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paint touch up can Q&A Review

How do you know what color your house paint is if the previous tenant didn’t leave a can/sample (to buy more if a re-paint/touch up is needed)?

Simple… get a small chip at least an inch or more and take it to any professional paint selling store… they can use a paint spectroscopy machine and create a formula, mix it on the spot, to match the sample you give them… Very normal.

Can you really do touch-ups without painting the entire wall?

Here are the problems with touch up painting walls: New versus old. When your paint first went on the wall, it was new. Sitting in the can for two years or so makes it old. Meanwhile, the first painting has aged with sunlight and dirt. The chances of those two paints working for a touch up, especially when its a dark matte paint, are very slim. There will be a difference in the sharpness of color and the light and darkness (shade). It will be subtle but noticeable. Failure to blend the edges. No matter how close the paints are, if you make a hard edge and don’t feather it (gradually lessen the amount of new paint so that the edge is soft), there will be that noticeable edge. So, if you avoid those too very common problems, you won’t have to re-paint the entire wall. BUT DO A SAMPLE FIRST AND ALWAYS. Never assume that it is going to work because you “followed the rules” or worse “believed that expert, Randy Humphries”. But I do thank you for asking me.

How can someone find the right color paint for touching up their car?

As in Blair’s answer, your paint code will help lead you to what paint to use on your car. Some vehicles have both a paint code and a trim code. It depends on the manufacturer of the car. Just to make things more interesting, the car maker’s name for the paint color may not be the same as the paint maker’s name for the color. In situations like this, go by the paint code, then compare the paint can cap or paint pen patch to your car. There is very little likelihood of the new paint being an exact match to your car, but it should be close enough that a little feathering should make it blend in nicely. Different car makers will hide the paint and trim codes in odd, inexplicable places. Most cars have a tag inside the driver’s door either on the frame or on the door itself. With door tags, the paint code is usually near a bottom corner of the tag. My old 98 Jetta has the tag in the trunk, under the carpet, in the spare tire well, under the spare tire. Apparently Volkswagen was embarrassed that the best they could do with that car was LA9B, “Cool White,” which is actually a warm white, and they thought that if they hid the tag well enough I would never know, because you certainly can’t tell by looking at it. Many GM cars have it in the glove compartment on the inside of the door. Sometimes, if your car’s color is sufficiently distinctive, you can go to an auto parts store and check the book. The touch up paint book usually has colored references under a specific brand name and model year and you can sometimes find your color just by comparison. My 2003 Jetta is clearly “Indigo Blue Pearl,” which is the uncontested ugliest shade of blue that Volkswagen has managed to come up with: extra-dark Navy, with just enough of a hint of purple to make it look like something went wrong when they mixed the paint. Frustratingly, the paint reference books don’t go back many model years. Apparently, they think that the older a car is, the less likely it is to need a paint job. Most Asian cars will have the paint code in the door jamb, though Mazda, Subaru, and Hyundai like to occasionally hide it under the hood, just to keep you on your toes. Recent Chrysler products (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram) will have the code on the door jamb. Some older ones (add Plymouth to the list) may have it under the hood, all the way up on the firewall; that’s the back of the engine compartment, near the windshield. Every Ford I have encountered so far (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury) has had the tag on the door jamb. Some Fords also have an interior and exterior code. My 1996 Saab has it on the door jamb: ,248 ,—, ,Clear, concise, and to the point, “Black.” With Volvo, start in the door jamb; but it may be randomly placed somewhere under the hood, usually near the radiator, but that’s not a promise. The same can be said for most German cars as well, except for Volkswagen. I hope this proves helpful to you.

Where can I buy official nissan touch up paint?

Most touch up paints can be bought at the dealer (most expensive, not always better) or at most auto supply stores. Even Walmart carries touch up paint. I buy mine from Amazon: ,nissan touch up paint Some considerations: The stores may not always have your paint in stock, so you may want to call first. Some paints do not touch up well because they are a special mix, and require going to an Auto body supply to get the correct Paint, hardener, and top coat. This may be expensive, as they can only mix quart batches - so stop by some local body shops and see if they have the paint in stock, and can touch up your car. (Hint - if you see your color Nissan in a body shop lot, good chance they have your color).

Can you touch up paint over rust?

There is POR-15. (paint over rust) There are different opinions. It has worked for me in areas that I couldn't reach to remove rust. I have found that if you don't get every speck of rust off of the metal it somehow comes back through paint. A wire wheel on a drill beats sanding.

How do you match wall color for a touch up if you don't have the paint can?

Paint technology has moved on a long way and Sarah’s advice is good. ICI paints are able to ‘colour-match’ a particular colour just by scanning a sample. However, if you have the budget, you are much better painting the entire room in ‘your matched colour.’ instead of ‘touching up’. ‘Touching up’ may work with an ‘old mastes’ but a domestic residence? Not worth the effort in attempting to try..

How can you add touch up paint that won’t look bad?

In addition to the other answers, I might also suggest you consider buying fresh paint by color matching to the wall instead of going with the original paint leftover in the can. You may not need to do that but it never hurts to check the dried color first. It depends on how fussy you are about the re-painted spot on the wall. I had a can of paint left from a wall that had gotten a lot of sun on it and it’d been painted quite a number of years prior. I started out with the same can of paint I’d used previously. However it didn’t match anymore. It was really off. Also, be aware that paint can go bad. It does last a pretty good long time if stored correctly. But check to be sure it stirs up well, doesn’t look or smell bad in the can (such as mold), is smooth and not too viscous (indicating it’s becoming dried out). Good suggestions here in this article, ,.

Can a landlord charge for touch-up paint?

He should be charging something to offset the cost of it. A whole gallon costs upwards of $50bucks, and it will go bad if it’s not used after a few years. What if that wall is some weird color? He’s got to either repaint it t the normal white -ish hue, or get a liter color-matched just to touch up that wall. Add the cost of driving and paint supplies and labour, and you’ve got several hundred bucks to do your touch up.

Can my NYC landlord withhold part of my security deposit for "touch up paint"?

Nope. By definition, "touch up paint" is a light application of paint to cover minor defects, such as light scratches or marks on a wall surface. Light marks, scuffs and scratches are an expected and ordinary result of normal use and are therefore exempt from charge against a tenant's security deposit. But good luck getting it back!

Can you touch up flat paint?

Yes ! It is probably the only paint that you can touch up on a wall that will blend. Other sheens flash when touched up, and you have to repaint the intire wall or surface.