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Aftersales in the new normal, how Volkswagen is setting a new benchmark in Malaysia

service of free home pick-up and drop-off.The biggest difference with Volkswagen however, is the Service Cam

Awesome Lego set demonstrates how CVTs work

The channel focuses on building really cool Lego models like a Pneumatic Compressor and even Lego made

Imagine playing Wangan Midnight on Geely's driving sim!

for its technology and engineering development division, China Euro Vehicle Technology AB (CEVT), in spring

Volvo Cars raise the cabin air quality game with this new tech

models like the Volvo XC60 and Volvo S90 based on the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) since this spring

2021 Kia Sonet 7-seater debuts in Indonesia – Ready to fight the Rush or Raize?

CVT gearbox with 8 virtual gears.Apart from the extra third-row seats, the Sonet 7 also comes with an overhead

Don't turn on your air-conditioning when starting the car, fact or myth?

engine this puts a lot of mechanical load on the powertrain.The added mechanical load from the A/C compressor

Used Perodua Myvi: What do you need to know before buying Malaysia’s favourite car?

upwards as well.Common issues for the first-generation MyviThe first-generation Myvi is known for air-con compressor

India’s 2020 Honda City’s gets a new 1.5L DOHC engine, likely for Malaysia

aspirated i-VTEC engine, an engine which we are more likely to get.The new petrol engine adds Double Overhead

Buying a used Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ? Here are the common problems to look out for

never missed a beat.Having said that, there was a recall campaign of 86 and BRZ models that had a valve spring

Caught on camera: Malaysian driver makes a near miss from a Molotov cocktail

Cheras-Kajang Highway when someone decided to hurl the cocktail at his car just as he was passing an overhead

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Owner Review: The underrated Malaysian Icon – My Proton Waja Review

goes I plan to maintain it and modify to be a sleeper try to unleash the max output of the 1.6 single cam

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the world’s most innovative car

reinventing the wheel (those are still round), the boffins at the Center of Automotive Management (CAM

Looking for a used Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S)? Here’s what you need to know

Touch wood.That being said, there are a few owners who reported air-conditioner compressor failure.

Owner Review: 2005 Honda CR-V - The classic hero car on TV

The only component frequently lamented about on owner forums (AC compressor) had failed.

Why are Honda engines so reliable? With 100 hours of red-lining test!

manuals constantly warn against red-lining a car or the engine might blow.In the tests, air-conditioning compressor

The tent on this Mitsubishi Triton camper literally blows

Pickup which extends to the bed as seen on the silver Triton.The tent inflates with a portable air compressor

Volkswagen Malaysia launches digital aftersales service

taken further steps to digitalise its aftersales by launching the Online Service Booking and Service Cam

Toyota 4A-GE 16V/20V - legendary 'tofu delivery' engine, what makes them great?

nomenclature for the engine code follows this logic:4 - engine block versionA - engine family typeG - dual overhead

2021 Toyota Innova facelift now in Malaysia: price up RM 2-4k, adds 360-cam, BSM

Honda HR-V RS, now available in classy Dark Brown leather interior.

Meanwhile, the HR-V Hybrid variant employs a 1.5L Atkinson-cycle twin-cam i-VTEC engine (152 PS, 190Nm

Price Exposure Of The 2020 Toyota Avalon TRD

The power enhance is visually felt from the lower chassis and the increased spring strength, and indeed

What's so special about VTEC?

cam profile to use?

Ops, wrong pedal! Mitsubishi Triton gate-crashes neighbour’s home… literally

engaged a gear and mistakenly stepped on the throttle instead.This caused the Mitsubishi Triton to spring

All-new 2020 Honda City launched in India, gets LaneWatch and sunroof

engines.That being said, there is a possibility that the Indian-market City’s 1.5-litre twin-cam

What is Airmatic suspension on the Mercedes-Benz C300?

So a compressor needs to be fitted to pump air to the bags.

Compilation of clueless drivers will make you go WTF!

Malaysian Dash Cam Owners, a website dedicated to compiling and sharing DVR footages from Malaysia has

Priced from RM 124k, Toyota Corolla Cross launched in Malaysia, full ADAS, 3D 360-deg cam, TNGA

Are timing chains better than timing belts?

Most engines of today utilise an Overhead Cam (OHC) configuration so a belt or a chain is required to

Why did my airbags not deploy in a crash? Is it normal?

Its just a cam with an open circuit. A swing of the cam completes the electrical circuit.

Tiny turbo engines: good or bad?

The turbine spins the compressor. The compressor forces more compressed air into the engine.

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