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variants also have keyless entry and ignition, power-folding side mirrors, Eco and Sport driving modes, paddle

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Up front are the leather-suede pair of seats which are quite soft and supple to sit in, both of which

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As for the second engine, it is a new naturally-aspirated 1.2-litre three-cylinder.

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Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize to be exported to 50 countries, no luck for Ativa

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powertrain is similar to the one in the current Lexus ES 250.Both the CVT and 8AT have a manual mode with paddle

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government’s Penjana sales tax exemption programme, the short answer is no as pick-up trucks are

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The seats are comfortable for short & long hours driving.

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are paddle shifters worth it Q&A Review

I have a plan to buy a car in Hertz car sales. Do they sell good quality cars or not?

I worked at a rival car rental company for several years. After working for a rental company, I would stay away from any used fleet vehicle for a variety of reasons. One reason is that even though they are supposed to get the maintenance done at certain intervals, a lot of times this was neglected as the car was needed for a potentially lucrative rental. This was done quite regularly. If you are allergic to smoke, rental cars are not a way to go. I have yet to ever get in a rental even after my time at an agency that doesn’t have some sort of smoke smell in it. While yes it’s true that most drivers are not abusing these cars, you have to understand that there is no downtime on them at all. The person who had it for their weekend trip and went 700 miles? That same car is getting rented out Monday morning for the next person to drive 1500 miles. Rental cars are constantly running. This isn’t like your family sedan that only makes a large trip once a year or so. These things are CONSTANTLY running, and most are sold at 30k miles, conveniently close to the manufacturers warranty after only a year in fleet. Also this is an issue more common in GM vehicles, but it was not unusual for features to be “missing” from fleet vehicles. For instance, there was a pretty big case where fleet impalas were sold without side curtain airbags, even though the ones at the dealer all had them standard. Additionally we had vehicles come in that were built without the sirius xm transponders, even though they have the buttons for it. We had a Malibu with paddle shifters, and no way to access the use of them on the gear selector. Dodge Chargers that were missing the standard paddle shifters that ever other charger of it’s kind had. Things like that. The final reason I would not buy a rental car is price. These are vehicles that are used hard for a year and then sold for a minuscule drop in the MSRP. Just not worth it.

Paddle shifters are popular in automatic transmission cars, but are they worth it?

We drive almost exclusively in town. That eats brakes. Before we got electric cars, I’d use the paddles to downshift the transmission to help braking. My wife did not. She needed front brakes in her Impreza at 22,00 miles.

Is a Smart Car even worth buying?

Having two Smart Cars since new 2009, I can tell you a lot about them. First, until the computer learns your driving habits, shifting is terrible, once learned, not even noticeable. Paddle shifters also help in this department. The original designer of the Smart car was an F1 engineer. The passenger compartment literally has a roll cage surrounding it, and the front wads up quite nicely, absorbing impact. We have 4 airbags and a 5 star front crash rating. Not only are the cars built to take a hit, they are exceptionally difficult to hit! They are small. Not only can you park sideways, you can stop in the turn lane sideways without anything hanging out. They have automatic everything when it comes to acceleration, skid control , cornering control, anti-lock brakes and much more. There aren’t many vehicles which can stop as fast as a Smart Car. It weighs less than 2000 #s, 15″ rims The security system uses motion detectors inside the car. Handling is awesome! It’s like driving a go kart with a/c and heating and weather protection. Parks anywhere and only have a 8.5 gal (32 L) fuel capacity. She gets 42 mpg (5.6 L/100k) hwy, 36 mpg (6.5 L/100k ) city, I get 36 (6.5) no matter what I do. At 85 mph (136 kph), big truck turbulence is kind of freaky. The ride is a bit stiff, but seats are comfortable. The butt/back warmers are fantastic! It was built for two 6′4″ people to sit comfortably. The 1.0 L 3cyl engine sets sideways in the rear using drive axles exactly like FWD cars. Power just isn’t there… and annoying when trying to pass someone who doesn’t want to let you by…tiny cars don’t get any respect! Everything on a Smart Car is built for easy disassembly/assembly. Brake pads are snap, the blower motor takes 15 sec to remove. Oil change is once every 10,000 miles and don’t have to jack up the car to do it. 3.7 qts (3.3 L) oil. I can go on but here’s the most important thing…. Smart Cars are a blast to drive!! (edit) Thanks for all the views and upvotes! It never entered my mind so many would be interested in Smart Cars!

Is the 2018 Mazda 6 worth it?

I like mine tremendously. I have the Grand Touring Reserve model, I just wish it had a manual gearbox. The paddle shifters are nice, but nothing beats a proper manual transmission.

Honda City i-VTEC 2017 manual vs the Honda City CVT i-VTEC 2017, which is the best option to buy in terms of driving quality?

CVT i-Vtech is much better as it has paddle shifters! can you believe it? I mean those are meant for sporty cars and LED headlight is gem of all. It is worth every penny and difference is quite visible from behind the wheels!

Is Honda Amaze worth spending on?

yes,there's a lot of improvement in look and specs. the new Honda amaze comes with it's new updated signature chrome at front inspired by it's brothers city and accord. and the well developed body design and it comes with paddle shifters which comes with CVT gearbox. that makes amaze the first car to have paddle shifters in its segment. so this improvement is well enough to beat down it's rivals ( DZire, Figo aspire, VW ameo, Xcent).Finally, this is a well worth compact sedan.

Is it worth buying a CVT model of Honda Jazz in India?

I live in Bangalore and I have a Honda Jazz CVT so I guess I qualify to answer this question. Mileage Given the traffic conditions don’t expect more than 9–11 kmpl for this car. It’s not a diesel and you will never get the ideal like conditions. Keep in mind Bangalore traffic is NOT ideal traffic conditions. However with the right road conditions on the highway and with a light foot I was able to get 17 kmpl. Be warned that you need a lot of patience to get this by keeping the RPM below 2000 and speeds ideally in the range of 90–110 kmph. During normal conditions, in highway, I get around 13–14 kmpl. For mixed usage I get around 12 kmpl. Power I absolutely love driving this car in the city (in traffic and off-peak hours as well). The CVT makes it absolutely a pleasure to breeze through. I switch to the S mode from time to time to get that push while overtaking. I use the paddle shifters rarely. In the highways, the slight lack of power is evident in low speeds. But once the car is up to speed, you won’t feel anything. But this is in line with how any CVT car feels. I wish it had the 1.5L engine from it’s big brother, but keeping in mind the mileage costs I am glad it has the 1.2L. Comfort This is one of the most comfortable car in the price range. The seating position is quite high compared to sedans and the windows are quite large so the view of the road is quite good. In fact I got so used to the big glass, that I feel even the big brother, City feels cramped (just my perspective) even though they are the same size inside. It’s got quite a big boot and it can easily carry upto 3 suitcases. I wish it came with the magic seats too. I’d made some modifications for additional comfort. You can see the whole list of the changes here. ,Aditya Gollapudi's answer to Is Honda Jazz CVT a good buy? Bumper to bumper city drive and occasional kind distance travel Overall It’s quite a good package all things considered. It’s a newer model and it’s a looker too so you don’t have to worry about a newer model being released right away. Overall I am a very happy camper. So much so that we bought 2 of the same cars. One for me and one for my dad!!

Is it a good idea to purchase a manual transmission in this age where automatics are more popular?

Hmm. Some of the answers are cool.. make sense. This is not a logical question. Hang on, sure, fine, lets touch on logic for a moment. A manual tranny may help or hurt resell value, depending on if the car is some souless piece of shit like a Toyota/Lexus. A manual tranny Accord will be worth less than the auto version, who buys a manual appliance? Of course for people who like to drive, they will always value passion cars with manuals more because autos are miserable hunks of shit, an auto in a high horsepower car is like a castrated warrior… even when it is dual clutch or a PDK.. even though they are almost always faster in the quarter mile. Oops. Left logic for a second. Oh screw it. A manual transmission is sentimental, it’s a transmission for people who romanticize cars, love driving and enjoy a response to action - a connection to the machine they are master of. Manual transmissions are going away because the government can’t compel car companies to forcibly shift early on manual transmissions. Government regulators are the people who are, in part, dictating how an auto shifts, when it shifts - they are controlling your driving dynamics from behind a desk. Only autos allow this since they are programmed with shifting algorithms. How depressing. This is why I claim that autos are for people who just don't give a shit about it anymore - people who see a car as a toaster oven or a status symbol. I own a sports car with a 7 speed manual. I have almost 500 horses. You know how pet dogs are when they greet you at the front door? - this held breath of anticipation is me at a freeway entrance. No Prius or Cayenne in front of me, just a long curve ending with a glorious straight away. My right hand is on my shifter, left foot over the clutch, I downshift into 1st gear, my engine explodes in RPMs, there’s that battle cry, I put my shifter hand back on the steering wheel, push into the throttle, redline 1st gear, and, now this is key, I reach down to the shifter and pull it back, like a trigger, like I’m launching a rocket, I let up on the clutch, back wheels chirp, car lurches forward, engine roars back up to redline. 3rd gear is a little tricky, takes finesse, you just push it so it centers, then you slam that shifter right up into the dash - BAM - car chirps back tires again - car lurches, and now that I’ve climaxed, now that I’ve made a fool of myself, now that I have celebrated, now that I’m pushing 100mph, I let it go. foot moves away from clutch, breath out, move to 7th gear, lean back, put the windows up and turn the music up. A manual tranmission is action - it’s being intimate with power. It’s exhilarating, it takes skill - and to know it is to love it. All of these people, commuting, running errands, all of these people going through the motion of leveraging an appliance to cross one more thing off their check list… Why not cross items off of your checklist MY WAY? Why not get to work feeling exhilarated and a little guilty for your brashness? Why not get groceries with a huge shit eating grin spread over your face? And you other car lovers.. with your “paddle shifters” and dual clutch autos.. dude.. it’s not the same as pulling a trigger. It’s not the same when you exit a corner on a track.. using your tea pinkie to delicately upshift.. good god. Anyway, thats my opinion. No logic in it.

Is it worth it to get an old car and/or rebuild an old car from parts?

The key to restoring old cars (with exceptions like a Ferrari 250 GTE, Maserati AG6 2000, and Hemi Cuda Convertibe) is remembering that you will probably never get your money back out of it. That said, there’s no such thing as modern classics. The charm found in classic cars is lost to the modern technology permeating modern cars. The 1988 BMW M5 with 240,000 that I drove through the mountains was utterly surreal. A guttural, raw and sometimes frightening experience. The engine snarling, the tires squealing, the rear end just begging to break away. No TCS, no flappy paddle shifters, no steering correction, nothing to save you from yourself. It’s a visceral experience that has been all but completely engineered out of modern cars. Now, I’m not saying modern cars can’t be fun. I’m just saying that if you drove a 1988 M5 and a 2016 M5 back to back, they would be not at all similar. I say all that to say this… restoring classic cars is rarely a financially sound decision. You didn’t ask that though, you asked if it’s worth it. Only you can answer that. Which of the cars below speaks to you more? Both will cost you about the same, one will have a warranty, one will require semi-frequent tinkering to keep on the road. You know the smart decision is to get the new car, but does a part of you yearn to experience pure classical motoring? If so, find and restore your classic. :)