updated for Japan in July

An all-new Lexus RX is due to be launched in 2022, according to information gathered by Japanese media

Man saves total stranger’s Mazda RX-7 from getting swept away in a flood

With negative emotions running high, we really do not need to see/hear a rare car like a Mazda RX-7 get

In Brief: 2019 Lexus RX 300 - Who needs air suspension?

The Lexus RX 300 was given a facelift last year and the 200t moniker has been dropped in favour of 300

Spyshot: LED headlights on the new 2021 Proton Iriz and Proton Persona?

current models halogen reflector headlightsThat said, according to our friends over at Funtasticko, LED headlights

Pros and Cons: Lexus LM 350 - A dressed up Alphard? Hardly

If youve been looking to buy a Lexus LM 350, weve established that you are someone who probably doesnt

G30 2021 BMW 530i M Sport - What's so special about Laserlight?

So, what exactly is Laserlight and how does it compare to the Adaptive LED headlights on the 530e?

Proton Iriz RX Supercar with 600 PS takes on World Rallycross Championship in 2021

tournaments in 2021 including the World Rallycross Championship in a specially modified Proton Iriz RX

Halogen vs LED headlights: Which is better?

Halogen headlights were first introduced in 1962.

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New Lexus RX launched in Malaysia – priced from RM 399,888

for the new Lexus RX are as follow: RX 300 Premium – RM 399,888 RX 300 Luxury – RM 424,888

New vs Old: 2021 G30 BMW 530i LCI – Changes where it matters

Series facelift (LCI) launched in Malaysia; from RM 334kExterior The biggest differentiator are the new headlights

Closer Look: The Lexus LM 350, when the Alphard is just another poor-man's car

then maybe you can join the ranks of royals and consider this just-launched-in-Malaysia 2021 Lexus LM 350

These are the 5 cheapest cars in Malaysia with adaptive headlights

The next cheapest car to offer adaptive headlights is the Subaru XV in its 2.0i-P variant.Subaru&rsquo

9 cars with glorious quad headlights – Celica, E-Class, BMWs and more!

Though quad headlights don’t get the same love as pop-up lights, we still fancy its set-up.

FD Mazda RX-7 tries to show who the real Keisuke is, spins instead

In a video that recently made its rounds on the interweb, a FD Mazda RX-7 is seen gunning it, being chased

Malaysia launches 2021 Lexus LM 350 - 2x an Alphard's price, but seats just 4

It may slightly resemble one, but don’t mistake it for an Alphard - this is the 2021 Lexus LM 350

From RM 1.15 mil, the 2021 Lexus LM 350 is the rich man's Alphard - now open for booking

Indonesian-spec car pictured.The 2021 Lexus LM 350, a fully-imported (CBU Japan), four-seater MPV (yes

G30 2021 BMW 5 Series facelift (LCI) in Malaysia; from est. RM 343k, ACC with Stop&Go, Laserlight

396,000 for the BMW 530i.The new variants are fitted with slightly larger kidney grilles and slimmer headlights

Your headlights are more than just to illuminate the path for you

usage of our car headlights.It’s a regulation that all car manufacturers are required to install headlights

Are LED headlights better than halogen headlights in bad weather?

and LED headlights.

Volkswagen offers rebates on the hottest hatchbacks in town

paired with a 6-speed wet clutch direct shift gearbox (DSG), with output being an impressive 230 PS with 350

Adaptive LED headlights on the Perodua Ativa (D55L); cheapest new car to offer this feature!

More interestingly is the mention that H and AV variants of the Perodua D55L will be receiving Adaptive

McLaren designer says the world needs more red Mazdas, pens this

”The sketch does draw similarities with the RX-Vision concept car, which was previewed 5 years

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 11, 2019)

New Lexus RX launched in Malaysia – priced from RM 399,888Lexus Malaysia has just introduced the

2021 Lexus RX 300 Luxury Special Edition - RM 12k bodykit?

fix it: the RX 300 Luxury Special Edition.

The Mazda Parkway was Mazda’s own vision for a rotary-powered RX-Bus

triangular-shaped Wankel engine.Wankel-powered Mazda models of various shapes and sizes beside the RX

No sign of Malaysia debut, 2021 VW Polo facelift launched: Standard LED headlights and 1.0T

hatchback closely resembles its bigger brother even more.For the first time in the Volkswagen Polo, LED headlights

Regular Malaysians won’t understand - Nearly 20 orders collected for RM 1.1 mil Lexus LM 350

Less than one month after the 2021 Lexus LM 350 was launched in Malaysia, Lexus Malaysia has confirmed

New Lexus RX – we show you what's new for 2019

Lexus Malaysia recently introduced the new RX here in Malaysia, giving its mid-sized luxury crossover

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rx 350 adaptive headlights-rx 350 adaptive headlights-Lexus RX LED headlights

rx 350 adaptive headlights-rx 350 adaptive headlights-BMW X3 2019

rx 350 adaptive headlights-Fuse box location and diagrams: Lexus GS450h (2006-2011)

rx 350 adaptive headlights-Fuse box location and diagrams: Lexus LX570 (2008-2015)

rx 350 adaptive headlights-Fuse box location and diagrams: Lexus RX330 / RX350 (2003-2009)

rx 350 adaptive headlights-01 Lexus RX 450h BladeScan Adaptive High beam

rx 350 adaptive headlights-Lexus RX Driving Performance

rx 350 adaptive headlights-Fuse box location and diagrams: Lexus RX450h (2010-2015)

rx 350 adaptive headlights-Fuse box location and diagrams: Lexus ES350 (2007-2012)

rx 350 adaptive headlights-rx 350 adaptive headlights-Fuse box location and diagrams: Lexus RX350 (2010-2015)