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A Hyundai Car, as if that wasn’t obvious enough.Indian-spec Creta shownIn some markets, the Creta

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Which car to go for between the Creta 1.4 base, the Breeza, the S Cross, or the Eco Sport top variants? 11.5 is the budget!

I think you should for couple of months, Ecosports seems very promising on paper and equipped with loads of feature like cruise control, Traction control, Paddle Shift but since the engine is new, so wait for review of users, if you spot any new Ecosport, talk to its owner about the driving experience and other thing then make any decision. If I was at your place, I would go for Ecosport but only after positive user reviews.

Which is a better car, the Hyundai Creta Petrol top end or Honda City petrol top end?

Honda city and creta are two different cars, it depends , that you want to sit high or low. Honda doesn't need any explanation about its petrol motor and the city which has been a market leader for almost 13 years. city is a smooth and light vehicle with max power output of 117 bhp and mileage of about 14 to 15 in city conditions . top end of city will cost you around 13.60 lakhs (ex showroom new delhi). Hyundai creta is the best car in its segment , Hyundai is better in comfort and interior finish than honda, you sit high , more ground clearance, better safety than a sedan. creta is also a smooth vehicle , you never feel that you are driving a compact suv, with max power output of 122 bhp and mileage of 12 to 13 in city conditions top end will cost you around 13 lakhs(ex showroom new delhi) features that honda city excels are cruise control sun roof new LED head lamps voice command paddle shifts so if you like to drive low and sometimes want to feel the luxury of back seat go for honda city and if you like suv’s and want more ground clearance then you should go for creta.

Why should you purchase a Hyundai Creta BS 6 over Kia Seltos?

honestly, both creta and seltos gives the same features except there may be some advantage and disadvantage in either of those. the hyundai creta has a large sunroof which can be controlled by voice commands. this extends from the passenger seats to the rear seats. unlike seltos, creta offers paddle shift in their top end variants. it has a new thing called auto air purifier which is not present in most of the cars like creta. it also offers an elctronic parking brake. BLUE LINK: ,this is exclusive for hyundai products in which one can command the vehicle to do some operation via voice control! these are all some of the features that creta offers and the seltos don’t. so, one can consider their requirements and can choose between creta or seltos! thank you!

What are some of the new features in the Hyundai Creta BS 6 as the cost is more than BS4?

the new generation BS 6 hyundai creta has 14 variants with added features and new colors. interestingly, the high end variants has paddle shift gears which is new for a car like creta. also it has voice assist ( blue link - exclusive for hyundai), electric parking brake and a new feature called auto healthy air purifier. it also has rear parking sensor and parking camera which is quite common in many cars. the new creta comes with sunroof which can be operated by voice commad using the blue link!. but the new looks made people think its not so good looking, especially the front grill and the head and the tail lamp. performance wise, the new creata has changed hugely from the predecessor.

Which is better buy creta 1.6 sx or Honda city vx cvt I-vtec?

I'll compare the maunal variants first and then I'll talk about auto transmission Honda city has a more spacious rear seat wrt length and both have similar seat width. Honda city has more comfortable ride, especially in the reat seat, creta feels bouncy in the rear at times, its better to pick city over creta especially if you're chaffeur driven. Ride of creta is obviously better over large bumps and potholes, city will be comfortable but you'll have to slow down, creta can take it easily but again it'll be bouncy, anyways such situations cause inconvenience in any car, creta wins here. Petrol engines of both cars are equally good, city petrol delivers better fuel efficiency. You can look for the feature difference if any, on sites like carwale. Creta has a different appealing ​look, both cars looks very good, majority like creta more so I'll give my vote to creta. So petrol sx and vx variants​ of both cars are very good. Final verdict comes out that city is more comfortable and creta is better with exterior looks, decide what you like more. You're not looking for diesel but if one does, its better to pick creta 1.6 over city 1.5 wrt engines only, other factors remain same. Lets come to auto transmission — Honda city gets a cvt transmission whereas creta gets a torque converter unit. To talk about them in short, cvt transmission is better in the cities but doesn't feel much sporty on highways as you feel like you're in a single gear, just for reference cvt is used in activa. To compensate for the non sporty nature, Honda offers paddle shifter gears which mechanically are not physically switchable gears but predefined gear ratios which act as pseudo gears. So basically you can redline the city and have fun with city and add to this the sporty feeling of shifting with paddle shifters, for reference paddles shifters are those paddles you see behind the steering of sports cars from Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Torque converter unit has physical switchable gear, which obviously the transmission does on its own, it is convenient in the city as you don't use clutch and gear leaver but it's not as convenient as a cvt as you feel the gear shifts whereas in cvt its just a seamless ride. In my knowledge you don't get conventional +/— shifting in creta auto, so you can't switch to partially manual mode and redline the creta (if creta has manual shifting in auto, i am sorry for wrong info. It will be as fun as the cvt but the fun of paddles is still with city) honda city cvt offers better fuel efficiency than creta and also better efficiency than manual petrol city. So for automatics city is the better buy, may it be city convenience, may it be pseudo sporty feel. So my final verdict is city is the better car unless you're very much impressed by the looks of creta and would like to miss some things which city had to offer. Creta is a funkier and fancier car from outside but city vx offers fancy/luxury features like sunroof, leather seats, touchscreen climate control, its your preference what you like more. Creta has the advantage of high ground clearance but the bouncy ride wont make you feel as comfortable ​as you'd expect.

Which mini-SUV is good to drive in a city, manual, automatic, or automatic with a paddle shift?

Frankly speaking, none of socalled mini SUV are SUV, they all are redressed hatch or cross-over at best. 4 wheeled drive or AwD are essential part of real SUV. for your requirements both creta ,ford ecosport are fine

I'm planning on buying a VW Polo (Petrol). The only thing stopping me is the high maintenance costs involved. Should this single reason stop me or do I go ahead and purchase the car?

VW overall has the best build. Especially it's VW Polo is known to be the safest in segment hatchback car. No.1 in safety- German Engineering undoubtedly. Design is Bland though! Since at VW They believe in simplicity. However, VW has the Best Automatic cars. It Uses most superior ‘7Speed DSG Gearbox’ whether it be VW Polo/Vento/Jetta/Passat or upcoming “T-Cross” suv to rival Creta. Rest carmakers use much inferior AGS/AMT/6Speed AT/AT+/iVT/CVT/DCT transmission in Automatics. So if it's the best automatic, especially in diesel... Then it's Volkswagen! No better driving cockpit & safety than VW. Looks wise, though best in that price bracket would be: 1. Honda Jazz/Amaze/City. 2. Hyundai i20/Verna. 3. Toyota Yaris/Etios Liva. 4. VW Polo/Ameo/Vento. WARNING: Volkswagen Servicing will cost you a bomb,! Compare this annual maintenance costs: Toyota Fortuner: र.2500/- (High end machine) VWPolo/Vento: र.15000/- (Basic car comparatively) Service network: VW is Poorest after Nissan. Even French carmakers Renault fares better. VW: has all core-essential features- ABS, ESP, EBD, HLA, paddle-shift, Best NCPA ratings. But VW will always miss many tiny but useful features like VW POLO has: No Smart-keys, No engine kill button, No Rear AC vents, No DRLs, No 6SRS Airbags (VW uses only dual airbags), No Rear wipers, No defoggers, No LED tail-lamps, No steering-mounted music controls, No rear parking camera(additional installation would cost 17k in VW Polo, even low end cars like Renault Kwid AMT 1.0L does come with preinstalled Rear parking camera), No touch screen infotainment systems preinstalled, No parking assist sensors, No remote opening trunk, No high-end music system like Harmon Kardon matching up its exotic price. [All this in regard to the most premium VW POLO GT TSI, a hatchback vehicle costing ,र.11,50,000/-, in Kerala,TN or states having RTO cost around 10%... Should be lesser in HP,Jharkhand,JK or other Union territories.] Imagine a hatchback like VW Polo, which is only a 1.2L engine with just 3 cylinders costing much more than Honda City VX MT, a full C-class sedan of 1.5L engine with 4 cylinders!!! Top end of the stable; VW Polo GT TSI still lacking so many features! it's Unacceptable!!!] And you may Google any VW dealerships and authorized service centres... irrespective they be of EVM, Muthoot, Popular, Pothens(Major dealerships in Kerala)... Have pathetic reviews and bad ratings... ,Volkswagen_India is most Un-German brand in India,..and Volkswagen dealerships in Kerala & India don't treat you the way Hyundai or Honda dealerships does. And any spare part would be quoted to be in import phase..so your vehicle staying in service centres would be agonisingly longgggg period, while you commute using other means..unless you have a second car. They neither do respond to your calls affirmatively ever. PS: maint cost is high and resale value is low. However VW engines have a very long life, unless you wanna change your vehicle after 15-18 yrs. if you're living in the city limits, do go for VW Polo...if you're in a tier-ll town... Depends please check your local VW Dealership's reviews & ratings. But If you're in neither of above two, it's ,“not recommended” ,since you may never find adequate service stations close by due to far flung services of VW as it doesn't have reach towards the fringes of our country, once in a blue moon visit to city just to service VW Polo might not be worth it and won't help the vehicle at least. I'd highly recommend that you go for Hyundai Santro, Honda Jazz/Brio, Ford Freestyle, Toyota Etios Liva/Cross or even Renault Kwid RXT. Would be anyday wiser to buy any other car than a Volkswagen Polo.

What are the advanced technologies in the Hyundai Creta that's not in the Kia Seltos?

technology wise, there may be a very few difference. the new hyundai creta has the following, which the seltos lacks. creta has AUTOMATIC CLIMATE CONTROL creta has PADDLE SHIFTS in its higher end variants. creta has COOLED GLOVE BOX. but the creta and seltos has many things in common such as the engine displacement (1493 cc), number of gears (6), 113 bhp at 4000 rpm etc. thank you!

Which is best and why, the upcoming 2020 Hyundai Creta or the Kia Seltos?

I personally bought a Seltos recently. It's interiors and exterior feels very premium. I felt the plastics used and the screen display quality was notches above. Panoramic sunroof in Creta compromised on the interior design and quality. Moreover the exterior is not sophisticated. I choose auto wipers, 3 head rests at rear, sporty ride, soft touch areas on dasboard and doors, heads up display, 360 camera and a blind spot monitor. Do note a slight drawback in Seltos that it has no E break and auto hold function (paddle shifter from Creta wouldn't make sense because the DCT manual mode shifts gears for you and won't let you linger in a particular gear and also note that you can change gears at a particular rpm)

Which car should I buy, a Creta or a Brezza?

Hundai Creta features : Airbag, Passenger Airbags, Side Airbags ABS, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution Brake Assist, Hill Assist Electronic Stability Program Tractional Control Engine Immobilizer Central Locking, Child Safety Lock, Power Door Lock Automatic Headlamps, Cornering Lights Turn Indicators On ORVM Rear Wiper, Rain Sensing Wipers Headlight Washers Headlamp Beam Adjuster Air Conditioner, Heater, Climate Control Steering Adjustment, Steering Mounted Audio Paddle Shift, Cruise Control Power Outlets 12V Rear Parking Sensor, Rear Parking Camera Electrically Adjustable Rear View Mirror Push Start Stop Button Height Adjustable Driver Seat Front Armrest, Rear Armrest Front Cup Holders Keyless Entry Immobiliser


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