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The #FairTax would alter Illinois’ constitutional amendment that sets income tax at a “flat rate” – meaning everyone pays the same rate – to a “graduated rate,” in which folks with a higher income will pay a higher rate than those with a lower income

Gov. Pritzker will discuss his proposal for a graduated income tax at 2 p.m. His office released a presentation with details about the tax rates many have been asking about for months. Individuals making $100K-$250K would pay a 4.95 percent rate. ⁦@HOIABC_News⁩


To everyone in Illinois - Flat Rate - Pay-One-Price - Energy is here! Get back to me to sign up or visit my storefront at http://theduartes.acndirect.com!

If you’re in Illinois, the Fair Tax Amendment is going to be on your ballot. Here’s what you need to know:

Illinois votes on a constitutional amendment to change the income tax from a flat rate of 4.9% to a graduated one. The state’s greed-crazed billionaires going bat-shit! If the initiative passes, they’d be called on to pay a few more dollars in taxes they don’t pay anyway.

"Iowa income earners with more than $62,056 of taxable income in 2008 paid 8.98 percent. Illinois residents pay a flat rate of 3 percent."

Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s backers in organized labor are putting their weight behind his plan to shift Illinois from a flat-rate income tax to a system where higher earners pay higher rates. https://trib.al/4OOfmOm

In iowa gas has a flat rate. In illinois its cheaper if you wash your car or pay gas instead of credit. #Why???

According to data provided in Pritzker’s plan, close to 60 percent of Illinois taxpayers bring in a net income of $10K-$100K. They would pay a 4.90 percent rate. The state’s current flat rate individual income tax sits at 4.95 percent.