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Man carjacked 2 police cars to fulfil GTA thrills in Florida

A man in Florida was recently arrested after he hijacked not 1 but 2 police cruisers and lead law enforcers

Is torsion beam suspension in the 2019 Mazda 3 a step backwards?

types of suspensions used in a car.At first, we learnt that torsion beam sits at the bottom of the suspension

Myvi driver's frequent loud exhaust testing leads neighbour to shoot car with air gun

This man in Johor has had enough of his neighbour’s car and decided to shoot at it in retaliation

Volvo Cars raise the cabin air quality game with this new tech

Volvo Cars have taken the bid for better air quality in the cabin another step further with their new

Man saves total stranger’s Mazda RX-7 from getting swept away in a flood

And the world would have seen one less RX-7 if this kind man hadn’t selflessly saved a complete

Man pulled over for duct-taping flashlights to his car as headlights replacement

Imagine the surprise when the police pulled over a man driving a Chevrolet Impala in the USA and discovered

How to use the new off-road driving features in 2020 Toyota Hilux - Superflex suspension, Auto LSD, new A-TRC

on a straight road.Superflex suspensionThe other chassis upgrade is the new and improved leaf spring suspension

Man in stolen car crashed into woman also in stolen car, coincidence much?

A 27-year-old man in Oregon, USA was trying to escape the police when he conveniently crashed into another

Remember this murder case of a BMW driving over a man? The suspects have been acquitted

Remember the murder of a BMW 5 Series driving over a man in a petrol station that happened in 2017?

Man who assaulted Bomba sentenced to 6 months in jail

The man who starred in a viral video for not only causing a massive accident but assaulting a firefighter

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Man gets scammed on FB over a RM 36k Ford Ranger Raptor

Unfortunately for a contractor, he fell victim to a scam.According to local reports, the 53-year old man

Mr Hypercar: The man who turned every car he touched into gold 

Dallara since 1974, Loris Bicocchi has a bigger ambition to do his own car at the age of 61.And the man

Honda Connect debuts in Malaysia, City RS to be first model

support to the driver via Honda’s 24-Hour Roadside Assist Call Centre in case of an accident or air

2020 Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG Line drops Airmatic suspension

Specifically, the Airmatic Suspension has been replaced by Sports Suspension, like the one in the C200

In Brief: 2019 Lexus RX 300 - Who needs air suspension?

Anti-haze air-conditioning: Only two car manufacturers offer it in Malaysia

Several locations in Penang and Sarawak have already recorded API (Air Pollution Index) readings of over

Explosion at Honda's Suzuka plant; 2 workers hospitalised

treatment.An officer with the prefecture police said that the explosion was caused by a switchboard malfunction

GrabCar Premium vehicles in Malaysia to get Nanoe air purifier

Soon GrabCar Premium rides will offer premium riders with cleaner air thanks to Grab Holdings Inc&rsquo

Pros and Cons: 2020 Toyota Vios GR-S – Superb suspension, lackluster powertrain

The Toyota Vios GR-S adds a few goodies like a reprogrammed CVT with 10 virtual ratios, sports-tuned suspension

Man breaks car window in attempt to remove evidence of sexual harassment

A 24-year-old woman’s quick response to a man sexually harassing her was to record a video as evidence

Honda explains how the 2021 Honda HR-V's A/C vents work like an air curtain to keep you cool

flow, the Air Diffusion System which creates a new gentle flow of air, and close which shuts off the

This man loved phones so much that he built a car to look like a desktop phone

But this man from Massachusetts took his passion 100 steps further by building a car that looks like

Do bull bars cause airbags to malfunction?

a bull bar are usually stated in the owners manual.A bull bar can cause some systems in your car to malfunction

Man seen attacking firefighters in viral video tested positive for drugs!

In a video that went viral on 15 October 2020, a man is seen punching firemen on duty at the scene and

2020 Proton X70 CKD gets stiffer suspension for better ride & handling

got a new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) and improved kit list, Proton has also revised the suspension

Watch: Man deploys cleaver knife to threaten another man after rear-end incident

the past few days, residents in Serdang were both amused and horrified over a viral video showing a man

Carmakers don't know how to tune suspension properly nowadays

A cars ride and handling are chiefly determined by two things, wheel size and also suspension tuning.

What is Airmatic suspension on the Mercedes-Benz C300?

Airmatic Suspension is Mercedes-Benz’s term for their air suspension.

A Remedy for Mitsubishi Outlander: a rear air circulator at RM 1,485

Since Mitsubishi Outlander has been introduced into Malaysia in 2016, the defect without rear air vent

Deal breakers: The Mitsubishi Outlander air-conditioning system needs to be improved

system.In an effort to appear driver-centric, the Outlander’s centre and driver’s side air-conditioning

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