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Obligatory Friday HELLO WEEKEND!!!! I'll be spending it working on an audition and learning how to drive standard haha what about you?Stay safe! I love you;

Man, it's been *YEARS* since I've had to drive stick. Thinking back, the hardest part wasn't remembering where all the gears are or when to shift, it's the touch to feather the clutch just right.I wonder how I'd do now? My car does have a paddle shifter, but I never use it.

.@CGRTeams driver, @KurtBusch is putting down some hot laps in the simulator to gear up for the @NASCAR Cup Race on the @DISupdates Road Course.

Honest question. Wouldn't it be better to use a stick shifter instead of the paddles to simulate where he's going to have to take his right hand off the wheel?

How? Please explain

If your car has S or M mode you upshift and downshifting by shifting the gear to + or - or better still if you have paddle shifters on your steering use them by tapping + or - buttons. Or move your gear down to 1 and move up to where it stops(3) its the automatic with PRND321L

If Greg never taught me how to use my paddle shifters idk where I would be in life

Where’s that video of the chick “teaching” people to use paddle shifters terribly

It may look simple but you need quite a level of expertise to use them well else youll just stress the gearbox which may cost you more in the future

So with paddle shifters there are 2 ways of using them effectively, either you listen to the sound of the engine to switch into a next gear or you use the tachometer to see where your revs are getting to so you switch

where to use paddle shifters Q&A Review

Do paddle shifters in sports mode in a CVT car make it behave like a manual transmission?

Thanks for the A2A ,Rishabh,... The paddle shifters in sports mode are provided to override the typical rpms at which the CVTs 'shift' gear. The CVT in its typical configuration is designed to upshift at a conservative rpm saving fuel economy. Engaging the sports mode and using the paddle shifter gives you the control over when you upshift/ downshift. Though this action gives you more control over your CVT, it isn't exactly like a manual transmission, because you still dont have control over the clutch position. There are certain instances in regular driving where you have to drive in 'part clutch' mode. This advantage is lost in any CVT/ AMT transmission. However, the gearshifts themselves are pretty instantaneous (in the order of milli seconds) which do provide an advantage over manuals. Hope I could be of help.

Can you drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini as an automatic car? Do you always have to use the paddle shifters or can people with automatic driving license also drive them?

There’s a button for automatic drive mode where you do not have to use paddle shifters.. It tends to wear out the clutch faster as they say but you can do it. I am always on the “Race” mode… haha

What are some situations where I would want to use the paddle shifters on my automatic transmission car?

A few examples: Slowing down in heavy traffic to reduce brake wear…selecting an appropriate gear gives much better speed control. Descending steep hills, as speed control. Driving curvy roads with spirit. Nothing like being in the right gear when cornering and exiting. When pulling a trailer, selecting gears to avoid the transmission shifting constantly under load.

Why are cars with automatic transmission so popular in the US?

Modern automatics are superior. This wasn’t always the case, I know the purists will hate this answer, but the reality is that modern autos paired with the computer-controlled engines produced today are a better pairing than those same engines are to a manual transmission. In the old days, back when throttles were cable-actuated, your timing was set with a lever, and your idle and air mixture was set with a screw, I would take a stick over an auto any day. But these days, it’s a step backwards. In today’s vehicles, everything goes through the ECU; when you press the gas pedal, you aren’t pulling a cable that opens the throttle anymore - the pedal is just an input device that tells the computer how much gas to give the engine. Automatic transmissions are fully in sync with these systems. They last longer, shift faster, and in general do a better job of keeping the vehicle performance optimal for the conditions you’re driving in. Back when I had my last Corvette, if I wanted the fun of manual shifting I could use the paddle shifters, which would change gears with a touch - faster than any human could possibly do manually with a clutch, while still giving me full control of what gear I was in. Originally, the automatic transmission was the one you didn’t want. They were more sluggish, got worse mileage, and were basically for old ladies and young drivers who didn’t know how to drive without burning the clutch. But today, the automatic, especially automatics paired with paddle shifters or auto stick functions, have surpassed the manual in every single way - to the point where I wouldn’t even consider buying a manual if the same vehicle is available with an auto.

When a car has paddle shifters does it still have a manual clutch?

I remember asking this question to myself when I came across paddle-shifters. The answer to this question is a very important reason why they are used in high performance vehicles. A stick manual transmission requires the driver to disengage the power transmission by pressing the clutch, then switch the gear and re-engage the power transmission by pressing the clutch. This process takes at least 8 seconds to complete. This means, for those 4 seconds, you have no control over the power, speed and torque management from engine to wheels. 4 seconds is an extremely long time for high performance vehicle like the F1 cars or any of the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc. To give you an exact picture of how long 4 seconds could be, take a look at these lap times of drivers in 2016 Silverstone circuit. A lead of 0.9 seconds could get you from 4th place to 3rd place, which could be a difference of thousands of dollars when put in monetary income in terms of sponsorship. In other words, every second counts and could either gain you thousands of dollars or lose them in races like F1, Le Mans, etc. So how to get around this problem? The answer is paddle-shifters. The biggest advantage of them is that the clutch and shifter are a single entity. When you pull the paddle, you are disengaging and switching the gear at the same time.(Although today’s technology uses computer-controlled dual-clutch system which is slightly different from paddle shifter, but paddle shifters were the pioneers of dual-clutch). This means you are just using the time to switch gears, which would take a lot less time. As mentioned earlier, today high performance vehicles use dual-clutch system, but that is not the question you asked. But if you want the explanation for that, you know where to find me. Don’t just find the answer, try to find the “why” to that answer. Be curious!

How do I drive a car with paddle shifters?

How do I drive a car with paddle shifters? I have paddle shifters in my Mercedes. For the most part, I put the transmission in Drive when I start and that’s it until I park some where. However, there are times on curvy roads where I feel I want the additional control and maybe acceleration of a lower gear and using the paddle shifters to downshift means I don’t have to take my right hand off the wheel. In addition, when I am preparing to pass a car on a two lane road (rarely needed), holding the downshift paddle automatically shifts down to the optimal gear for acceleration which means that I don’t have to wait for the transmission to downshift when I press on the accelerator to initiate passing. But I still have to remember to upshift when the RPMs get too high. And to upshift to D (seventh gear) once the pass has been completed. There is one more thing that I occasionally use the paddle shifter for and that is to downshift to slow down when I see a police officer (CHP) while I’m speeding slightly faster than I normally do and don’t want my brake lights to give away my reaction/response. Each of these can be accomplished with the normal shifter and often more naturally because I’ve used the normal shifter all my life. But since my car has paddle shifters I’ve forced myself to learn to use them.

Do Formula One cars have a clutch?

Yes, they do have a clutch. They’d have to have a clutch because they have to start from zero without stalling the engine. Formula One transmissions (like motorcycles) are sequential transmissions. This is a type of manual transmission (or in the case of F1 cars, it’s semi-automatic transmission; because of the electronic paddle-shifters) where the driver has to shift gears in order (i.e., up and down, one at a time, like a motorcycle) and you can’t skip gears like in a conventional H-pattern transmission. You also don’t have to use the clutch mechanism when shifting on a sequential transmission, since most of them are dog boxes with dog gear engagement, which is the same type of gear engagement used on fully-manual motorcycles that don’t have electronically controlled or semi-automatic transmissions, which enables a kind of “clutchless-shifting.” Current Formula One sequential trannies are also “seamless shift,” meaning there is no loss of drive (i.e., power and torque) when shifting gears, allowing constant power and torque at all times. They also have paddle-shifters, which technically make their sequential transmissions semi-automatic. It’s a partially automatic transmission. They aren’t manual, as you aren’t required to use a clutch pedal or other mechanism when shifting… But at the same time, they aren’t really “automatic,” as they won’t self-shift gears on their own, by themselves. They’re in the middle, and this type of transmissions is called semi-automatic, in race cars. The electro-hydraulic or electro-pneumatic actuators and electronic sensors will help the driver actuate shifts, by automatically disengaging and engaging the clutch mechanism between shifts, as well as automatically blipping the gas/throttle on downshifts, all on command from the transmission ECU. An electronic sensor will send a signal to the transmission computer or actuator when the driver pulls the paddle, and an ECU-controlled ignition cut will occur between gear shits. Clutch actuation, shift timing, gear shifting, and rev-matching are all automatic, in this system, therefore no manual intervention, hence it’s semi-automatic. Formula One clutches and gears are electrohydraulically actuated, so after going from a standstill/stationary into 1st gear, the driver won’t need to use the clutch again, as it’s electrohydraulically controlled by the electronic sensors and actuators connected to the transmission computer, or TCU.

Is any learning required for driving with a dual clutch transmission compared to driving with an automatic transmission?

No, a driver can use it exactly like an automatic transmission if they want to. There are two pedals, and one can just push the shifter into Drive and go. Figuring out where "Drive" and "Reverse" are on the shifter is probably the most complicated part - some DCTs have non-standard shifters (see below). At most the interface is as confusing as the Prius shifter. If you want to shift gears manually, you should familiarize yourself with your car's specific system - usually there will be a "M" or "S" (manual / sequential) mode. To shift gears in this mode, you will usually move the shifter into a separate area where you can move forward/backward to shift. Your car may also have paddle shifters on the steering wheel a + on the right and - on the left is standard. Shifter with sequential mode on a VW DSG dual-clutch:, To get into the +/- mode, you would slide the shifter to the right while in Drive. Sequential shifter on a BMW M5: Paddle shifters on the BMW M5: ,Once in sequential mode, you can shift without ever taking your hands off the steering wheel. ,Prius shifter, for comparison:

How does one easily remember which gear the car is running on when using paddle shifters?

It's very similar to operating a motorcycle gearbox, with which you sequentially ratchet through the gears. If your engine speed is getting too high, change up. If you need more power (and the engine speed is low enough for a downshift) change down. The actual gear number doesn't really matter- just go up or down to an appropriate gear to get the engine speed where you want it.

When driving, where do you position your hands?

There are a lot of opinions on this, I personally use 9 and 3 o'clock because it is a more balanced position and results in less fatigue over long drives. Additionally, it's easier to push-pull/shuffle steer with this technique and allows more freedom without moving hands in turns. Most racing drivers seem to use 9 and 3, and that is also where paddle shifters (if any) are placed.