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autozone touch up paint Post Review

Does pep boys or auto zone have car touch up paint?: Does anyone know if pepboys or autozone or any other place ... http://bit.ly/e4w4sb

I am going to repaint the prelude's back bumper with autozone touch up paint #quickfix

I went to Autozone to get some touch up paint for the Ginley hearse. The guy who helped me owns a hearse for personal reasons. #alrightythen

apperantly the most leet thing you can buy at autozone is a quart of valvoline 10w40, a touch-up paint pen, and a bottle of sprite. who ...

@To_Serenade_Me you could go to autozone and get one of those touch up paint pens. She might not notice then.

I scratched my car!! I need to get to AutoZone and find some white touch up paint. I am so angry right now...even if it's not that bad...

Old white ladys are the ones giving white people a bad name. Like lady please you work at autozone give me my touch up paint.

Curbed two of my rims lastnight looks like I gotta make a stop at autozone tonight so I can get some touch up paint and sand paper.

Go to autozone, buy touch up paint and work on the front lip....buts is ALL STAR weekend.... or

So I was in autozone off Cleveland ave today and this dude walked I. And yelled “aye y’all got touch up paint for a Chrysler” he proceeded to find the can he neeeded then walked out of the store with it and drove off... welcome to North linden

autozone touch up paint Q&A Review

I scratched my white car a little with a black colored pole. There is no dent but some paint scratched up. How can I fix it myself?

You can get touch up paint from dealership, try autozone or o'rileys for a cheaper option. Could go to a arts and crafts store for model paint. Could go even cheaper and find white fingernail polish. Really depends on your choice. I have used fingernail polish with very good results myself. Best wishes Mike

How can I fix a stripe-shaped dent on my car door?

In my experience, body work is generally best left to the experts. It is an art and if you have no experience, you will most likely make it look worse than if you didn’t do it at all. There are also a plethora of specialty tools they have at their disposal that will aid immensely in the repair process. Body work with general tools most people own is like surgery using a fillet knife instead of a scalpel. It will do the job, but not with the outcome one hopes for. If the car is not worth paying to have it fixed properly, its probably not worth the time to do it yourself either. A repair such as this would only cost $100-$200. It would probably cost you $75 by the time you buy the bondo, sandpaper, paint, primer, and clearcoat and then you will still always be able to see the damage there. A professional could probably pull out the dent and avoid bondo all together which is always a better option. At the very least, they can apply bondo correctly so that there are no air holes and it doesn’t all come out after a year. If you want to give it a try just for the experience, then go for it. Sand off the paint and primer down to the steel to about an inch beyond the repair Apply Bondo per manufacturer instructions Buy a spray can of touch up paint and clearcoat that matches your car’s paint color (Duplicolor from Autozone works well). Paint codes can usually be found on the drivers door sticker. Sand and paint per paint manufacture’s instructions. Youtube will also go a long way in finding the nuances of car painting. If you take your time and are meticulous, you might even do a good enough job that people don’t notice at least from a distance.

Does Autozone scratch fix paint work permanently?

NO! Terrible product! Do not use! Yes it will protect from rust but it looks bad. Touch up paint, even the right color from the dealer, isn't ever very good. For little scratches, you're better off using this...

How do Lyft or Uber drivers make any profit what with wear and tear on their cars?

I went to college for automotive and repair my car myself when it experiences a part failure(Your car will absolutely require regular repairs and parts will fail.) Don’t worry though, Uber will tow you up to 25 miles free up to 4x per year. When my starter finally failed and I was stranded in a parking lot the tow arrived in literally only 20 minutes. Even better I had the part replaced myself, purchased at a heavy discount, and was back out driving in the SAME DAY! I have maintained a good relationship with the parts manager at my local Honda dealer and am provided heavy discounts on OEM Honda parts and even aftermarket parts from autozone/advance auto “purchased” through the Honda dealer in situations where OEM quality is negligent. I am very meticulous with vehicle maintenance and repairing little problems immediately, before they become big problems. In my opinion driving for uber/lyft is only worth it if you are driving a vehicle that is paid off (or nearly paid off), gets good fuel economy, and you can repair it yourself or have some amazing connections with a honest mechanic. In my world, the most concerning element of your car needing a repair is the time being sacrificed by not being on the road. How fast can I obtain the correct replacement part? How much do I need to heat that rusty bolt to ensure I am not stuck drilling the stud out of the engine block? Occurrences of “Vehicle in need of repair” require little effort and time to resolve and I am back on the road in the SAME DAY! This does not happen by accident or some otherwise miracle luck. This is because of my background and experience with repairing vehicles. To me it feels as if I was hired to drive in endless circles attempting to reach the point of “Vehicle in need of repair” that I get excited when the car attempts to challenge me and I actually need to make a repair. I also find it quite refreshing to experience the cars failing symptoms “live” while I am actually driving it. I am able to gather accurate information about the situation that has just occured, in comparison to a (brainless) customer providing inaccurate or no information about the operating parameters at the moment of fault/failure so that it can be duplicated. (usually failing to mention the objects they struck and/or curbs they went over which may have caused said failure.) In reality these are the same people who are concerned about making sure their door jams are wiped down or want to touch up paint a tiny scratch in a plastic bumper because they “Don’t want it to rust” Yes, we all know these people, they are the drivers behind the wheel of every other uber/lyft vehicle on the road. You know the ones with the rusting subframe and suspension components they cannot see and therefore must not exist. The ones who manage to block an entire lane of traffic, bike lane, and most of the bus lane while waiting for a fashionably late passenger. These are the people who are blinded by the gross revenue and end up taking home $9.00 per hour. The people who are driving a brand new vehicle to 250k miles in the first 2 years of their 6 year car loan because they did not approach with a plan/goals. These people are what Uber/Lyft feed off of and spit out once the next new driver comes along to sign up. Don’t become another one of their puppets, put emphasis on learning your market, and prepare yourself with a dash cam/rideshare insurance. In my situation: I am driving an 11 year old stick shift Honda Civic with 180k miles on it (YES even Hondas eventually break down). Thankfully Honda builds vehicles with exceptional durability and longevity. The manual transmission gives me much greater control over the speed of the vehicle and I do not have to hold my foot on the brake at all in traffic or at a red light (You’ll be spending alot of time standing still in traffic, but my foot, it’s not sore like yours.) An automatic transmission will also be taking a huge amount of stress with the constant stop and go of city driving and will likely require replacement at some point (my clutch disk? Oh it’s already been replaced at 150k miles and only cost me $500) Mechanically my Honda is in damn near perfect condition and continues to hold up to the brutal 12hr beating it receives daily. I am changing the oil every 3rd week and transmission fluid every 3rd oil change (Guess what? Those fluids are pretty cheap on amazon, and replaced in minutes on the garage floor) This is how you make $2k a week as a driver and actually net the majority of it. My income is double of what it was previously and I’ve paid off all of my obnoxious credit card debt in a matter of 2 months. I currently am planning on purchasing a home and am living a much more stress free lifestyle. I work 12hr days for 3 weeks and then take a week completely off. I am in the Chicago market and the demand is heavy at all hours of the day, any day of the week. I have literally endless opportunity to earn, and no one to tell me to go do it. Mentally I would have it pretty rough going back to a normal boss/schedule.

Is there an in-home remedy for getting the light covers clearer on a car?

There is a relatively easy way to clean oxidized headlight lenses. Be advised though, mostly as the plastic ages it also yellows and there is no easy fix for the yellowing. Having said that, you can restore even heavily yellowed headlamps to a quite acceptable level with a power buffer like a body shop would use and a polishing mit attachment. The only other thing you need is some Mothers Mag Wheel polish and you can find that at places like Advance Auto or Autozone. The buffer can be found at harbor freight for something on the order of about $40. The polishing pads you can get there too and they are inexpensive. Careful application of the polish and buffer will give good results, use a low to moderate speed, low to moderate pressure and keep the buffer moving. Pause too long in one place and you will get the plastic hot enough to create bubbles in the plastic and you cant remove those. Once the lights are polished up put a good coat of sealer/wax on them just like you would your car’s paint. You will probably have to touch them up once a year or so to keep them looking good but its easy enough to do that when you wax the car. Work carefully the first time you do this and you will get good results. Remember a set of new headlamp housings if you have to buy them new in some cases might exceed the value of the car. So, it only makes good sense to protect those puppies! And you will see better at night as well. Oh, I almost forgot…old terry cloth rags work well for removing the left over polish and buffing up the result…just like if you were waxing your car.

What is the best ways to repair car body scratch?

As everyone else has said, for the most part, you need to determine if the scratch is in the clearcoat or the paint. You should be able to figure this out with a simple “finger nail test”. Take your finger nail and gently move it across the scratch — if you can feel it, it's in the paint. If not, then it's clearcoat. First and foremost, a little disclaimer. IF THE VEHICLE IS NEWER THAN 2010, DO NOT USE RUBBING COMPOUND UNLESS IT SPECIFICALLY SAYS “FOR NEWER CARS”. Ahem, sorry for shouting, but I can't stress that enough. Old-fashioned rubbing compound will damage the clearcoat. If you determine that the paint is scratched, then a professional is your best bet. Someone mentioned a tube of “touch up” paint, and that's an option, too. Just keep in mind, on vehicles newer than 6 or 7 years old, you'll probably have to get these paints from a dealer. Most paints are proprietary for a period of time, so places like Autozone and O’Reillys won't carry them for a while. If the scratch is in the clearcoat, I highly suggest a product called “Meguires Scratch X 2.0”. It will cost anywhere between $8-$15 for a bottle, plus microfiber towels. Only use microfiber or microfleece towels when doing this. Terry cloth, dish rags, bath towels or other household items can damage the clearcoat further. Good luck!

Is RockAuto.com really a better way to purchase auto parts than Auto Zone or Pep Boys?

I haven’t bought anything yet from Rockauto but do use their website when comparing pricing between the major auto parts stores. Fortunately I have no problems with obtaining parts for my ’88 Chevy van from our local auto parts stores at a reasonable price since those are needed for immediate repairs. I’m currently working up a parts list for a 2005 Dodge Neon that my son gave me since the new car dealerships didn’t want it as a trade-in. It runs great with 122K on the OD but needs the timing belt kit, new motor & transmission mounts, probably new drive belts and tensioners plus some paint touch-ups and the roof repainted. I compared the parts and pricing between Rockauto and AutoZone to notice that AZ provided a lifetime warranty on their motor/trans mounts plus honors the limited factory warranties on the other parts. I rather pay extra for that convenience since I plan to drive the Neon until it’s slap worn out. On the other hand, I’ll probably use Rockauto when rebuilding the front suspension and replacing the shocks on my van since their pricing for top brands is much better and those components do last for a long time.

What is the best way to fix deep car body scratches?

Unfortunately there isn't much you can do to completely fix them. However you can go to autozone and pick up a tube of touch up paint (get the one with the small brush , like nail polish) and a good car wax. You will also need a electric car buffer. Use the touch up paint just on the scratches themselves , then let that dry for 24 hours. the next day take the car wax and the buffer to the area and lay a thick coat of wax over the area then buff the crap out of it until you get the best result you can. You will still be able to see them because you know they are there but if you do a good job you will be happy with it.

What legal actions can I take when a cop damages my car during a traffic stop? He tapped his clipboard on my mirror and left scratches and on the window seal of drivers door and left a cut mark. Do I have any legal grounds against him?

Well you could make a Civil Report while you ar PAYING the ticket on the Officers conduct. It might get paid after a VERY LONG investigation. You could sue the Auto dealer for a poor pain job and manufacturing of fault parts and improper paint application. Or you could just Forget about it!!!! What are you going to do when a small rock on the roadway gets blown up or thrown by a cars tire you are following at 60mph and it does damage to your front bumpers paint and hood gets scratched. Are you going to CHASE down the driver, sue the state for not vacuuming the road 2 minutes before you drove that route? This is called BEING PETTY or as the courts say Frivolous Law Suit. So unless the damage is egregious you will WASTE your life and money in pursuits of your spoils. Get a scratch marker from Autozone and touch it up. STOP the activity that got you pulled over in the first place. So far I have gone over several stumps, gotten a branch in my grill. I was walking out to a parking lot and found that the truck slid down a hill and up against a pole that was in the parking lot since there was ICE, the reason was because I did not have traction after parking, I nearly fell down walking to the store. None of these could be claimed AGAINST anyone, but the most likely would be to claim it on YOUR insurance. I still have all these dings years since because I did not want to pay the deductible. Its a work truck!!! Pick your battles wisely!!!

If your car was painted and not the original color, can a chip taken from the car be scanned at a paint shop like Home Depot to match the color?

Not worth the effort. Automotive paint is number-coded, plus most body shops and auto paint stores have special scanners that can read the paint. I’ve done it and gotten a perfect match. If you look at the paint code for your car (usually printed on the driver’s side door sill you can even get touch up paint at Autozone, Pep Boys, etc. The substance and quality of auto paint is totally different than anything you can find at Home Depot.


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