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2017 Proton Preve Configurations, a Elegant Sedan with Practical Functions

Player with Bluetooth and Navigation Push Button for Engine Start Remote control activation Locks Auto

Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky launched in Indonesia: 1.0T at launch, up to 20 variants!

The stick shift can be had with either the 1.0- or 1.2-litre engine.

FAQ: Is auto start-stop bad for your car?

Auto Start-Stop is a feature most of us despise.

How to use the new off-road driving features in 2020 Toyota Hilux - Superflex suspension, Auto LSD, new A-TRC

EU specs pre-facelift model shownLike a mechanical LSD, Auto LSD prevents power from being sent to a

Paddle shift in automatic cars, pretty useful or practically useless?

wikimedia.orgThe most primitive form of a paddle shift system was first seen in 1901, which was invented

Berjaya Auto Alliance announces new management team for Peugeot

Berjaya Auto Alliance Sdn Bhd (BAASB), the new distributor of Peugeot vehicles in Malaysia has announced

The facelift 2021 Hyundai i30N has 8-speed DCT, 280 PS and a Grin Shift?

gauges include an active variable LED red zone which varies according to engine oil temperature, and a shift

Proton warns buyers against booking a Proton X50 with brokers

location and contact details of Proton’s dealers and outlets, please visit https://www.proton.com/en

Honda presents new 2020 Honda Civic Type R facelift at the Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda unveiled the facelifted 2020 Honda Civic Type R at the opening of the Tokyo Auto Salon.

With Android Auto, these SUVs will obey to your commands

The headlining must-have tech as we enter the new decade is Android Auto.

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Volvo Car Malaysia appoints Pekin Auto as its dealer in Skudai

Volvo Car Malaysia, the premium car maker, has appointed Pekin Auto Sdn Bhd (“Pekin Auto

Leaked: Want this for your Ativa? Indonesia-spec Toyota Raize GR Sport gets paddle shifters!

activate its fierce sideInside, the only telling difference that this is the GR Sport variant is a pair of paddle

No Toyota Direct Shift CVT for the Perodua D55L, why?

Mechanically, the D-CVT is similar but not identical to Toyotas vaunted Direct Shift CVT, despite both

Wireless Android Auto is now available on selected BMW models

recently released a new video showcasing the recently-updated BMW 5 Series running wireless Android Auto

Here's why you shouldn't use D or N while driving downhill in an auto transmission

car, thus reducing the strain on the braking system.Select S when going downhillIn cars equipped with paddle-shift

Mazda MX-5 RF facelift launched; now with BSM, RCTA, Apple Carplay and Android Auto

7,000 rpm and 205 Nm at 4,000 rpm. 2 transmissions are on offer a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle

Pros and Cons: Toyota Camry - Brilliant to drive, but is that enough?

Please, Toyota, please fix this in the facelift model.Cons - No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Whilst

Lexus UX’s Direct-Shift CVT is a CVT enthusiasts can accept

late February 2018, Toyota listened to customers feedback, and introduced an improved CVT -the Direct-Shift

Proton X70 CKD: Will the dual-clutch transmission be reliable?

dropped slightly – from 7.8-litres/100 km to 7.5-litres/100 km.Note the steering wheel-mounted paddle

2021 (992) Porsche 911 GT3 available for pre-order in Malaysia; 510 PS, 6:59 Nurburgring lap time

As for the manual version, it would depend on how fast you can shift, but Porsche claims a 0-100 km/h

How to get Android Auto on any car for just RM 20!

Trust us when we say Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity are make-or-break features when it comes

Google updates Android Auto, but biggest bug still remains

Google recently released a new update for Android Auto that includes a number of fixes.Despite that,

New 2020 Honda BR-V facelift comes with paddle shifters, priced up RM 9k

facelift is now available for those looking for a more aggressive looking BR-V that even comes with paddle

More 3-cylinder turbocharged Proton models coming – 1.5T MPI to be rolled out further

X50 preview drive at the Sepang International Circuit, Proton’s Director of Group Engineering En

Subaru XV facelift launched in Japan; New grille, e-Active Shift Control

Japan featuring a new Plasma Yellow Pearl colour, a new front end, and new feature called e-Active Shift

Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky announced for Indonesia – Ativa’s twins going global

The stick shift is available on the lower and mid-spec versions of the Raize and Rocky, not on the GR

Why your next car should come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

I remember the first time I tried Android Auto – it was back in 2016 with the debut of the all-new

GWM Pao is in Malaysia and it wants to shift your attention from the Hilux

km.Infotainment-wise, the Australian market model gets a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto

Tested 1.9m km in Malaysia! 2020 Proton X50’s 1.5T & 1.5TGDi engines dependable?

During the event, En.

Share prices of auto stocks accelerates due to tax slash

Following the announcement of a tax waiver for locally-assembled vehicles, auto stocks are revving hotter

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paddle shift en auto Post Review

Si bien el debate sobre el paddle shift aún no se ha resuelto, @supercars confirmó que el cambio manual existente definitivamente será reemplazado por un sistema de cambio de marchas electrónico en los autos #Gen3 desde 2022.#RepcoSC Más info acá https://bit.ly/3fHCmGw

Para el punto 1 lo mejor que se fabrica en el pais es el VOLANTE DIRECT-DRIVE CKP-VDD20Servomotor MIGE de 20 Nm de torque.Sistema de Force Feedback totalmente configurable.Encoder servomotor standard 2500 PPR / 10000 PPR Placa controladora de servo motor SIMUCUBE + IONI PRO

Sistema de cambios Paddle Shift magnético COCKPIT fabricado totalmente en metal. Maza extraíble en aluminio con fijación mediante bulones.Force feedback increible y realismo brutal para autos con y sin dirección hidráulica!

#STC2000 confirmado, problemas en el paddle shift en el auto de Facu Ardusso.

Al parecer seria Nico Traut, quien no podría debutar este finde en #STC2000. Por problemas para retirar el Paddle Shift de Aduana, 28 autos

Me vuela la cabeza manejar autos modernos, con distintos modos de manejo, pasar los cambios con Paddle Shift y sintiendo la patada en la espalda en cada marcha... pero qué cosa de otro planeta un Roadrunner 70' o un Fastback 67'Fvck that shit dame los dos

Increible lo geniales q son los autos del Super TC 2000, como suenan, el paddle shift en el volante, ya quiero q llegue la carrera de mañana

Con un AIM pegado en el volante con bridas? Última tecnología, si...

Con un aim pegado y los mayores avances en tecnología integrada en el auto, sensores de todo tipo y la mejor adquisición de datos, ademas de un feed back perfecto en las multiples pantallas del volante, una caja secuencial con paddle shift y la mas avanzada construccion de chasis

Un auto impecable se nota y es por eso que se gana un lugar en nuestra vitrina. #AudiQ5 Quattro . Mantenido en la marca, versión Quattro 2.0T, A/C paddle shift y más. Revisa cada detalle en: http://goo.gl/PjSXK5