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MoT to look into issue of taxi drivers yet to receive one-off RM 600 aid

Ministry will be looking into taxi driver claims about not receiving their financial aid from the government

Will you get into a driverless taxi?

it is the first time that the autonomous taxi doesn’t have a driver in the driver’s seat

How is this possible? Proton X50 is cheaper than tax-free Honda HR-V

are not taxed, and submit their pricing application documents by basing it on an entry-level, ‘taxi

How long did we wait for our Perodua Ativa? And how much did we pay for it?

We sent Eric and his blue Swift to have a look. His feedback?

Think the Perodua Myvi is a simple car? Here's how much it relies on microchips

ongoing semiconductor shortage, it begs the question, how many features of the Myvi actually rely on

From CEO to fugitive: Who is Carlos Ghosn and why is Interpol looking for him?

” His wife Carole is now also a wanted person in Japan.Ghosn thinks that the plot to oust him started

Perodua Bezza – How much is the monthly payment?

It goes head-to-head against the Proton Saga in the A-segment sedan market.Pros and ConsThe biggest party

Kia’s switch from Naza to Bermaz might not bring much change, here’s why

Although yet to be announced officially, Kia’s impending departure from Naza Kia Malaysia is an

Spied: 2020 Proton X50 spotted beside X70, just how much smaller is it?

good look at how much smaller the X50 is.Compared to the Proton X70 (4,519 mm x 1,831 mm x 1,694 mm),

How to tell if a person is a good driver

If you do not know how to adjust your seating position, I have touched on this subject before.

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Peugeot 5008 SUV Plus Is Now Even More Luxurious, 2 variants from RM 166,888

of Peugeot vehicles in Malaysia has also introduced an entry-level variant with prices now starting from

Future Geely models to be closer to Volvo’s, but Proton might lose out – here’s why

How do you bring the sales organization together? This is often a disaster.

Permai: Drivers of taxis, buses, and e-hailing vehicles to receive special RM 500 aid

To alleviate the burden faced by taxi and bus drivers, the Government has agreed to provide a

How much of the Ford Ranger Raptor is inspired by racing technology?

But how much of the Ranger Raptor is inspired by racing technology?

2021 Perodua D55L to be launched soon, when and how much? What will it be named?

Exhibit A – Perodua Nautica.Also read: Perodua Nautica – Is the successor to the Kembara

Car cannibals dismantle Mercedes-AMG GT while owner is on holiday

As a car person, the worst situation we can find our cars in when we return from a holiday is to find

What the Corolla Altis lost to the Civic, the Toyota Corolla Cross will recover from the HR-V

;s iconic taxi companies, more than half of Thailand’s C-segment sedan market is still dominated

Perodua Myvi – How much to maintain, what's the monthly payment?

may be uncomfortable to some.The Proton Iriz has better seats, but is let down by a worse transmission

How far has the Hyundai Sonata come since its debut 35 years ago?

as it is the first to be powered by an engine of Hyundai’s creation.

This is how a 340 PS, 4WD Mitsubishi Xpander AP4 is built

much the same level as R5 rally cars (such as the Proton Iriz R5) and this category is unique to the

How did the Honda City go from a simple family car to firing shots at the Camry?

There was a smaller JDM car made much earlier in 1981, so it should be 40.

The Toyota Raize is not that much bigger than a Perodua Myvi

While the Raize/Rocky might look like a bigger and taller Myvi, but the size of the SUV is not that much

Thailand to produce EV taxi, prototype ready by end of 2021

to develop an EV for premium taxi service in Thailand.Having signed an MoU, both parties target to have

Here's why having a spare wheel won't do you much good

change tyresNot as fun as it looksImage creditFirst question Id like to pose is, how many of us actually

Why is the Mazda 3 so much more expensive than a Honda Civic/Toyota Corolla Altis?

It is imported from JapanThe most obvious answer is because the Mazda 3 is now imported CBU from Mazda

Did you know that Geely has a flying car that works?

that the Malaysian government supports is not a flying car but an air taxi - a vertical take-off/landing

Porsche #DrivingTomorrow exhibition opens at Changi Airport, until 16 January 2021

Porsche has unveiled #DrivingTomorrow, a pop-up exhibition at Jewel Changi Airport that tells the story

Plane T-bones Lexus IS, how do you explain that to the insurance company?

For this instance, a plane crashing into a Lexus IS on a highway.We can only imagine how the conversation

Spot the fake! Here's how to recognize fake from genuine car parts

Just remember, if a deal looks too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Perodua Axia: How much does it cost to maintain over a 5-year period?

The Perodua Axia is an A-segment hatchback, which is the entry point into Peroduas line-up.Let’

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