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The Direct-Shift CVT boasts improved fuel efficiency by 6% with response and shift time equal or better

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four-cylinder petrol engine which does 207 PS at 6,600 rpm and 243 Nm at 5,000 rpm, mated to an 8-speed automatic

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The 2021 Perodua D55L is Perodua’s first-ever model to be fitted with a CVT-type automatic.

DCT vs torque converter, which is your preferred transmission?

The equivalent automatic option was probably heavier, slower-reacting, and had higher fuel consumption.My

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Ratings Comparison: Proton X70 vs Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 - Driving performance

noted, however, that the Proton X70 Premium tested was the fully-imported (CBU) model, with a 6-speed automatic

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interior.Floating infotainment screen aside, one of the speculations is the change from CVT to a 4-speed automatic

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The stick shift is available on the lower and mid-spec versions of the Raize and Rocky, not on the GR

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So, these are the 4 things you should not do in an automatic transmission car.1.

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facelift is now available for those looking for a more aggressive looking BR-V that even comes with paddle

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The stick shift can be had with either the 1.0- or 1.2-litre engine.

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gauges include an active variable LED red zone which varies according to engine oil temperature, and a shift

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that it does not feel as eager to accelerate like its predecessor model, despite featuring a 6-speed automatic

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There’s still a good 91.7% left.Parking Pro-tip: Keep all 4 wheels on the groundIf you drive an automatic

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activate its fierce sideInside, the only telling difference that this is the GR Sport variant is a pair of paddle

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late February 2018, Toyota listened to customers feedback, and introduced an improved CVT -the Direct-Shift

MT vs DCT vs AT: Why manual transmissions are becoming unicorns

Instead, dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) or traditional automatic transmissions (AT) are taking over

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Japan featuring a new Plasma Yellow Pearl colour, a new front end, and new feature called e-Active Shift

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Honda CR-V 1.5 TC-P (243 Nm) and Mazda CX-5 2.5 (258 Nm).When coupled with the new 7-speed dual-clutch automatic

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An increasingly common feature in automatic transmission cars nowadays is paddle shifters. 9 times out

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When you are stuck in a traffic jam, should you leave your automatic transmission car in Drive and hold

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connectivity.Cosmetically, the new Toyota Yaris is sharper than the outgoing generation with narrower squinty automatic

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Automatic vs Manual vs Paddle Shift vs Sequential Transmission#zimtorque

Prost and Senna onboard. Start of the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix.

Both DNF. But it shows well the difference in gear box , Ferrari paddle shift semi automatic vs McLaren manual shift.

Automatic vs paddle shift vs stick shift http://ifunny.mobi/i/SNQeyC8o1

paddle shift vs automatic Q&A Review

Why are people so lazy? Is it really that hard to drive a stick shift? I learned in 20 minutes, so why do 99 percent of people choose to drive an automatic?

Reality check: Because modern automatics are superior to modern manuals. This wasn't always the case. In the old days, I would have taken a stick over an auto any day of the week - automatics didn't have the performance, responsiveness, or control. Most automatics were 3 speed, and ,occasionally ,4 speed (vs 5 or 6 gears in a manual). The lag between gears in an automatic was noticeable, gas mileage was worse and they never seemed to be in the right gear or shift when you wanted them to. Today though, the tables have turned the other way. Since most throttles aren't cable actuated anymore, the pedal is just telling the computer how much fuel to give the engine and the computer controls the RPM’s. You can't wind out the way you used to, and if you're already revving too high the modern manual won't ,let you ,shift into the gear you want. Meanwhile, automatics have improved significantly; six speed (and sometimes more) are available, they shift faster, and are in sync with everything else that's controlled by the computer - something that has been lost in modern manuals. On my last Corvette (a C6), the paddle shifters in the steering wheel were superior to any stick I had ever driven - more responsive, better track times, and nearly instant shifting. ,Much, faster and smoother than pressing the clutch and shifting manually. I hear this is even more improved on the C7’s. Ironically, these features were also seldom used because the default automatic mode was ,also ,superior to stick. Everything worked in sync and you didn't have to think about it. Like I said, on a classic car, manual is the way to go. But on new ones, automatics have surpassed the stick. Modern sticks suck. I doubt any cars will be made with them in another decade; they will all be automatics with auto-stick or paddle options.

What is the difference between driving an automatic and a manual car?

So I would ask you this question, how do you feel about dual clutch transmissions? What does automatic versus manual mean to you, a torque converter versus a gearbox with a clutch, or a 2 pedal car versus a 3 pedal car. The dual clutch transmission pioneered by Audi, now turning up in all kind of places, throws a spanner in the works in what used to be an easy distinction…slush box or gearbox. One had 2 pedals, the other 3…easy peasy. The dual clutch systems make this distinction complicated. You can drive a dual clutch gearbox car the same way you would drive a traditional manual car: you change gears when you want, you get full engine braking, you will roll backwards on a hill, you can be left with a box of neutrals, and you can go all boy racer with a blip of the throttle on the down change. What is different? It’s a lot smother on the change, gear changes are in the order of 300ms, you don’t have to lift your right foot, and you can left foot brake all the time. Did I mention there is no clutch PEDAL? But there is a clutch, in fact two. The last car I bought had a DSG dual clutch gearbox. I like the paddle shift if you are driving hard, but it has some quirks if you are meandering around town. If you and the computer don’t agree on the next step (change up or change down) you can be left with a box full of neutrals and an 18 wheeler bearing down on you. That can happen if you are lazyily moving into an intersection and suddenly need to GO NOW. The computer anticipated an up shift, but now you want to down shift…stupid driver…we know what’s best for you! So next time I might go back to a nice stick on the floor…now I have complete control!!!!! Perhaps a Golf R22…the R32 would have been better but VW stopped making them.

Why is automatic tranmission better than manual transmission?

Its a never ending debate automatic transmission vs manual transmission. There are pros and cons of both. Automatic transmission provides us with a clutch pedal free driving experience. It starts from cars as humble as the Tata Nano AMT/Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 AMT upto the mighty Bugatti Chiron/Koenigsegg Agera R. One aspect of automatic transmission is its comfort and convenience. Having to use one leg to control just the brake and accelerator is a confort in itself specially in bumper to bumper traffic. Another aspect of it being gear shift time. With a manual transmission, each time we need to disengage the clutch to shift a gear thereby leading to interrupted power and torque. With fast shifting automatic gearboxes, the shift time is down to 50 milliseconds and nearly no interruption in power and torque. A classic example being F1 paddle shifting. It is a form of automated manual gearbox or sequential gearbox. Cons of automatic transmission is that it is marginally costlier than a manual, sometimes boring as it has its own brain. No direct control of a driver over the car, it is indirect through the automatic transmission ECU. And maintenance cost is higher. Manual transmission is fun to drive as the driver skills get highlighted in driving it. A driver gets proper and direct control over the car. The awesome example of superfast cars with manual transmission are Hennessey Venom GT, Mclaren F1 (my dream car) etc. The fun of driving a manual in no where comparable to a automatic transmission. But then, it is very driver skill sensitive. And a important point is a human cant match the lightning fast gear shift time of a modern automatic transmission and a automatic transmission cannot give as much fun as a slick shifting fast manual transmission offers. Peace. P. S. I have owned both a manual transmission car as well as a automatic (AMT)

Infiniti G37 manual vs Paddle shift: which is better for 0-60 time?

Time is very similar - might be slightly different for different manufacturing/model years. I would point that in this situation you will see much better 0-60 time in automatic(paddle shift) vs manual if you don't have a lot(a lot!) of manual transmission experience. On other side - real pro might not be able to shave time more than 0.1-0.2 seconds using manual transmission. You might want to ask you different question - how many times during car lifetime (till major repair) you could do such engine on full blast starts? IMHO, you could do much more of such starts with manual transmission than with paddle shift. Automatic transmission in general wear themselves much faster than manual on full engine power applications. IMHO, I would not redline the engine unless absolutely necessary. If you downshift at 6,000 rpm (as opposed to 7,600) - you will have loads on pistons, crankshaft due to rotational dynamic loads at 62% comparing to redline, but engine power at 6,000 rpm will be somewhere in 85% range comparing to redline power. Numbers are approximate. You could ask yourself - do you want to extract last 15% of horsepower at the cost of stressing engine 1.6 times more? Probably not every acceleration you will be doing. Please send a message me if you are interesting in trying to increase the duration of automatic transmission lifetime via rarely used right-foot approximate rev-matching.

Which is better Honda city CVT vs Manual Petrol?

I too had the same question, asked similar questions to others and finally got the answer by a combination of reviews, personal experience and test driving the city cvt. We need to understand that we are used to something and hence as a country we are mostly used to manual transmission. So people prefer manual and doesn’t feel like driving a car in automatic. Hence in most reviews you’ll get advised that for comfort go for cvt and for peppy driving go for manual. Western world on the other hand or costlier cars like bmw, audi, mercedes uses automatic transmission. Even sports cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari etc use automatic transmission. The complaint people always had about automatic is that it is slow in pickup which could be true if you don’t have paddle shift. But Honda city cvt has paddle shift. This means if the cars sets the gear in 4 and you want to overtake you can always press the - (minus) paddle shifter (which shifts down the gear to 3) and overtake. So the issue that automatic is slow in pickup is not valid anymore. I just tried in honda city and could rev it really hard and reach higher rpm by using the paddle shift. Also it comes with sport mode and when turned on the cvt changes gear late and theryby allows you to drive at higher rpm. Summary: I too had the same confusion, but got the solution by test driving myself. Now i feel driving a manual is boring as i learnt how to play with CVT paddle shifters. Also note honda city has sports mode in the controls which means you can set it and drive sportively. So my advise is to close your eyes and buy automatic but please test it out yourself and make your own decision.

What is the definition of a sports car?

2 seater, stffer springs, firmer shocks, performance oriented cornering, shorter braking distances than sedans, engine Size us not important but weight of car vs. Displacement or horsepower of engine is. Generally has a manual transmission but could have a paddle shift automatic. It is fun to drive.

What is the difference between driving a manual transmission vs. automatic transmission (pros/cons)?

Manual: more fun to drive in my opinion steeper learning curve not available for all cars hard in places with lots of hills like San Francisco, you have to learn to use the hand brake with the clutch not fun in lots of traffic, you end up going back and forth between the gears gives you more of a feeling of control of the car used to give much better gas mileage than automatics. However this isn’t so true with new automatics. automatic: can be boring as it seems all you do is steer easy to do, doesn’t require much concentration easy to learn can be good in certain situations where you have to keep track of other cars or road conditions and don’t have to worry about shifting gears newer automatics have nearly the same fuel economy as manuals good for heavy traffic situations as you don’t have to keep changing gears good for steep hills as you don’t have to prevent the car from rolling backwards at stop signs Some cars now have paddle shifters which gives you some of the fun of a manual in an automatic but without a clutch

Why do people who are into cars glorify manual transmissions over automatics?

I don’t consider myself a car person, but they’re just fun, even when you are just doing normal day to day driving. It adds whole different layer to the driving experience. Suddenly, your normal daily drive becomes a little more interesting, because you have to think about which gear you should use all of the different scenarios. They can be very annoying or weird sometimes though (parallel parking on a hill), but those moments aren’t extremely common, and there are differnet methods you can use. Transmission have come a long way, but they were commonly known to be much more reliable than automatics. They don’t use electronics for shifting, or complicated hydraulic systems. If you didn’t abuse them, many owners say that you only ever had to worry about the occasional clutch change, pretty much for the life of the car. I would almost always want a manual over an automatic in an actual car. Regardless of if it’s fast or not. It’s debatable with utility vehicles, but it would still be pretty fun. Even if it’s vs. a “paddle shift dual clutch system” or whatever. I’m not some kind of race master, so whatever “time saved” over having the clutch/stick experience i would probably never care about. They just make the driving experience more interesting.

Why don't people use electric cars more? What's wrong with electric cars?

All of the historical reasons to not want to buy electric cars just aren't true for the vast majority of people anymore: they cost less, they perform better, they look great, they do what people need done and, oh yeah, they are still more environmental friendly. Right now it's just inertia, availability and marketing that keeps people buying non-electric vehicles. In a few years, it will be impossible to rationally justify buying a gas car for most people, which won't stop a lot of people from continuing to make irrational decisions about their car purchases. Electric cars don't cost more, but it can be front-end loaded, - As has been pointed out, over eight years of ownership a base Tesla Model S costs about ,the same or less, than a Honda Odyssey minivan and has about as much cargo and seating space. With fuel prices being a tenth to a third of gasoline vehicles and maintenance costs being much lower as well, electric cars are cheap to operate. However, that's not the entire story. The up front cost of a Tesla is much higher than the upfront cost of an Odyssey, and so more money must be spent today. Human psychology being what it is, people tend to significantly underplay future expenditures vs present expenditures. Of course, that's for a Tesla. If you start looking at the Nissan Leaf, its internal combustion sister the Nissan Juke is ,more expensive every year ,along the way, so sticker shock isn't an issue. Electric cars perform better than cars in their class, but they don't go vrooom, - Pretty much every electric car has its batteries low in the chassis reducing the centre of gravity and making cornering better. They all have much more low-end torque than equivalent internal combustion cars meaning that they leap away from the starting line faster. Regenerative braking means that disk rotors don't overheat, and usually never even need replacing. The Tesla seven seater sedan famously blows away everything except tricked out muscle cars and exotics in drag races. The fastest production motorcycle in the world is electric, and it won the Pike's Peak race to boot, and not just in its class. You'd think that this would mean the men and women who love performance in their cars and bikes would love electric, but it's remarkable how much of that love is bound up in the aesthetics of vrooom. It's such a dominant force that for their high-end i8 hybrid sports car, BMW actually has set up the sound system to go vrooom so that their customers can pretend they are driving something that uses more gas than kilowatts. However, this will go away eventually. When automatic dual-clutch transmissions and paddle-shifters started making their way into top-end cars, enthusiasts howled. But purity was completely overridden by performance; DCT and paddle-shifts are much, much faster than the alternative and waste a lot less engine power. The same with electric vehicles. They've gone from wimpy to exotic performance in a decade or less; gear heads will catch up. Check out the advances on this electric motorcycle in three years if you don't believe me. Electric cars have more than enough range, but it feels like not enough, - The overwhelming majority of trips with cars are much shorter than the range of even the least of the highway-capable electric cars. Tesla's range is better than other vehicles in its class. And the capper: electric vehicles start out each morning with full range because they get plugged in at night. Most people save 30 minutes or more weekly by not having to go to gas stations. But people tend to think of cars in terms of the much rarer longer drives that they do, not the 99% of driving that they do. In the case of the Nissan Leaf, the annual savings would allow them to rent a larger vehicle for the one or two longer trips and still have money left over. In the case of the Tesla, the Supercharger network is growing rapidly and six day road trips from ,San Diego to Whistler, BC, are no more inconvenient than in a conventional luxury sedan. Electric cars used to look nerdy; not anymore, - Conspicuous green credentials used to involve cars that didn't look like other cars. The Insight, the Volt and others just looked weird and often ugly to many people. Now electric and electric hybrid cars look pretty damned good, or at the very least, indistinguishable from other cars in their class. Some people claim electric cars are actually worse polluters; they're wrong, - If you live in a place where all of the electricity is from coal, then the CO2 from electricity can be greater than the CO2 from the equivalent amount of gasoline, not to mention the particulate and chemical emissions. That's a concern, but strategically, electric cars add electrical demand to grids, giving utilities money to build more generation assets. And those generation assets are invariably much cleaner than coal. The grid is getting cleaner fast while gasoline burned in a car's engine can't eliminate the CO2. Others make the claim that batteries are toxic waste, but they are wrong as well. Used Tesla batteries are targeted for reuse as grid storage or recycling for new batteries. And lithium-ion batteries are actually safe in landfills. There just aren't a lot of electric cars being built right now, - There have been just over 600,000 electric hybrid cars sold to date, which sounds like a lot, but that's over a decade. Meanwhile, in the USA alone over 17 million cars were bought in the last year. Most manufacturers have one or two token vehicles in their lineups but make most of their money from vehicles which have been around in one form or another for ten years or more. There are cosmetic changes annually to make people think something is happening, but in reality they are just more of the same already amortized technology. The vast majority of cars built and available for sale burn fossil fuels. Even finding alternatives can still take work. Some people just hate their warped internal view of anything 'green' ,- They think that people concerned about the environment are pretentious posers, or looking down their noses at them, or trying to eliminate honest jobs... or something. It's really hard to say what's actually going through some people's minds when vitriolic comments like 'greentard' and the like are common, and ,rolling coal, is actually a thing. In their world clean air, clean water and a planet their grandchildren can live on are anti-progress, communist or worse. It's a pretty warped worldview, but it leads to videos like this one. Like my content? Help it spread via ,Patreon,. Get confidential consulting via ,OnFrontiers,. ,Email me, if you’d like me to write for you.

How can I get a huge discount on a Mercedes-Benz GLS?

Mercedes Benz GLS Class 350d Price, Features & Best Deals in 2018 Exshowroom Delhi: Rs. 8290000 On Road Price in Delhi: Rs. 9670122 GLS Class 350d On Road Price includes Road Tax, MCD Parking, Dealer Logistics Handling and Insurance Premium Known as S Class of SUV - Mercedes Benz GLS Class is epitome of Luxury SUV Segment range with its Stylish looks and Aura With Immaculate Power Performance in 3 Litre, V6 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Peak Power Output is 255 BHP with 620 NM Torque and has potential to cover 0 to 100 in 7.8 Seconds. The SUV Comes in Advanced yet Proven 9 Speed Automatic Transmission. Effortless to drive in - the Power Performance is such that at speed of 120 to 140 Kmph - you can still find torque levels hovering at 2000 rpm. A Spacious 7 Seater SUV which comes with length of 5130 mm and Height of 1850 mm - it feels bigger than Audi Q7 which has length of 5052 and height of 1740 mm Commanding one of the best drive output in 9 Speed Automatic, the Styling, the Features, Interior Aesthetics, Premium Leather Seats, Quality and Power Performance - all makes it Ideal 7 Seater Luxury SUV which commands a respect Color Options in Benz GLS Class,: Available in 6 Colors - Exclusive Designo Diamond White Bright along with Obsidian Black, Iridium Silver, Tenorite Grey, Citrine Brown and Cavansite Blue Key Differences in between Benz GLE and GLS Class » Benz GLS is a Full Time 7 Seater SUV with Wider Dimesnions and Cabin Space as against 5 Seater GLE Class SUV » 20 Inch 10 Spoke Alloy Wheels ,(vs 19 Inch 5 Spoke Alloys in Benz GLE) » Sports brakes with perforated brake discs and brake caliper covers with “Mercedes-Benz” lettering » Individual climate models: FOCUS, MEDIUM, DIFFUSE with Temperature Control Unit for Rear Seat Occupants » Comes with Mercedes COMAND system - a new generation system to experience the best » Has additionally Leather espresso Brown Interior Finish Key Features of Mercedes Benz GLS Class Transmission,: 9G Tronic 9 Speed Automatic Transmission in 4x4 4Matic Wheel Drive with 5 Dynamic Driving Modes Seating,: 7 Seater SUV Suspension,: Airmatic Suspension Package with Adaptive Shock Absorber. Direct Steer for Best Steering Dynamics with Downhill Speed Regulation. Automatically Adjust Ground Clearance based by 25mm based on Driving Condition Style,: Panoramic Sliding Sunroof with PRE-SAFE Closing Function, 20 Inch 10 Spoke Light Alloy Wheels, Artico Leather Upholstery, Nappa Leather Multi Function Steering Wheel, Electric Foldable ORVM with Turn Indicators, Chrome Package, Door Side Sunvisor, Ambient Foot Light Lighting,: LED DRL and BiXenon Adaptive Headlights as part of Intelligent Light System accustomed for City, Highway, Foggy Drive for Best Clear Visibility. Also has LED Fibre Optic Tail Lights, Position Lights and LED Cornering Lights Safety,: ABS EBD with Brake Assist, ESP with Acceleration Skid Control, 8 Airbags including Dual Stage Airbags, Sports Brakes with Perforated Brake Disc, Neck-Pro Head Restraints. Hill Hold Drive Assist, Attention Assist System, Direct Steer System, All 4 Disc Brakes, Speed Sensitive Door Lock, Crash Hazard Feature with Auto Door Unlock and Engine Cut-Off, Defogger, Automatic Headlight Cleaning System in Fogs, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Mirror Package Convenience,: Push Button Ignition, Active Park Assist Feature, 3 Zone Automatic Climate Control with Rear AC Vents and Air Outlet in B Pillar, Individual Climate Control Mode with Temperature Control Unit for Rear Seat Occupants, Humidity Control Sensor, Cruise Control with Speedtronoic Variable Speed Limiter, Rear View Camera in 360 Degree Angle, 4 Way Lumbar Support for Driver Seat and Front Co-Passenger, Armrest in Front and Rear Center Seat, Paddle Shift, Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper Basics,: All 4 Door Power Window with Electric Sunblinds, Keyless Entry and Lock, Smart Instrumentation Panel with Brake Pad Indicator, Service Indicator, Outside Temperature Display, Paddle Shift, Smart Instrumentation Panel with Mileage, Outside Temperature Memory Package,: Memory Package for Steering column and exterior mirrors. Infotainment, : 8 Inch Multimedia Color Touchscreen AVN System with Voice Command, Garmin Preloaded Maps, Internet Connectivity, Twin Tuner and Bluetooth Connectivity. Comes with 8 Performance Lodspeakers. Loaded with Mercedes Comand System for best Infotainment Experience. Mercedes Benz GLS Class On Road Price, Features, Differences with GLE