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10 tips on how to save money on your car's fuel cost

permanently immune from rising fuel cost, or you cant improve things further.As a general rule of thumb

Proton X70 1.8L 2WD Is More Expensive To Maintain Than The Honda CR-V 1.5L

Estimated cost 60-months/100,000 km is RM4,897.50 1.8-litre TGDi engine uses 5-litres of engine oil

Proton’s epic 1 Tank Adventure draws to a close

the last leg of the 1 Tank Adventure, participants were required to drive from Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Owner Review: 3 Years of Ownership, Owning and Upgrading My Ford Ranger

and do not perform as what I wanted to.

Post-liberalisation, this is why your car's insurance cost isn't coming down, yet

initiated for the gradual removal of requirements under the motor tariff has begun, pricing continues

Used Peugeot 308 (T7) for RM 20,000; Save cost on the car for the repairs?

This will cost around RM 3,000 to RM 4,000.Credit: WessyvKillyThe engine on the VTi variant is also prone

Mobil has a new engine oil that will protect your turbocharged engines

The new engine oil will join the existing Mobil Super 1000 and 2000 range in the market.

Owner Review: Finding The Joy of Driving - With Every Moment of My Subaru BRZ For One Year

** This article is the personal experience of a 2012 Subaru BRZ owner and does not necessarily reflect

FAQ: Considering a Proton Persona? These are the things you need to know!

The Proton Persona is one of Malaysias favourite cars - its a pretty complete package as a daily driver

Oil price is now in negative. US oil producers now have to pay buyers to store excess oil

barrel today.In other words, the excess capacity is oil supply is now so bad that not only is nobody

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The Wey Tank 300 is a techier and more affordable Jeep Wrangler

In a world that is leaving the ladder-frame chassis behind, comes the Wey Tank 300.

The Wey Cyber Tank 300 is a G-Class with Terminator vibes

Boxy-looking jeeps certainly have their fair share of fans.

Owner Review: My Silver Tank - a 2003 Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5

One is the size of it on the road.

RM 50k for a used Subaru XV, but what are the common problems?

The first generation XV is now on sale in the used car market for around RM 50,000 but what are the issues

All-new 2020 Nissan Almera fuel consumption, over 800 km range per full tank?

, the fourth generation Nissan Almera is now equipped with an advanced HRA0 1.0-litre 3-cylinder turbocharged

Is synthetic engine oil bad for older cars?

Besides the viscosity rating of engine oil, we also have the choice of what type of oil we’d like

Maintenance cost comparison: Proton X50, Honda City, Mitsubishi Xpander - Which car is the cheapest?

All three cars mentioned here have varying levels of servicing fees.In the case of the Proton X50, the

Proton Persona Maintenance Cost Versus Toyota Vios And Honda City

Vios, the cost to maintain the Persona over a period of 5 years or 100,000 km is also marginally cheaper

Perodua Myvi Vs Proton Iriz – Cost Of Maintenance Compared

Proton Iriz is marginally cheaper to maintainThe Perodua Myvi is one of Malaysia’s best-selling

Shell launches new 0W-20 fully synthetic engine oil for compact cars

Compact cars has been the staple vehicle of choice for Malaysian, regardless of the economic situation

The Proton 1 Tank Adventure is back!

in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and SarawakThe second running of Proton’s 1 Tank Adventure, the

Spyshot: Daihatsu Thor seen in Malaysia, what is it doing here?

We recently came across photos of what appears to be the Daihatsu Thor in Malaysia.The Daihatsu Thor

Why scheduled oil changes are important for your car

Q: What actually happens to the engine oil as you drive?

Mazda service centers switches to Petronas Syntium engine oil

supply of Petronas Syntium full-synthetic engine oil to Bermaz Motor dealership“For customers,

Is it true that the Proton Saga is cheaper to maintain than a Perodua Bezza? The answer is not that simple.

Table is not a full representation of actual cost because Proton has parked some necessary maintenance

Owner Review: The unexpected choice - Story of my Kia Forte

** This article is the personal experience of a 2013 Kia Forte 1.6 6-Speed owner and does not necessarily

All-new 2021 Ford F-150 can do 1,126 km with one tank of petrol

design of the all-new F-150, the design isn’t vastly different from the model it replaces &ndash

Review: 2020 (G20) BMW 320i Sport – Drives superbly, but at what cost?

For many, the BMW 3 Series represents an entry to the brand or even to what we commonly refer as "

Here is why Mazda’s rotary engines could become the engine of the future

it.No, Mazda RX-7 owners, your engines burn more oil than a flaming oil rig and keeps needing a rebuild

Are you using the WRONG engine oil for your car?

Deciding on what engine oil you should use then, is usually a matter of concern for owners of cars beyond

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