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Paddle shifting is bad ass

Oh it's CVT?

Yup yup. The XT only comes with a CVT. But at least the Subaru CVT is widely considered the best of them . To be fair, it's really half bad. One economy and two sportier modes are available along with "manual shifting" via flappy paddles. Average mileage so far is 8.0/100 km.

@CodyMeredith aww that's to bad. Manual is so fun to drive. But the paddle shifting in that car is solid too.

Not gonna lie. The paddle shifting in my moms new car is bad effing ass.

@RossinBossin1 it's a automatic 6 speed, you can switch it to the paddle shift

@Matthew_Cox10 damn to bad its not stick. Paddle shifting is still fun though!

@suthrngrwn Yes it is! Children will do or say anything to justify their bad behavior, especially shifting blame to others! Paddle em!

@Kick_Up Paul you got wrong the focus it got bad shifting animation (it uses the paddle behind the wheel), 5 speed not 6, and is the 08 ver

Over here, over here!! lol - Stick and clutch is driving. Automatic is steering and breaking. Although it’s hard to bad mouth Tiptronic steering wheel sequential paddle shifting. You can’t go from 5th gear directly to 2nd in a curve but if F1 cars use it there’s speed in that!

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Why can't manual transmission gear shifts be simpler and in a straight line?

The multi-legged H-pattern of a gearshift is actually very good for shifting between adjacent gears. When you're in 3rd, 99% of the time you want to shift to either 2nd or 4th. In fact, making it easy to shift from 3rd to 1st (or from 3rd to reverse) would probably be a bad thing. If all the gears were in a straight line: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ... it would be really easy to accidentally shift from 2nd to 4th instead of from 2nd to 3rd, for example. So the H-pattern forces you to change directions every time you shift, minimizing the possibility that you'll accidentally double shift. The actual gates in your transmission don't match up exactly to the diagram on the knob either. They look a little more like this: As you can see, it's much easier to shift from 4th to 3rd or 5th than to 1st. Taking this to its logical conclusion, you might think that gearshifts should be arranged in a zigzag pattern so that there would be basically no way you could screw up: 1 3 5 \ / \ / 2 4 However, the other advantage of the H-pattern is that you can reach any gear from neutral without going through any other gear. In situations where this isn't necessary, like in automatic transmissions that let you select gears (i.e. Tiptronic) you would have a + slot and a - slot (or a + paddle and a - paddle). Motorcycles have only + and - as well, since having a full H-pattern would be impractical for both engineering and usability reasons.

Just how bad is a CVT transmission? Is it worse than a 4-speed automatic transmission?

I own a car with a CVT transmission. It is a 2012 Nissan Maxima. I have had no problems with it whatsoever in nearly 44, 000 miles. The car also can be paddle shifted as if it were a 6 speed automatic. Some folks don’t care for the CVT set up, but Buick used a CVT they called a Dynaflow from 1948 until 1963 and they were legendary for their overall reliability. Even though they tended to leak transmission fluid in rather copious amounts.

How hard is it to learn how to drive a five-speed manual transmission for the very first time? Do car manufacturers still make cars that come in five speed, or are most of the cars automatic, or paddle shift?

It's not difficult at all, especially considering many manufacturers started making manual transmissions smoother, easier to shift, with easier clutches, and with lighter ,pressure, ,plates,. The manual transmission or “,stick shift,”, “,straight shift,”, “,4-on-the-floor,”, or similar term of endearment, is a ton of fun and a great way to “feel” your car or truck. When you have your hand on the gear shift or stick, you can actually feel the rotation of the different gears in the transmission and the different vibrations of the engine and transmission. I love it and would only consider an automatic in places with bad traffic. The key: don't be afraid of stalling. Many people think stalling the car is an awful thing when, in fact, it's MEANT to do that! Once you get used to how the engine responds to the ,friction point, ,stalling becomes a thing of the past. (edit: I just learned that the British call this the ,biting point.) The friction point is ,technically, when the pressure plate begins to push against the engine's ,flywheel, with the clutch disc between them. This is the mechanism or system that translates engine power (rotations) into movement by way of the transmission. The friction point is ,figuratively, when you feel the car move as you slowly let off the clutch pedal. A good way to practice: while sitting in an empty parking lot, vehicle on and running, right foot OFF the gas pedal (,accelerator,), car in 1st gear, slowly let the clutch up with your left foot. See if you can make the car go ,without ,pressing the accelerator. Using the clutch pedal to slowly ,disengage, (pushing clutch pedal in) and ,engage, (letting clutch pedal out) is called ,feathering,. You might hear this when referring to throttle, too. And, yes, the clutch action I described seems backwards; you're actually ,engaging, the clutch when you let off of the clutch pedal. Once you get the vehicle rolling, see if you can get it into 2nd gear, too, without using the accelerator. Again, you'll get used to feathering the clutch much like you would the accelerator. Good luck! Edit: I meant to also say that most manufacturers are producing automatics only due to sellability. They're getting really good at making them less “squishy" and more engaging via paddle shifters, but for the purists, the venerable “stick” in 5-, 6-, and even 7-speed is still out there: https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/best-manual-transmission-cars I'm not a semi-truck guy but I think their manual gearboxes go even higher! Edit: Another answer in the digest! Thanks y'all! Edit: I found a great video on YouTube from “Learn Engineering”: …quick note, however: It’s for cars made for UK, Japan and similar “wrong-way drivers” :). Also, why are they shifting from 1st to 3rd? You can do that, but it’s not very efficient. Otherwise, great video.

What’s an affordable car that’s faster than most other cars on the road?

If you’re looking at an affordable ,new, car, then that narrows the list. I would choose this one… This is the 2018 Fiat 500 Abarth. It lists for under $21K and features a lightweight 2512 pound curb weight, 160 horsepower and a 0–60 time of 6.9 seconds. It features a turbocharged 1.4 liter engine, choice of stick or paddle-shifted automatic, sport suspension, a cool-sounding exhaust note and sporty bumpers, trim, wheels, tires and interior. Not the fastest pocket rocket on the road, but not bad for the price…

Is it bad for a modern automatic gearbox to be shifted using the paddle shifters?

I asked this question of my mechanic and was told that it would not be detrimental. I have a 370Z roadster that has been highly modified [first by Nissan, then further by aftermarket tuners] and I have been using the paddles every day for 75K miles. Never a problem. Being computerized, cars nowadays will not allow en errant shift that would put an engine into redline and even if you are in a manual mode and slow down, the computers will make the downshift shift for you. So have at it, have fun!

How good is KIA's all-wheel-drive system?

I had the 2015 KIA Optima SXL and its traction control was so bad that in heavy snow I switched to paddle shifting and took it out of the equation. It was a nightmare. I am not sure how much they’ve progressed afterwards but their latest AWD SUV has great reviews from off-road enthusiasts.

Is paddle shifting bad for the engine?

If the car has been designed with paddles for shifting, what is the question ? Shifting with a stick, or with a button ( like some old Chryslers ) is no different that using the paddles, they are just a easier shift system to reach without taking your hand away from the wheel. Just remember to shift at the right RPMs and use the clutch if required. Sometimes I wish that my car had paddles instead of a stick for shifting gears.

Why does motorcycle design suck so bad? I have to row through gears, hunch over, can't carry anything and back ride the gf like a giraffe.

Son- you may not be using the right vehicle. Those of us that love motorcycles ride them even though they can be… inconvenient. Often: because they impose limitations we have to work around. You want luggage space? Buy a Ford F-150 and haul it all behind you, or… work around it. This guy has balls, inventiveness and class: he’s haulin’ duck and getting his ride on. There is CLEARLY room for a girlfriend in this calculation. Maybe you should buy a bigger bike? Laugh all you want- this guy is living his dream. And he’s not whining about shifting up and down, or squeezing a girl-on-back. There are bigger bikes… but perhaps this one speaks to him. Fills his soul. And fits better than the old Ninja 250 he upgraded from. This man is a true biker in spirit and practice. Ride on, big guy- you are doing it right!! Don’t like shifting? Ok, well, that is odd for most of us in the biking world. This is part of our communication and commune with the bike. But if that is inconvenient for you technology has the answer. There are several very well regarded automatic bikes on the market. I’d ride one (I wouldn’t buy one) —they have two wheels, after all. Ok- maybe this one… This bad boy is the 2018 Honda Goldwing. Automatic with all the trimmings. Including paddle shifting… if you dare...(my Hyundai also has paddle shifters, which is why it sits in my driveway while I ride a bike). You can haul both a girlfriend and more than 200 chicken wings on this hell-spawn technology bastardization. But damn.. ain’t she purty, and she has a wicked growl. Only bike I’ve ever sat in with a parking brake. But—-she is also $24K as pictured, without the shiatsu massager and foot bath. I kid, here are a ton of technology marvels in this bike… including shaving 80lbs off of the previous model year. A good question at this point is… why do you ride??? If you haven’t (willingly and gladly) come to terms with the natural limitations of riding a motorcycle… then perhaps it is just a passing fancy for you. Of my many friends with motorcycles, almost all will: Ride in bad weather. Ride 5 hours to get to a place only 30 minutes away by car. Ride in Texas heat (in Texas traffic)- always arriving sweaty, stinky and angry- because what a fucking fun ride!!! Ride a 100cc scooter before considering driving a car (unless they need to carry tools, supplies, or not be sweaty for that customer presentation) because TWO WHEELS!!!!!! Strap 50 lbs of groceries to a little bike, and deal with “losses” if they happen. Always have a heartfelt compliment for a stranger’s bike. Camp out on a bike ride with nothing but a tent, a can of beans and a six pack (knowing we can ride into town for steak). Ride to help a buddy broken down on the road- even when we have no tools. Always wave to another rider—even on a different brand of bike—just because we appreciate you are riding, too. From your question and tone, I have to guess these parameters don’t describe you. But I could be wrong. If we ever counter each other- all those things above apply- even if you completely miss the point and just complain about the deficits (there are so many) of riding, Just get out there. Point the bike in a direction. Stop complaining. Ride. Everything else is secondary. J

Would any sensible man ever buy a Lamborghini?

Why not!! lambos are fast cool with scissor doors and powerful engine. Guys and girls like it. love to show off everywhere like wearing nice cloths and that's nature of humans. We are known by it some how because it's shows class. One thing that put smile on one's face after bad days. It show one's success efforts power. Its fun to take over all cars anytime you want paddle shift works great and fast brakes are great stopping take lesser time to decrease acceleration its made of carbon fiber hard then steel means you are more safe in it after accident.

If manual Ferraris are commanding a premium in the used car market, why doesn't Ferrari design new cars with manual gearboxes?

Hoo boy. For a while I was asking every Ferrari factory rep that I could. (I have a Testarossa, so I’m on their V-12 customer invite list.) There are some sad facts here: Ferrari road cars are pretty much all about leveraging their Formula 1 brand. Literally more about the brand than the actual engineering of the cars. And since the F1 cars all have the paddle-shift transmission, Ferrari wants their road cars to have that also. Don’t believe the “lack of customer demand” argument - Ferrari does financially nonsensical bespoke development ,all the time, for their very wealthy repeat customers. They could do a 6-speed if they wanted to - Graziano and ZF are still selling perfectly fine gearboxes to Aston Martin - but they literally don’t want to, because they think it dilutes the brand. In America we mostly don’t watch Formula 1, so we don’t think of Ferrari road cars in this way, but globally this is very much what gets people to buy the cars. America used to be about 40% of Ferrari’s sales, and now it’s more like 25%. The growth is all in Asia and the Middle East, where almost none of the customers can drive a manual transmission car. They’re also more a-historical there. We think of Ferraris as romantic cars that Ingrid Bergman and Steve Mcqueen drove to sophisticated cocktail parties. (Or in my Testarossa fantasy, I’m Don Johnson chasing bad guys down the Intercoastal.) In China they don’t know any of that and they mostly don’t care. They think of Ferrari as a luxury technology brand, more like the Hermes-edition Apple Watch. They want the ,latest, thing. Hence all the endless drivel from Ferrari about how this new version of the transmission shifts in 0.09 seconds versus the now ,hopelessly outdated, 0.11 seconds of the prior car. This doesn’t mean a goddamn thing to me in practice, but it’s how they get the scions of Chinese industrial concerns to automatically trade in their 458s for 488s like they’re moving up from the Samsung Galaxy 8 to the Galaxy 9. The engineering challenges of a manual transmission and clutch have become formidable in the face of >600–900 horsepower engines. A manual transmission driveline has to stand up to the ham-fisted abuse of drivers who can’t or won’t engage the clutch smoothly, which means ,peak, loads are much higher than steady-state loads. Cars like the Viper and Corvette ZR1 have relatively large and beefy transmissions with big-diameter clutches to address this. But Ferrari wants to make a smaller car without a gigantic transmission hump intruding into the passenger compartment. They need transmissions and clutches that can be packaged more tightly, which means they need to manage the input loads. With a DCT, you can manage the timing of the shift motions much more precisely, and you can use the computers to smooth out the peak loads.