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Flat Rate Listing now offers Flat Fee MLS Listings on nationwide Realtor.com: via @webtrading

#Save on real estate fees Flat rate MLS real estate listing. Only $299!: http://goo.gl/ap0co7

The most exciting purchase I’ve ever made is a:

The most exciting purchase I've ever made was A CONTRACT to sell my home with a $2500 FLAT-RATE agent. Taking pictures and listing a home on the MLS shouldn't cost $10,000. My house sold in 4 days at higher than my asking price!#REReformNow!

Home Selling: Flat-rate MLS listing for land sale in Massachusetts...any recommendations on companies? http://bit.ly/MLDI14

#artdirectoremaillist With the plethora of flat fee listing companies on the web offering to put your FSBO home in the MLS, sellers need to get educated about how the flat rate companies actually work.

FLAT RATE LISTING SERVICE!List Your Property on the MLS TODAY!!Call 267-235-6201 for More Info or Visit... http://fb.me/6VICxzNVV

Edmonton Snaplistings: Flat Fee No Commission MLS Listing Service List on MLS® - low flat rate... http://tinyurl.com/67fvfd5

Snaplistings Flat Fee MLS Listing Service City of Toronto Real ...: list on mls® - low flat rate ... http://bit.ly/kTBCJk

@FlatRateListing ANNOUNCEMENT: In addition to listing your home on the Realtors MLS for a very low-flat fee, we are also offering a great internet-domain name for-sale: are can include valuable flat rate listing twitter handle in the domain transaction.

flat rate listing on mls Q&A Review

How will blockchain technology affect the real estate industry?

How can blockchain technology change real estate? I don’t see much effect, at least for a while. ,The things that blockchain is good at aren’t significant problems or issues in real estate. For instance, I watched one explanation of blockchain that suggested that a tenant would be able to verify that a lease was the same as had been presented to him, even down to the commas. OK, that’s important. But there are ways to do that easily today. Or, in a real estate purchase, blockchain somehow would be used to make sure that all the parties—listing agent, buyer’s agent, buyer, seller, lender, appraiser, home inspector—were on the same page. Yes, that’s important, but that’s done today. Transfer of funds? Bitcoin seems to be the big example of blockchain implementation. But in real estate, the processes are already in place and operating well. I may be missing some big, important element of blockchain and, on the other hand, missing some major flaw or failure of real estate transactions today. I guess some folks would say that the need for agents is a flaw—that transactions could or should occur directly between buyer and seller. Well, they can today. People are choosing to use agents because of the perceived value they add. And that business model has been evolving—with FSBOs (for sale by owners), MLS flat rate listings, discount brokers, and more. And again: While blockchain could be used for these transactions, the current methods are doing more than an adequate job. So while I can see the use of blockchain expanding into real estate to simplify or streamline current procedures, I don’t see some sort of “killer app” driving that process.

What is the cheapest way to list your house for sale on the MLS?

What is the cheapest way to list your house for sale on the MLS? Use a flat rate listing service. Just do an online search for “flat rate mls listings” or similar. “MLS flat rate listings” would work as well. Here’s a sample of what that search turned up where I am. (Note that these are only the paid ads. There were plenty more below that were organically listed.) I’ve blanked out the contact information—just so there’s no hint of any self-promotion. (I don’t offer that service anyhow!) I don’t recommend it unless you know what you’re doing. Plus, to get any response, make sure you’re offering the buyer’s agent a commission. Otherwise, you’re not likely to get many showings! Faun is also correct that it’s easy to determine which MLS listings used those services. And many agents prefer not to deal with FSBOs. Nevertheless, that’s how you do it.

What are the best flat fee rate websites for selling your home?

-The difference between a flat rate fee website and regular realtors is very small. The regular realtor has a flat rate — but it’s a % and they won’t get that % unless they work hard to sell your home. And if you sign with a regular realtor you can negotiate the % of their commission down a bit and they will still work hard for the sale to go through. Part of the flat fee realtor is that they often use a flat fee MLS listing which gives you marginal results (see article here:, https://www.realestatewitch.com/read-this-before-you-go-with-a-flat-fee-mls-service/,) The basic flat fee MLS packages will simply list your house on your local MLS. Showings, paperwork, escrow management, and closing are all things you’ll have to tackle— and that’s where a lot of costs are.. showings are time-consuming, paperwork is very tricky and if you don’t have someone knowledgeable complete it, you could be in for some eye-opening issues. Escrow management is important because they handle the money exchanges, pay people who do inspections and repair, and dole out commissions as well as make sure that all the disclosures are done. Flat rate realtors realize that they will get paid but the buyer’s agent may not want to work with a flat rate house because he’s the one bringing the person with the $$$ to buy and will have to pick up the slack if the seller’s agent doesn’t come through…… and that happens more often than you realize. For homes over $500K and for home in expensive areas like major metropolitan areas of California, that flat rate gives you minimal service and very little help to close the deal and complete escrow. Honestly the fees that a seller pays which is a chunk of the escrow fees and things for the

What is the NYC Multiple Listing Service?

Is there an official ,NYC Multiple Listing Service, that all of the city’s brokers use? Is it possible for a ,NYC FSBO seller, in New York City to pay to get his or her home listed on it through a Flat Fee MLS listing package? There is much confusion on this topic as most regions of the country and even most counties in New York State are serviced by a local Multiple Listing Service. But this is not the case for New York City. In this ,Hauseit article,, we explain exactly in which broker database ,New York City FSBO sellers, should list their property. We also explain how NYC FSBO sellers can get listed in the right broker database and avoid many online misleading flat-fee MLS packages which won’t result in full buyer exposure. The truth is, NYC is a very peculiar place and a traditional NYC Multiple Listing Service does not and has never existed. What MLS or broker database do agents use in New York City? Believe it or not, New York City does not have one widely used MLS like in the rest of the country. While the city does not have a dominant Multiple Listing Service like most regions of the United States, it certainly has a small foothold by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) called the Manhattan MLS which is operated by the Manhattan Association of Realtors (MANAR). The Multiple Listing Service is a term for an inter-broker database operated by a local trade organization affiliated with NAR. However, because the vast majority of NYC brokerages do not belong to the National Association of Realtors or the Manhattan MLS, it’s not very effective to have your property listed on the Manhattan MLS. Instead, most NYC brokerages are members of the ,Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY),. REBNY is a private real estate trade association based in Manhattan. REBNY operates an inter-brokerage database called RLS (REBNY Listing Service) which functions much the same as a NYC Multiple Listing Service. Therefore, the most effective way for a FSBO seller in NYC to market his or her listing to ,New York City buyers’ agents, is to be listed in REBNY’s RLS database and not the actual NYC Multiple Listing Service. All REBNY members and any brokerage with business in New York City is eligible to receive and push data to the RLS. Because REBNY members and RLS participants are contractually obligated to keep listings up to date, typically within 24 hours for listing updates subject to heavy fines for non-compliance, RLS data tends to be more accurate than that of consumer websites such as Zillow or StreetEasy. A consumer website will typically refresh the data for their agent listings once every day or two from a RLS vendor (i.e. Nestio, OLR, RealtyMX or RealPlus who offers listing syndication, search and CRM functions for agents). However, because an agent is required to update listing changes to RLS (via their RLS vendor) almost immediately or be subject to penalties and fines, and because RLS refreshes their feed almost instantaneously, the data from RLS and available to brokers is typically much fresher. How do I get listed on the RLS (REBNY Listing Service) as a NYC FSBO seller? The first thing a potential ,NYC FSBO, home seller needs to do is step back and evaluate the packages being offered by various For Sale By Owner websites in NYC. ,What MLS will they list you on?, What real estate websites will your listing be posted on? All the large, national ,For Sale By Owner websites, who pay tens of thousands of dollars per month on ,Google Adwords, will promise you to list your home on your “local” MLS. But as we said, NYC does not have a traditional Multiple Listing Service. So what exactly are these services promising you by saying they will list on your ‘local’ MLS? The truth of the matter is, without further investigation, you would have ended up paying for a listing in some irrelevant MLS such as the New York State MLS, the Long Island MLS or some other brokerage database that virtually no NYC brokers actually use. The more infuriating thing about most of these misrepresented flat-fee NYC MLS packages is that they often cost upwards of $1,000 and won’t even list you on the most relevant, paid local search websites for unrepresented buyers like StreetEasy. You end up paying up to $1,000 for an incoherent package of listings on free websites such as Zillow, Trulia and Homes.com. What’s more, 90% of the websites they offer to list you on receive no relevant traffic for a NYC home seller (either it receives no traffic period, or is completely irrelevant to NYC). As a result, you could have listed yourself for free on just the most popular websites like Zillow and Trulia without wasting $1,000. However, what you thought you were paying for was a ,NYC Multiple Listing Service, listing so you could attract the tens of thousands of New York City brokers representing over 75% of NYC home buyers. Unfortunately, what you get in the vast majority of cases (the exception being a locally focused listing service like Hauseit) with these large, “national” for sale by owner websites is an extremely expensive mark-up for listing you on a dozen free websites. What’s worse, many of these large for sale by owner websites don’t even bother to hide the fact that you are a quasi-FSBO listing. They openly watermark your photos and even put their website URLs in your listing description which only makes it easier for listing ,brokers to target and solicit you, for full-commission service. While brokers are typically prohibited by license law and trade association rules from soliciting owners already under an exclusive listing contract, they are not in the case of these for sale by owner website listings. The reason is most of these websites are not members of the local trade association nor brokerage database in NYC and thus not protected by its rules; moreover, the listings are so openly FSBO that it is a grey zone of whether the home seller is truly already represented. In short, if you aren’t careful when selecting your New York City Flat Fee MLS provider, you run the risk of being listed on the wrong MLS, missing out on key websites and also being harassed by agents who don’t have any real buyers for you. This may lower your ,NYC FSBO success rate, and/or decrease your sale price. How can I ensure that my NYC FSBO listing is posted on the most relevant websites and databases for New York City? As a New York City FSBO home seller who is willing to work with buyer’s agents, it’s critical that your home is listed on the RLS (REBNY Listing Service) and not just any other ‘MLS’ like the New York State MLS or the Manhattan MLS. You must fully understand that there is no such thing as a real New York City Multiple Listing Service before you decide on a ,NYC Flat Fee MLS listing provider,, and make sure you investigate very clearly exactly what interbroker database they plan to list you on. Hauseit is a ,top-rated, and locally focused New York City for sale by owner listing service who lists its NYC FSBO sellers on the most relevant websites and interbroker databases that actually matter in New York City. For ,NYC FSBO, home sellers, Hauseit will ensure customers’ homes are listed on the REBNY RLS broker database as well as all of the technology vendors used by NYC brokerages which receive the RLS feed, such as Nestio, RealtyMX, RealPlus and OLR. How do I work with buyer’s agents as a FSBO seller in NYC? Buyer’s agents control over 75% of home buyers in New York City. Therefore, promoting your home to them is critical in order to maximize the visibility of your listing and increase your chances of multiple offers. Listing on the RLS broker database through Hauseit is a great start, but you must also know ,how to deal with buyer’s agents, in NYC so that you can keep them motivated and focused on your listing. NYC home sellers who’d like to save or reduce their commission bill but don’t have the time or interest in dealing with buyer’s agents should consider ,Hauseit’s 1% full service listing option,. What is the NYC Multiple Listing Service?, Watch our short Hauseit video tutorial

How do I list my home for sale on MLS without an agent?

Your interesting question has a yes and no answer. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) decided in 2010 to ease the rules of MLS listings by allowing real estate agents to charge sellers with a nominal fee for just listing a property in the MLS. This means that a home seller can benefit from MLS listing without having to get the full range of services of a real estate agent. In essence, the home seller can save from commissions and sell their own house. As a result, some real estate brokers have taken advantage of this segment of the market by offering real estate services for a fixed or a flat rate. You pay anywhere from $95 to 1% of selling price. Whether it works as well as traditional real estate services would have to be another topic. Bottom line: You still need a real estate agent to list on the MLS but you can do it for much less money but a lot more work.

How can you save money on relator or real estate agent fees?

I’m going to assume you mean “realtor,” and that you’re somewhere in the U.S. (A “relator” would be someone who relates, while a “Realtor(TM)” is one of a subset of real estate broker/agents who is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors. A lot of people—unfortunately including some brokers/agents—frequently mis-pronounce Realtor as “re-luh-ter”. It should be “re-ul-tor”, just like it is spelled, as it derives from “real property” or “realty”.) Regarding costs, in most, and possibly all, U.S. jurisdictions, there is no mandatory commission rate, and one is not required to use an agent at all. A brokerage may have a minimum rate for which they will represent a seller or buyer, but it should be possible to find a broker/agent who is willing to negotiate a rate or even a flat fee. There are agents/brokers who are willing to perform a limited service (e.g., simply listing on MLS) for a low, flat fee. One can alternatively offer their own home for sale on, e.g., craigslist, in a classified section of a newspaper, a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) website, etc. As the stakes are much higher than for most transactions, and there are a lot of laws involved, one would be best served to engage a professional, including an competent broker/agent or an attorney to at least review any documents involved. Without a lot of study and/or experience, valuation, title, escrow, promissory notes, mortgages, etc. can be complicated and can be a major headache and/or be the source of significant regrets if someone chooses to go it alone. YMMV. Home buyers should consider that agent commissions are normally paid by the home seller and are thus not a direct cost to the buyer. (However, a home’s selling price may be negotiated below a “market value” in instances where low or no agent commissions are involved.)

If I want to sell my house on the MLS.com, do I have to list through a broker?

There are ,Flat-fee MLS, Listing Services discussed here. Some links: MLS Home Listers - Flat fee MLS - Flat Fee Listing Flat Fee MLS Listing, Flat Rate MLS Listing, MLS My Home.com For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS Services - Zillow Advice, - excerpt: For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS Services The ,Multiple Listing Service (MLS), is a database of homes for sale operated by the Board of Realtors®. It is the method agents use to find homes for their buyers or to advertise their client listings to other agents or consumers. Flat Fee MLS services are now offered through For Sale By Owner real estate websites that will get you the same exposure as agent represented homes for a fraction of the cost. Average prices range from $299-$499 (based on local conditions). For this amount, you get listed on your local MLS, ,Find Real Estate, Homes for Sale & Houses for Rent - realtor.com®,® (only homes in the MLS can be published on ,Find Real Estate, Homes for Sale & Houses for Rent - realtor.com®,®), AOL®, MSN®, Yahoo!® and many more real estate websites that feature MLS listings. Self-directed FSBO buyers are increasingly viewing MLS listings without an agent in hopes to cut out middle man commissions and find a home without involving an agent. Approx. 80% of buyers start their home buying search online and one of the broadest ways to get exposure for your home is to have it listed on the MLS by a flat fee agent. Listing on the MLS has been an increasingly preferred method for selling 'by owner'. If you wanty to sell it fast and have the most buyers see your property - get your home listed in the MLS and save yourself some time. No commissions are paid to the listing (sellers) agent - your flat fee replaces the 3% commssion you would normally pay in a contractual agreement. But if an agent finds a buyer for your home, a 2-3% commission is normally paid. And you are never obligated to sell your home to a buyer or agent that found your home through the MLS. If you're thinking about listing in the MLS, be aware of low cost providers. If you find it for $199 or less, expect the service to reflect the price you're paying. Even though it may seem as a simple task to simply add your home to the MLS, there is considerable initial and follow-up work on the listing agents behalf. With a Flat Fee MLS listing, you'll get: - ,Home Listing and Photos:, Home will be listed in your local MLS for 6-months - ,More Visibility:, Listing on ,Find Real Estate, Homes for Sale & Houses for Rent - realtor.com®,®, the country's largest national real estate website - ,Maximum Exposure:, Widest exposure to local buyers and those on the searching on the Internet on sites like Yahoo®, MSN®, AOL® and more - ,Sold Faster:, More buyers means more opportunities to make the sale Plus, you can still sell "By Owner" and find a buyer without an agent and pay no commissions at all.

The sellers agent is charging 5% commission. If I have my own agent would they get half of that, or would the seller have to pay the 5% plus any of my agents commissions?

The fee to the buyer agent is specified in the MLS listing. 6% is typical but many agents charge less but still offer the 3% to the buyer agent. I sold 3,000 homes when I charged a flat rate listing fee of $500.00 but I almost always offered the full 3% to the buyer agents. They don't like getting paid less than 3%. And they earn it too. But you also get REPRESENTATION from your buyer agent. He represents your interest every step of the way. Very important when you have a resale home that the inspection reveals a whole list of problems, your agent has to play hardball to get things fixed or given a credit for at closing.

Should you use a realtor when buying a house? Who pays for the realtor?

I would try to avoid it. Realtor fees are usually around 6% of the sale in the US. If the seller is listing it himself/herself as for sale by owner or thru a flat rate listing on MLS you would be stupid to use a realtor to buy that house. You would be throwing away 3% of the money. Realtors by the way will almost never show you those type of houses as they know they will have a hard time getting much commission. Now of the seller has already listed with an agent, you as a buyer are pretty much screwed and forced to deal with and pay for an agent. You either use your own who has a duty to you. Or you use theirs who has a duty to the seller. In that case, unless you are someone who has bought more than one or two houses in your life, you probably should have a realtor to make sure you dont agree to something stupid. (No option period, not enough time to get inspections done, etc). Back in the days before the internet, I can see why realtors were needed as they were the only ones with access to information about listings. But now you can go to see alot of pertinent information yourself and listings yourself and there is alot less of a reason to get or need a realtor. I know realtors will find that answer insulting and upsetting but it is really true. Theirs is a historically powerful group that is trying desperately to hang on to relevance. I totally expect at some point that more people will decide their commissions are not worth it and it will go the way of the travel agent. Rarely used except in high end and for buyers with out of town moves when there isn’t much time for them to find something

Should I hire a real estate agent to sell my home, or do it myself?

Wow, interesting answers. I have had a house on the market now for a year and a half. I am abandoning the standard route (Realtor) and I am going to be listing my home with a flat rate service. They will put my house on an MLS listing service and show my house for a flat rate. I still have to pay a 3% fee to the other side...but its better than a 6% fee. Do I really think I owe Realtors a 6% fee on my house priced at 189,000 (or $11,340) That is absolutely ridiculous considering my present Realtor told me that open houses are passe and he sold all his houses this year just from inquires from the MLS. Print? Newspapers? Who is reading them? To think that your house is actively marketed is such a lie. It is not. It is just sitting on the mls database waiting for someone to take a look. Is that really worth an $11,340 commission? No way! That is so odd. My opinion is that the present system is going to be gone in about 3 years. Houses will be sold on MLS listings through the internet. Oh and showing my home myself to save $5,500 - you betcha! Don't let anyone scare you. Find a flat rate service and list it. Be creative and throw some money in to help a new owner with closing costs. Negotiate the deal yourself. Get a real estate lawyer to handle the paperwork for you for $500. Inspections? Easy. Call a guy, get an inspection. Good luck.....but don't get duped into giving away your equity for a tiny bit of work. Times have changed everyone. Sell it and keep most of your equity instead of sharing it with someone who put in maybe 10 hours tops in your sale.