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An increasingly common feature in automatic transmission cars nowadays is paddle shifters. 9 times out

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what is a paddle shift transmission Q&A Review

Is F1 better than NASCAR?

Formula 1 Race Car Fastest most agile open wheel racing machine on the planet Vs Nascar Stock Car These vehicles are built for endurance and power Welll this is pretty straight forward, F1 vehicles are built with world class technology. They are engineered with the up most precision to win a world championship. They are built to cut through the air and race on very challenging race courses around the world. Stockcars are build on power pushing well over 850+hp reaching speeds over 200mph on oval race tracks around America. They are heavier and more solid than a Formula 1 car. Stockcars dont race on street and road courses that often and when they do they dont do so well racing around corners and accelerate out of compared to F1 cars. Formula 1 cars will out maneauver stock cars and accelerate out of the corners much faster. So without getting too complicated stockcars are heavier and much slower than F1 cars. They also use 4 speed manual transmission where as F1 drivers use paddle shifting from their steering wheels which considerably speeds up travel times between shifts. Winner ?

Why do people like paddle shifters? Are there any true sports car fans or pro (long-time) race car drivers out there like them?

I started racing over 40 years ago, so I’m probably what you’d consider a long-time race car driver, and yes, I’m a pro currently racing in the Pirelli World Challenge and in IMSA. For a street car, they’re really unnecessary. For a pure race car, they’re imperative. When I’m racing, I want every advantage I can get. Faster shifts could be the difference between winning or being a thousandth of a second back resulting in the second step of the podium. Not all classes allow paddle shifters. Some require it. The flip side of the coin is it’s something else to break. If the computer can’t shift, the car won’t be able to perform. It might even be stuck in neutral so it goes nowhere. With a manual shifter, there’s less to go wrong, not that it can’t happen though. My street car is a BMW M2, and it’s a manual. I ordered it that way. I drive it on track, and I still love it. It might be a tenth or two slower on track than the paddle shift version, but there’s a great feeling of control having the 6-speed manual. That level of control is especially notable on the street. I select the gear I want at the time I want. The computer doesn’t see the traffic I do. It can’t make the decisions I do based on my awareness of the situation. I often drive through my neighborhood at 25 or 30 mph in 6th gear. To get the paddle shift to do that I’d end up fighting with it to get it to stay there. I can also shift from first to third to sixth, completely skipping the other gears, and end up using less fuel than the paddle shift does. Maybe I want to accelerate on the highway and stay in the gear I choose because the rate and gear I choose is better for the traffic condition, resulting in less shifting. There are lots of reasons I don’t want to shift. Also, sitting in traffic is way better with a manual. If the rush hour traffic comes to a dead stop, I shift to neutral and take my feet off the pedals (assuming I’m not on a hill). I could shift an automatic paddle shift car to neutral, but the lack of constant contact with the transmission selector doesn’t bring that option to mind, and it’s slightly more cumbersome to do so on many cars. I like being more engaged with my operation of the car on the street. But in a race, I’m 100% engaged already, and having a paddle shift is one less thing I need to use my brain for. In a race, I’d prefer the paddles because they’re faster at shifting, have better torque control so I can shift up or down mid-corner, and often have a launch control so I can have a better start in a standing start race. Paddles are just a tool, and when applied and used appropriately, they’re great. They can give a mundane car on the street a sportier feeling, like my girlfriend’s X3, but beyond that they’re really not necessary.

What is a paddle shift in automatic cars?

Paddle shift are just 2 paddles on steering wheel which helps to change gear manually when you want in automatic transmission cars one paddle is of + sign means up shift and other is of - sign which means down shift It provide you a fun to drive experience if you are driving lover companies offer this feature with some med range cars such as Honda city petrol CVT Toyota yaris CVT, Rhonda jazz and also New Honda Amaze 2018 which is the cheapest car with Paddle shift available and in this car paddle shift also available with diesel engine also Image Source :- Google

Can I still use my paddle shifts while driving in auto or do I have to switch to manual to use them? I'm only asking cause I tried shifting up a gear using the paddle shift but the lever was still on Auto, is that damaging the engine?

It’s not going to damage the engine if you make a sensible action… because it’s just a gear change, right? Now, is it going to damage the transmission? Well, in nearly every car that has them, a paddle shifter is just a switch, that gives a command to the microcontroller that is running the transmission. That microcontroller’s software decides what that command will do. Which might be nothing at all. If it’s heading for engine damage territory, it will just do nothing. The car’s manual should describe what you can do and what behaviour to expect. Mine does what it would do in manual mode, with the exception that if for 30 seconds your manual selection matches what automatic would pick and the vehicle is not engine braking, it will switch back to automatic.

What is your dream car?

The Mercedes W204 C63 AMG. 6.2 liter M156 V8. ,I’ll install an iPE catless exhaust on it and open the valves. 7 speed auto/paddle-shift transmission. Sensual styling. No forced induction- sharp throttle response. Doesn’t sound like a diesel tractor (I’m looking at you, W205-AMG). Take a listen.

What type of transmission is it when you have no clutch but you manually shift gears with shift paddles on the steering wheel?

It is basically electronically actuated manual gearbox; manual shifting operation done by electronic means, previously called electronic gearbox. Modern version has its clutch release/engage, gear shifting, gear selection, and engine rpm regulating, controlled by a computer. AlfaRomeo calls their system Selespeed. BMW and Porsche calls theirs Tiptronic. CMIIW, thank you.

If manual Ferraris are commanding a premium in the used car market, why doesn't Ferrari design new cars with manual gearboxes?

Hoo boy. For a while I was asking every Ferrari factory rep that I could. (I have a Testarossa, so I’m on their V-12 customer invite list.) There are some sad facts here: Ferrari road cars are pretty much all about leveraging their Formula 1 brand. Literally more about the brand than the actual engineering of the cars. And since the F1 cars all have the paddle-shift transmission, Ferrari wants their road cars to have that also. Don’t believe the “lack of customer demand” argument - Ferrari does financially nonsensical bespoke development ,all the time, for their very wealthy repeat customers. They could do a 6-speed if they wanted to - Graziano and ZF are still selling perfectly fine gearboxes to Aston Martin - but they literally don’t want to, because they think it dilutes the brand. In America we mostly don’t watch Formula 1, so we don’t think of Ferrari road cars in this way, but globally this is very much what gets people to buy the cars. America used to be about 40% of Ferrari’s sales, and now it’s more like 25%. The growth is all in Asia and the Middle East, where almost none of the customers can drive a manual transmission car. They’re also more a-historical there. We think of Ferraris as romantic cars that Ingrid Bergman and Steve Mcqueen drove to sophisticated cocktail parties. (Or in my Testarossa fantasy, I’m Don Johnson chasing bad guys down the Intercoastal.) In China they don’t know any of that and they mostly don’t care. They think of Ferrari as a luxury technology brand, more like the Hermes-edition Apple Watch. They want the ,latest, thing. Hence all the endless drivel from Ferrari about how this new version of the transmission shifts in 0.09 seconds versus the now ,hopelessly outdated, 0.11 seconds of the prior car. This doesn’t mean a goddamn thing to me in practice, but it’s how they get the scions of Chinese industrial concerns to automatically trade in their 458s for 488s like they’re moving up from the Samsung Galaxy 8 to the Galaxy 9. The engineering challenges of a manual transmission and clutch have become formidable in the face of >600–900 horsepower engines. A manual transmission driveline has to stand up to the ham-fisted abuse of drivers who can’t or won’t engage the clutch smoothly, which means ,peak, loads are much higher than steady-state loads. Cars like the Viper and Corvette ZR1 have relatively large and beefy transmissions with big-diameter clutches to address this. But Ferrari wants to make a smaller car without a gigantic transmission hump intruding into the passenger compartment. They need transmissions and clutches that can be packaged more tightly, which means they need to manage the input loads. With a DCT, you can manage the timing of the shift motions much more precisely, and you can use the computers to smooth out the peak loads.

What was the most outrageous repair quote a mechanic has ever given you to fix your car?

In 2012, I bought a 2005 BMW M3 with the SMG transmission. (Paddle shifting) No warranty. Three days after purchase, the car would not shift properly, refusing to engage certain gears. As I recall, I could not downshift from fourth gear into third or second gear, only from fourth to first gear. The problem was intermittent. The ‘check transmission’ light illuminated. Now, I’m really worried, particularly after spending a pile of money on a used high performance car. Rockville BMW informed me that I needed a new transmission at a price of about $13,000. (Half of what I had just paid.) Dejected, I sought a second opinion. I took the car to MB Automotive, a shop specializing in BMW, Mercedes and Porsche service. (More dollar signs flashing in my head…). The next day the shop informs me that a software update corrected the problem. Total price: $210.

I want to test drive a Ferrari. What are good ways to convince the dealer to allow me to drive one?

There are companies that act like high-end rental car companies, and they will rent you a luxury or high/end sports car. I just checked them out again - you have to have a membership in their program. Not sure what that cost would be... http://lonestarexoticrentals.com A few of their offerings ... Ferrari 458 Spider Engine: 4.5L V8 562 HP Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch 0-60mph: 3.4 seconds 1/4 Mile: 11.1 sec @ 131 mph Passengers: 2 Ferrari 599 GTB Engine: 6.0L V12 612 HP Transmission: 6-speed paddle shift 0-60mph: 3.7 seconds 1/4 Mile: 11.3 sec @ 126 mph Passengers: 2 ,Ferrari California, Engine: 4.3L V8 453hp Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch 0-60mph: 3.8 seconds 1/4 Mile: 11.9 sec @ 118 mph Passengers: 2 Ferrari F430 Engine: 4.3L V8 483hp Transmission: 6-speed F1 paddle shift 0-60mph: 3.8 seconds 1/4 Mile: 11.7 sec @ 120 mph Passengers: 2

What is the difference between dual-clutch and other paddle-shift and clutchless-manual transmissions?

All transmissions (except those in electric cars) are going to have some fashion of clutch or torque converter to transition power from the engine to the transmission. A dual clutch transmission typically features two clutches as the name implies, but they are automated (no clutch pedal). An advantage of this system is relatively seamless application of power and fast shifting, since one clutch is disengaging while the other is engaging simultaneously. A paddle shift transmission may refer to a dual clutch, single clutch, sequential, or torque converter automatic. Only certain sequential transmissions with this setup have a manual clutch (for starts/stops) and they use a computer to cut ignition/fuel and rev match during shifts. The paddle shift just means that you can control the shifts using paddles on or near the steering wheel. This is a catch-all term. A “clutchless” manual is not actually clutchless, it just typicall refers to a manual gearbox that lacks a clutch pedal and the clutch is actuated automatically.