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Geely Haoyue debuts, 7-seater SUV with 1.5T & 1.8T, should this be the ‘Proton X90’?

quite a substantial footprint.Geely claims that the Haoyue has an impressive interior space utilisation rate

Pros and Cons of installing a roof box or roof rack on your car

A roof box is handy for increasing storage space in in your car.

Gov postpones toll rate hike plans to 2022 for 3 highways

Are boxer engines overrated? – Pros and cons of boxer engines

Flat engine in a FWD car. PhotoSo, the boxer engine is not special to Porsche and Subaru.

4 “uncool” car features that make life more convenient

Run flat tyresQ: What is a run flat tyre?

Review: Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, a perfectly irrational middle finger to turbo+DCT sports cars

Plus, a new 4-litre flat-six engine that has many revs (8,000 of it, to be precise).4.0-litres of naturally-aspirated

Why WFH when you can work from van in this Nissan Caravan Office Pod?

The G-shape of the pod is fairly simple with the flat tip acting as a desk for your computer/laptop/model

At RM 66k, the Proton Exora is the cheapest MPV to feature ESC

) and uses a plethora of sensors to work, get ready for it – steering wheel angle sensor, yaw rate

How to properly use Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Youre driving in traffic, minding your own business when suddenly a box falls out of the lorry in front

Proton Saga breaks its own sales records in June 2020, highest number sold since 2014!

Other than that, the Proton Saga also broke its own monthly sale record with the highest numbers sold

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Toyota GR Supra, what are your options when you have half a million to spare?

Let us shortlist a few for you.Porsche 718 Cayman 2.0L flat-four, from RM 530,000Launched here a couple

Unpopular opinion: Carmakers don't care about your comfort anymore

Did I mention bigger wheels and tyres generally cost more, especially if your car comes with run-flat

Ratings – Honda CRV’s space and practicality, top marks for both

longer torsos, there should be still around 1 tennis ball of headroom.The rear cabin floor is basically flat

Naza offering low interest rate from 1.88% until 15-July for recond cars

Customers are entitled to a low-interest rate from 1.88 percent and a 1-year warranty during this promotional

Flux’s Subscribe to Own is like a long-term test drive to help you find your dream car

Think of the Subscribe to Own service as a long-term test drive for you to determine the car that will

Watch: Styrofoam box skilfully bounces back into the truck bed

While parcels and boxes falling out of truck beds are rather common occurrences, a box falling out and

Ratings Comparison: Proton X70 vs Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 - Space and practicality

More importantly, the X70 has a flat floor which benefits the comfort for the passenger in the middle

Here's why the manual transmission still matters

Sure, synchromeshes made manuals a bit easier to drive, but the mechanical basis of this box has been

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

Your car ownership experience isn’t complete without having at least one flat tyre incident.

2020 Mitsubishi Xpander open for booking in Malaysia: Nov launch, bigger than BR-V and Aruz!

Sound system is a 6-speaker setup.Top left to bottom left: cargo box with lid, centre console space,

Your speedometer is lying to you. Here’s why

We usually notice a 10% gap between the actual speed (reported by our Racelogic performance box) and

Volkswagen Fest returns for the third time, Das WeltAuto to debut

cars sold by Das WeltAuto have verified vehicle history and mileage, have passed Volkswagen’s own

Because American GPS is not good enough, Geely is launching its own satellites

if cars are to drive themselves.To solve this, Geely is taking matters in their matters into their own

Is your monthly income enough to own the 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross?

service (amount, tenure, and interest).To keep things simple, we’re going for a 2.27% p.a. interest rate

Toll rate hike deferment: Gov to pay operators RM 2 bil in compensation

Halim Mu’adzam Shah Bridge (JSAHMS) Seremban-Port Dickson HighwayAlso read: Gov postpones toll rate

Spied: All-new 2021 Toyota 86 spotted testing - 2.4L flat-four, 220 PS and 240 Nm!

rendering of how it could look like.The all-new Japanese coupe is expected to be powered by a 2.4-litre flat-four

Tun M checks out some restored Proton Sagas; Confirms Perodua Ativa is his own car

After showing off his brand new Perodua Ativa, a car that he confirmed in this video is his own purchase

MINI lovers, now is the time to get one!

with the 60th anniversary celebration, MINI Malaysia is incentivising buyers with three benefits to own

Worried about your car battery going flat during MCO? Here's how to prevent it

battery with the connectors and the atmosphere.A battery with come corrosion on the terminals is not flat

New electric MINI Cooper SE launched in Malaysia, from RM 218,380 only

DC Fast Charging can be done at a maximum rate of 50kW (80% charge in 36 minutes).

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usps flat rate own box Post Review

Clearly, this woman doesn't deserve 2 own a dog. Minn. Woman Tries to Mail Puppy via USPS Flat Rate Box via @theblaze

Shame on #USPS, charging me $14.95 to mail what would have cost $9 if I'd used my own box instead of their "guaranteed flat rate" box.

disappointed. turns out the baby shower gifts for my friend are too long for a USPS flat rate shipping box. now i gotta find my own box :(

USPS 'flat rate' boxes for priority mail are convenient, but more expensive than using your own box.

No def not

Medium flat rate is only cost effective above 12lbs. If it weighs less then that you can pay about half the price using USPS cubic pricing. The only downside is you have to buy your own box. But a box should be less than a dollar. Should save you about $5 average per shipment.

Your own 9 lb. box can be shipped $2 cheaper than the "free" USPS 5 lb. flat rate box. There's no such thing as a "free" box.

IDK if I want something shipped quickly I always use FedEx. Actually I basically use FedEx unless I'm sending a card or a letter somewhere. Comparing my experiences with FedEx and the USPS, I know which I use and trust more

You should try click N ship with usps. You order free boxes from usps, print a label at home for flat rate or your own box (I weigh on my reg scale), then set up a free pickup for the next day. It's super easy and really cheap!

#usps this is why you are losing money. Cheaper to use my own box to ship instead of your flat rate box.