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On-Site Residential Aluminum / Alloy Wheel Repair, Wheel Refinishing & Restoration, SouthCoast... http://fb.me/6v8Zk22RV

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aluminum alloy wheel refinishing Q&A Review

What is car wheel repair?

Wheel repair is fixing one of the many problems automotive rims may encounter. Corrosion due to salt damage, rubbing a rim against a curb, damage from a car accident, bends from hitting a pothole or you just want to change the look of the wheel to something new. Most wheels that get repaired are aluminum alloy wheels. Most can easily be repaired and refinished for far less than the cost of a new one.

What kind of corrosion / oxidation has affected this car wheel?

This is an aluminum alloy wheel. It has been painted with a clear coat. Sun, road salt, and impacts have allowed entry behind the clear coat to corrode the aluminum. It is possible to fix this, but it isn't free. There are places that will strip the clear coat, and refinish the wheel, and then re-apply the clear coat. Depending on where you are, it would still be cheaper than buying new wheels, but not by a lot. My wheels cost $150 each when I did all four at the same time. They did the whole thing at my house in one day. This corrosion does not appreciably weaken the wheel, and if you don't care how it looks, it is safe to drive on as long as you own the car.

Are aluminum alloy wheels coated or uncoated?

I will use the Corvette options, all were available to the same alloy rims, at different prices. plain alloy , highly polished, these have a soft silver color and will need upkeep in constant repolishing to stay nice, best if kept in dry areas or in a dry garage, I liked the look best! one fact, beautiful new metal is always right under any tarnished surface, just polish for a new look. painted , these are least expensive and common, they look ok, need minimal upkeep and are best for a daily driver. They also can easily be refinished when needed. chrome plated alloy, bright silver, to me tacky looking. easy to clean and very shiny, but doomed to fail. Chrome will be thin and starting in the shadowed areas in recesses or between spokes, it will tend to fail, especially in damp climates. Chrome does not plate very well to aluminum, when it fails most will buy new rims, getting the chrome off to refinish is not easy. Not on the Corvette, but many cars use clear coated aluminum rims, generally the clearcoat looks decent for 4 years or so here in the New York climate, long enough to satisfy the cars first owner. Then it develops cracks in the plastic finish,water gets under the plastic and ugly corrosion begins. The rim is ready to go to a powder coater, that will remove the clear and refinish it. Common on motorcycle alloy rims but not on cars, alloy rims may be anodized, a finish that is quite durable. Some times clear, more often black, anodize coating holds up for years on motorcycle rims, but they are usually used in drier conditions and more to be stored indoors than automobiles. Anodize is not as shiny as polished metal, more often clear anodize has a satin like lustre.

How can I cheaply fix a slightly bent wheel?

If it's a steel wheel they make a special tool that once the tire is removed you can place on the lip of the rim and it kind of looks like a fork it goes on both sides of the lip of the rim and then you use it as a pry tool to bend the wheel back in place. A large crescent wrench can do the same thing. More and more wheels are aluminum alloy vs Steel. If they're aluminum you could possibly heat it and bend it back in place but it's more likely to crack than to just bend back in place. And heating it is going to severely discolor it. So you could try it without the heat but then you're even more likely to crack it before bending it back in place. There are professional places that restore bent wheels that are aluminum. They are going to heat it properly bend it back in place and then refinish the surface of the wheel. It's not generally something you could do at home.

Pinalloy Carbon Fiber Sport Remanufactured Steering Wheel For Volkswagen VW MK7 Part - 1?

Features: • Carbon: Glossy carbon on top • Red color ring on top • Premium black leather wrap • Red stitching NOTE: • Airbag is NOT included for this item, Volkswagen used different type of airbags for different models, it is customer's responsibility to find a matching airbag to install this wheel. • We only refinish the rim portion in to carbon finish and new leather wrap, we don't guarantee the condition and function of the center trim and MFC control buttons, customer can simply transfer the parts from the original wheel to our new carbon wheel to complete the installation • There is no airbag included in this auction sale Installation: • Professional installation is always highly recommended • Please visit you local auto shop for full installation support Pinalloy Black Steering Paddle Shifter Extension VW Golf MK7 Scirocco GTi R Spec • Brand: Pinalloy • New, Unused • Material: High quality Aluminum • ONE-PIECE-CUT finished (No any screw on it) • Matte Surface Including: • Pinalloy Alloy DSG Paddle Extension x 1 set (Left & Right) • Tools set x 1 Compatible Vehicles: • Volkswagen Golf MK7 • Volkswagen Scirocco / Scirocco R (2015-2016) Note: Only can use for steering wheel DSG + / - function vehicle Pinalloy Chrome Made Trim Molding Trim Strip Car For Door Edge Scratch Guard Protector Cover This styling moulding trim strip is made of PVC & chrome plated film. Perfect for car body / exterior decoration Spec: • Color: Red/Blue/Yellow/Silver • Perfect for car body / exterior decoration. Make your car more unique and cool. • Made of PVC & chrome plated film. • Double-side adhesive tape available for easy installation. • 1/4/8 meters long, flexible, easy to cut it into the suitable length you need • Type : Body Parts • Placement on Car : Front, Rear, Left, Right • Model/ Series : All Models • Intended Use : Modification/ Enhancement Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3 cm. Pinalloy Red Metal Alloy Steering Paddle Shifter Extension for Audi A5 S3 S5 S6 SQ5 RS3 RS6 RS7 2014-17 Spec: • Brand: Pinalloy • New, Unused • Material: High Quality CNC Alloy Metal • ONE-PIECE-CUT finished (No any screw on it) Including: • Pinalloy CNC Alloy Metal Paddle Shifter Extension x 1 set (Left & Right) • Tool Set x 1 Compatible Vehicles: • Audi A5 2016 • Audi S3 2015 - 2017 • Audi S5 2016 - 2017 • Audi S6 2015 • Audi SQ5 2014 - 2016 • Audi RS3 2015 - 2016 • Audi RS6 2015 - 2016 • Audi RS7 2016 For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at car cap, vw golf r, cool keychains, VW up, keychain