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Driving an #EV to a spot where only #offroad #vehicles are able to! Not a problem, if you own a beautiful @Tesla Model S with air suspension and #4WD ;) Thanks @elonmusk and all to other engineers for making something like this possible for everyone! #Croatia #Winnetou #Valley

“the S and X both got continually worse over the years”Would like to see where you got that from.

Sorry, X always bad:"The Tesla Model S lost CR’s recommendation in October 2018 largely because of suspension problems. Tesla made air suspension and all-wheel drive standard in its 2017 Model S.The Model X SUV has always had below-average reliability through its lifespan,"

I partnered with @onlyusedtesla to sell my Model S. Go check now if you're in the market for a Tesla!

Problem is that you can buy a well equipped model 3 for the money you want for a model S with no autopilot or air suspension...all the things that make the model S better...not for me..but hopefully someone will buy it..good looking car!

Me personally? Lol. Way too much to list here. Tesla ownership for me has been a nightmare. not here to plug my YouTube channel though. I am working on a solution that may compensate model x owners.

Original model s with spring suspension had no issues with vibrations. The air suspension adds complexity. Complexity increases incidences of problems.My model s has never had any problem that cost more than €100 to fix.My X has not cost me anything thus far.

@elonmusk Current Model S air suspension has a rattle problem, please provide a fix.

“I just don't want a long term suspension problem to drag on. My previous Model S was repurchased by Tesla due to an ongoing air suspension issue. I just want a actual new car, not one that was misrepresented to push an end of quarter goal.”

The latest Consumer Reports' annual Auto Reliability Survey also dropped a Toyota brand from No. 1 for the first time in 15 years.Tesla Model S problems include its air suspension and main computer and touchscreen controls, and Model Y problems include body hardware and paint