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Or just let USPS charge a little more for package delivery, and they'd turn a roaring profit?

How much more? They already charge almost as much as FedEx for worse service. I only use USPS now for small things that fit in the Small Flat Rate Boxes. If you’re taking about Amazon then things are more complicated

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How much does it cost to ship a box from Miami, FL 33147 to New York, Queens 11372?

The cheapest way to send anything is USPS. Assuming, it’s a small box. Let’s say it’s two pounds. That would be a flat rate of 13.60 for three-day delivery. For a big box, it would be 18.85 for three-day delivery. If you hypothetically send a 20-pound package in a 12 x6x6 box (made up), you would pay 50.00 for a three-day delivery, but you would pay 41.18 for ground delivery that would take a bit longer. These may be guidelines for starters. Postage Price Calculator I might start with USPS, especially since the quality of service of the private carriers has gone down. UPS and FedEx have become notorious for just leaving boxes at the front of buildings, and sadly they also have a bit of larceny going on with them. Were you to use a private service, and you would want someone to sign for it. Otherwise, they’re going to leave it somewhere at the front of the building, because they don’t care. Hope all goes well. You want check out my blog and my products here: www.seveniscompletionshop.com

What is the ideal US city to distribute from on a national basis within the USA?

Many companies have asked this very same question before you and done their own analyses. They all didn't end up in the exact same city because there are many different factors to take into account. Your considerations might include: Inbound logistics Outbound logistics Travel time to customers Number of shipping options (rail, road, port) Cost of land and taxes Weather Inbound logistics - Where are the goods that you are distributing coming from? Are they being assembled nearby, being aggregated from many other facilities, or being shipped in from overseas? How large are the items? Outbound logistics - How are your products going to be shipped? How large are they? Where are most of your products going? Are they perishable? Travel time - Is it important to be able to get your products to customers within one day? Two days? A week? Number of shipping options - Do additional shipping options offer you any benefit? Does being near a rail line help if your products are all going by truck? Cost of land and taxes - Setting up a distribution facility in a rural area will generally be less expensive than near a metro area. Weather - If brutal snowstorms and blizzards shutting down the roads for a few days would cause a problem, you may want to re-think locating your business in the north. Realize that most of the population in the US lives either on the west coast, the east coast, or in Texas. GM set up Saturn's initial assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee because it was within a one-day drive of approximately half of the US population. And it's located near interstates that lead out in every direction. Spring Hill is also in a more rural area, so the cost of acquiring land and doing business would be cheaper than setting up the same facility near New York City. If you're selling a product like oil furnaces for heating or snowplows, you may only be concerned with delivery to the northeast US. If you're distributing convertibles, you may want to focus on more southern locales. Do you need to have your product arranged to be picked up by a trucking company? Can it go through the US Mail? Or FedEx, or UPS? Are you going to purchase your own trucks, or contract with a trucking company, or ship on a railroad? If you're selling small items on eBay and shipping everything through a flat-rate box your location might not matter nearly as much as if you're distributing cars across the country. If you're looking for a city that is known as a rail hub - try Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, LA, San Francisco, Houston, or Phoenix. As an additional bonus, some of those are port cities too. Would it make sense to have two facilities - one to serve the east coast, and another to serve the west coast? Are you going to have regional distribution facilities? There are many factors that need to be taken into account before choosing the appropriate city for your distribution facility.

Why is the U.S. Post Office known for being slow and ineffective?

The USPS’s operations are actually quite efficient. I ship a lot and always religiously track my shipments, and I've even done some test mailings and shipments to see how the system is organized and test its processing capabilities. Barring a few isolated processing centers and situations, they efficiently get letters and packages from pretty much anywhere in the 50 states to anywhere else, no matter how distant or rural, in a ridiculously short amount of time. But ,dealing, with the USPS…that's another matter. While clerks range from bend-over-backward helpful to surly and grouchy, no matter what, there is ,always, a long line at the Post Office. ,Always., Day or night, you can count on waiting if you want to speak with a clerk. And you often ,have, to speak with a clerk to get what you want done. The USPS is getting better with the Automated Postal Center kiosks in many Post Offices now, but they don't do everything. And every now and then, one breaks, and there is of course no escalation path to let them know it's broken so someone can quickly come out and fix it other than (you guessed it) waiting in that long line to tell a clerk, who will (of course) not make any action to fix it, thus contributing to the line to see a clerk becoming even longer. (This happened to me at the LAX airport Post Office one Saturday; a line of probably 50 people mostly apparently waiting to submit passport applications was literally out the door, leaving a line of about 30 people with packages to ship to use the single APC kiosk remaining (the second one had run out of paper and, of course, there was no one to report that to). I once had to mail a package before a flight out of Philadelphia. The USPS app indicated there was a Post Office inside the large P&DC sort facility near the airport. I headed over and parked next to one of the entry doors to the facility and went inside only to find a security desk with an agent that had no clue about any Post Office in the bulding. (Her supervisor mentioned that she had heard they were supposedly building an extension and might be putting a Post Office in the extension.) Any way to report that inaccuracy or error? Of course not, and the security desk supervisor seemed not to know anything about how to report it, either. I was then directed to a nearby Post Office in a strip mall. I entered, carrying two heavily-packed Flat Rate boxes, to find six people in line and one clerk…and no APC kiosk. Six people shouldn't be too bad, I thought, and proceeded to stand there for 15 minutes without any movement. The ,one ,clerk on duty then suddenly announced to the line that she was out of change and would have to go get change from the back, and moving just about as slowly and nonchalantly as I've ever seen anyone move, she disappeared around the corner and was in the back for at least five minutes. She came out front again, but my relief was short-lived: she then started counting out her entire till…one…painstaking…bill…at…a…time. When she finished, she proceeded to count it ,again., Turns out she was off, so she counted it a ,third, time. Total time counting money: 10 minutes. Now we’re into this experience 30 minutes, and the line of six customers has not moved a single inch. During this time, at, least, three other coworkers of this woman come out from around the back to pick up something or use the computers at the counter or something. None of them even look up to make eye contact or acknowledge the growing line or offer to help or anything. They simply come out, do their business, and disappear around the back to leave us all fending for ourselves against this obviously unmotivated employee. At this point, I started to become a little concerned I wouldn't be able to get the items out before having to leave to catch my flight, but I'm hopeful that the other people in front of me are able to process their transactions quickly. Two minutes per customer sounds reasonable, right? So I hoped I might be at the front of the line in about 12 minutes; I would have to leave in no more than 15 minutes to catch my plane. 5 minutes goes by and ,finally, the line moves forward ,one, person. My optimism grows weak but I hold out just in case. Five ,more, minutes goes by and the line ,finally, moves again. Now only four people in front of me, but I only have five minutes. Five more minutes pass and the line hasn't moved another inch at all. I have to leave. Forty-five minutes in line and I can't get a simple shipment done that would have taken all of 30 seconds to print the label for and pay with a credit card. That level of employee indifference would never stand at a private employer. I've also shipped ,many, packages by FedEx and UPS and their employees are virtually universally quick, efficient, happy, and motivated. I've never had more than two or three people in front of me at a UPS or FedEx location, and even in those cases, the wait has been no more than five minutes—and usually less, because if another employee comes out from the back and notices peoeple waiting, they virtually always step up and offer to help at another terminal. This kind of attitude (along with the uncaring and inflexible bureaucracy) is what bothers most Americans about the USPS…and what worries many of us about turning other important services like our healthcare over to the federal government. It's an American axiom that anything run by the government is poorly run, poorly managed, and inefficient, and while there are exceptions to that truism both ways, it's a very real fear many have based on experiences like these.

How much postal shipping does your company do?

We do quite a bit. We find with smaller shipments (less than 30 pounds or so I think) we can ship cheaper using USPS than other carriers like UPS or FedEx. A hint here, you don’t always have to use Priority Mail. Good old Parcel Post is still out there, now called Standard Post. But sometimes, for small heavy packages, Priority Mail is often cheaper. So compare. Hint #2. You don’t have to send Priority Mail in Flat Rate boxes. You can use your own packaging and Priority Mail is then calculated by weight and distance. Often when we do want Priority Mail (which we do mostly), flat rate isn’t the best deal.

How much does it cost to ship to Hawaii?

This is too general a question to answer, given the varieties of carriers (e.g., USPS, FedEx, UPS) and services (e.g., Overnight, Express, Priority, Freight) offered, but the Hawaii shipping surcharge is evident in the fees on the USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate boxes: This photo was taken at the Post Office in the Honolulu neighborhood of Kahala. The USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Products with mainland shipping fees: The Priority Mail Small Flat-Rate Box (8–5/8″ x 5–3/8″ x 1–5/8″) is $4.95 sent from the mainland and $7.90 sent to the mainland or Alaska from Hawaii, a surcharge of ,60%,. The Priority Mail Medium Flat-Rate Boxes (dimensions in chart) are $14.35 from Hawaii and $10.35 from the mainland, a surcharge of ,39%,. The Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Box (dimensions in chart) is $19.95 from Hawaii and $11.95 from the mainland, a surcharge of ,67%,. These rate hikes should give you an idea of the “Hawaii Tax” on shipping.

What are the implications of an ecommerce store shipping internationally?

I have shipped paperback books around the world. Books are easy to ship worldwide because the size and "tare weight" - the product plus all packaging - are absolutely predictable. There is a short list of countries that I cannot ship to from the US, i.e. North Korea, Cuba etc. Other than that the only prohibition is cost. It is possible to mis-calculate shipping cost and end up paying to ship a product to a customer. Or the cost of shipping a $30 product could be $100, so you will have few or no international customers. The customer will pay all import duties, taxes, fees etc. which can equal or exceed the cost of the item. The postal worker or shipping company will collect that, it's not your worry. It's best practice to disclose this in your policies. I often recommend starting out slowly with a general shipping method called "Best Rate." This means that the shop gets to choose the cheapest method (postal service, UPS, DHL, etc.). Most online shops have a shipping module called "Table Rates" which allow you to choose either weight or price. Using this will let you easily test whether you want to commit to international shipping or stop the test. Box up and weigh your product. Check out the prices with several shippers. If you are in the US, the USPS has an "International Flat Rate Box" rate that is very reasonable, with 6-10 day delivery. Have a "Shipping Policy" page and make it very clear that you ship internationally, how much, how long it takes. Do not use graphics to convey this (words in a graphic) because if your international customers are using Google Translate to translate your site into their language, the images will not translate. After you have some experience shipping internationally and you have fine-tuned your shipping costs, then you can commit to offering additional, more complex shipping methods. For example, USPS Online will offer exact shipping quotes to your customers when integrated into your website. There are similar modules available for FedEx and UPS for most ecommerce shops. These are advanced methods because they often require you to already be shipping via their method, some even requiring daily pickup before you can use their method.

Hi! I want to have a phone delivered from Brooklyn to Virgina. What service do I avail? And is it safe to ship a phone?

I have used both USPS and FedEx to ship from Michigan to New Jersey and Seattle respectively. USPS will need a declaration that your package contains a Li ion battery. I used the smallest flat rate boxes with tracking and insurance. This would be the least expensive option while protecting from any damages or loss while shipping. FedEx is a more expensive option. You can drop off at a nearest FedEx location and the cost covers tracking but insurance is extra. If you are sending a smart phone it would be better to have insurance. It should protect from theft / damage / lost package. Packing : since you are shipping an electronic device it would be better to pack it will. On both occasions I used the original packing from the manufacturer and additional packaging similar to what Amazon uses. You can check online on both USPS and FedEx websites to determine how much it would cost you.

UPS charged me $15 to ship a 2-ounce package via standard ground delivery. Is FedEx, DHL, and the U.S. postal service much more affordable than this?

Comparing Shipping Rates in 2018: FedEx vs. UPS vs. USPS [INFOGRAPHIC] - Online Shipping Blog | Endicia Yea, a 2oz package shipped first class would have cost like $3.00 USPS. Shipping is always going to depend on 2 factors, the weight and how far it’s going. But anything under a pound, USPS is generally going to be cheaper. Other factors that will change the price is how fast you need your package to be delivered and how large the package is. All of the major delivery services have flat rate boxes so keep that in mind when shipping something as well. You can always check prices and compare on the carriers websites as well. USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL all have ways to see how much it will cost to ship something. Live and learn

Moving: What is the cheapest way to ship boxes (over 70lbs) from St. Louis to San Francisco?

It's kind of strange how difficult this situation is. It seems like it would be quite easy to ship just boxes, thus making it pretty inexpensive, but it's generally quite pricey. USPS is out, because your boxes are over 70 pounds. UPS and FedEx are still options, but they'd probably be the most expensive options considering the weight you're looking at. Moving pods (U-Pack, PODS) are functionally ideal for this situation, because they allow you to put your stuff in a large crate, and the company picks it up and delivers it. However, many people complain that moving pod companies charge too much. A safe bet is $2,000+ for your needs, which is very high considering it's essentially just a less-than-truckload shipment. Moving companies can help you out, too. Ideally, you'd finagle a flat rate for less than what a moving pod would cost. You'd need to call a few long-distance movers to do this, I'm sure. However, perhaps you can get lucky and find one willing to drive your stuff for (relatively) cheap. Maybe they're already heading out that way or something. Trains are another option in theory. Amtrak picks up St. Louis and drops off in Emeryville (right by SF). It lets you ship stuff for relatively cheap. Unfortunately, non-palletized items (individual boxes are not palletized) have a 50 pound limit. So, I think your best bet is to call around and try to find a moving pod or moving company service that will give you the best flat rate. Unfortunately, options are extensive in that regard.

What's the cheapest method of shipping clothing to customers?

It is not necessarily USPS Flat Rate boxes as mentioned below. The USPS hedges the pricing of their Flat Rate services and in many cases the service is not a good deal at all. The real answer depends on how much clothing you are shipping per order, if you need tracking etc. Here are some basic rules of thumb: Priority Mail - The least expensive option for consistent pricing with tracking. Usually about $5 with tracking for one item. USPS - For shipments under 4 pounds FedEx or UPS Ground - For shipments over 4 pounds that don't dim weight Regional carriers like OnTrac and Lone Star Express can be competitive for regional distribution.