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Review: Can the Honda CR-V still justify itself against the Proton X70?

sides of the centre console to rest your leg.The centre console box is big enough to swallow a big DSLR

Ratings – Honda CRV’s space and practicality, top marks for both

sit abreast in the back seat comfortably.The rear seat back has a recline angle of 23 degrees which

Geely Haoyue debuts, 7-seater SUV with 1.5T & 1.8T, should this be the ‘Proton X90’?

At launch, the Haoyue is offered as a 7-seater while a 5-seater configuration will be available in the

Check out Wuling’s new toy car-looking Hong Guang Mini EV

Looks like the Mini EV2 X2 has a new rival in China.

Why WFH when you can work from van in this Nissan Caravan Office Pod?

With MCO 2.0 out in force, some of us are forced to work from home yet again.

2020 Honda Civic: What makes the interior class-leading?

look at the small compartment under the centre console.

Geely Haoyue SUV can fit a 190 cm adult in the 3rd row seat, but why?

China sometime in June 2020.There will be 2 seating configurations of the Haoyue available – a

This Honda Fit Crosstar is a taller and chunkier looking Honda Jazz

In Japan, the Honda Jazz is sold as the Honda Fit.

Ratings Comparison: Proton X70 vs Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 - Space and practicality

bins can fit a 1.5L water bottle.For the rear passengers, there are 2 USB charging ports neatly tucked

How to choose the right 12V battery for your car?

Your only option in case of a flat battery is to jump start the car and get a battery replacement ASAP

View More

Pros and Cons: Very practical, but the 2021 Toyota Innova 2.0X needs more power

Just what the doctor ordered then - space enough to fit a big family and all that entails.As mentioned

No matter what you drive, you can #AskForContinental

However, what if your current ride is in need of a new set of tyres?

2020 Aston Martin DBX launched in Malaysia - a 550 PS SUV fit for Bond

DBX is just what you need.Unveiled just a few hours ago at Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur, the DBX is the

How many Oompa Loompas can fit in this Aston Martin DBX Intrepid Aura?

is more for an eccentric chocolate factory owner.The DBX is a five-seater SUV which means that you can

Ferrari thinks you can fit 4 in the new Ferrari Roma coupe

Ferrari is on a roll this year.

Worried about your car battery going flat during MCO? Here's how to prevent it

Its just that gunk on the battery terminal is a poor conductor, which can make it hard for your car to

In Brief: Kia Picanto – What else can you ask for?

the TA generation was introduced here back in 2013, as it was generously equipped for not a lot of money

Watch: Styrofoam box skilfully bounces back into the truck bed

While parcels and boxes falling out of truck beds are rather common occurrences, a box falling out and

Used Perodua Myvi: What do you need to know before buying Malaysia’s favourite car?

If you’re looking to buy a used Myvi as well, then here’s what you need to know before you

Naza offering low interest rate from 1.88% until 15-July for recond cars

Customers are entitled to a low-interest rate from 1.88 percent and a 1-year warranty during this promotional

Review: 2020 Peugeot 3008 1.6T CKD, it's as good as a Honda CR-V but would you buy one?

, the centre armrest storage bin (rated 11 litres of space) is very deep and can easily fit a regular-sized

In Brief: Volvo XC40, this is how all family cars should be

There wasn’t a lot of difference in the prices, a circa RM 10k difference but the reduction in

Toyota GR Supra, what are your options when you have half a million to spare?

Let us shortlist a few for you.Porsche 718 Cayman 2.0L flat-four, from RM 530,000Launched here a couple

Review: The Nissan Serena will not inspire you, but few other MPVs can do a better job

sort of stack small luggage bags up.The tailgate can be opened in two ways –either just the upper-half

Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC sedan, what other cars you can get for RM 348,888?

What’s different about the WRX STI is the adoption of a flat-four boxer engine which makes a unique

Pros and Cons of installing a roof box or roof rack on your car

A roof box is handy for increasing storage space in in your car.

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

What you have in your car has been pre-determined by the manufacturer.The question is, which is the best

Owner Review: Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare for owning a Mercedes-Benz? -My Mercedes E240

The fit and finish was immaculate, even for a car that old.

Toll rate hike deferment: Gov to pay operators RM 2 bil in compensation

Authority (MHA) estimates this postponement is expected to cost the government over RM 2 billion.In a

Not just Fit, the 2020 Honda Jazz is now also known as Honda Life

The all-new fourth-generation Honda Fit, or better known as Honda Jazz here, goes on sale in China under

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@EDixson10 For $40 it will include these and what ever else i can fit in a small flat rate box

@NurseMidnight monmouth county, near red bank.

@deathformer Do you want them loose and see if I can fit them into a small flat rate shipping box or I can see what shipping is in a day?

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. Shipping costs vary based on weight, shipping location and delivery method. Each product will incur its own delivery charge, but for your convenience Shutterfly will try to consolidate products into as few shipments as possible.

I know that. But 230 4x6 photos aren’t heavy. And they can most likely fit in a USPS small flat rate box which is ~$5. At worse a padded flat rate envelope; both of which are A LOT cheaper than what you’re charging.Oh well.

Has anyone gotten dibs on the 1-speedball set?

Nope. You are the first. I don’t think I can fit it into a small flat rate box. So the rate for medium is $13. If that works for you Note what item you are getting and make sure your mailing address is in there.

So about 15 cookies?

well if this happens, here's what I propose: I'll send enough cookies to fit in a small flat rate box (postage is $7.20); for closer mailings can charge less or refund extra. $2.80 towards ingredients means a flat $10. That's how I could afford to do this. Cookie patrons welcome!


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