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Schedule this routine maintenance today! Save yourself time and money later by having your sewer line inspected. It’s a flat rate, get yours on the books today (262)515-9151 #Kenosha #Wisconsin #plumbing

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Here it is! June 14th, 2012, introducing "The New Flat Rate" Plumbing Book http://peekurl.com/vTQbk7b

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The “New Flat Rate” Plumbing Book: Flat Rate PlumbingVideo Rating: 0 / 5Video Rating: 0 / 5 http://bit.ly/U0YNUW

PLUMBERS FLAT RATE BOOK FOR SALE!! income maker: Flat Rate Plumbing PricingVideo Rating: 5 / 5 http://bit.ly/Zd9edH

Generic software is fine. What I’d like to see, for example, is an option for a flat rate price book. HVAC, roofing, plumbing etc have the option from multiple companies. Chimney companies have nothing! I’m building ours now and it’s very tedious

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Has writing a book ever driven you crazy?

Ghost-writing a book has driven me to frustration on two separate occasions. On one occasion, I ghost wrote a survivalist book. I didn’t have a good contract, and I didn’t actually have the person’s valid contact information. He got the content, and I didn’t get paid. I was very upset because I wasn’t paid. On another occasion, I was ghost-writing a second plumbing book for a client. It was an easy job at first. Then he added additional requirements like wanting further citations and greater length. Yet I had quoted a flat rate for the project. And he was pushing for the same deadlines. This resulted in more work and more stress for less money, since I divide my time between a variety of clients. If I’m adding another 10 pages to a public sanitation chapter, I’m not getting paid to write someone else’s blog. I finished the project. The guy paid me for the work at the lower agreed initial rate. He argued that he couldn’t pay me a bonus for the extra work, because he was financially strapped. Fine, I’m done. He didn’t understand why I rejected a third project from him, after the stress and excessive demands.

If you were a UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, what would your economic plan be?

I would look at 3 things, the wider economy, tax and public spending. The economy is a web of interconnected transactions by a sum total of agents, such as Adam Smith’s ‘butcher, baker and candlestick maker’. My principle for taxation would be that since economic growth or contraction is simply the sum result of transactions, all taxation or at least all national level taxation would be replaced eventually with a single flat rate transaction tax. The population is alot more itinerant with property ownership being more of an ideal and less of a reality for many people. Secondly I would look at the ‘plumbing’ or infrastructure. To this end I would create an Infrastructure Loans Company which would provide financing for major infrastructure projects, the revenue from (in the mean time before transaction tax is introduced) car tax and other means that would be ploughed back into the Treasury. We are living in an age where technology is changing the very nature of human labour and how services are provided. My premise for taxation is that business revenue is based on the volume of transactions, so the government would take a share of those transactions. Public services and government agencies must be efficient. I would ensure that every citizen gets access to legal recourse if they need it. All services that are not under the official secrets act should be open platform which all members of the public can access or at least sign into. In an age of online petitions, social media and err….a certain platform called…Quora (?) it’s not an impossibility that members of the wider citizenry can participate in democratic debate which in the last century was largely confined to the commons and lords chambers and in town and city halls. I would also like further devolution. Most local government devolution in the past few years have been largely Transport, Police and other service Commissioners for district sized areas. The next step would be to create clear lines of geographical and functional responsibility. A share of student fee proceeds would go to funding scientific and technological research. All non-EU citizens (at least until March 2019 where this might apply to EU member citizens) would be required to have proof of insurance or similar means of funding non-emergency medical treatment. The NHS would be restructured into regional public corporations which would cover the populations in those areas subject to government guidelines. This may in turn be replaced by County level services. Public Health England and NHS England would be closed down and incorporated into the regional or county health bodies with the Department for Health & Social Care being responsible for setting guidelines. In the spirit of efficiency, openess and digitisation GP and similar clinical services would operate an online service with admin processes such as appointment bookings and referrals being done digitally. Primary and social care would get priority funding. The Student Loans Company would be instructed not provide loans for ‘mickey mouse’ subjects, which hopefully would force universities to drop those subjects. Students doing A-levels would do a series of online mini-tests each term. Universities would be empowered to create their own Trust Funds which could then help fund local projects. IT, English and Maths would get priority in schools funding. I would ensure that no person wanting to go into further education or training would lose their benefit. Regional Education Councils would be responsible for all education & training services across England.

What would happen if you quit in the middle of a freelancing gig?

I’ve actually done this for a variety of reasons. In my case, I’m typically paid at the end of the project. If I quit a project or they cancel it, I don’t get paid. Why have I quit in the middle of a freelancing gig? Here are a few I’ve dealt with: Endless Rewrites I wrote it. The client asked me to rewrite it with a different tone or replace one subsection with a different subtopic. Then they ask me to rewrite it again. The time spent rewriting is time I can’t spend on other projects. I’ve quit several projects because I suspected the repeated rewrites were their attempt to get spun content for free. I now kill any project on the second rewrite request. If you don’t like my first and second try, there’s no point in a third. An Offensive Topic The person asked if I would write ecommerce page for a personal care device. It turned out to be a request to write several pieces of marketing copy on vibrators. I rejected it, saying I don’t write that sort of thing. I’ve had people argue that I’m not allowed to refuse to write about a sugar daddy dating website, vaping gear or legal drug alternatives. “I sent you the request, you have to do it.” No, I don’t. I quit, you can send the task to someone else. There is a consequence - I don’t get paid for the job I don’t do. I may get a nasty review. However, I am less likely to be asked to do what I will not do. Fair trade. Ever-Changing Scope I’ve dropped several people when they kept expanding the scope. If it is a matter of adding another paragraph to the article or bolding the SEO terms, fine. If you’re paying me for 5 pages and throw in additional requirements that double the length but not the pay rate, the answer is no. Pay me for the work done, and submit another request for the new content. I had one ghostwriting plumbing book project that was a nightmare for me, but the guy didn’t get it. He added in sections on the history of plumbing and waterborne diseases along with the engineering side. It ended up being 50%-60% longer than planned … and my pay rate was a flat project fee. I had pushed back during the project when he was demanding the same original timeline for each chapter despite the added length. (It took 2 months, while I was still ghost writing several people’s blogs.) I was surprised when he turned about with a leadership book he wanted me to write. He was surprised when I said no, he wasn’t paying me enough. He didn’t think that adding that much extra content was really more work, a book should cost X. This is why I now break up large projects with progress payments. If you start ramping up the requirements, I can stop and still receive some payment for it. Or the client will end up paying more for the additional work, if the pay rate is by the word instead of by chapter. The Fraudsters I’ve only had a few of these cases, but it is enough to be worth a mention. It generally starts with a request to write a testimonial they’ll post on their website or an Amazon affiliate blog. Then I’m asked to actually buy the product to leave a verified review. This is not acceptable. First, it is a violation of Amazon’s terms. And the person could blackmail me with that threat, while I like my Amazon Prime. So no, I’m not buying an item off Amazon so you get a review. Second, the request is often tied to money laundering. For example, I’ve had several people say, “Buy X, send me the product, and I’ll pay you $5 for the article and an additional $50 for the product.” The most basic contract is the crowdsourcing platform transaction saying $X for so many words. In theory, I could ship them the product on the promise of a $50 bonus … that they never give me. In reality, they could take the content and the money, reject the article, and never pay me at all. I’ll risk a bad review and spam to avoid a nightmare like that.

Why does India have a habit of provoking its neighbours?

You seem to be approaching the topic with a high degree of bias, which is evident in your question. Let me lay out the facts for you; facts which all of us more or less agree upon. Pakistan Indo-Pak aggression/hostility/wars (whatever name you call it) are focussed mainly on the Kashmir region. They dont seem to be fighting over the Gujarat border (minor disagreement over the creek area) or the Rajasthan/Punjab/Sindh border for that matter. Why does Pakistan only want Kashmir? Why have they not laid claim to wanting the state of Gujarat or Rajasthan or even merge the 2 Punjabs? The 1 point that glaringly stands out is the demographics of the state. 68% muslims are an easy target to integrate into Pakistan. Whether it is an unfinished business of partition, or wanting to have strategic control over some other assets; the actual reason for this will be best answered by someone in the Pakistani civillian or military establishment. On the other hand, outside of the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, there is no territory (sovereign or simply administered) of Pakistan that India claims. Agree with me so far? Good. Moving on. Claims and counter claims over territory are nothing new in global politics. Question is, who legally owns this territory called J&K? Up until the partition, it was a princely state, ruled over by Maharaja Hari Singh. No dispute until this point, right? After the partition, it decided to remain separate (or independent) from either India or the newly formed Pakistan. Then the trouble started. That many muslims, right across the border, and they have refused to merge into Pakistan? Now whether you call it a militia or the actual Pakistani army, it doesn't really matter anymore, but long story short, J&K was attacked by Pakistan. What does the Maharaja do? He signs the Instrument of Accession, joining India, in exchange for protection. Wars after wars were fought, but Pakistan never withdrew its army beyond the territory it administers today. Incase what I've just said is indigestible, let me explain with a real life scenario. Say I own a flat in a building. My immediate neighbour sells (or gifts, or donates, whatever) this flat to me. Legally, its mine. I have documentation to prove the same. You (as another neighbor on the same floor) may not be happy with that sale, for whatever reason. That does not give you the right to occupy one of its bedrooms for 70 odd years. And to top it all off, forget about vacating the bedroom you have just occupied, you have the audacity to claim the entire flat for your own? What legal/moral claim do you have to do so? And whats even more dumbfounding, is that Pakistan has gifted a part of PoK to China. It's like gifting something from MY house to someone else, without my approval or permission. See how ridiculous this sounds? I know that there has been 2 odd generations in Pakistan that has grown up thinking Kashmir belongs to them and India is the aggressor and occupying force, blah blah blah. Fine. I want to ask Pakistanis a simple question. What claim do you people have over Kashmir? Is it better than Indias? If the answer, somehow, has drifted towards the human rights abuse that Pakistanis claim, well, if you occupy my flat illegally, and damage its plumbing, and cry foul when I attempt to repair it and stop the water from leaking out, then you really are devoid of any claim over my property and are just inventing excuses to stay on. In the real world, I would take you to court, prove my ownership over the flat and evict you, using force if necessary. In the case of Kashmir, no force has been used by India (since the initial war over Kashmir) to push Pakistan further back from the LoC till the international boundary (which means J&K boundary with Pakistan, which Pakistan refuses to see as a boundary to begin with), hence the very premise of your question of India (out of all the countries involved) being the aggressor, has fallen flat. If you, as a Pakistani, can see my point till here, you know deep in your heart that Pakistan is the aggressor, not India. China China opens up its economy in 1970s, India does the same 20 odd years later. Lets be real, Indian economy is a fraction of Chinese economy today. Coming to aggression, the 1962 Indo-Chinese war was initiated by China, over border disputes. 80,000 strong Chinese army won against the under-prepared 12,000 strong Indian army. Agree with me so far? Good. Cut to today. Indian economy has grown, though not at the same rate as Chinese economy. India's military embarrassment in 1962, when it wasn't expecting or was prepared for a Chinese invasion, has borne some fruit with proper investment in the defence budget. Im not really comparing the Indian and Chinese militaries here, but just to give you a picture. Today, China feels it's time to make an entry onto the global power scene. If there ever was a case for a bi-polar world after the Soviet breakup, now is the time. So far so good. Mind you, none of this involves India. India still has a long way to go to be eligible for that. Sure, high growth rate of the economy, a vibrant democracy, more than decent military, and some other factors are helping, but India doesn't have the same level of global ambitions as China has, just yet. India doesn't engage with foreign countries as much as China does, so it still has some catching up to do when it comes to influence and its likes. We already discussed 1 war between the two, in which China was the aggressor, and victor. Now, China has disputes with practically every neighbor of its. Be it Japan or fellow nations down south, in the South China Sea, or with India, at Doklam more recently, and Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin, traditionally. Chinas policy has been of territorial expansion. China even claims Siberia from Russia (google it please). To sum it up, China annexed Tibet (aggression, forcing a Tibetian govt in exile), China claims Taiwan, despite it never being under Chinese control (aggression again), China unilaterally interprets maritime boundaries in the South China Sea and racks up dispute with over half a dozen countries, and even reclaims land in the disputed area (aggression, bordering hostility), Sino-Japanese disputes are ever present, and now, China again unilaterally interprets boundaries and claims territory in Bhutan (Doklam). India is simply honoring its commitment to come to aid of Bhutan in military matters. As mentioned in the Pakistan section, Aksai Chin was never part of China to begin with, which it now controls (aggression, and control). And China annexed Tibet, not Arunachal Pradesh. So claiming that as South Tibet, or any other name that the Chinese want, does not give them any legitimate claim over AP. Mind you, these are territories that China has either claimed, or occupied. Apart from occupied Aksai Chin, there is no Chinese territory, sovereign, occupied or otherwise, that is part of so called aggressive Indian design. That should solve the China question. China wishes to grab territory (and has to some extent) from any and every neighbor. India simply wants what is legitimately Indian, and is happy with that. The assumption in your question, with regards to the Indo-Chinese relations, is actually the other way round (China being the aggressor, not just with India, but with all the neighbors). Nepal India has a special relationship with Nepal and shares close ties. According to a treaty signed in 1950, India and Nepal will not tolerate any threat to the security of the other and take actions to inform/negate that threat. The border is open and no visas or passports are required to travel to the other country. In terms of border disputes, there is a minor dispute with regards to the interpretation of the border as a lecacy or pre-partition India. Both countries have made progress in solving the same. There is some resentment amongst the Nepalese with regards to the role big brother India plays, but I am unable to point out the origins of that. If anyone is aware of it, please do share. Bangladesh India helped enormously in the creation of Bangladesh, there is no disputing that. Relations have generally been peaceful, and minor disagreements with regards to the border kept creeping up now and then, but was solved once and for all in a treaty in 2015, which also included land swapping. The border is porous and in India, illegal migration from Bangladesh has been and still is a contentious issue, affecting the border state of West Bengal in India. On the other side, Bangladesh claims that Indias shoot to kill policy for border infiltrators has killed over a 1000 Bangladeshis. Barring this, by and large, relations are friendly. Sri Lanka Again, a friendly nation down south, with a sizeable population of ethnic Tamils, originating from India. It is the support for Tamils that caused a dip in relations when Tamils in Sri Lanka were fighting for independence. India got involved in the Sri Lankan civil war after a flood of refugees, mainly Tamil, escaping the civil war. India signed a peace agreement with Sri Lankan government, in exchange for regional autonomy for the Tamils. The Sri Lankan Tamils eventually turned against India, with even the Sri Lankan government siding by them. India withdrew its force, but the lingering anger claimed the life of Rajiv Gandhi, allegedly by a Tamil. Anyways, Sri Lankan army finally put out the seperatist movement and peqce prevailed. Today, relations are friendly as India is the only neighbor of Sri Lanka. Off late, India has some concern with regards to the outsized role China has begun to play in Sri Lanka. Its more of a geo-political game as of this moment and there certainly is no aggression from either side, which is more about who can have more influence in Sri Lanka, India or China. Either way, Sri Lanka wins, so I'm sure they are not complaining. That covers all the countries in Indias immediate neighborhood. Feel free to dispute any of my claims with facts. I am not sure where you are from, but may be you may not like my answer with regards to Pakistan and China. Facts speak for themselves and all the information I have given above is available in the public domain; nothing that you don't already know. Yes, you can freely chose to believe in a more nationalistic version that the history book of your country teaches you, but the only thing that will change, is your perception, not the reality.

What is the biggest scam that every Indian must be aware of?

The Great Indian Banking & real estate Scam,: I want to bring attention to a disturbing ,nationwide organised scam that you are a familiar with, but most don’t quite understand the “fraud” part of it,. And like some of my answers do, it may ruffle some feathers. But truth must be told. Here it is: Do these pictures seem familiar to you? Go to the outskirts of any major city in India, (for example take Noida & Gurgaon which are on the outskirts of Delhi), ,you see miles & miles of semi built structures that just stay dead still & never get completed., ,All these buildings started in different years, but surprisingly, they all face “financial trouble” just after the basic structure is built. Why don’t we see buildings that stop in-between, say after 4 floor or 8 floors? The answer is an organised scam played by the state governments, builders, banks & accounting bodies,. This is how it works - The builders sell you ,construction linked plan,. You assume that it's a fair plan as the builder will charge money as and when the construction progresses and it is in builder’s interest to complete the project with speed. Looks fair for all ? ,But this is exactly where the catch is! The so called “construction linked plan” is a sham designed by the agencies listed above, backed fully by the government and banks. Let's look at the reasons: What is the scam here ? ,The payment plan is designed in a way that you have to pay 90% of the price of flat “at the laying of the top floor of the building”. By this time the builder has spent only 50% of the project cost. Most of the money is needed later in the finishing work - electrical wiring, plumbing, flooring, paints, lifts / elevators, external work, parking, basements, government permissions for water, sewage, power, etc. You get the logic here. ,Now the builder is sitting on neat 40% profit (90% - 50%) and all that he is left to “earn” from you is 10%., ,Why would he spend another 30% money just to recover 10% from you?, He stops work right here! You’re thinking — he should not stop because there is a timeline to deliver the project. But wait, what if he misses the deadline of delivery? There must be some penalty, right? Check the agreement - ah well,……… keep searching! ,So if developer delays the project, there is no penalty due on his part ,(or at best it is princely sum of Rs 5 per sq feet per month…. which comes to a meager 1% interest!). ,But if you delay his payment, interest charged is 12% to 18%. Ever heard of one sided agreements?, Which business would not seize this opportunity to “borrow” free money without interest? Why did the banks & RBI support it ,The befitting supporting actor award here goes to the banks & RBI. ,They lend “you” the money on “your” credit report., Banks don’t finance the builders for land purchase. They are also very shy on financing the builders for construction (rates are more than 15% to 18%). But wait, consumers can always borrow at 10% & “pay” the builder. ,So essentially, the consumer is “financing the builder” in the name of “purchasing the apartment”,. Oh & did I tell you the best part? This money is without any interest for the builder as we see above. ,So a developer to whom no bank lends money below 18% and that too is seen very risky, can “get easy finance from the same banks” at 0% interest rate, all in the name of consumers!, While RBI could have set this right just by changing the construction linked payment schedule through banks, ,it chose to sit aside with eyes shut, while the banks & builders continued to fleece customers. Where did the money go, ? Well, democracy is an expensive way to run governments, especially in developing countries. ,Every state government has been enjoying the party with builders & this was a “legal” way to pull huge credit money from the banking system, on the books of the “reasonably wealthy middle class” who was sold the idea of buying a house as it “appreciates forever” with tax breaks. Builders diverted money to the political parties to get further favors on land & permits. Secondly, the builder has used this surplus 40% “profits” to buy new land parcels so as to launch more projects & collect even more surplus interest free money. ,The land prices were assumed to be appreciating forever as more and more money was being pumped out of the banks,. The music had to stop some day. Seems like it has. What about the consumers?, The “middle class” consumer will continue to pay his monthly installment to banks, while their money has been siphoned off by the builders, political parties, government officials and the banks. ,The apartment that was sold as 40 lacs will eventually cost 60 to 70 lacs considering the delayed possession, not to mention some cases where money is lost forever. ,You dare not default since you are just a retail consumer. Don’t dare to become an industrialist who can default, ,& live happily ever after. State governments are all hands in, trying to keep existing projects out of ,RERA,. Even if these are included in RERA, try fighting the legal battle to get decision from regulators. Then move to Appellate Tribunal (yes, this comes before the High court), then the High Court & finally Supreme Court. ,Can you hold till 20 years or rather take the apartment on builder’s terms, whenever he feels like offering the same to you? Talk of organised banking loot by the government, this is it,. If it feels like your story also, you're not alone. But please never assume that property prices don’t fall. Staying on rent is not that bad. And don’t you ever buy into the hype ! Afterthought and updates - I thank readers for positive feedback and questions on this article. Since lot of you have asked this, I must add how life would change after RERA for “new projects”. Well if the legal channel is too prolonged, there is no point of fighting the legal battle as time is money & builder doesn’t pay penalty. So outlook is not bright & I’ll quote examples. Have the builder agreements been revised anywhere ? Even if these are, there might be fine print about “force majeure” which allows builder to get away with delay in case of “circumstances beyond his control”. Check your agreements. Also, has the payment schedule changed ? ,Now to argue this, please follow legal process, will you ? Finally, as far as “,pro-activeness, ,to prevent, ,misleading advertisements under RERA”, is concerned, a ,very prominent National level builder, published half page print advertisement in major newspapers recently about a new launch with all fancy imaginative pics (RERA allows only actual site pictures for advertisements). No action on the builder so far. Why? Below the advertisement (in micro font size) company stated the disclaimer: ,“…….. the said information should not be construed as an advertisement under the applicable laws ( RERA). Nothing on this material, constitutes advertising, marketing, booking, selling or an offer for sale, or invitation to purchase………….”, Can you beat that? Every major builder website that you go on has all the fancy pictures of the apartment that will never materialize. But hey, you can’t raise this aginst them. Why ? Because ,as you visit the website, a window pops up where “every possible disclosure” is made & you “accept” to visit the website. Now the builders are free of any liability., ,If this alll what RERA was trying to achieve by “only actual site pictures” , the what was the noise about ? ,And if you still hope that politics will play out against the builders, think of this ? Who can only vote in a “rich” minority. but who provides money to the government ? So who is likely to win ? A quick status check on RERA,: Some states such as Uttarakhand, Orissa and Bihar have adopted the central RERA rules, more specifically around the keeping the funds collected from buyers in an escrow account. The Uttar Pradesh RERA rules are silent, which builders have taken advantage of to siphon off funds. Good luck Noida ! The biggest issue is the lack of execution of RERA orders by builders and multiple forums for grievance redressal.A mere RERA registration does not guarantee that a project will be delivered on time. All under-construction projects are still in a limbo, despite RERA. That is where most money is blocked. New launches ? Lets talk in a couple of years. We’ll see. There are also instances where realty companies have given different timelines to homebuyers and the authority. can you beat that ? So if they delay the project, the authority may say that the project is on track as pper their timelines. Recall that fancy advts “are not a part of sales agreement or promise of delivery”. What is the point of RERA then ? Meanwhile, I’m yet to meet a person who got justice under RERA. Are you still hopeful ? I’m less optimistic on this. Feel free to mail or write to me on, ,twitter Honest - Unbiased - Simplified, as always.

If music, art, and information on the internet is now basically free, shouldn't computers, technology, and houses also be free?

You're comparing apples to oranges. Information is a nonrival good. Me hearing a song won't mean someone else unhears it, and thousands or millions can listen simultaneously. For me to know something, I don't have to make someone else not know it. It used to be that ,distribution, of those things required a physical medium, be it a book, a record/cassette/CD, a VHS tape, DVD, etc. It is still possible to get those physical artifacts, but information can now also be distributed without those things, over a wire and right into a living room or library. That makes things a lot cheaper. Rather than having to have a factory press a batch of CDs, package and ship them, and then store them somewhere until they sell, a band can offer their music directly on their website, available for immediate download. Without all those overhead costs, they can make it available much more cheaply, offer some of it for free, etc. Streaming services can offer catalogs of thousands upon thousands of songs or videos available for a flat-rate subscription fee. That aside, there still ,is, money in it somewhere, whether it be through advertising or some other means. That just means the advertisers are funding it rather than you, and that can raise its own issues. Similarly, storage isn't much of an issue. A cheap commodity hard drive can store thousands of books or songs and hours upon hours of video. The massive servers that the streaming services for those things use can store a whole lot more than that. And, of course, not everything is free. If you'd like to download a copy of a Linux OS, or Firefox, and start using it, you can do that, totally free. If, on the other hand, you'd like a system administrator to help you keep it secure or a developer to write you custom software for it, that won't come for free. Houses, cars, and computers don't work like information. If you want a computer, you have to either purchase the parts and build it, or get a prebuilt one. If you want a house, it will require an architect to design, and materials and expertise to build, wire, and plumb it. Even if you have the skill and the time to build it entirely on your own, you'll still need to get the land and the materials to do so. You can't download or stream a house like you can a movie, and since they're inherently material things (as opposed to information, which was stored in those material forms because that was the best available way at the time), that will always be the case. Even if, one day, it were possible for a 3D printer to print a whole working computer, you'd still have to load up the printer with the requisite materials. And you'd still have to have the printer itself. Someone would have to mine the minerals, make and mold the plastics, and so on. All of those things are far more scarce and are rivalrous. If you build a house on a plot of land, someone else can't simultaneously build on the same one. If you use a certain amount of materials, they're now in use. If you have my computer, I don't (though virtualization blurs the lines there somewhat, you could be ,using, my computer at the same time I am). But no one else can also be using the bricks in your wall at the same time you are.

Is there a way I can get a copyright on a Discord server? Like the name of it?

Names are protected by registered trademark, not by copyright. Think about it, the reason that names or book titles or whatever are not protected by copyright is that copyright bans ALL use. You wouldn’t even be able to refer to Harry Potter by name if that name was protected by copyright. Names like Apple or Google are protected by trademark, which prohibits a competitor from using that name to describe their own competing company. Only competitors, “Apple Plumbing” does not need to worry about being sued by Apple. If you want to register a trademark on your Discord channel, I would recommend you go to a lawyer. First time applicants make errors, and while it is allowable to apply without a lawyer, I would strongly recommend against this. Lots of lawyers offer a flat-rate fee, where I live around $700-$900, depending on how many business classes you are applying under. Be aware, registering a trademark compels you to defend it by suing. You don’t get to ignore some people, like you can with copyright. Fan art is “illegal”, but video game publishers mostly don’t care. But if you use their business name on your game-related stuff, they HAVE to sue you. Similarly, you could be involved in a lot of lawsuits you might not really want to pursue. So again, talk to a lawyer and see if this is even a good idea.

What's a great career choice with minimal schooling?

I could have had a high level of education, but I lacked the discipline to stick to studying anything that didn’t really interest me. By the time I had acquired more discipline, I already had a family and going to university while supporting said family was just too difficult. So, for my whole life, after high school, I have been mostly self taught. However, I still made a lot of money. Making money doesn’t really require a lot of education. It really doesn’t. If you want to work in some particular field, ,that, might require a lot of education. You can’t become a lawyer or doctor or engineer or accountant without lots of education. The list of things you can’t without education is long, but the list of things you can make lots of money at without education is long too. Here is my main piece of advice about making money without a lot of education - ,forget about getting a job., Jobs which don’t require education usually have little potential these days. It used to be that you could start out in the stock room of some big company and work your way up to top management. This is ,much, less possible today. However, if you are willing to ,start a business,, you can do very well without much formal education. With a business, you can charge customers $40/hr for work an employer would pay you $15–20/hr for. With a business, you can pay employees $15–20/hr for work your customers are paying $40/hr. These figures are somewhat arbitrary. You might be billing customers $20/hr for work you pay employees $15/hr for. This is a smaller margin, but if you are billing out a lot of hours, that can add up to serious profits for you. If you are dealing with a skilled trade like a plumbing or electrical contractor, you might be paying your employees $40/hr and billing customers $80/hr. You can start a business with ,one, employee, ,you. ,You could provide services to people in your area that they are very eager and willing to pay a fair amount for if only they could find some reliable person to to the work in a first class way on some agreed on terms. You don’t have to charge by the hour, it’s usually better to charge a flat rate, but know in your own mind how long the work is likely to take. When you start hiring employees to help you, things will get more complicated. You might have to read some books on management. You might take some courses. You might hire some professional help from accountants and lawyers, but you don’t have to do that right away. If you want to succeed in your own business, you don’t need a lot of education, what you need is a willingness to work hard and the ability to get started and keep putting one foot in front of the other.


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