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What Is ADAS?

Even a Perodua Myvi has a basic version of it.

Volkswagen Malaysia launches digital aftersales service

An aftersales advisor will be in touch to confirm the appointment booking.Next up is Service Cam which

Want your car to last a million miles? Take advice from a man who did 3.2 million

Although achieved by various commercial vehicles, it is quite rare for a private owned passenger vehicle

Priced from RM 124k, Toyota Corolla Cross launched in Malaysia, full ADAS, 3D 360-deg cam, TNGA

seperate both variants - the wheels are different too, with the 1.8G getting 17-inch units, while 18-inch, dual-tone

What is a car platform? It’s not necessarily what you think it is

that refer to car platforms.BMA platform, developed by Geely-Volvos CEVT, used by the Proton X50But what

Aftersales in the new normal, how Volkswagen is setting a new benchmark in Malaysia

just a logical progression.In 2018, two years before the pandemic hit, it had already launched its VW

Are timing chains better than timing belts?

What is the engine’s displacement? What kind of brakes does it have?

Proton X70 CKD: Will the dual-clutch transmission be reliable?

is heat – these gearboxes aren’t oil-cooled, which reduces its lifespan considerably.Further

Toyota 4A-GE 16V/20V - legendary 'tofu delivery' engine, what makes them great?

appreciate what a fine engine the Toyota 4A-GE really is.

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the world’s most innovative car

reinventing the wheel (those are still round), the boffins at the Center of Automotive Management (CAM

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Proton X70 - What features could the CKD version get?

locally-assembled version, Proton has remained rather tight-lipped about the details, but we do know what

No GR Yaris, no problem - maybe a GR Perodua Myvi is what Malaysians need

The Internet is a wonderful place for rumour mills (remember the hullabaloo surrounding the Proton X50

2020 Hyundai Elantra – coupe styling, 10.25 inch dual screen, new 1.6-litre hybrid, better than a Honda Civic?

hybrid powertrain option.This is the first proper look at Hyundai’s new design direction dubbed

Compilation of clueless drivers will make you go WTF!

Malaysian Dash Cam Owners, a website dedicated to compiling and sharing DVR footages from Malaysia has

Why did my airbags not deploy in a crash? Is it normal?


What is the GAC Trumpchi GS3 Power, and when is it launching in Malaysia?

Yesterday, we brought you spyshots of what is very likely the GAC Trumpchi GS3 Power doing its testing

The 2021 Toyota Allion is a stretched Corolla Altis you never knew existed

One of them is this 2021 Toyota Allion - which cuts a rather familiar figure.The Allion looks familiar

The Hyundai Bayon is a Kona designed by ex-Lambo designer

Split headlamps and a wide stance gives is a muscular presence.

Toyota GR Supra, what are your options when you have half a million to spare?

It is powered by a 3.0-litre straight-six engine producing 340 PS and 500 Nm of torque, which is sent

Why is my ABS warning light on? And what is a wheel speed sensor?

If there is no leak, the ABS light is usually triggered by a faulty wheel speed sensor.There are other

The few areas the Toyota Avanza is better than the Perodua Aruz/Toyota Rush, what are they?

identical mechanicals as the Toyota Avanza, which also has seven seats, sharing the same 1.5-litre (2NR-VE) Dual

Caught on camera: Malaysian driver makes a near miss from a Molotov cocktail

Being locked-up at home is beginning to get to some people, as is proof when this Malaysian driver posted

With 3 choices, what is the best variant of the Perodua Ativa for you?

worth a mentionThe base variant of the Ativa (1.0 X) is definitely worth a second look.

Honda HR-V RS, now available in classy Dark Brown leather interior.

This new interior colour is a no-cost option.This new interior colour treatment not only goes to the

What is Airmatic suspension on the Mercedes-Benz C300?

But what makes it a USP of the Mercedes-Benz C300?

What on earth is VW’s Budack Cycle? It’s certainly not child’s play

The Budack cycle, which is named after a Volkswagen powertrain engineer, came to fruition in 2017.Q:

What is ABS?

ABS stands for anti-lock braking system which as its name suggests, is a system that prevents the wheels

2020 Proton X70 CKD launched - Up in features, down in price, from RM 94k

For starters, there is a new colour named Space Grey, which is only available on Premium variants.All

What's so special about VTEC?

What makes VTEC a little bit special is the use of Variable Valve Lift (VVL).Yes, other brands have VVL

India’s 2020 Honda City’s gets a new 1.5L DOHC engine, likely for Malaysia

Following its global debut in Thailand late last year, India is set to be the second market to introduce

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