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An increasingly common feature in automatic transmission cars nowadays is paddle shifters. 9 times out

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The paddle shifters on the Audi R8 with S tronic® let you shift all that power with the touch of a finger. #WantAnR8

@Audi paddle shifters is very useful.make the car become powerful:) love Audi R8:)

Is a 7-speed manual tranny really useful for a street car? The 7-speed double clutch automatics with paddle shifters are awesome to drive.

I love @reWASDmapper, it has turned my Xbox elite controller into something actually useful. Back paddles as layout shifters is bliss.

Ordered myself a 3D printer, this is going to be so useful.Short throw mods for the TH8A shifterNew paddlesand.....Cup holder for the Playseat :Dhttps://thingiverse.com/thing:2483623

is paddle shifters useful Q&A Review

Which car companies are using paddle shifters?

Every Automaker does incorporate paddle shift to transmit power to different gears for desired power or torque Usually offered on sporty segment Sometimes for the regular cars too costing higher than usual Paddle shift is generally used along hydraulic actuators for smooth and quick gear shift And These work great with dual clutch system

Why are paddle shifters on cars cool/good/useful?

It allows manual override of the selected gear in an automatic transmission. In normal driving, there's not a great deal of point in using them rather than letting the transmission sort itself out. But there are situations where being able to pre-empt the transmission is useful. One example is on a 2-lane road when you're following a slow-moving vehicle. If you tried to accelerate to pass it, there would be a slight delay as the transmission shifted down a gear or two to improve acceleration. Using the paddle shifters, you can manually downshift early. Then, when a suitable gap appears, you can just put your foot down and go immediately. There are automatic transmissions that allow you to do this that don't have paddle shifters- usually a sideways movement of the shifter will enable a manual mode. But the advantage to paddle shifters is that you can keep both hands on the wheel.

What is the use of paddle shifters in a car?

The last car I had with paddles was a VW Touareg. I never used them in the couple of years I had the car. A modern auto transmission is quite capable of reading what the driver is doing: it has inputs from the steering column, for instance, which show how quickly you’ve moved the wheel and to what angle. It knows if you’ve jerked the throttle pedal suddenly, or squeezed it slowly. It knows how many people are in the car; all contributions to a decision to shift gears. With the Touareg, it would drop at least 2 gears and sometimes more, even from as lightish tap to the throttle - there never was a situation when I felt it needed me to manually select the right gear. So I don’t get what’s useful about the shifters, genuinely.

What if a car came with automatic transmission with paddle shifters, will you damage the engine if you never use the paddle shifters?

No, it will make no difference if you don't use the paddle shifters. The paddle shifters are there just so you can take over the gear changes whenever you want, because most fully-automatic transmissions are not a 100% accurate. They sometimes do make mistakes while shifting, because they do not analyse the road in front, and all that kind of stuff. They just change gears based mainly on the rpm of the engine. The driver, in this sense is better suited to change the gear during such situations. But it will do no harm in not using the paddle shifters.

How do I use Honda Civic paddle shifters correctly?

Since I don’t know how to add question detailed descriptions, can I add them here? I have a 2019 Honda Civic Sedan Sport CVT with 2.0L NA engine, this model is equipped with paddle shifters. Sometimes I tried S mode with paddle shifters involved, what I did was basically trying to maintain RPM in the range of 2500-3000 for all speeds, I had no experience of driving a MT car, all my knowledge about gear shifting are from internet. I have some doubts about using paddle shifters: 1. Do I need to release the accelerator if I upshift? It seems the car can automatically drop the engine RPM when upshifting 2. If I experience a harsh(not smooth) up or down shifting, will the CVT experience damages? 3. What's the mechanism under the CVT with paddle shifters? Can the driver REALLY change the gear ratio (sth equivalent in CVT , I know gear ratio in CVT is a wrong term) or this whlole thing is simulated by the computer?

How do you use paddle shifters on a Lexus IS300?

I have owned Lexus IS with paddle shifters since 2015. And from my point of view those are nice to have but rarely used option. Using a paddle shifter is pretty simple for higher gear use + paddle and for a lower gear - paddle. You can have the same effect by using stick in manual /Sport position. You can have the same effect by using stick in manual /Sport position.

How does one easily remember which gear the car is running on when using paddle shifters?

I have a car with semi-automatic gearbox (5 speeds, automatic clutch, manual shifting with paddle or joystick possible). There are only two ways possible to tell which gear is active: 1. read the gear display in the cockpit. 2. listen to the engine (maybe look at the rev meter) and compare the reading to the current speed. A paddle shifter encourages me to shift the gearbox like I would do on a motorbike. I do not count the gears but I decide that the situation requires a higher or lower gear. In most cases this is bloody simple: if the car is supposed to accelerate on pressing the accelerator and it does not, the gear is too high. And if the engine screams very loud while the car does not change its speed, the gear is probably too small. That's about it;-)

Do you let go of the gas pedal when paddle shifting?

Paddle shifters are considered a sequential gearbox, which means it was made for shifting without letting off the gas. So, no I so not let off the gas when driving a car with paddle shifters.

Do you actually use the paddle shifters in your car?

I do from time to time, if I feel the need for instant response from the gearbox…sometimes in traffic, sometimes (rare in this part of Ontario) on a twisting road, sometimes in snowy and icy conditions (when I often turn off the stability control too). Putting the DSG in manual mode gives a little more control, but the damn kickdown still interferes with my wish for total control.