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wikimedia.orgThe most primitive form of a paddle shift system was first seen in 1901, which was invented

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2014 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG•R429,000 or R8400 per month •42 000km•Full Service History with Mercedes-Benz•2 Keys•Bluetooth•Paddle Shift•AMG Performance Steering Wheel•Xenon Auto Headlights•Heated Seats•Sports Exhaust•18" Alloy Wheels

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Our striking 997 #Carrera 2 GTS features the factory-fitted X51 power kit improving power from 385 to 408bhp. Options include the 7-speed PDK gearbox with Sport Design paddle shift steering wheel, and the Sport Chrono Pack with Sport Plus #Porsche

Gorgeous 2011 BMW 335i xDrive, 3.0L, Automatic, AWD, 118,000 km, Sport package (18" alloys, sport seats). Leather wrapped multi-function steering wheel w/ paddle shift. Power sunroof, heated steering wheel, heated seats plus more! New tires and MVI. Works like new. only $13995

2013 Subaru Impreza Sport Price: $1,850,000Features:Sport mode button Paddle shift Steering wheel controls Cruise control Traction control Auto start - stop system Bluetooth radio Immaculate leather interior 17” sport rims Rain visors Fog lamps Recently serviced

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Suami : Audi A4 Black Edition, Advance Virtual Cockpit, 360 cameras, Bang & Olufsen Speaks, Ambient Lighting pack, Front heated seats, Valcona leather - Lunar silver + super sport seats, 3 spoke heated sports leather multifunction steering wheel with paddle shift...

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Is F1 better than NASCAR?

Formula 1 Race Car Fastest most agile open wheel racing machine on the planet Vs Nascar Stock Car These vehicles are built for endurance and power Welll this is pretty straight forward, F1 vehicles are built with world class technology. They are engineered with the up most precision to win a world championship. They are built to cut through the air and race on very challenging race courses around the world. Stockcars are build on power pushing well over 850+hp reaching speeds over 200mph on oval race tracks around America. They are heavier and more solid than a Formula 1 car. Stockcars dont race on street and road courses that often and when they do they dont do so well racing around corners and accelerate out of compared to F1 cars. Formula 1 cars will out maneauver stock cars and accelerate out of the corners much faster. So without getting too complicated stockcars are heavier and much slower than F1 cars. They also use 4 speed manual transmission where as F1 drivers use paddle shifting from their steering wheels which considerably speeds up travel times between shifts. Winner ?

What is a paddle shift in automatic cars?

Paddle shift are just 2 paddles on steering wheel which helps to change gear manually when you want in automatic transmission cars one paddle is of + sign means up shift and other is of - sign which means down shift It provide you a fun to drive experience if you are driving lover companies offer this feature with some med range cars such as Honda city petrol CVT Toyota yaris CVT, Rhonda jazz and also New Honda Amaze 2018 which is the cheapest car with Paddle shift available and in this car paddle shift also available with diesel engine also Image Source :- Google

Why do car designers attach the paddle shift to the steering wheel?

Shifting occurs before the turn. Select the gear that will give you the most efficient acceleration out of the curve. Shifting while turning has potential to break wheel traction, or to disrupt vehicle balance.

What are some astonishing facts about Formula One cars? How is the car designed aerodynamically? What is different about the tires, the seats, and the engine of a Formula One car?

F1 cars produce 750 Hp + 200 HP from KERS from its 1.6 liter engine powered by gasoline. The engines capacity is same to many cars found on road like the Hyundai Creta and Renualt Duster . But these cars make only 120–130 Hp. They are too fast that they can hit 100 miles from zero and return back to 0 miles in 5 seconds. Yet they are Average fuel economy is 1.53 Km / liter. The Drive train is a Hybrid , with energy recovery system just like the Toyota Prius. The car can use the stored energy to boost their power. RPM was restricted to 18,000 RPM ( for 2013 season ) at which they consume can 450 liters of air per sec. Humans breath at rate of 0.125 liters per sec. This is the Seating position of a driver in F1 car. This is due to safety measure that the helmet should cross the line drawn from top of frame ( above engine head ) to the frame just in front of steering wheel. So that during Roll over the drivers head wont be injured. 13 Sets ( 4 tires ) of tires are allotted for each weekend. That is 13 sets for three days. F1 cars also goes under tight scrutiny the cars are crash tested like the cars on road. The tested deceleration during frontal impact is 60 G . Each formula 1 car has its own dedicated fire extinguisher inside the car. It can extinguish cock pit and engine fires. It is operated by a button by the driver . The fire extinguisher doesn't look like this ( absolutely no space for that ) This is how it looks ( from Sauber f1 ) The exhaust temperatures at exit can be more than 1000′C. The person who directs the driver in stop and go during pit stops is called lollipop man. As refueling is banned these days these guys are know found without their lollipops The lowest recorded pit stop time was 1.923 seconds by redbull for mark Weber. They managed to change all the four tires in that time. ——————— I have added few more after 1st Edit—————————— Here is the video Every might know about thermodynamic efficiency of engine is school days they say its 15-20% during those days. During 2015 Mercedes Engineers have achieved 45 % and their target was 50 % for this season. ( ie 50 percent of energy from fuel is delivered to the engines crankshaft. To note it was 29% in 2014 season all the three engines where V6 1.6 liter engines. The f1 Team budget for this year (2016) In f1 teams like Ferrari , Mercedes , Sauber , Honda , Toro Rosso , Lotus ,Haas , Williams have their own wind tunnel ,except Force India do not have their own wind tunnels. Since it requires 50 million Euro for a wind tunnel development that is 40 % of their current years budget. ( Hamilton in their wind tunnel ) The Gearbox is Semiautomatic ( no clutch pedal ) 8 speed Sequential gearbox ( just like in bikes ). The shifts are seamless and there is no loss of engine power since there is not clutch. They have a paddle shifter beneath the steering wheel than can shift gears at blinding speed of 0.001 sec. The tires wear faster and all the tire debris collects on the track. In this 2016 season new tire is introduced by Pirelli called Ultra soft tires , which can give the extra bit of grip to go faster. But it last only few laps . The seat not only saves driver from crash from hitting the steering wheel. They also hold the driver during braking as braking deceleration can be 5G’s. Each belt strap can withstand 1.5 tonnes of load. They use six point or five point seat belts. These belts hold the driver tightly in their position so that they cannot fasten the belt by them. This is one of the spectacular accident in F1 I loved to watch . Its Sebastien Buemi lost his front wheels while braking in 2010 Chinese GP practice session. The real fun parts is that the driver tries to steer off the barrier even after losing his two wheels. ——————————-Second edit———————- Most teams like Mercedes , Ferrari can operate engine even in HCCI mode which most mass market producers like Mazda , Hyundai , General motors are longing to achieve that 50% thermal efficiency in their Internal combustion engine. The technology is termed as TJET developed by Mahle .

What kind of transmission is used in Formula 1 cars?

Modern Formula 1 cars use a sequential transmission. A sequential gearbox is almost never used in a road car. Contrary to popular belief, dual clutch transmissions are not used in an F1 car. While the gearshifts from a DCT and sequential gearbox are almost equally fast, a DCT is physically very big (because of the two clutches) and also F1 cars rarely use their clutch systems, which I will explain a little later. DCTs are used in road cars primarily for longevity and reliability reasons. A sequential transmission can only change gears in ,sequence, — the gear selection method itself is similar to a regular car transmission, in that it uses selector forks to shift dog rings that engage a specific gear. The key differences in an F1 transmission and regular manual transmission actually lie in the implementation into the car. The gear selector barrel in an F1 car is moved with a hydraulic actuator, instead of the drivers hand. Current F1 cars use hydraulic components made by ,MOOG,. MOOG also manufactures hydraulics for military use and space exploration. The clutch in an F1 car is only used for launching the car from a standstill. Even then, it is not a direct physical connection to the driver, instead a set of “paddles” mounted behind the steering wheel control yet another hydraulic actuator. This hydraulic actuator is implemented the same way as a normal clutch slave cylinder. The rules require the position of the paddle to directly correlate with the position of the actuator. This makes launching very difficult, because the driver does not have the same level of mechanical feedback he would get with a regular foot pedal. (Alonso’s clutch paddle pictured) Once the car is moving, shifting through the gears is done with another set of paddles, commonly referred to as “flappy paddles”. These are also mounted behind the steering wheel. The key benefit here is that the driver does not need to move his hands off the steering wheel to shift gear, hence increasing overall control and safety When the driver triggers the ,upshift, paddle, the electronics in the car actuate the selector barrel up 1 position, and the gearshift is complete. Because the gearshift takes <8 milliseconds, it is not necessary for the ECU to cut the throttle, or to release the clutch. This outrageously quick gearshift is possible because the moving components are very light, hence have a low moment of inertia. Also the hydraulic pressures run at over 4,000 psi, hence the actuators produce massive amounts of linear force. Downshifts ,are more complicated. If the driver requests a downshift, it is almost always done under braking. It is important that gearshifts do not unsettle the car under braking because the tyres are already working hard to find traction. It is also important to ensure downshifts happen quickly; this is because the MGU-K is regenerating energy during braking, and the longer it takes to downshift, the longer the MGU-K isn’t connected to the rear wheels. Remember the MGU-K is connected to the crankshaft of the engine, and not the gearbox output shaft. Quick reminder; the ,MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit - Kinetic), is simply an electric motor used for the car’s hybrid system. The usage is quite similar to that in hybrid road cars. When the downshift paddle is triggered, three things happen in the space of a few milliseconds: The clutch is slightly disengaged. This is to ensure that RPM difference between the engine and transmission post-downshift don’t lock or spin the rear wheels The ECU automatically increases the throttle momentarily (a few milliseconds). This is done so that after the downshift is completed, the engine RPM perfectly matches the gearbox input shaft RPM. This rev-matching is often referred to as “heel-and-toe” or “double de-clutching” in conventional cars. As the RPM is being matched, the selector barrel is moved into the lower gear. Once the gear is selected, the clutch is re-engaged. The clutch timing here is critical, too early and the RPM will not have matched fully and you will unsettle the rear end and maybe spin-out, too late and you will lose energy that otherwise could’ve been harvested by the MGU-K. Information on F1 gearboxes is kept very well guarded by F1 teams, and is difficult to find. But for explanation of a sequential gearbox, I recommend ,this video,. Image belongs to ,Formula 1

Why do people who are into cars glorify manual transmissions over automatics?

It’s all about control. An automatic gearbox changes gear for you as it should but at specified range of engine revs, this takes place with fluid press build up in the torque converter. This is a great system if you just want it to happen ie cruising around but not anything sporty or racing. A manual gearbox puts you the driver in control of exactly when and how the gear change takes place. You control the shifting the gears as you are holding the gear lever, and you operate how the clutch is pressed. This makes you the driver more involved and able to control the car picking exactly when you shift gears, this is essential in racing. Modern high end racing cars and sports cars now offer tiptronic shifters ie paddles behind the steering wheel, this gives the driver control of the gears without the need to operate the clutch.

What is the paddle-shift in the Jazz automatic car?

Paddle shift in Jazz automatic is a feature in which you can manually change the gears as per your wish. These shifters are located behind the steering wheel and can be accessed easily with the fingers. Location shown below And here is the close up view. There are '+' and '-’ symbols on these paddles. '+' paddle is for shifting up the gear and '-’ paddle is for shifting down the gear. Hope this helps.

If you had to stop a car on a road with no brakes and only the use of your steering wheel, could you do something to help yourself slow down?

If you got into this kind of trouble these are the main things you need to follow Primary checklist Do not panic, it makes things worse Do not shut down your engine. If you do so you will lose all the hydraulics ( steering, all hydraulic braking) Warn your fellow drivers by flashing headlights and hazard lights Make sure all your passengers are buckled up and are on relaxed positions ( completely on backrest and head on the headrest First thing you have to do is disengage your ABS if possible. Continuously pump your brake paddle and try if you can gain even a small amount of braking. If you are using a car with a ,manual transmission,, my friend you are very lucky and got a great choice. What you have to do is gradually downshifting. Engine braking helps to reduce your speed. Make sure you are not on high RPM. High RPM will result in losing control of your car. If you are around 5000 RPM upshift without hesitating. Once you get around 20KMpH ( 12MpH ) hold the parking brake release button and gently engage and disengage it and get to a stop. If that also fails, downshift until you reach 10 Kmph (6MpH) and hit any tree. Make sure you and your passengers are not holding steering wheel or any other rigid things in your car before crashing. Unfortunately, if you don’t find any tree, shift to reverse gear and gently release the clutch. This may damage your gearbox. If you are using a car with an ,automatic transmission with paddle shifter or AMT,, switch to sport mode which activates paddle shifter and do the same as in manual transmission. If you ,don't have a paddle shifter or AMT,, you are screwed, my friend. At this situation what you can do is leaving the car like that without accelerating. Engine braking will help but its uncontrollable. Other tips: You can make short drifts or a J-turn if possible. It reduces your speed. Whatever manoeuvres you do, do it gently else you may lose control on your vehicle. If you have small plants of like 10 to 15 cm go on them. Make sure they won’t puncture your tyres. Flat tyres may result in uncontrollable drag to the punctured side. Once you get your vehicle to a stop evacuate and place the warn triangle and call for a tow and your mechanic.

What type of transmission is it when you have no clutch but you manually shift gears with shift paddles on the steering wheel?

It is basically electronically actuated manual gearbox; manual shifting operation done by electronic means, previously called electronic gearbox. Modern version has its clutch release/engage, gear shifting, gear selection, and engine rpm regulating, controlled by a computer. AlfaRomeo calls their system Selespeed. BMW and Porsche calls theirs Tiptronic. CMIIW, thank you.