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PDRM arrests Alza driver who assaulted Honda S660 driver until he lost 7 teeth

The Perodua Alza driver who beat up a Honda S660 driver with a metal pipe has been arrested in Kota Kinabalu

Intoxicated Perodua Myvi driver charged guilty! But only 6 years and RM 8,000 fine

The sentencing is out for the Perodua Myvi driver who killed a navy officer over the weekend in Johor

Police arrests Perodua Myvi driver for crashing into a roadblock

One of the roadblocks on Old Klang RoadThe Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has arrested a Perodua Myvi driver

Naza offering low interest rate from 1.88% until 15-July for recond cars

Customers are entitled to a low-interest rate from 1.88 percent and a 1-year warranty during this promotional

Rampaging Volvo XC60 driver tested positive for drugs!

Metro article following the incident, the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) have confirmed that the XC60 driver

Perodua Myvi driver dies after Toyota Hilux jumps red light

An accident caused by a Toyota Hilux who jumped a red light before crashing into the driver side door

Elderly driver fined for driving in motorcycle lane

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has confirmed they have issued a fine to the driver of a Mercedes-Benz

Myvi driver high on drugs kills Navy officer in Johor

The Myvi driver, who the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) have confirmed was high on drugs at that time,

Perodua Myvi driver who drove against traffic in Penang arrested

The Perodua Myvi driver who drove against traffic from the Penang bridge toll plaza towards the North-South

5 cars with the highest road tax price in Malaysia

One way to pay less road tax in Malaysia is to opt for a smaller engine, which usually means opting for

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The 2021 Toyota GR 86 is here to rage your dreams

Powering the all-new model is a 2.4-litre flat four engine (235 PS, 250 Nm), paired to either a 6-speed

Toll rate hike deferment: Gov to pay operators RM 2 bil in compensation

over RM 2 billion.In a statement issued by MHA, the institution said that the government will have to pay

New electric MINI Cooper SE launched in Malaysia, from RM 218,380 only

DC Fast Charging can be done at a maximum rate of 50kW (80% charge in 36 minutes).

Soon you will need to pay to unlock features on your new BMW

plans to roll out features/upgrades remotely, over-the-air style.That means that owners will need to pay

Looking to purchase the 2021 Hyundai Kona? Here’s the minimum salary required

With the factor of a 10 percent down payment and an average interest rate of 2.27 percent on a 9-year

Banks to make U-turn, interest charges might be imposed during 6-month moratorium for car loans?

reflect the revised payment terms with borrowers/customers with hire-purchase (HP) loans and fixed rate

Elderly Proton Iriz driver crashes into market stall, injuring 3 pedestrians

Three elderly pedestrians were injured during an incident in Ipoh where an 82-year-old driver drove into

TNG rolls out PayDirect Parking feature! Swipe your TNG card and pay with eWallet

eWallet instead of your card.Users who have enabled PayDirect in their TNG eWallet app will be able to pay

Worried about your car battery going flat during MCO? Here's how to prevent it

battery with the connectors and the atmosphere.A battery with come corrosion on the terminals is not flat

Spied: All-new 2021 Toyota 86 spotted testing - 2.4L flat-four, 220 PS and 240 Nm!

rendering of how it could look like.The all-new Japanese coupe is expected to be powered by a 2.4-litre flat-four

Myvi driver who killed Navy officer in Johor to be charged

The Perodua Myvi driver that was involved in a high-speed crash with a Honda Accord and killing the navy

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

Your car ownership experience isn’t complete without having at least one flat tyre incident.

Truck driver who sideswiped another car gets rewarded with free plane tickets for honesty

policy” and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to this incident in Singapore where a truck driver

Pay for fuel with your RFID tags! TNG and Shell kicks off RFID fueling pilot programme

programme at selected Shell petrol stations.As the name describes it, RFID fuelling will allow customers to pay

Owner Review: Finding my new daily driver - Proton Saga Premium 2019

owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar.Facebook: Shahrul NizamFinding a New Daily Driver

Myvi driver from viral van crash released from custody

There were also plenty of videos showing the Myvi driver sprinting away from the scene before he was

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS, more harm than good?

work as an advanced driving instructor, I have had the opportunity to sample and demonstrate Advanced Driver

Suzuki Swift crashes into 3 vehicles, killing the driver and injuring 3

The driver of the Suzuki reportedly died on the way to the hospital while 3 others were injured.Also

Ford Focus driver fined for driving 703 km/h. Yes it happened.

two together we know that it’s caused by a faulty camera, but bureaucracy means that she has to pay

Just pay RM 99 for your first Flux subscription month, why?

Flux is currently running a special deal where you just need to pay RM 99 on your first month of any

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flat rate driver pay Post Review

I have been a hardcore user of every kind of delivery service on earth for the past 20 years...Service fees and recommended tips are getting psychotic. Grubhub updated their recommended driver tips.LOLOL. 30%? I'm not paying $30 for $100 of food to be delivered 1 mile. Sorry.

Uber should offer something like if you go on vacation somewhere and you fly and you know your gonna be driving around, Uber should allow you to pay 1 flat rate for 1 Uber driver the whole time. Like a chauffeur

#BowlingGreenJobs NEW CDL TEAM DIVISION –Greay Flat Rate Pay: Bowling Green, KY - driver t... #BowlingGreen #Jobs

Make #ottawa taxi fares cheaper. Brokers must stop charging drivers a dispatch flat rate instead driver must pay per service call #ottnews

Diesel Deals in SA Diesel 50ppm,loads from 40 000L delivered NationwideR 11.39 per liter flat rateOrder must be sent before 12:00 for Delivery the following day.Delivery procedure is truck arrive on site, client test, pay, once money reflect driver will off load...

Who wants to be my personal driver ?? I'll pay you a weekly flat rate & keep you high as hell

DO NOT TIP YOUR DOORDASHER THROUGH THE APP They cheat drivers by not showing how much their tip is and usually try to pay them a flat rate for each trip. Smaller trips they try to pay drivers $6. So if you get a large tip they’ll tip the driver $5 then pay them a $1. Flat rate

#jobs #unemployed NEW CDL TEAM DIVISION – Great Flat Rate Pay: Greenville, SC - driver ... http://ow.ly/BNCLL

#CharlottesvilleJobs NEW CDL TEAM DIVISION –Greay Flat Rate Pay: Charlottesville, VA - driver... #Charlottesville

Here's a thing, you pay extra for Saturday delivery, yet the saturday driver gets flat rate and is rotored to drive. What do you pay for?


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