are aluminum and alloy wheels the same

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Perodua Ativa: D55L name and specs confirmed, AEB & 1.0T CVT as standard!

exterior bits, it appears that the Perodua Ativa will feature the same headlights that are found on

NZ Wheels adds an outlet in Setapak

NZ Wheels Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Naza Group and an authorised dealer for Mercedes-Benz in Malaysia,

Perodua cars are outdated, and they’re perfect that way

Despite the cosmetic changes, the Alza still runs on the same 3SZ-VE engine from 2009.

In Japan, a Mugen Honda Civic Type R is RM50k cheaper than a standard FK8 in Malaysia

just a dressed up job.The engine and transmission remains untouched, so it still makes the same 310

Toyota Rush – Don’t rush into buying one until you read this

Both cars are made at the same Perodua plant in Rawang.The Perodua Aruz is, as you would expect, costs

Mazda CX-30: 2.5 Turbo with 253 PS/434 Nm, most powerful in the segment

The engine had been previously used in other Mazda cars like the Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-9 and Mazda

GR Parts and Modellista versions of the all-new 2021 Toyota Harrier leaked!

of the all-new Harrier.This styling package is called GR Parts, and the all-new Harrier receives aggressive

The 1.5L engine in Perodua Myvi and Toyota Yaris, are they the same?

Yes, they are both 1.5-litre Dual VVT-i engine from the NR engine family and they are both made in the

Planning to buy your first car? Here are 5 tips for you

that tend to fail – radiator fan, air-conditioning, and suspension are just a few to name.

More spyshots of the all-new 2021 Honda HR-V - powered tailgate, better wheels?

spyshots and details have emerged of the SUV.

View More

This is the new 2021 Suzuki Swift and it's coming to Malaysia soon!

Changes include restyled 16-inch alloy wheels and a revised front grille.

Spied: Proton X70 in Ocean Blue, special wheels

For one, all five units are draped in what looks to be Ocean Blue, a colour picked from the Proton X50

Ford, Fiat, Ferrari are working to produce masks/ventilators. Can Malaysian car companies do the same?

(PPE), which are in chronic short supply, to help fight the battle against Covid-19.This lead us to

Meet the South African Perodua Axia - Comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!

Toyota South Africa has launched its newest and cheapest model there and it looks awfully familiar.

Are bigger wheels good for your car? Or just all show but no go?

; is to go for wheels with a bigger diameter.Perodua Myvi GTBigger wheels are aesthetically pleasing

Do larger wheels and lower profile tyres give better performance?

Higher rung models often have larger wheels thus having lower profile tyre, and the general consensus

Same engine, same chassis: The Lynk & Co. 06 is the Proton X50's cooler cousin

It even shares the same ADAS suite as the Binyue.Proton finally acknowledged the X50 in their Merdeka

2020 Honda Accord gets all spiced up, JDM style

other types of packages to suit your liking and need.But if you wanted to complete the look even further

Spied: 2021 Proton Persona and Proton Iriz – New wheels on the Persona

A lot has happened in the B-segment (sedan and hatchback) this year.

The few areas the Toyota Avanza is better than the Perodua Aruz/Toyota Rush, what are they?

say that the Perodua Aruz and Toyota Rush are identical twins with different names, while the Toyota

Goldmine: A rally car you can daily - 1999 Subaru Impreza GC up for sale!

Partly because we are petrolheads, and partly because we like to live vicariously and look at pictures

Proton X70, the C-segment SUV priced at RM 99,800 - 123,800

The Standard version comes with 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, the Executive version is 18" and

Only 5 dealers are allowed to sell the RM 299k 2020 Toyota GR Yaris in Malaysia

because our local specifications GR Yaris comes equipped with Torsen Limited Slip Differential, BBS alloy

2020 Volvo S60 T8 CKD launched in Malaysia, same price, slight change in features

CKD is priced from RM 295,888 (on-the-road, without insurance), same as the imported version.Like the

Spied: Bigger wheels on 2021 Proton Iriz and Persona - improved looks for both cars?

Proton is not making any bones about testing the upcoming Proton Persona and Proton Iriz facelifts -

Subaru Forester GT - new aggressive body kit, 18-inch alloy - coming to Malaysia?

Subaru ForesterThink the current Subaru Forester looks a tad too bland and almost similar to the previous

UMW Toyota Updates Hilux, Fortuner, And Innova

, which includes the Fortuner, Hilux, and Innova.Starting with the Toyota Hilux, UMW Toyota Motor has

In Brief: G20 BMW 3 Series – How to differentiate the 320i from the 330i?

Moving along the sides, the both the 320i and 330i get 18-inch alloy wheels, but with varying designs

Stability control is not the same as traction control

;t be puzzled because it’s all the same thing.

New Subaru XV gets 2.5L engine for USA, 184 PS and 239 Nm engine

The updated Crosstrek now comes with a more powerful 2.5-litre, 184 PS and 239 Nm engine.

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Does changing the wheels on Prius lower the MPG? #toyotaprius #Toyota #prius #newwheels

If you go with a lighter weight wheel but with the same diameter, and width as the factory wheel, the MPG may increase. Factory wheels are cast as opposed to some aftermarket wheels that are forged aluminum alloy or magnesium.

The only alloy wheels I've had that were actually lighter than steel wheels of the same size, were the 5 1/2x13" Cromodoras I had on my X1/9. They were an option for the 124 Coupe and cast in Magnesium alloy. Unless you're talking forged rims, most Aluminium rims are quite heavy.

Same with Aluminium Smelter jobs making Alloy wheels in Fort William and with the much heralded off-shore green energy park on the white elephant semiconductor site at Halbeath. Are we secretly breeding white elephants in Scotland? Is that @ScotGov future?