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Cycle & Carriage takes pride in Daimler AG-certified Centres of Competence

“Our network of body and paint repair facilities scoring above the global median is the result

What on earth is VW’s Budack Cycle? It’s certainly not child’s play

, which is also used in the VW Arteon.You’ve probably heard of the Otto cycle, Atkinson cycle,

Cycle & Carriage Bintang Malaysia resumes service centre operations

Cycle & Carriage Bintang, one of the authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers in Malaysia, has announced

Buying a recond Toyota Vellfire is going to get harder, here’s why

Well supply is going to get even tighter from now onwards as sales of the Vellfire is falling rapidly

2019 Proton Saga 1.3L 4AT Has An Official Fuel Consumption Of 6.7L/100km

6.7L/100 km based on the NEDC cycle Unchanged from previous 1.3L CVT Significant improvement from the

2020 BMW iX3 set for global reveal on 14th July

With preparations for its production underway, BMW has announced that the 2020 BMW iX3 is set to be unveiled

Geely-Volvo’s CEVT engine boss explains why the Proton X50’s 3-cylinder is better than a 4-cylinder

A 6-cylinder engine is better than a 4-cylinder.

Review: Volkswagen Vento TSI – Turbocharged efficiency, but at a cost

It is, however, quicker than the Toyota Vios (12.6 seconds).Volkswagen Vento Ride Comfort Ride comfort

Owner Review: Comfortable and good fuel efficiency - My 2019 Honda Jazz V

in Malaysiahttps://www.wapcar.my/forumBasic information2019 honda jazz v cvt (INR.9.30 lakhs) Reason why

Leaked: Here is the all-electric BMW iX3 in production form

Here are supposedly the official photos of the BMW iX3 leaked ahead of its debut.

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700 km in one full 45-litre tank for the 2020 Proton X50 1.5 TGDI

Proton has announced today that the Proton X50 will have a claimed fuel consumption of 6.4-litre/100

What’s so special about Mazda SkyActiv engines anyway?

CycleThe Otto cycle is the most conventional engine cycle.

Bet you didn’t know that the Mazda 2 started life as a minivan!

but one look at the 2, or at that time known as the Demio, and you immediately see a minivan rather than

Cycle & Carriage Bintang has opened its doors to its Alor Setar Autohaus

Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad (C&C) and Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s (MBM) has opened its

Hideyuki Miyakawa – Japan’s secret agent of car design you never heard of

Japanese cars place greater emphasis on intrinsic qualities like reliability, ease of use, and ownership

More than 20k bookings for the all-new Honda City, 13k delivered to-date

all-new Honda City has proved to be a popular model for Honda Malaysia, as the company has received more than

Why do concept cars look so much better than normal cars?

A recurring theme you might notice in concept cars is just how much designers hate side-view mirrors.

Will Geely make a 2-cylinder engine next? This is CEVT powertrain boss’ answer

“That’s why I mentioned right-sizing.

Malaysia’s Honda Accord makes more power than Thailand’s – 11 PS/17 Nm more, why?

sedan on sale in Malaysia.Curiously, our local specifications Honda Accord actually makes more power than

Why Mazda’s first BEV is called the Mazda MX-30 and not EX-30?

The MX-3, 5 and 6 all have somewhat of a sporty image.So, why did Mazda deem an all-electric crossover

Cycle & Carriage Bintang opens updated Mutiara Damansara Autohaus

When Cycle & Carriage opened its Mercedes-Benz Autohaus facility in Mutiara Damansara back in 2006

New star of JB – Upgraded Cycle & Carriage JB outlet welcomes Mercedes-Benz owners

"For more than 26 years, Cycle & Carriage have brought the Mercedes-Benz brand and experience

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia awards their most hardworking dealers of 2020

Over the weekend, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) held their annual Dealer of the Year award to their most

This is the new, transparent BMW logo

BMW is rolling not just a new design for its signature kidney grille, but also a new logo.The current

Mazda BT-50: This is why Mazda chose the Isuzu D-Max over the Ford Ranger

out the BT-50, Mazda can in theory, have the option to produce more SUV models there, which are in greater

NA vs Turbo: Why they say there’s no replacement for displacement

out of the turbo range.You see, the efficiency gained comes from the downsized engine and the turbochargers

​​​​​​​Honda City: Still a better buy over the Toyota Vios?

know, the replacement cost is slightly over RM5,500 - less than the price of the latest iPhone and like

Here is why strict speed limit enforcement is better than it sounds

Any mention of speed limits and you will get an earful of reasons why it isn’t making the roads

Owner Review: Is diesel engine suitable for D-segment sedan? - My 2011 BMW 320d E90 MSport

Basic information2011 BMW 320d E90 MSportReasons why I bought this carI was doing long-distance weekly

Volkswagen Malaysia reopens majority of service centres

service centres nationwide have received MITI’s approval to reopen for business.Volkswagen is