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How do you rate the Mitsubishi SUV Outlander?

summary: one heck of a deal if you don’t mind awful professional reviews and worse internet rumours and appreciate paying used the same as a plain-jane ugly wheels CRV for a SUV loaded up like a Cadillac Escalade or Acura RDX, and don’t mind driving to the next planet for dealer service. I’ve already given an answer before, but as an owner who stumbled across a used one while fixing my 2004 Mazda MPV, I did a heck of a lot of research and established that you can get one heck of a deal if you don’t mind what most professional car reviewers consider to be the worst large compact / small midsize 3 row you can buy in the US. Forget any stories about Mitsubishi’s making terrible cars. Last one I had was 1999 Galant (which was also basis for Eclipse and Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger coupe) which with V6 was much livelier than Chrysler, or even Honda or Toyota. The big defect is terrible marketing not terrible cars, well not always the best but everything they make is usually at least pretty good if not the best. The Outlander is pretty old now, the design came out in 2015 model, and the bunny ears 3rd row headrests are carried over from previous generation. But like the VW bug, it keeps getting refined with new features that I’ve been bugging the Mrs to let us upgrade to 2019 to get heated steering wheel and 360 camera and rear cross warning. In 2017 I got a 2016 Outlander GT V6 with everything checked off: radar cruise touring package and towing with 7,000 mi for…. $25,000. This replaces an old 2001 Subaru Legacy wagon and it’s better is just about every way, including reliability as the Subie went through $5,000 in repairs 3 years at only 100k miles, head gasket, cat converter, 2 sets of ignition locks, steering boots and alternator. It’s not quite as brisk as the ’99 Galant but pretty close and nimble if you push it, and a nice size that is big enough for people and stuff when you don’t need a full Chevy Suburban. Styling seems to be inspired by BMW X5 and Grand Cherokee, not nearly as goofy looking as RAV or CRV. the S-AWC is much the same they put into the legendary Lancer Evolution rally cars. Yes it’s not as good as a $42,000 Mazda CX-9 or Toyota Highlander XLE, but either of those 3-row SUVs cars with low mileage would be at least $35,000. In June 2019 I spotted one in Minneapolis for $23,000 with 15,000 miles, no radar cruise. Or you can get brand new 4 cyl with leather in that same price range. A Mazda CX-5 with 2 rows and 4 cyl with that much equipment would be $7,000 more, and you need to go up to CX-9 to get a 3rd row that honestly isn’t much bigger and a turbo 4 that has about the same power as the Mitsu V6. Yes, at even list price, bigger name brands are better. The Mazda CX-5 has a smarter transmission, the Honda electronics gives you a real cursor controller AND volume ratio on steering, and the Mitsu worst features I hate are the stupid gas gauge bar graph with only ONE marking at 1/2 and no digital speedometer mode, after 2017, built-in nav isn’t even available but with carplay or android auto you’ll never use it. The 6-speed seems to always want too slow an rpm for performance on the freeway, but GT has paddle shifters so easy to put into 4th which is good for passing . Also stupid is placement of seat heater switch just ahead of center console where it is very hard so see and/ or reach. The very worst thing about Mitsubishi is their dealer network is very sparse and Ritchfield Bloomington Mitsubishi went out of business year after we bought it though there are 2 other dealers that are 70–80 mi away. BUT…. in 2019 for new you can still get leftover 2018, and even 2019 as 2700 rebate, and even the bottom ES trim level has fancy wheels. Used for $23–25,000 you can get year old SUV loaded up like a Caddilac / Acura / Lexus / Top Honda-Toyota. It will have leather heated seat, heated steering wheels, power hatch, satellite radio, and 2019 has 360 degree parking camera just like the Caddilac Escalade I drove for the Limousine company. Right now (mid 2019) there are lots of them on car dealer lots as used rental cars for about $19,000 for 30–40k miles which is MUCH cheaper than CRV or RAV-4. BMW X5 inspired / ripped off from BMW? Aussie review ,Mitsubishi Outlander review & buyer's guide So if you want a SAFE buy, pay a bunch more money for Toyota or Honda, but if you want a beautiful SUV in a good size with a free 3rd row this is nimble and you are near a dealer or don’t mind a 70 mile hike and want top end features for the same price as the ugly steel or plastic wheels RAV/CRV, the Outlander is a heck of a deal. Similarly, the Mirage is an amazing 3 cyl tiny car for the money, Doug Demoron calls it the worst car you can buy (well it’s actually the best new car under $11,000 because it’s the only one he will allow) Outlander sport for a subcompact SUV is a pretty good deal and the Eclipse Cross is stylish compact SUV at decent price and style but you need some courage to go to an off brand that’s been going out of business for the past 25 years but is still around.


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