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what is an otto cycle engine Q&A Review

At what crank angle in a single cylinder 4-stroke Otto cycle engine do we have maximum instantaneous angular crank velocity?

This is really easy, crank has the highest kinetic energy at the bottom of the power stroke when the gas has expanded fully and the piston is at instantaneous velocity 0. 180 degrees ATDC is the answer.

What is the difference between the Atkinson and Otto cycles? Why is the Atkinson engine used in hybrid cars?

I can only describe Atkinson cycle on basis of Toyota/Lexus technologies, as different manufacturers use a bit different tecniques at this point. In fact if you read about the original Atkinson engine then you will find it is a totally different thing. Toyota has no so called Performance hybrids so they use different camshafts and engine block heads. Toyota hybrid engines are capable of only Atkinson cycle. Lexus Performance hybrids use different camshafts and multiple injection (port and direct) and are capable of working in both Otto and Atkinson cycles thus achieveing both economy and high engine power output when required. Mind that Atkinson cycle engine has idling speed of 1200 to 1800 rpms as a single engine it will not work as its output on lower rpms is poor but it is compensated by electric motor/s in a hybrid vehicle. And at high rpms it is the other way around. Atkinson cycle engine is usually paired with CVT or E-CVT to further optimize consumption and power output. Atkinson cycle programming in Toyota/Lexus engines holds intake valve up to a middle of compression stroke at the same time next firing cylinder intake valve is also opened and air/fuel mixture that is pressed out of one is directed into another cylinder thus reducing pump loss. So when no power needed, engine of 3500 cm3 works as a 1800 cm3 with only half of its capacity… At that point engine is running at idle to take care of charging duties. High idle is required for charging and Atkinson cycle engine would otherwise be unbalanced and prone to misfiring. The point is that some of modern Otto cycle engines allready are able to behave as a sort of Atkinson cycle using only Variable Valve Timing techologies. Though for now it is only used for quicker warmup function. Like it was allready mentioned Atkinson cycle engine is more efficient thermodynamically. Toyota/Lexus engines only heat up to 60 C of engine coolant temperature and 93 C is its maximum. Unfortunately that also means they are easily succeptable to overheating damage…

What are the advantages of an Atkinson cycle engine over an Otto cycle?

The Atkinson cycle is more efficient than the Otto cycle engine. It does this by shortening the compression stroke. Originally, the Atkinson cycle accomplished this by a somewhat complicated set of linkages connected to the reciprocating parts in the crankcase. The same effect can be achieved by twin cam with a variable valve timing.

What is the significant difference between otto cycle and carnot cycle?

The Otto cycle refers to an internal combustion engine burning gasoline with spark ignition, whereas the Carnot cycle refers to steam engines.

What is the difference between Otto cycle and Miller cycle engines?

A Miller-cycle engine is very similar to an Otto-cycle engine. The Miller-cycle uses pistons, valves, a spark plug, etc., just like an Otto-cycle engine does. There are two big differences: A Miller-cycle engine depends on a ,supercharger,. A Miller-cycle engine leaves the intake valve open during part of the compression stroke, so that the engine is compressing against the pressure of the supercharger rather than the pressure of the cylinder walls. The effect is ,increased efficiency,, at a level of about 15 percent.

What is an Otto cycle engine?

Otto cycle-> Its air standard or ideal thermodynamic cycle on which petrol engines operate. Note: Actual petrol engine cycle is much different than an ideal cycle. Here are the Pressure(P) vs volume(V) and Temperature(T) vs Entropy(S) of the ideal cycle. and here is an actual petrol engine cycle one.