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The Honda S660 was once nearly launched in Malaysia, so what killed it?

planned for the little kei sports car, after nearly six years in production (debuted in March 2015).It

Perodua Myvi: Less than RM 3,200 to maintain it over 5 years/100,000 km

belt kit replacements, which costs RM 633.85 at the 110,000-km mark.Over a 100,000-km/5-year period, it

2020 Proton Iriz: Less than RM 3,100 to maintain it over 5 years/100,000 km

It costs RM 743.41 to service the Iriz CVT at this interval.As for manual variants of the Iriz, the 60,000

Pros and Cons: 2020 Volkswagen Arteon R-Line – If only it were as fast as it looks

If you have a budget of around RM 250k and you’re looking for family car that’s not an SUV

If the all-new 2020 BMW 4 Series (G22) were to look better... it would be boring

ldquo;normal” looking 4 Series, with design elements taken from the BMW M8.Personally, I think it

Brake disc rust - Is it dangerous? What should you do about it?

If left unattended for too long, rust on the brake disc can be a serious problem.

LGE denies car prices going up, but also said changes (if any) will be gradual – wait…what?

If necessary, an announcement will be made.

Balancing and alignment, do you really need it?

Of course, it always comes at an extra cost.

Quick Review: 2020 Proton X50 – does it live up to the hype?

This is it.

Volkswagen Golf Mk8 - When is it coming to Malaysia and should you wait for it?

was introduced globally late last year but before markets outside of Europe could get their hands on it

View More

AWD or 4WD – do you need it?

additional power to the other two-wheels provide better traction and optimizes power distribution, as it

Is it true that the Proton Saga is cheaper to maintain than a Perodua Bezza? The answer is not that simple.

Not choosing it will not void your warranty but customers are encouraged to opt for these maintenance

Thailand announces 8-year tax breaks for EV investments, now including bikes and ships

industry from away from its current reputation as ‘Detroit of the East,’ which carries with it

In Brief: VW Polo – Old, but is it worth it?

2015, featuring a basic 1.6-litre MPI engine mated to a 6-speed torque converter automatic.How Much Is It

If the 2021 Toyota Yaris looks too tame for you, Drive68 will aggressive-fy it for you

But some might still find it not aggressive enough.

2020 Toyota Vios – About RM 4,000 to maintain it over 5 years/100,000 km

It also shares its platform and powertrain with the Toyota Yaris.In this article, we’ll take a

If BMW made an FWD sports sedan, it would be the Toyota Camry 2.5V

But there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s one of the most sensible cars money can

2020 Honda City – Less than RM 3,900 to service it over 5 years/100,000 km

The Honda City is Honda’s B-segment sedan and it shares a platform and powertrain with the Honda

2020 Perodua Bezza: Less than RM 3,200 to maintain it over 5 years/100,000 km

Perodua Bezza galleryThe Perodua Bezza is the company’s first-ever sedan and it competes against

Hyundai Creta spied in Indonesia, would it make it to Malaysia?

The Hyundai Creta has a funny name as it sounds like the Malay word for car.

Old Nissan Almera gets a face swap - and it looks good!

Spotted it?

Keep it real: how to know if your accessories are original?

Us Malaysians are a creative bunch, and it’s only natural that trickles down to our cars.

Toyota Corolla Altis'TNGA platform, what is it and does it make any difference?

It’s a much bandied about term by Toyota’s marketers and sales staff alike.

2020 Proton Persona: Less than RM 3,100 to service it over 5 years/100,000 km

rivals in the B-segment national car market.Here, we will take a closer look and see how much does it

Once Japan’s strongest, Nissan is now weakest. How did it end up like this?

If anything, Ghosn was the most effective leader Nissan ever had, until his ambition got the better of

Used Car Guide: RM 20k for a used Proton Preve, should you consider it?

When it made its debut in 2012, the Proton Preve was the most affordable C-segment sedan on the market

Video: Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S) Owner’s Review in Malaysia, leave it stock or mod it?

In the twisties, it keeps up with cars way above its class, even if the 1.6-litre naturally aspirated

If you're a fresh grad, take a look at Proton’s Fresh Graduate Campaign

It has a low 2.98 percent interest rate, one of the lowest in the segment.

Proton Persona – Does It Have What It Takes To Challenge The Competition?

But does the Proton Persona has what it takes to compete against more expensive Japanese and German rivals

Owner Problems: My Honda CR-V's Honda Sensing® system has a major flaw - It does not work in the rain

does what it does and nothing out of the world.

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Also, the long shipping period is only in case anything is returned damaged and we need to re-send. It typically takes a week or less.

That's still a lot for shipping pop USPS got the flat rates if it fits it ships for like $7-$9 put a case in each of those shipping would be cut in half lol

or the perennial favorite: use the priority box if it fits it ships *hun priority box rates international = !!!@!!!!