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Thailand plans yet another tax reduction for electric cars, 3-year tax holiday is just the beginning

are already on a three-year tax holiday under the current excise tax structure in Thailand.

MICCI: Tax incentives for Malaysia’s automotive sector lack transparency

English daily explained that Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) has evaluated and approved tax

Exemption period for road tax renewal extended to end of May 2021

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) has extended the road tax renewal exemption period for private vehicles

Kelantan PAS’ fleet of tax-free Mercedes-Benz cars had a 50% discount, is it true?

“So, there is no issue with our use of the Mercedes Benz since it was used during the time of the

5 cars with the highest road tax price in Malaysia

turbocharged cars or hybrid cars.The road tax of a car can be a deal-breaker to some, and it is one

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

Your car ownership experience isn’t complete without having at least one flat tyre incident.

Prices of imported (CBU) cars in Malaysia to increase by June 2020, gap between CBU/CKD to reduce

The memo was sent out on 2-Jan but the memo says new tax calculation came into effect on 1-Jan.

Top-5 cars with the most expensive road tax in Malaysia

the base rate.

Surprise U-turn sees government extending sales tax (SST) exemption/discount to June 2021

In a document sighted by WapCar.my, the Ministry of Finance has just announced today that existing sales

Naza offering low interest rate from 1.88% until 15-July for recond cars

Customers are entitled to a low-interest rate from 1.88 percent and a 1-year warranty during this promotional

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Share prices of auto stocks accelerates due to tax slash

Following the announcement of a tax waiver for locally-assembled vehicles, auto stocks are revving hotter

MCO 2.0: MoT allows exemption of road tax renewals from 1 Feb to 31 Mar 2021

Minister of Transport, Datuk Sri Dr Wee Ka Siong, announced on his Facebook page that the Ministry of

Take advantage of the 100% sales tax cut, here’s a list of CKD cars

Beginning from 15th June to 31st December 2020, all new car buyers will be exempted from paying sales tax

Govt mulls carbon tax and return of GST

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has set up a committee to study various revenue enhancing measures including

Worried about your car battery going flat during MCO? Here's how to prevent it

Another round of MCO means we’re not fully free to drive our cars around without having to explain

The Toyota RAV4 is cheaper than the Honda CR-V, before tax – wait what??

As such, it gets slapped with the maximum applicable excise tax.

Is the road tax actually cheaper for electric cars in Malaysia?

The “low” price of these cars could be a result of the 10% excise tax on all electric cars

Renewal of road tax at Pos Malaysia counters suspended until 31 March 2021

In a statement issued by Pos Malaysia Berhad, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) has suspended road tax

Zero tax for EVs in Malaysia soon, but there's a catch

Prices of electric vehicles (EVs) in the near future could be cheaper, as a draft roadmap by the Malaysian

Thailand to propose tax hike for combustion engine cars, pushing for EV adoption

Bangkok Post reports that the proposal is part of the effort to promote electric vehicles and reduce

How is this possible? Proton X50 is cheaper than tax-free Honda HR-V

, few CKD models pay the full excise duty rate.

MACC hauls 7 JPJ officers on misappropriation of road tax charges

The suspects are accused of misappropriating road tax collection involving 1,000 types of vehicles.Harian

Road tax paid to JPJ don’t go to road maintenance, so what are we paying for?

Most of us take it for granted that road tax, by virtue of its name, goes directly into maintenance of

Toll rate hike deferment: Gov to pay operators RM 2 bil in compensation

statement issued by MHA, the institution said that the government will have to pay RM 2.093 bil worth of

Spied: All-new 2021 Toyota 86 spotted testing - 2.4L flat-four, 220 PS and 240 Nm!

With the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ twins ending production, fans of the two-seater sports cars now have

No sales tax exemption for CKD Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max, here’s why

all locally-assembled (CKD) passenger cars will be granted full exemption from the 10 percent sales tax

Indonesia cuts tax for all cars between March until May

The Indonesian government will remove the luxury tax imposed on cars below 1,500cc from March 2021 to

No 10% drop in car prices despite 10% Sales Tax exemption, here’s why

Imported new cars will be given a 50 percent discount on sales tax, meaning that sales tax is still applicable

Sales tax exemption: Car companies scrambling for answers

It’s a frantic start of the week for many staff at car companies.

Top-10 value for money CKD cars to take advantage of sales tax exemption

Effective 15-June until 31-December 2020, the government will completely waive the 10 percent sales tax

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Breaking: Today we led a coalition of leading taxpayer advocacy and government accountability organizations urging state legislators in support of a tax reform proposal that would lower Arizona’s income tax rate to one flat rate of 2.5% with a cap of 4.5%.

eek! hadn't realised it was THAT much! 40%!!!!!!

It's the flat-rate charges they add in, even on top of the actual taxes. We're all treading cautiously at the moment, increasing our purchase levels to see when we get hit, but every red cent is liable to duty - it's just that sometimes the Douaniers can't be bothered. :) /1

Ahhh i do that also but noticed na flat rate naman yung living expenses. Since fixed expense sila so regardless of Net income after tax. (NIAT) Same lang mangyayariBut gets. Consideration din na dapat net positive after the fixed expense Ang hirap mag adulting pag may loans

Corbynite UBI- every adult would receive a payment of £71 a week – or £51 for pensioners – and £59 for children. The authors claim such a system would cut child poverty by 45%

Starmer/Drakeford UBI - Everyone would be taxed at a flat rate of 50%, but they’d also be entitled to a cash payment dependent on their age. The additional receipts the tax would generate would allow the government to send quite large weekly income payments to individuals/1

The catch would be an increased scrutiny of how the money is spentFrivolities would be easily cut away in such a scenario, and elections would become far more seriousIncompetence would also not be tolerated any longer (which isn't saying the govt is incompetent)

Your observations are very valid.To avoid that scrutiny and to maintain popularity, many leaders are unwilling to encourage tax payment from this category of citizens.A good way to collect these taxes(flat rate) is through their association as was done during BRF's tenure

Okay I get that you arent being taxed on gift received within +/-30 days of the marriage date. But aren’t there bigger & better reforms needed in the tax system? Things which would actually make a difference? Why not revise the current Green tax?

Go for a carbon tax on resorts based on their emissions, instead of the current flat rate system. As per MoE’s Island Electricity Data Book 2019, nearly 40% of the installed diesel generation capacity are estimated to be in resorts. Tax them; who actually can afford to pay it.