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Are "lifetime" transmission fluids a SCAM?

Let’s find out.Q: What are lifetime transmission fluids?

DCT vs torque converter, which is your preferred transmission?

the early 90s, if you wanted to buy a performance car, you’d most probably choose the manual transmission

Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky announced for Indonesia – Ativa’s twins going global

The stick shift is available on the lower and mid-spec versions of the Raize and Rocky, not on the GR

Lexus UX’s Direct-Shift CVT is a CVT enthusiasts can accept

CVTs, or continuously variable transmission is known for being easy on the fuel compared to conventional

The facelift 2021 Hyundai i30N has 8-speed DCT, 280 PS and a Grin Shift?

second improvement over the standard i30N.That 8-speed DCT which Hyundai calls N DCT is a wet type transmission

Perodua introduces newly improved D3-SP automatic transmission fluid

Perodua recently launched their new and improved automatic transmission fluid (ATF) oil, specifically

6 features that will disappear from cars by 2030

Mercifully, there are still a handful of new cars that you can buy that has a manual transmission, from

Buying a used Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ? Here are the common problems to look out for

By now, most of the common problems have been identified and fixes are available.

Proton X70 CKD: Will the dual-clutch transmission be reliable?

confirmed that the upcoming model will be fitted with a new 7-speed wet-type dual-clutch automatic transmission

Slipper-y mistake for this Mazda driver, straight to pole position

SUA could be due to multiple reasons like mechanical problems with the car or just human error.

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RM 32K for a used VW Jetta, bargain in waiting?

Lets get into it.Common problems - EngineVWs twincharged 1.4-litre TSI engineThe Jetta came initially

Here's why the manual transmission still matters

to firmly and passionately come out in defence of the manual transmission.

Is that a manual Supra? Toyota Supra might come with a manual transmission

Currently the A90 Toyota Supra utilises the 8-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles.Earlier

New 2020 Honda BR-V facelift comes with paddle shifters, priced up RM 9k

facelift is now available for those looking for a more aggressive looking BR-V that even comes with paddle

2021 (992) Porsche 911 GT3 available for pre-order in Malaysia; 510 PS, 6:59 Nurburgring lap time

If you get into the PDK (dual-clutch transmission) version, it can do 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and charge

Shifting to 'P' before pulling the handbrake is how you damage your automatic transmission

That is the sound of your parking pawl trying to move against the transmission output shaft.What is a

A car with a fake manual transmission? It’s real! But… why?

China car brand Chery actually invented an electric vehicle (EV) that behaves like a manual car with shift

2017 Proton Preve Configurations, a Elegant Sedan with Practical Functions

Mechanicals 16-valve DOHC, turbocharged 138 hp at 5,000 rpm, 205 Nm at 2,000 rpm 7 speed ProTronic CVT Transmission

Does the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester 2.0L feel underpowered?

actual fact, the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester features an entirely reworked engine paired to a new transmission

Buying used cars: How to test drive a used car?

Test driving a used car is about spotting existing & potential problems to help you negotiate better

These 4 habits will ruin your automatic transmission

Shift to reverse while the car is still moving forwardsEach time when an opposite direction gear is selected

Please Naza, let us have the 2021 Suzuki Swift Sport with a manual transmission

Full disclosure - yours truly has a third-generation Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC32S) with a stick shift, hence

Subaru XV facelift launched in Japan; New grille, e-Active Shift Control

Japan featuring a new Plasma Yellow Pearl colour, a new front end, and new feature called e-Active Shift

Here's why you shouldn't use D or N while driving downhill in an auto transmission

one of our readers posed a very interesting question: How to drive downhill correctly in an automatic transmission

No Toyota Direct Shift CVT for the Perodua D55L, why?

What is Toyotas Direct Shift CVT?

Paddle shift in automatic cars, pretty useful or practically useless?

An increasingly common feature in automatic transmission cars nowadays is paddle shifters. 9 times out

Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky launched in Indonesia: 1.0T at launch, up to 20 variants!

The stick shift can be had with either the 1.0- or 1.2-litre engine.

RM 50k for a used Subaru XV, but what are the common problems?

to fork out at least RM 5,000.SBR TechnicOther than that, the XV’s CVT is also known to cause problems

Leaked: Want this for your Ativa? Indonesia-spec Toyota Raize GR Sport gets paddle shifters!

activate its fierce sideInside, the only telling difference that this is the GR Sport variant is a pair of paddle

Toyota GR Supra finally gets a sweet manual transmission!

got their hands on the GR Supra and has started work on swapping out the GR Supra’s automatic transmission

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paddle shift transmission problems Post Review

@horiusainc Hi Hori. I have been experiencing some problem with paddle shift on Hori RWA Racing Wheel series 81011. During the in game play on Gran Turismo Sport on manual transmission, I always have the gear shifting up and down automatically and suddenly. Im frustrated that it