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definition dual overhead camshaft Q&A Review

Can you share interesting facts of 1957 Mercedes- Benz 300 SL Gullwing?

I’ve said it once, and I’ll definitely say it again. There’s just something about old-school cool that’s more potent in allure than your regular, everyday cool – a sentiment we brought up when a certain 1956 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing went on auction via earlier this year; and now, history (as well as our content) is repeating itself with this blue 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. So if you missed out on copping the first one – which the vast majority of us will have – here’s your second chance. The 300SL Gullwing was originally assembled on February 22nd of 1957. Shipped to Belgium two weeks later, it would spend twenty-four years with the same owner. In then spent another twenty-two years with its second owner in the UK before being re-acquired by the previous owners in 2003. Fast forward to 2014, this old boy found its way to Vancouver for a body-off restoration. The process encompassed everything from rebuilding the original 3.0-litre inline-six to the slick new paint job. In terms of the engine… The 3.0-litre M198 inline-six utilizes mechanical Bosch fuel injection to produce a factory-rated 215 horsepower at 5,800 RPM. Canted at an angle to allow a lower hood profile, the engine also features dry-sump lubrication, an aluminium cylinder head mated to an angled block surface, a single-overhead camshaft, and sodium-filled exhaust valves. Dual-point ignition was introduced in 1956, as was an external oil pressure pump. The rear wheels are powered through a four-speed manual transmission and a rear differential with a standard 3.64:1. The 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing has approximately 91,000 km recorded on the dash with a current top offer of US$900,000. Bidding closes in eleven days. Best of luck. Source: ultimate facts

Which cars use 4 valves per cylinder, in which inlet and exhaust valves provide different camshafts?

OK let me try to Answer this,although i don't belong to Mechanical Engineering(or related Stuff), but i have some interest. First of all let me clear what 4 valves and camshaft do. Generally, ,engines, with dual overhead ,camshafts, (DOHC) are higher performance engines, they produce more power, and can run at higher speeds.The camshafts have the job of opening the valves that let air into and exhaust out of the engine. The camshaft uses rotating lobes, called cams, that push against the valves to open them. Springs on the valves return them to their closed position. This is a critical job, and can have a great impact on an engine's performance at different speeds. The main benefit of dual overhead cams is that they allow an engine to have ,four valves per cylinder,. Each camshaft operates two of the valves, one camshaft handles the intake valves, and one handles the exhaust valves. Having four valves per cylinder gives an engine several advantages: 1) By having four valves in a cylinder instead of two, a larger portion of the area can be used to let air in and exhaust out. The engine can make more power if more air enters the cylinder, and it wastes less power if it is easier to pump the exhaust out of the cylinder. At higher engine speeds, the engine pumps a lot of air though the cylinders. Having four valves per cylinder allows the engine to pump enough air to run and make useful power at these higher speeds. 2 )Another interesting thing that some car makers do is have a separate intake runner for each of the two intake cylinders. One of the intake runners is wide and short for maximum airflow, the other is a ,tuned intake runner,. which creates pressure and This extra pressure helps cram more air-fuel mix into the cylinder -- effectively acting like a ,turbocharger,. There are Cars in the market CHEVROLET's Avalanche,Colorado,Camaro,Cruze some from GM (General Motors),BMWs,Ferrari, Toyota F1. These are some of the cars I know,although definitely there are others also. I hope I am able to answer your Question. Thanks for A2A!

How can I modify my Maruti 800?

No matter what car your Maruti 800 is finally converted into, ,the usual practices ,you can do can be summarized as follows: The front of the car ,(gets the exact metal sheet treatment, comes with projector types LED DRL rings around, the front fenders are extended, etc.); The hood of the car ,( gets an elevation, etc.); The 796cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine ,( is reworked to feature multi-point fuel injection as opposed to the carburetor from the original and so on); The wheel ,(the tires are offroad, the tire size is increased, etc.); The track width of the vehicle, (is increased, is given negative camber, etc.). The roof, (is chopped off, is cut off, etc.); The rear of the car, (be replaced by new taillamps, a custom bicycle rack, and a custom rear bumper, gets side-facing seats, is cut off, is given wheel extenders, the taillights are blacked out, and so on); The boot of the car, (replicate the design, a massive woofer is installed, etc.); Beneath the car, (gets twin exhaust pipes popping out and so on); The sides of the car, (gets air scoops and added cladding, the doors are replaced by the metal-frame doors with tower bolt locks, gets new mirrors, etc.); Both sides of the bumper,(with air vents, a faux carbon-fiber skid plate below, and so on); The interiors of the car, (the original interiors may be ripped off, are covered in cream and blue shade, etc.); The dashboard ,(gets a dual-tone paint job, is knocked off, etc.). Of course, the specific modification steps still depend on what kind of car you want to modify your Maruti 800 into. Here are some different styles of modified cars of Maruti 800. At the same time, you can also learn some tips on how to modify your Maruti 800 from these examples. Modified car with Lamborghini style: Maruti 800 modified Honda 660 and Lamborghini hybrid Maruti 800 is modified to look like a sports car, as well as hybrid versions of Honda 660 and Lamborghini. The first thing they do is not modifying the air purifier and camshaft first, but they went all out and ,shredded the roof ,to make a convertible. Coming to the rear of the car, it has been replaced by a metal plate, which looks completely different from the original Maruti 800. The car also ejects dual exhaust pipes from below the car, and vents are provided on both sides of the bumper to provide power. Towards the trunk of the car,, the tuner tried to copy the trunk design of the Lamborghini Gallardo. Just like any other sports car, this Maruti 800 has an air shovel on the side and a cladding to make it look more muscular. These are artificial air scoops, which are positioned just to make the vehicle look more sporty than before. The front part of the car is processed with precision sheet metal, just like the bumper of a car. It also comes with a projector-type LED DRL instead of ordinary headlights. For the car's interior,, the original interior is completely torn off. The dashboard will get a two-tone paint job. The rear seats take up a lot of space to provide luggage space, so this makes it a two-seater car with two small children in the rear seats. There are other standard modifications and changes, such as door cushions, seat covers, and huge metal spoilers. The original engine has been retained. Although the modification cost the owner about 125,000 Indian rupees, considering the limited resources and the fact that it was made in the backyard, we said it did a good job. Modified Maruti 800 with Lamborghini-style doors The scissor doors on the hatchback look very unusual. The 800 with beautifully cut doors looks very good. It also has after-sale alloy wheels, but the biggest attraction is the Lamborghini-style doors, making it a big shot. Modified car with SUV style: Maruti 800 is modified to look like Suzuki Jim A Maruti 800, after modification, looks like Jimny! With Jimny's silhouette and large off-road tires, it now looks like an SUV. The modification work starts with knocking on the car door, body panels, car doors, tires, and everything else., Even the roof of the car was cut off, and the floor fitting and dashboard were removed. After knocking everything down, the car will get a metal front bumper and frame. To accommodate larger tires, the wheel wells, and front fenders have also been expanded. The hood of the car ,has been raised to give it a manly appeal-similar to what we see in Jimny. All bumpers, fenders, and cladding of the modified 800 are pure metal-the car certainly does not meet any pedestrian regulations. In order to increase the height and overall height of the seat, people often use gaskets or suspension upgrades, but this is very common. That's why this one gets tractor tires. Yes, the tractor tires on the Maruto 800 will not stick anywhere. Okay, the latter statement is exaggerated. After the roof was cut off, the roof was gone, only some metal railings could prevent the car from overturning. Door? Those were also thrown out,. What you get is a metal frame door with tower bolt locks on both sides. The taillights are the same as you see in the regular Maruti 800, but they have also been blacked out. The front is equipped with full LED headlights with DRL at the top, fog lights with DRL, and 4 auxiliary lights. The interior ,is covered in cream and blue shades, with side seats at the rear. You might mistake the outer cover for BMW's Yas Marina color. Overall, this must be the first Maruti 800 modified into a Suzuki Jimny, and it looks very good. SUV treatment in Maruti 800 SUV has gained great popularity in the Indian market due to its practicality and strong posture on Indian roads. This Maruti 800 has undergone SUV treatment, with a liftable suspension and larger 13-inch tires. In order to increase the appearance of other stereotyped SUVs, it is ,equipped with a front bumper, oversized rearview mirrors, and spare tires installed on the hood., It received the Zen Classic taillight and Toyota badge. Modified car with the JS design style: The JS design from Delhi makes Maruti 800 convertible In most people, overhead driving is a dream, and still a dream. The JS design from Delhi makes this amazing-looking Maruti 800 convertible possible. The small size of the car makes it look like a reduced version of a sports car. The bright yellow paint scheme is combined with black alloy to keep the car cans on the road. In addition, the car did not leave traces of the Maruti 800 design language. This Maruti 800 Modification really looks like an Italian sports car. In addition, ,the roof mechanism of the car, was designed and manufactured by JS, who also installed it in Alto. Therefore, the roof is the most important and first part to be modified. The Red Hot from JS Design The convertible 800 is the same as the yellow car and is customized by the same JS Design. However, this car will undergo some changes, such as, ,seat covers that match the body color, different bumpers, and body. This car looks really attractive and it would be difficult to identify the original car under the skin. Modified car with specific role style: Disinfectant Maruti 800 The back of Maruti 800 contains disinfectant spray. The first thing to do in the modification is to cut off the rear of the car, which has been made into a pickup truck. We can also see other examples of this type of modification to change the Maruti 800 to a pickup truck. In order to bear the extra weight, the car is ,equipped with a wheel extender at the rear to better distribute the load., Likewise, the tires look bigger and taller and can withstand additional traction. When it comes to the pickup truck, here are two good examples: Modified car with pickup style: Maruti 800s are converted into an American pickup truck Pickup trucks are not very famous in India. However, they are very practical for carrying large loads. Many Maruti 800s have been converted into beautiful pickup trucks. This bright red pickup truck adopts the, American blue leather truck shape, with the brand name engraved on the back cover., The taillights are from the first generation Mahindra Scorpio, while the headlights are borrowed from Maruti Gypsies. Pick up--- another modification version of Maruti Suzuki 800 This is another pickup truck version of the Maruti Suzuki 800., In-line work provides it with a rally-style cabin and rear bumper, as well as a spare tire installed at the rear to make it look more muscular,. The white subtle modification example also uses larger 14-inch alloy wheels and raised suspension. The car received a rearview mirror from Daewoo Matiz. Modified car with vintage style: General Maruti 800---an electric 800 This is a modified version of the Maruti 800. If Maruti wants to change the 800 to an electric one, they can use it. From the side, we can see that the tire size has increased. The car now has a new rearview mirror. ,On the front, the headlights are around the projector LED daytime running lights. ,In addition, the offset grill makes it look really sports and rally ready. There seems to be an artificial carbon fiber skid plate under the bumper. This Maruti 800 modification is definitely well done. This is not a huge change, but its end is very impressive. The Maruti 800 in 1984 was modified to look like a modern car The car covered with bright red paint ticked all the boxes on the exterior. Except for some important elements, every inch of the car has been modernized to make it fully alive. The car is equipped with ,LED headlights and taillight units., The 12-inch wheels in stock have also been switched to 13-inch alloy wheels. Mechanically, the car retains the backup engine but is equipped with MP-Fi instead of a carburetor. The car also gets power steering and power braking. Inside, the car is equipped with a brand new cockpit, which is controlled by a new carbon fiber dashboard. It got an updated dashboard with a red backlight. Unlike its inventory iteration, the new Maruti 800 also comes with a tachometer. The video shows that the increased fuel injection makes the car more refined, but requires more adjustments. Maruti 800 was modified to look like the previous generation of Volkswagen Golf Like the Maruti 800, the Volkswagen Golf is a legendary car. This Maruti 800 has been modified to look like the previous generation of Volkswagen Golf. The 800 has a flared fender and a raised suspension. The car’s round headlights and golf-style grille have clear lenses. The hood has been ,expanded to provide the desired effect. Modified car with body kit style: Maruti 800 Modified With A Wide-Body Kit And Fancy Interior Here, we have a modified Maruti 800, wearing a custom body kit. There are many changes in, the exterior and interior of the vehicle,, which we will discuss in detail. The car uses all-black exterior paint, and the front end of the improved version 800 is equipped with a new grille and round LED headlights. The front bumper is customized, with a dividing net on the air dam and a dividing plate at the bottom. The hood uses an external pin lock, and an electric sunroof is added to the car. On the side, we see the open-wheel arches, which give these 800 bodies a broad posture. The car uses customized 13-inch steel wheels with 175/50 tires on the tires. The track width of the vehicle ,has been increased and it has also been given a negative camber. At the rear, we see new taillights, custom bike racks, and custom rear bumpers. The car is also equipped with a custom exhaust system with double-ended pipes. As for the interior, it is as impressive as the exterior. The seats, door panels, and roof lining are all red, which looks very attractive. The front row is equipped with bucket seats and the rear row is equipped with conventional benches. This modified car also has a Sparco gear stage, and a large woofer is installed in the trunk. A fire extinguisher is also installed on the passenger side A-pillar. Except for the new exhaust, there does not appear to be any changes to, the engine or gearbox, ,which makes the car emit a heavy bass sound. The Maruti 800 used to have a 0.8-liter naturally aspirated inline-3 engine that produced 37 horsepower and 59 Nm. It can only be used in a 4-speed manual transmission (a short 5-speed limited edition is also available). Equip it!---Maruti 800 Modified With A Body Kit Equip it! Body kits for various vehicles made in India are very popular. This modified example also wears a body kit based on ,Coimbatore's car custom garage., The modified hatchback gets a new custom front bumper with integrated fog lights and a rear spoiler. This modification replaces the original grille and air dam with a new mesh grille. It also has 13-inch alloy wheels. The rear of the car has also been modified, including custom bumpers and a small roof spoiler. Best-selling car style modified cars: Class E--- Maruti 800 after modification The E-class sedan is the most sold model in this segment. It is very popular in the market and most managers can shop around. This is a Maruti 800 that looks like an E-class after modification. The front looks like an E-Class sedan oppressed by the Hulk. It has four full headlights with a grille in the middle. In order to make the appearance of the E-class sedan more beautiful, ,the top of the hood is equipped with the Mercedes-Benz logo.

What is the biggest thing to consider when changing the timing belt on a small 4-cylinder dual overhead cam motor?

Not only replace the timing belt but also replace the timing belt idler pulleys and tensioner and this is usually sold in a kit called a timing belt accessory kit. When you disassemble the front of the engine to expose the timing belt note if there are any oil leaks that originated either at the crankshaft front seal or camshaft front seals and replace those seals now because if they leak later you're going to have to remove the belt to get to them. Also position tje engine at TDC and make reference marks on tbe cam gears and belt and crank gear and belt. I use whiteout. Although it is not a mandate it is definitely accepted protocol among all professional auto mechanics to replace the water pump if it is a water pump that is driven by the timing belt. If you are unsure about doing this job look at YouTube videos before even touching your own car and try to find a YouTube video that has the same exact engine as yours. After installing the belt rotate the engine clockwise with a ratchet and rotate it slowly and if at any point it doesn't want to turn Don't Force It. Most engines are interference engines meaning that if the belt is on wrong and you rotate the engine at some point the valves hit the top of the Pistons and the engine will actually stop rotating and you will feel it come to an abrupt stop while rotating it with a ratchet. If that were to happen do not persist instead back up to where you started and recheck your alignment marks. One last thing, the best brand of Park to use are the original parts from the dealer. Example when I do an Asian vehicle I use Aisin brand what you can buy very inexpensively on the internet in particular rockauto.com no affiliation they're just awesome on price. Otherwise I would use Gates is a reliable brand others are as well I just got comfortable with Gates and Aisin. That's all I got.


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