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paddle shift and clutch Post Review

The code 0 the car is a Lamborghini Aventador. An unmodified 700-horsepower V12 sends power to all four wheels via a single-clutch paddle-shift transmission, and the interior is virtually unchanged save for some unique green trim and a different badge on the steering wheel.

“@LilDsil: 370z prolly gonna be my next car. gotta have that #Speed with that paddle shift and twin clutch! #Aye” #BishPlease #Swerve

Now David is studying. http://plixi.com/p/64225097

@mw55 Hey Mikey R those Ferrari's paddle shift or do they have a clutch peddle and stick shift? Just wondering!

@mandabeans nah, usually a 6 speed paddle shift. It gives me faster gear changes and clutch while walking is too hard.

what are flappy paddles? loose paddle shifters? i’m genuinely curious.

The semi automatic or paddle shift, the gear shift behind the steering wheel and no clutch

So its just like driving the gtr..all paddle shift and electronic clutch..

New #Mini hatch will be available with a head-up display and a twin-clutch paddle-shift gearbox.

Bought an Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 Twinspark Selespeed - semi-manual (paddle shift, robotic clutch) gearbox yesterday. Top spec and drives great.

paddle shift and clutch Q&A Review

Why do dual clutch transmissions generally have paddle shifters? Could you make a dual clutch transmission with an H pattern shift knob?

Whilst that's probably possible to do, it's more complicated, and the dual clutch type of gearbox is a “sequential” type of gearbox, so having a standard H pattern would be rather useless, given that you can't (for good and bad) go from second straight to fourth without selecting third. You can only go up or down one gear at a time. So paddle style or the rally style “pull/push” type gear selection is much more logical. This is also how gea selection on a motorbike works - up or down with your left foot (some old bikes have gears on the right, but anything reasonably modern is left side unless modified for riders with disabilities or similar).

How do the paddle shifters changes compare to the clutch cars? You used to be able to shift down and feather the clutch and brake beginning at a curve. Does the paddle shifter automatically just shift down and your rpm goes automatically high?

It varies wildly depending on the vehicle. The worst version is a normal automatic transmission with paddles. The paddle tells the transmission to initiate a downshift if possible. This is usually a slow process and doesn't occur immediately. It generally does not blip the throttle to rev match. Early single clutch type electro hydro mechanical transmissions like the F355 F1 or the DB7 actually disengage the clutch, blip throttle, select the next gear down, then reengage the clutch. This happens pretty quickly, but can be clunky. More modern dual clutch versions accomplish this task in as little as .08 seconds. One clutch it's attached to the odd number gears while the other has the evens. So, while one clutch is engaged the other has the next higher or lower gear preselected based on what is currently happening. One thing they all have in common is they will block the shift down request if the projected RPM in that gear will be too high. And the other real difference in the single or dual clutch setups is whether the clutch(s) are wet or dry. Dry clutch setups are less complicated, but can be jerky and grabby. Wet clutches have more complication, but generally allows for a better experience. Vince

If manual Ferraris are commanding a premium in the used car market, why doesn't Ferrari design new cars with manual gearboxes?

Hoo boy. For a while I was asking every Ferrari factory rep that I could. (I have a Testarossa, so I’m on their V-12 customer invite list.) There are some sad facts here: Ferrari road cars are pretty much all about leveraging their Formula 1 brand. Literally more about the brand than the actual engineering of the cars. And since the F1 cars all have the paddle-shift transmission, Ferrari wants their road cars to have that also. Don’t believe the “lack of customer demand” argument - Ferrari does financially nonsensical bespoke development ,all the time, for their very wealthy repeat customers. They could do a 6-speed if they wanted to - Graziano and ZF are still selling perfectly fine gearboxes to Aston Martin - but they literally don’t want to, because they think it dilutes the brand. In America we mostly don’t watch Formula 1, so we don’t think of Ferrari road cars in this way, but globally this is very much what gets people to buy the cars. America used to be about 40% of Ferrari’s sales, and now it’s more like 25%. The growth is all in Asia and the Middle East, where almost none of the customers can drive a manual transmission car. They’re also more a-historical there. We think of Ferraris as romantic cars that Ingrid Bergman and Steve Mcqueen drove to sophisticated cocktail parties. (Or in my Testarossa fantasy, I’m Don Johnson chasing bad guys down the Intercoastal.) In China they don’t know any of that and they mostly don’t care. They think of Ferrari as a luxury technology brand, more like the Hermes-edition Apple Watch. They want the ,latest, thing. Hence all the endless drivel from Ferrari about how this new version of the transmission shifts in 0.09 seconds versus the now ,hopelessly outdated, 0.11 seconds of the prior car. This doesn’t mean a goddamn thing to me in practice, but it’s how they get the scions of Chinese industrial concerns to automatically trade in their 458s for 488s like they’re moving up from the Samsung Galaxy 8 to the Galaxy 9. The engineering challenges of a manual transmission and clutch have become formidable in the face of >600–900 horsepower engines. A manual transmission driveline has to stand up to the ham-fisted abuse of drivers who can’t or won’t engage the clutch smoothly, which means ,peak, loads are much higher than steady-state loads. Cars like the Viper and Corvette ZR1 have relatively large and beefy transmissions with big-diameter clutches to address this. But Ferrari wants to make a smaller car without a gigantic transmission hump intruding into the passenger compartment. They need transmissions and clutches that can be packaged more tightly, which means they need to manage the input loads. With a DCT, you can manage the timing of the shift motions much more precisely, and you can use the computers to smooth out the peak loads.

What type of transmission is it when you have no clutch but you manually shift gears with shift paddles on the steering wheel?

It is basically electronically actuated manual gearbox; manual shifting operation done by electronic means, previously called electronic gearbox. Modern version has its clutch release/engage, gear shifting, gear selection, and engine rpm regulating, controlled by a computer. AlfaRomeo calls their system Selespeed. BMW and Porsche calls theirs Tiptronic. CMIIW, thank you.

Why are all these new sports cars only available in automatic, without a manual transmission option? I get it’s faster but Dual clutch and paddle shifting just isn’t the same.

Car manufacturers generally go where the money is. And, the majority of people who buy these sports cars from new spec them as automatic. Therefore, it makes economic sense to concentrate on automatic transmissions first. Easy example: the Porsche 911 992 is not currently available in the U.K. in a manual transmission, only PDK. Why? Because more people who buy these cars new spec PDK than manual. In this particular case, there is a manual version on the way later. Look, I get where you’re coming from. When I bought my current sportscar (Porsche Cayman 981) I specifically wanted a manual and so sought one out before purchasing. I’d test driven a few PDKs, and whilst they were objectively faster and the PDK is a great gearbox, I just didn’t feel a connection with them. I like operating the gears and clutch myself. But I was a second hand purchaser. Why would Porsche care what I think? Away from economic factors, car manufacturers are chasing performance numbers. And good automatic transmissions are just better in terms of 0–60 etc.

Is it true that the Enzo Ferrari's single-clutch automated manual transmission can't operate in a fully automatic mode, but only in the sequential paddle-shift mode?

We have a Fiat with a single clutch automated manual and it works fine in auto mode. if it didn’t there would be no point in automating a manual gearbox, would there?

What's the difference between a paddle shift connected to a double clutch gearbox, versus one connected to an automatic gearbox?

The simple answer: The gearbox the said paddles are connected to. The more complex answer: How each individual gearbox works. The double-clutch gearbox as the name suggests is a gearbox with two clutches. In principle, the double clutch gearbox is like two manual gearboxes fused into a single gearbox housing. You have one clutch that is in charge of engaging the odd number gears (1,3,5) and the other one deals with the even number gears (2,4,6). Except in this case. there is no physical clutch pedal as the clutches are automated. So for example, say you’re moving along using first gear, the gearbox has already pre-selected second gear, only the clutch in charge of the second gear is disengaged. Pull the ‘+’ paddle and the “even-number gear” clutch will engage, while disengaging the “odd-number gear” clutch. The selector on the odd number gear end will also move to pre-select third gear in preparation for the next upshift. Here is just a little model of a Porsche 993 Turbo to break up a wall of text and has nothing much to do with the question. The dreadful traditional auto As a purist manual transmission lover, I sure can’t be too bothered with an automatic. I am specially ticked off by Toyota’s 4 speed auto, neither did Honda make any autos that changed my mind either. 6 speed offerings from Aisin and ZF, as well as the 7 speed offering from Mercedes Benz fail to impress me at all. The ZF 8HP automatic gearbox is about the only decent automatic I have ever sampled. But, nevertheless, we must move on to it….. In a traditional automatic gearbox though, we are talking about the use of torque converters to get the car moving. The function of a torque converter is pretty much like a clutch. But unlike a clutch, where friction plates are used to couple the engine to the gearbox (and the wheels), the torque converter is basically a fluid coupling. Another thing to note, is that the automatic uses primarily planetary gears. It consists of a sun gear and a couple of planetary gears housed within a planet carrier and a ring gear. The input and the output shafts are connected via an intermediate shaft. While the planetary gear sets are also joined by some clutch packs. Below is a link of a video to illustrate how a traditional automatic works. It will explain the automatic transmission way better than my wall of text will ever do. Automatic Transmission, How it works ? So click this link and watch the explanation as well as the animation. It will help, I know I will be watching it too.

Why am I able to shift the manual gear of my car without using the clutch very easily, by just lifting my feet off gas paddle. What could possibly be wrong, clutch assembly or the gear box?

I can’t tell which of the two might have a problem, unless these get opened and inspected. However, if you continue to take this action, your gears may get damaged, since the clutch disengages the gears during gear-shift and if the gears are moving during the dis-engagement/engagement cycle, they may strike and damage their teeth and a major gear-box replacement maybe required.

What is the difference between dual-clutch and other paddle-shift and clutchless-manual transmissions?

All transmissions (except those in electric cars) are going to have some fashion of clutch or torque converter to transition power from the engine to the transmission. A dual clutch transmission typically features two clutches as the name implies, but they are automated (no clutch pedal). An advantage of this system is relatively seamless application of power and fast shifting, since one clutch is disengaging while the other is engaging simultaneously. A paddle shift transmission may refer to a dual clutch, single clutch, sequential, or torque converter automatic. Only certain sequential transmissions with this setup have a manual clutch (for starts/stops) and they use a computer to cut ignition/fuel and rev match during shifts. The paddle shift just means that you can control the shifts using paddles on or near the steering wheel. This is a catch-all term. A “clutchless” manual is not actually clutchless, it just typicall refers to a manual gearbox that lacks a clutch pedal and the clutch is actuated automatically.


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