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Pros and Cons: Perodua Axia – The best car for young Malaysians?

except the “E”.Virtually unrivalled in its segment (A-segment hatchback), those shopping for

Volkswagen Malaysia launches digital aftersales service

taken further steps to digitalise its aftersales by launching the Online Service Booking and Service Cam

F30 BMW 3 Series: Still the best 3, tips to buy good used ones for RM 100k

is highly viewed by very accomplished car designers like Ryo YanagisawaI asked what he thinks is the best

Owner Review: Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare for owning a Mercedes-Benz? -My Mercedes E240

For that, the W211 fits me perfectly.

What are some of the best-selling cars globally?

car for 2020, it wasn’t something for the Blue Oval to celebrate as its sales suffered a 30.3%

What's so special about VTEC?

And that’s why we’re writing this article for you - so you can understand and appreciate

India’s 2020 Honda City’s gets a new 1.5L DOHC engine, likely for Malaysia

i-VTEC engine, an engine which we are more likely to get.The new petrol engine adds Double Overhead Cam

Top-3 best value for money pick-up trucks in Malaysia

As surprising as it may sound, it is actually possible for car buyers in Malaysia to purchase a new car

2020 Volvo S60 T8 R-Design, best value-for-money compact exec?

Some were expecting a drop in price for the CKD model but as Volvo mentioned during the launch of the

Why did my airbags not deploy in a crash? Is it normal?

A: Well, this really just boils down to how the crash sensors for the airbag system work.

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Compilation of clueless drivers will make you go WTF!

Malaysian Dash Cam Owners, a website dedicated to compiling and sharing DVR footages from Malaysia has

Are hatchbacks better than sedans?

Hatchbacks were associated with being tiny like the Kancil and not fit for long journeys.

Toyota Yaris is Thailand’s best-selling B-segment hatchback for Oct 2020

But it is definitely heating up.Topping the B-segment hatchback sales chart for the month of October

2020 Honda City 1.5L V – Best bang-for-the-buck variant?

Prices with SST incentive start from RM 74,191 for the S variant to RM 86,561 for the V variant.

Why I Buy: Best bang for money for car features! My x70 Premium X even come with Sunroof.

CVT equipped gearbox is the one that we dislike, which we felt like the engine sound drowning is not best

Owner Review: Sweet Dream, or Beautiful Nightmare? - The trials and tribulations of owning the Mercedes-Benz E240

Read on to find out why.First Impressions & Build Quality – The best or nothing.First impressions

Baby Boss, 5 best family cars for parents with babies

no more adrenaline-pumping driving.Every decision you make now is for your family especially for the

14,989 units for March 2021, Proton's best month in 7.5 years but Perodua is doing much better

However, Proton still relies on the ageing PIES (Persona, Iriz, Exora, Saga) models for the remaining

Proton Saga overtakes Perodua Myvi as Malaysia’s best-selling car, for April 2021

announcement made earlier today, Proton said it sold 5,472 units of the Proton Saga, making it the best-selling

Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry vs VW Passat – Which is best for you?

comfort, space, and fuel economy to a sedan, while an SUVs taller seating position is a lot easier for

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

For this, manufacturers have given us full-sized spares, space-savers, run-flat tyres, and even tyre

Volvo S60 T8 vs Mercedes-Benz C300 vs BMW 330i, which is best for you?

Fitting three abreast will not be very comfortable for the middle passenger.

2020 Proton X70 CKD - Which colour looks best?

Silver, Jet Grey, Cinnamon Brown, Flame Red, and Space Grey.However, the new colour is still not the best

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the world’s most innovative car

reinventing the wheel (those are still round), the boffins at the Center of Automotive Management (CAM

With 3 choices, what is the best variant of the Perodua Ativa for you?

Which variant - at least on paper - is the best buy?

2021 Toyota Innova facelift now in Malaysia: price up RM 2-4k, adds 360-cam, BSM

Prices for the locally-assembled (CKD) 7-seater MPV now starts from RM 111,622, a slight increase from

Owner Review: Powerful DOHC engine, good fuel economy - My 2020 Honda City 1.5V

Looking for a car that is practical and fast enough (at least 190km/h top speed).

CBU 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8G sold out in less than 1 week, orders to be converted for CKD variants

saying, all 750 units of the fully-imported (CBU from Thailand) 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8G allocated for

All-new 2020 Honda City launched in India, gets LaneWatch and sunroof

automatic or a 6-speed manual, while the diesel is a manual-only affair.The new petrol unit is good for

The Toyota Sera - The flyest-looking Toyota ever

brands like Lexus and Infiniti.Rawrrrr...At the same time, most of these cars were made exclusively for

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best cam for sbc Post Review

This honestly could be one of the best value SBC’s we see for #FUT #Freeze. 1 x 84 & 1 x 86, very good card. Sprint speed is a concern but as a CAM, shouldn’t be an issue with a pace chem style.If you have a bundesliga/German team, DO THIS SBC.

This card could seriously compete with the best CAM's if he gets the right upgrades! Wonder how much his SBC will cost What would you all pay for him?#FUT19 (Just a prediction graphic)

@MattHDGamer Please advise which version would be best.1. Complet remaining 85-88’s segments from Best SBC for Ziyech and also maybe Ibra, where I can put Raul CAM and Bruyne on the Bench for full Chem.2. Selling Varane to get prime Hierro (Chem Casillas) and complete Bale SBC

Torres sbc or Bruno fernandes = best super sub for CAM /ST. What do you think?

Messi isn't that great used him for a weekend league and performed averagely, I would say buy baby nedved on 7chem and IF or gold valverde (depending on your coins)

Used him too and he was class for me, on cam one of the best gold cards you can use

Was gonna do the Milinkovic Savic SBC but for 100k (about what it'll cost net to do it) the card is pretty average. Considering I play 4231, he wouldnt be best at CAM or CDM #FUT #FIFA19

Best icon to play cam for 800k? @sbc_tips

Best be Bailey CAM for @bayer04_en

Best icon CAM for a mill?