how to repair corroded aluminum wheels

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400 Nm from a 2.0-litre turbocharged and direct injected transverse four cylinders, driving the front wheels

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is that larger wheels look better.

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Brake disc rust - Is it dangerous? What should you do about it?

As the name implies, the rust is only on the surface and has not corroded the disc itself.

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If the clear coat layer has been penetrated, the repair work can be rather tedious.PhotoGood paint shops

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NZ Wheels Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Naza Group and an authorised dealer for Mercedes-Benz in Malaysia,

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tell you otherwise, saying that the Daihatsus 2NR-VE is an steel block while the Toyotas 2NR-FE is an aluminum

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service advisors can demonstrate via video to the customer how cleaning performance has diminished,

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A simple way to give your car a fresh look is to fit it with a set of new wheels.

Owner Review: Follow-up story of Proton Waja tyre burst out at 180km/h -Full story

change the wheels because one was broken off due to the minor accident.

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