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What are some examples of science fiction in the past becoming science fact today?

Science Fiction movies, books, and TV shows have long been predictors and inspirations for invention. From debit cards to cell phones to submarines, many of the inventions imagined in Science Fiction have become part of our reality. In many cases, Science Fiction didn’t merely predict but also inspires real-life invention: 3D Printers Fans of ,Star Trek, will remember the replicator. Replicators were devices capable of instantly materializing almost any object with a simple command. While 3D printers can’t quite pull objects out of thin air, they do act similarly to replicators, reproducing jewelry, food, and even body parts. Many tech experts believe that as the technology improves, they will resemble replicators even more closely. Cyberspace In his 1984 novel ,Neuromancer,, novelist William Gibson predicted hacking, virtual reality, the world wide web, and cyberspace a decade before the internet took the form we know today. In a re-release of the novel for its 20th anniversary, Jack Womack suggested that Gibson’s creation of cyberspace may even have spurred the development of the web. Universal Credit In his 1888 novel ,Looking Backward,, Edward Bellamy introduced the concept of universal credit: The citizens of his future utopia carried a card with them that allowed them to spend credit from a central bank, without a need for paper money. Underwater Exploration Jules Verne’s works spawned a number of inventions, the most famous of which is the electric submarine. In his novel ,Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,, he imagined a great underwater ship powered by electricity. The novel inspired American inventor Simon Lake; he invented his own submarine called the ,Argonaut, in 1898. Communicator Another famous ,Star Trek, gadget was the communicator, which looks similar to the cell-phones of today. Martin Cooper, who oversaw the invention of the first mobile phone in the 70s, directly credited ,Star Trek, for inspiring his vision. Metal War Machines In addition to Jules Verne, H.G. Wells was another great predictor of future technologies. In his 1903 story “The Land Ironclads,” he took existing metal-hulled war ships and put them on land. These machines were precursors to the modern tank, which were first deployed on the battlefield 13 years later during the battle of Somme. Leonardo da Vinci, however, might have got there first: he too had tank-like drawings. Personal Access Display Device Another, Star Trek, invention to cross into reality is the PADD, a device first seen in ,Star Trek TNG, in the late 80s. The PADD, or Personal Access Display Device, bore a strong resemblance to today’s iPads, and utilized a similar smooth, flat, touch-screen interface. Thimble Radios In 1953 when Ray Bradbury’s ,Fahrenheit 451, was published, portable headphones already existed, but they were massive and ugly, and they weighed a ton. Bradbury’s description of “little seashells…thimble radios” exactly describes ear bud headphones, which didn’t come into wide use until 2000. Broadcast News In his 1889 article “In the year 2889,” Jules Verne predicted an alternative to newspapers. Instead of being printed, the news of the day was spoken to subscribers. The first newscast took place 30 years later, and the first television newscast occurred 28 years after that. By 1974, millions of people could watch important events on their televisions. Light-propelled Spacecraft Jules Verne’s 1865 ,From the, ,Earth to the Moon, speculated about a light-propelled spacecraft. That technology exists today in solar sails, which are a form of spacecraft propulsion used by NASA. Erasing Memory The movie ,Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, imagined a procedure where memories can be erased. In 2013, scientists were testing a drug that blocked certain types of memories in animals with a single dose. Three-month-old memories of lab rats were erased, and weeks later, there was no sign of the memory returning. Picturephones AT&T first demonstrated consumer video conferencing at the 1964 World’s Fair, but the first discussion of the idea appeared in Hugo Gernsback’s ,Ralph 124c 41+,. Published in ,Modern Electronics, magazine in 1911, the story included a device called the “telephot” that allowed people to have eye contact while speaking across long distances. Full-Body Scans The 1990 film ,Total Recall, portrayed high-speed, full body security scanners. In 2016, Boston-based Evolv Technology announced plans for the first public trials of A.I.-powered high-speed body scanners. The Future of Flight Igor Sikorsky, the inventor of the modern helicopter, was inspired by the Jules Verne book ,Robur the Conqueror,, in which the main character builds an aircraft out of pressboard and flies via rotors. At the time, early prototypes for helicopters already existed, but Verne took those prototypes further, imagining the ways they would develop. Google Glass In ,Star Trek,, the Dominion wore headsets that allowed them to see outside their ships with only a head turn. This virtual display device is similar to Google Glass: a tiny screen just outside your direct vision that plugs into all of your technology. Lunar Landing Another one of Jules Verne’s stories predicted aspects of the 1969 manned Apollo 11 lunar landing. In ,From the Earth to the Moon,, Verne’s astronauts were launched from Florida in an aluminum capsule. He also made some amazingly accurate calculations as to how much force would be needed to propel the rocket out of Earth’s atmosphere. Electric Rifle Children growing up in the early 1900s would have been familiar with the Tom Swift series of books. In the books, the main character Tom Swift made use of a stun gun. When NASA physicist Jack Clover invented the taser, he gave it that name as a nod to the series. TASER actually stands for “Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle.” Mission to Mars Robert Goddard was an American scientist who successfully built and launched the first liquid-fueled rocket in 1926. He became interested in spaceflight after reading a newspaper serialization of the H.G. Wells novel ,War of the Worlds,. The idea of interplanetary flight gripped his imagination, and as he wrote in his autobiography, he “imagined how wonderful it would be to make some device which had even the possibility of ascending to Mars.” The Car that Drives Itself In 1964, after attending the World’s Fair, Isaac Asimov wrote an article for the, New York Times, predicting what inventions would be on display in 50 years. His essay predicted “robot-brain cars,” which would be capable of self-driving. In 2017, companies such as Google, Apple, and Tesla have been testing this technology. Mutually Assured Destruction Robert Heinlein’s 1940 short story “Solution Unsatisfactory” imagined a future world where America develops an atomic weapon that ends WWII. This action launches the rest of the world into a nuclear arms race to keep up. The story was written before the US had even entered WWII, and five years before the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Scanadu Scout The medical tricorder used in the ,Star Trek, series could instantly diagnose virtually anything. Today, the smartphone app Scanadu Scout can give you vitals if you just hold it to your temple. Tossing Tech The movie ,Blade Runner, (based on a story by Philip K. Dick) predicted how the world would eventually use technology. In the movie, just like most of the technology in dystopian Los Angeles, replicants are disposable and replaced every four years. In the 21st century, people toss and replace their tech and appliances as soon as there is something new to replace them with. Mood-Altering Medicine Aldous Huxley’s 1931 novel ,Brave New World, was eerily prophetic. One of the novel’s most significant creations is soma, a mood-altering medicine that keeps people sane. Before 1950, antidepressants weren’t even the subject of scientific experimentation, let alone in regular use. Reality T.V. Five years before the first reality television show aired an episode, the movie ,The Running Man, (based on a novel by Stephen King) starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a man forced to participate in a violent game show where he is hunted by characters with names like Buzzsaw. Several years later, ,American Gladiators, premiered, and bore a number of similarities to ,The Running Man,. Big Brother In January 2017, George Orwell’s 1949 novel ,1984, made a fresh appearance atop the bestseller list; the book predicted several aspects of the modern world. Orwell wrote of a post-nuclear dystopian state monitored by an interconnected web of security cameras. In the 21st century, video surveillance is a part of everyday life, and individuals can be tracked through GPS. Air Touch Technology While several movies and TV shows predicted the touchscreen interface, the film ,Minority Report, was most accurate in predicting how universal touch technology would become. In 2013, researchers at the University of Bristol announced “ultrahaptic” technology, which allows for touchscreen technology without the touching—just like in the movie. Tactical Center E.E. “Doc” Smith’s “Lensmen” novels of the 1930s and 40s chronicled the adventures of a futuristic Galactic Patrol, but they also inspired a US naval officer to introduce the concept of a combat information center aboard a warship. Telecommunication Relay In 1945, Arthur C. Clarke wrote a manuscript called ,The Space Station: Its Radio Applications,. In it, he speculated that geosynchronous satellites would be used for telecommunications relays, and most notably, television signals. This was long before broadcast television was a commercial issue. Mechanical Hands Famous Science Fiction author Robert Heinlein published a short story in 1945 about physically disabled inventor Waldo F. Jones, who creates a remotely operated mechanical hand. The real-life manipulator arms that were developed for the nuclear industry were named “Waldos” as an acknowledgement of Heinlein’s idea. Striking Similarities The 1969 sci-fi novel ,Stand on Zanzibar, by John Brunner contains some amazing parallels to 21st century culture. In the novel’s version of 2010 America, Obomi is president, the country is plagued by random acts of violence such as school shootings and terrorist attacks, cars are powered by rechargeable electric fuel cells, and people are skipping marriage in favor of short-term hookups. Oh, and Detroit is a wasteland that has nonetheless developed electronic music. Sound familiar? Multimedia Framework Apple’s QuickTime Software was a groundbreaking multimedia platform capable of handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, interactivity, and music. Its creator Steve Perlman has stated that his inspiration for the software came after watching an episode of ,Star Trek TNG, where a character was listening to multiple tracks on his computer simultaneously. Brainy Primates The Planet of the Apes, series imagined a world dominated by intelligent apes whose rise was the result of scientific experimentation to improve intelligence. In 2012, university researchers released findings that the neural performance of primates could be improved by stimulation. When the correct signals were fired into their neurons, their performance improved by 10%. While not quite world domination levels yet, who knows how much smarter chimps can become. Online Metaverse In his 1992 novel ,Snow Crash,, Neal Stephenson described a fully immersive online “metaverse” where people interact with one another through representations, or “avatars.” The inventor of the online community Second Life had been playing with the idea of virtual worlds since college, but the novel painted the picture of what it could look like in the future. Bluetooth If you’ve ever seen a person walking down the street seemingly talking to themselves, they’re likely using a Bluetooth earpiece. In ,Star Trek,, Uhura, communications officer aboard the Enterprise, wore a giant silver earpiece while sitting at the communications station. Real People on T.V. While ,The Running Man, is seen as a precursor to reality show competitions like ,Survivor,, another film, ,The Truman Show,, predicted a show that turned life into reality TV. Shows like ,Teen Mom,, ,Big Brother,, and ,Duck Dynasty, are all similar to the movie, and “the Truman Show delusion,” where people believe their lives are a reality show, is also named after it. Episodes of ,The Twilight Zone, and the short film ,The Secret Cinema, (1968) also show similarities to ,The Truman Show,. Robot Maids The Jetsons,, an animated program from the 60s, had a robot maid named Rosie who completed regular household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and selecting clothes for the characters. In 2016, Elon Musk announced his new robotics firm Open AI is developing domestic robots that will perform basic household chores (of course, we already have Roombas). Superstorms In the film ,The Day After Tomorrow,, global warming causes an enormous superstorm that sets off a series of natural disasters around the world. In the summer of 2017, a series of devastating hurricanes hit the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, bearing some eerie similarities to the storm depicted in the movie. Wearable Tech In 2017, smart watches are becoming more commonplace, but a version of the smart watch first made an appearance in ,The Jetsons, cartoon back in 1962. Elroy’s friend had a watch that he could use to watch the latest episode of ,The Flinstones,, and the screen was full-color. Robot Exoskeleton The US military’s TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) is similar to the suit worn by Iron Man. It’s able to ward off bullets and has internal sensors and computers designed to give better situational awareness. It will also transform from liquid to solid when an electric current is introduced, allowing it to be comfortable outside of combat. The suit is geared at Navy SEALS and special forces, and a prototype is expected sometime in 2018. Smart Homes A 1999 Disney channel movie called ,Smart House, featured a robot called PAT (Personal Applied Technology) that can make phone calls, control the temperature, start music, and even adapt dinner menus. The Amazon Echo and Google Home are smart digital assistants that can assist with shopping, control the other smart devices in your home, stream music, and manage your calendar.

What are some notable accomplishments of pararescuemen in Vietnam?

Here is a little known fact: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ~ February 5, 2003 Release Number 02-03, Contact: (808) 541-2122 JTF-FA & CILHI RECOVERY TEAMS LOCATE POTENTIAL REMAINS OF ONLY MISSING COAST GUARDSMAN FROM VIETNAM WAR Quora required LINK: ,Jack Columbus Rittichier, Lieutenant, United States Coast Guard, . “””” HONOLULU, HAWAII – Missing-in-Action (MIA) search and recovery teams comprised of mostly Hawaii-based U.S. military and DoD civilian specialists including personnel from Joint Task Force-Full Accounting (JTF-FA) and the U.S. Army’s Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii (CILHI), are currently conducting recovery operations at a crash site in Laos believed to be that of an HH-3E “,Jolly Green Giant” helicopter piloted by Lieutenant Jack Rittichier, the first Coast Guard combat casualty and only Coast Guard MIA from the Vietnam War. Rittichier, an Ohio native, arrived in Vietnam on April 3, 1968. ,He served with the U.S. Air Force 37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron in Da Nang as a volunteer exchange pilot with the Air Force. Rittichier and Air Force crewmembers Captain Richard C. Yeend, Staff Sergeant Elmer L. Holden and Sergeant James D. Locker ,were shot down while attempting to rescue a downed pilot on the Ho Chi Minh Trail just inside the Laos border opposite the A Shau valley in Vietnam on June 9, 1968,. The Coast Guard officially listed Rittichier as ,“killed in action, body not recovered.” The recovered remains associated with Rittichier’s crash site will be repatriated to American soil in a ceremony at Hickam Air Force Base at 9 a.m. on February 14, 2003. Following the arrival ceremony, the remains will be transported to the U.S. Army’s Central Identification Laboratory where the forensic identification process will begin. Lieutenant Jack C. Rittichier, a highly decorated Coast Guard helicopter pilot who died in Vietnam in 1968 while trying to save a downed Marine Corps pilot, was buried with full military honors on October 6, 2003, at Arlington National Cemetery. Rittichier, ,the only Coast Guardsman who was missing in action, was a hero before dying in Vietnam, according to Admiral Thomas C. Collins, commandant of the Coast Guard, who delivered a eulogy. "His record of lifesaving spans the globe, from flying relief efforts off the North Carolina coast after Hurricane Betsy to flying through blinding snow and ice conditions to rescue eight German sailors stranded on a grounded motor vessel on Lake Huron,," Collins said. Rittichier of Barberton, Ohio, had served as an Air Force B-47 pilot before joining the Coast Guard in 1963. ,He helped to develop a proposal for the military pilot exchange program that would ultimately select him to serve with the Air Force in Vietnam in 1968, according to Collins. Before going to Vietnam to fly the high-risk rescue operations, Collins said, Rittichier told his brother Dave, ,"The boys are over there, and this is what I do, this is what I am. I'm an air rescue pilot . . . and I've got an obligation to save some of them." In two months, assigned to the 37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron, ,he made several daring rescues of downed Army and Marine aviators. On June 9, 1968, a Marine Corps A-4 Skyhawk went down 37 miles west of Hue. The pilot, First Lieutenant Walter R. Schmidt Jr., ejected safely but injured his leg and couldn't move. Schmidt established radio contact with control aircraft, and a rescue attempt was coordinated, according to a Coast Guard history. Two HH-3E "Jolly Green Giant" helicopters, including one piloted by Rittichier, were scrambled from Da Nang Air Base for a rescue attempt. Because Schmidt was injured, they would have to save him with a pararescue jumper, a dangerous maneuver that would require the big helicopter to hover in hostile territory while the jumper deployed. One helicopter made three attempts to rescue the pilot before being driven off by heavy enemy fire and low fuel., Rittichier agreed to give it a try. Heavy groundfire drove him away on his first attempt. After American aircraft rained more suppressive fire on the location, Rittichier tried again. ,As he hovered over Schmidt and the jumper prepared to deploy, enemy bullets riddled the helicopter and set it afire. Rittichier tried to land, but the helicopter crashed and exploded in a fireball. Rittichier and the three other crew members on board were killed,, according to the Coast Guard history. Subsequent attempts to rescue the injured Marine pilot were unsuccessful, and he remains missing in action. "If we define the character of a man by his actions, Lieutenant Jack Rittichier's conduct, under duress, endures as the quintessence of courage," Collins said. Joint U.S.-Vietnamese teams looked for the crash site at many locations in the 1990s without success before they found the right spot in 2002. Rittichier's remains were excavated in January and February of this year. The excavation also recovered remains of the rest of the crew -- Air Force Captain Richard C. Yeend Jr. of Mobile, Alabama; Staff Sergeant Elmer L. Holden of Oklahoma City; and Sergeant James D. Locker of Sidney, Ohio. Rittichier, posthumously awarded the Silver Star, is one of seven Coast Guard combat deaths in the Vietnam War. ",All hands are now accounted for," Collins said in his eulogy. "May God bless Lt. Rittichier and his family, and may God bless the United States of America." Courtesy of the United States Coast Guard A Coast Guard hero: lost in Vietnam, Coast Guard file By PA2 Patrick Montgomery, 8th District Lieutenant Jack Rittichier was born August 17, 1933, within the 8th Coast Guard District boundaries in Akron, Ohio. As a pilot during the Vietnam War, he distinguished himself as a Coast Guard hero in life -- and in death. Rittichier was posthumously awarded the Silver Star -- the third highest combat honor -- for his actions in Vietnam and was the only Coast Guardsman to be classified as missing in action during the war. Rittichier, like thousands of other servicemembers, never returned home. The Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Persons Office in Memphis, Tenn., listed Rittichier as MIA with the classification of killed in action, body not recovered. Rittichier was one of the first Coast Guard helicopter pilots to serve in Vietnam and the first to fall to enemy fire during the war. To many, it might be a surprise that the Coast Guard was there at all, nonetheless a Coast Guard helicopter pilot. According to an archived Coast Guard press release, Rittichier was selected to be a part of an exchange program with the Air Force's 37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron at Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam. The program called for each of the services to trade five pilots, three helicopter and two-fixed wing, to acquaint them with the other service's tactics, techniques and activities. For Rittichier, stationed at Coast Guard Air Station Detroit at the time, Coast Guard search and rescue missions were something he did well. In June 1967, Rittichier was awarded the Air Medal for his role as co-pilot during a rescue on Lake Huron. He and the crew flew 150 miles in blinding snow and sleet to rescue eight men stranded on the grounded West German motor vessel Nordmeer. On scene, Rittichier assisted in transferring the stranded men to safety aboard the CGC Mackinaw. The Coast Guard also awarded Rittichier with a Unit Commendation Award for his rescue work during the Hurricane Betsy relief effort while attached to Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Calling on the piloting skills that helped him make it through difficult conditions such as sleet, snow, heavy rains and even hurricane conditions, Rittichier left the United States for Vietnam and the challenging duties ahead. The view passing below Rittichier in Vietnam was much different from what he was accustomed to behind the stick of a helicopter. Instead of flying over the familiar blue lakes and oceans of his home country, he now found himself above the harsh jungle terrain and mountains of Southeast Asia. Information provided by the Coast Guard Historian's Office cites examples of heroism Rittichier performed within weeks of his arrival at the war front. Soon after arriving in Da Nang, Vietnam, Rittichier was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross after serving as co-pilot for a mission that resulted in saving four crewmembers from a downed U.S. Army helicopter. They were trapped by hostile ground fire. Less than a month later, he earned a second Distinguished Flying Cross. In the pilot's seat this time as rescue commander, Rittichier managed to maneuver his helicopter, guided by the light of illumination flares, into a narrow opening surrounded by trees and a mountain slope to rescue nine survivors of another downed helicopter. It was on June 9, 1968 -- two months and a day after arriving in Vietnam -- that Rittichier made his last rescue attempt. The archived Coast Guard press release, a biography prepared by the historian's office and Rittichier's citation for the Silver Star paint a picture of Rittichier's final mission. It began with a Marine Corps fighter pilot ejecting from his aircraft and parachuting into a temporary North Vietnamese soldier's camp. The pilot, suffering from a broken arm and leg as a result of the fall, was used by North Vietnamese soldiers as human bait to draw rescue helicopters within killing range of their gunfire and air strikes. One rescue helicopter, intent on retrieving the pilot, had already made three unsuccessful attempts to break through the enemy fire to rescue him before being forced to break off to refuel. Rittichier, piloting a second rescue helicopter, took over and made his attempt at picking up the injured pilot. Heavy enemy fire forced him to break off before he could reach the grounded Marine. Other helicopters laid down suppressive fire to clear the area of North Vietnamese troops. In spite of the heavy resistance, Rittichier once again dove in to save his fellow countryman. While he was maneuvering the helicopter into a hover above the downed pilot and beginning the actual rescue, heavy North Vietnamese ground fire struck his aircraft. Rittichier tried to pull the helicopter back to safety, but it was damaged too heavily by the North Vietnamese attack. According to eyewitness reports, his aircraft caught fire while still in the air, touched down on the ground soon after, and exploded. Other helicopters in the area flying over the burning wreckage reported no survivors. Rittichier was survived by his parents and his wife, Carol Ann. Rittichier was one of seven Coast Guard combat deaths during the Vietnam War. For his actions, Rittichier was posthumously awarded the Silver Star. His citation for the Silver Star reads: "Lieutenant Jack C. Rittichier, United States Coast Guard, distinguished himself by gallantry in connection with military operations against an opposing armed force as rescue crew commander of an HH-3E helicopter in Southeast Asia on 9 June 1968. On that date, Lieutenant Rittichier attempted the rescue of a downed pilot from one of the most heavily defended areas in Southeast Asia. Despite intense accurate hostile fire, which had severely damaged another helicopter, Lieutenant Rittichier, with undaunted determination, indomitable courage and professional skill, established a hover and persisted in the rescue attempt until his aircraft was downed by hostile fire. By his gallantry and devotion to duty, Lieutenant Rittichier reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Coast Guard." Subject: a hero to be laid to rest E-Mail Received On 23 August 2003 On 6 October, 2003, at 1300 hours, the remains of United States Coast Guard Lieutenant Jack Columbus Rittichier will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Jack was the first Coast Guardsman killed in action in Vietnam, and the only one who remained unaccounted for after the war's end. The crash site of the Jolly Green 23 was discovered on 9 November 2002, and the remains of the four crew members were repatriated on 14 February 2003; positive ID was confirmed to Rittichier's brother (Dave) on 11 August 2003. Maggie and Dave Rittichier are allowing the funeral to be an open one, and would very much like to see a large crowd present. If you are able to make it, please attend the funeral. Jack will be buried at Coast Guard Hill, in an area normally reserved for the top officials; a Commandant gave up his spot for Jack”””, ,Jack Columbus Rittichier, Lieutenant, United States Coast Guard, “”””, ,Jack Columbus Rittichier, Lieutenant, United States Coast Guard, . (Information about and photos of Jack can be found at the URL below. If you would like to e-mail Dave and Maggie, contact me at ,snj@faraway-soclose.org, and I will send you their address). What I can do - I will - Defining A Hero - Lt. Jack C. Rittichier

How did Huawei violate Iran sanctions?

There are no Iran sanctions that US may apply outside of its own jurisdiction and/or on foreign nationals engaging in transactions with 3rd parties outside of US. Moreover, even if US-internal sanctions do exist, do they remain undocumented. That way, anybody can be accused of anything without an opportunity for an appeal / due process. Since Uncle Sam grudgingly and selectively acknowledges the very necessity of such amenities to own citizens only (as opposed to visitors of Guantanamo Bay Hotel for example) lets stick to contract law, a discipline in which difference of opinion tends to be resolved by some amount of money changing hands. White collar criminals only! in general, a very useful concept is the treatment of Liquidated damages - Wikipedia in common law. Here, we will be weighting potential liabilities of Huawei Corp of China accrued through ,Force majeure - Wikipedia, termination of undisclosed contractual obligations towards nominal “Iran” vs. punitive damages prescribed by Uncle Sam. The problems with that view are manyfold, as in a) Uncle Sam is not a party designate to the contracts involved. The only other role envisioned by contract law is that of court or tribunal. The problem with that is that such a designated third party rarely, if ever, self-nominated, but usually agreed upon by parties designate. Quoting from the “Liquidated damages” reference above, Generally, at common law, a liquidated damages clause will not be enforced if its purpose is to punish the wrongdoer/party in breach rather than to compensate the injured party(in which case it is referred to as a penal or penalty clause) i.e. the designated arbitration instance may not profiteer anyone, but one of the parties designate (the slighted one) Moreover, just coming up with that stuff now, arguably represents an Ex post facto law - Wikipedia Explicitly violating Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 of United States Constitution with respect to federal laws and Article 1, Section 10 with respect to state laws that may be enacted at all, however secretly. All of those clearly relegates the USA regime to the category of force majere after all, together with scrounge, plague, locusts, typhus epidemics and Godzilla. Also likely guilty of entrapment and kidnapping. What’s the plan, than? Here it is from the horses mouth Brief examination of specifics of UNSCR 2231 reveals nothing on missiles carrying MIRVs, but rather a procedural decision that all the sanctions UNSC ever applied to Iran are back on, should there be a complaint from a JCPOA member state (which US may still be) that UNSC does not manage to satisfactory resolve withing 30 days. Translation, US just came up with entirely ad hoc complaint and intends to veto any attempt to resolve it till about New Year’s Eve. Did you know Mike Pompeo is really a magical time-traveling Santa’s elf? Amazingly enough, are the finances of time-travelling crooks still possible to formally audit, enter another timelike dimension http://www.nsl.com/papers/bitemporality.htm, (if your are into K or any kind of APL) For the rest of us, suffice it to say that there are no properly UNSC blessed sanctions against Iran ,yet,, but Huiwei has violated them ,already,. (really the sum of previous ones going into double time) So, what can you do against this bullshit? I just bought myself a fine Huawei laptop off US ,Amazon, site ($617 list + Amazon Global + 20% EU VAT substitution ripoff came up as 704 EUR, great savings vs. 899 - 1111 EUR list on German ,Amazon, (if it wasn’t back ordered for a couple of months and if they had a Ryzen mobile version at all) Off the Christmas season, expect the US price to drop to as low as $495 (also apparently at Walmart and for simpler Matebook D, not the yuppie X Pro that’s been winning notebook of the year anywhere you look) Note that in official US stats, this likely clocks as a mild reduction in trade deficit, importing the laptops wholesale, re-exporting with a markup. But does it really? Here, me and Huawei benefit/make do with discounted US price for laptop, which the EU gets to import tax. The US really gets a double negative with some time delay. Because FX. In the first approximation, you can see the scheme as Huiwei short-selling the dollar in exchange for later payment in EUR, causing the good Uncle to rapidly and quietly reduce the global supply of greenback through some unfathomable “Quantitative Tightening” scheme no longer having anything to do with no discount rate of the Federal reserve. Check out some interesting developments evident in Share of currencies in the global Swift network based on payment value Not so easy pal! This does not include the massive amount of transactions that go over Visa and MasterCard networks. All things being equal, those are currently the parties bound to pocket the spread both side of the LIBOR benchmark when somebody exchange one currency to another and back again quick enough (or in otherwise equatable volume) That happening within their own “liquidity pool” and the instrument being credit do they likely have a significant leeway in terms of actual ordering / time-stamping of transactions happening. Till next balance period / comes around, an eternity in amazon time units. You can observe the rather clumsy PayPal imitation of this modus operandi when unrolling a trivial EBay transaction in foreign currency remains “pending” for some two weeks at a time :) It is safe to say that the multitude of Amazon regional offices and subsidiaries, just about breaks even, with no taxable profits left on top of exponentially rising revenues. BTW, by prepending the smile. instead of www. to regional Amazon, do you get to share with a charity of your choice to the tune of 0.5% of the proceeds. (Meaning their fullfillment is at least that much more efficient than PayPal :) My shortlist of charities: Germany: ,UNO-Fluchtlingshilfe e.V., a hard working German feeder/affiliate of UNHCR’ of sorts that actually does projects in Syria and Yemen, unlike the HQ or any Anglospherical charity-like! Is among the shortlist pimped by Amazon, which is so surprisingly un-evil of Hr. Bezos. US HQ:, The Electronic Frontiers Foundation ,which will come handy for my upcoming complaint against Quora censorship enforcing the policies never officially stated in the spirit of general Russophobia and suppressing political free speech up to and including simply linking articles from Wikipedia in response to trolls writing in all caps :) The standard selection of charities on US Amazon is a cruel joke. The only recognized affiliate of UCB/ASUC appears to be some Armenian alumni association. If you like animals, donate to your local shelter instead of the WWF. Because the Panda is one confused critter who cannot be helped! Raccoons can’t really digest bamboo. If they don’t die out soon, it will yet again demonstrate the utter Chinese superiority at drilling exercises. If I weren’t too busy being a dissident, by second choice would be ,Rockefeller Foundation, ,also locatable manually. Yes, way! They let me crash and eat at their posh dorm for free for a year or so before. Check it out International House Berkeley - Wikipedia The mission is apparently “to foster intercultural respect, understanding, lifelong friendships and leadership skills for the promotion of a more tolerant and peaceful world”. Who would’ve expected the Jr. to be such a blue-eyed idealist? In reality do you end up realizing just how true every preconceived notion and prejudice you ever had about other nations really is. When every nation tries to send their best, it just gets that much worse! Oddly enough, does this end up fostering intercultural blablah and lifelong promotion of more blablah for real, just not the way Jr. intended :) Last but not least, CO UK: ,Headway Salisbury And South Wiltshire Ltd Helps brain-damaged patients regionally, which I suspect they have more than their fair share. Did you switch to the Irish cheddar yet like I told you before? (Наше время придет) I digress. Let us get to our favorite topic of FX. Note the distinct lack of yuan explosion in the SWIFT stats above. The only gainer is the EUR, others in retreat. More obvious observables. a) AliExpress is accepting Russia-internal MIR cards tied to ruble accounts. It is a bigger business than you think with Russia not directly served by either EBay or Amazon b) Russia’s Rosselhozbank has in turn been issuing UnionPay cards only officially tied to yuan accounts. This suggest an emergence of accounting scheme which uses currency pairs directly, in this case RMB:RUB Under normal circumstances is the existence of this concept merely an illustration of the most cruel nature of FX trading as a zero-sum game. (meaning that unlike in trading other financial constructs, is one side’s gain always other side’s loss and visa-versa) c) Visa and MasterCard suddenly work in Crimea again. Now, consider this time honored technique of perfect hedging Selling Short Against the Box in which you may essentially eliminate all currency trading risks altogether, by simultaneously occupying the short position (borrowing) on one side of the currency pair and a long position (lending) on another. Should your trusted partner occupy the negative reciprocal position with respect to you, is both of your profit/loss effectively hedged away, i.e. there is no longer any FX volatility or risk. ,No individual currency is as stable as that,, not even the mighty greenback. Heck, it might very well be halal, with both sides equally guilty of negative reciprocal form of usury. Please consult your favorite edition of Quran on the issue. Note that using this approach has been more easily said than done for private induhviduals in the past, requiring you to be selling something that you don’t yet have. On top of that, does the good Uncle allow its own taxpayers (unless of NASD registered broker variety :) to use this scandalous means of deferring capital gain or loss as per “Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997” Knowing the charming ways of the good Uncle, you could guess that a lot of it is quite the opposite of “Relief” :) This precludes you from treating any FX pair trade involving the dollar as a proper rational, with long and short end happening quasi simultaneously. How about we try ,quaternionic accounting ,A big word referring to this thingamajig Quaternion - Wikipedia doing the same with only real numbers (see the 4x4 matrix in the top right) Think of it as a most useful kind of 4-dimensional number there is or according to old man Hamilton himself merely a quotient with two directed lines / vectors in 3D space. As in the sign of the slope matters. Remember about the negative reciprocal? That. Note that we have two kinds of separate “direction-changing” events to deal with, a negation and multiplicative inverse, possibly both (representing an event in which the spread “crosses over” itself, which you can think of as buyer switching to “sell side” and visa versa) The first two you can think of as a conventional debit/credit and balance-in-the-red/balance-in-the-black keeping in mind that whatever happens to be your debit is your banks credit (with converse only possibly true for central banks) and your red vs. their black similarly related. The modification suggested represents two entities in symmetrical relationship of two banks, NASD registered brokers or central banks (as a sample selection of entities that already routinely find themselves in the position of simultaneously selling and buying the same stuff as well as borrowing and lending it too. If the (reciprocal of the negative) price is right :) Last but not least, note that there is no specific requirement for trading to perfect hedge eliminating all volatility by “boxing it short”. The scheme allows a fractional reduction or even more leverage (unless you are British, in which case you probably already gambled and leveraged all you’ve got) As an added benefit, there is no way to reliably audit this stuff, no mater how many “Taxation Acts” you issue. Now you are GAAP and now you are not. You know what the difference is between Enron Corporation and the Fed? Not much, both got caught red-handed at borrowing from a future accounting period of their own, call it accounting fraud or “Quantitative Easing” Nothing wrong in that, but they forgot to return it to an accounting period in the past (closed and audited already :) To see how it works, consider the inherent connection of Quaternions and spatial rotation - Wikipedia as you likely already experienced when playing computer games, especially the Portal or Descent series. To the physics boffins this is the rotational group SO(3) which you can think as a collection of reorientation of Euclidean 3D space in 4D, some of which happen to be valid 3D rotations. You may be able to notice how much more elegant that description is than a similar one of Minkowski space - Wikipedia A relic of special relativity holy to physics boffins that requires splitting the dimensions into specifically time-like and space-like based on signage artifacts arising of nothing but arithmetic operations on dimensionless numbers, with no physics in sight. Quoternionic description allows us to treat our 4D space as if all the dimensions were some kind of uniform time-space. Some CGI boffins, which you can consider the laziest and most cheating of all the lazy and cheating physics boffins simply call the 4th dimension “motion blur” :) If you want it even simpler than that, lets consider how does this rub any form of conventional debit-credit “double record” accounting. The medieval Italians who invented the stuff, covered all the dodgy schemes that you can draw in a table, with arrows on a flat board or sheet of paper, up to and including Microsoft Excel. Not so much anymore, as soon as you allow the sheet to self-intersect, forming topological manifold as the sphere is one. How many pages/worksheets are there on a sheet of paper turned onto itself like a Möbius strip - Wikipedia one, two or more? (check out the discussion on consequently cutting the strip along, producing more self-similar strips or regular loops) Got that? Now explain this variation Umbilic torus - Wikipedia which got three sides but only a single edge :) Setting aside the crimes Huawei Corporation is about to commit, lets summarize those Uncle Sam already did. a) Wiping the floor with whatever little there was of so called “international” law. I mean kidnapping foreigners on orders of secret tribunals? Was that way for a while, but never so public IMHO. b) Blatant violation of own legalese including up to and including own Constitution, officially the most important legalize there is. Gone outlaw, will be back in 10 minutes? :) c) Violating the principles of formal logic and rational thought, a foundation of any meaningful legal framework, thus even more important than even the Constitution of US of A. d) Trying to counteract mathematically proven truths by more noise. Now to myself, this is the gravest of all the offenses, worse than violating the so-called “laws of physics” which may be based on some subjective observational evidence instead of formal proofs. If I remember Dirac correctly, if your observational evidence don’t fit his beautiful theory, you need to go and observe it differently! Remember this Still touching after all these years. Hate to break it to you Darrel, but mathematics is not the language of the Universe. It ,IS ,the Universe. Already well observed as The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences - Wikipedia nonetheless, let try to add violations of them “laws of physics” to the mix. Suppose the financial sanctions primarily targeting Russian defense establishment are successful and good people of Kalashnikov works will no longer be able to transact in EUR, in which their favorite Irish err Belarusian cheddar happens to be priced. In that case, they’ll have nothing but their product to barter to the Irish err Belorussians (like they haven’t seen it before) Who is to benefit. Certainly not Uncle Sam, who is running severely short of Ukroboronexport rejects to equip all the interesting jihadi possess err freedom fighters in at least slightly plausibly deniable fashion. The British flunkies of good Uncle should really be worried about Catholicism, a thingamajig known to cause positive development in reproduction rates in both Irish and Arab populations equipping it. Which way is that up or down? Not necessarily the same one, yet same in the sense of what they call a spin. For example, how come Lucifer is supposed to be a bad guy and Prometheus the good one? Appears to be the same exact story with exception of that spin bit? What do they tell the Anglicans about this? Just kidding about giving a damn. Your options are twofold. You repent and come back to Rome and do like the Romans do. Or you go and try a regime change in Vatican to install somebody who would bless the rubbers for you. Otherwise are the Catholic-themed Irish suspected of Republican sympathies inevitable going to outbreed the Protestant-themed ones, causing the Kingdom to be thrown of the island. Possibly by gaining simple democratic majority support, possibly accelerated by the needs of some impoverished people of Izhevsk to barter for their cheddar :) Just kidding. It is kinda obvious that appeasement of no Anglo-Saxon pig-dogs leads you nowhere. A good kick in the face is the only language they understand Unequivocal support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity you say? Russia should declare unequivocal support for Irish territorial integrity within its well delineated borders as an island, to be confirmed by a referendum conducted throughout, same as what Ukraine demands. The only difference is spin. Lets leave the lesser violation, merely of “laws of physics” instead of math to the lesser Anglo-Saxon pigdogs, shall we? Check out this contraption recently making an appearance in Black see, treating to accidentally fry some Russian airplane’s with its mighty radar. Lets verify that claim. Turn to page 13/20 HMS Daring - Type 45 facts by Royal Navy.pdf First ever integrated electrical propulsion on a warship (Huh? Your own subs don’t count as warships? Also, why? Shaft is conventional, no Azipods) Lets look at the feasibility of actually converting 40 MW away from propulsion using 2x R&R MT30 turbines (an electrical generator is not a product R&R knows how to attach, but what to do if you get a boot from 777 business on account of being non-competitive with GE, which does generators, too) We observe 3 electrical distribution nets 4160VAC,440VAC,115VAC At least the mid-one appears to be 2x220 split phase with (nominal) center tap grounded. Laudable! Keep acquiring some of the more charming Yankee business practices. Split-phase electric power - Wikipedia Unlike Uncle Sam’s “destroyers” that do not appear to be capable of defending themselves at all, this thing is armed to the teeth, but only against aircraft. This represents clear and present danger to the bulk of the world’s civilian air traffic, connecting Western European and East Asian clusters over Ukraine’s and Russia’s airspace. This thing is to be removed immediately! No airspace even conceivably subject to UK patrols the. Lets try the tugboat bump trick again. Meet the suitable tugboat type. 45 MW vs 342 MW. Only 54 MW available electrically there (they do make a type that converts everything, but this one is scheduled for scrapping itself) Go-fast Morris Marina, meat a concrete mixer. Run or be towed to scrapyard? Tried to calculate what would it take to feed the main load, presumably the dildo-shaped radome on top at 4160V. 342 MW gives 82.2 kA, causing online calculators too overflow on Eurofag wiring, but one produced a result of #000 AWG 85 mm^2 across at a loss of 1% every 1m. For the Brit claims, I get 6 AWG with 13,3 mm^2 across also losing 1% every 1m. Quite a hot-wire, eh? Soviet Union wins again! We can spare on the nifty red-hot paint for our dildo-shaped radome knockoff for accidentally frying British warplanes! How do British do it? Easy. Apparently riding Rollers (called “wafting” in such a case) involves special classified British plywood called “burr walnut” giving perfect stealth! That Ivan don’t know how to glue yet, UK so advanced :( Will have to wait for Huawei improved knock-off. This may or may not constitute an act of war, but certainly not a NATO Article 5 variety. Meaning, UK is on its own :) Freedom of navigation in the straights you demand? How about the Channel one between UK and Eire? The scenario is Spanish Armada 3.1 (is for Workgroups :) The UK’s newest destroyer has a draft of 7.2m, about what the Spanish galleons were an Arleigh Burke maybe 9–9.6 m. Poor things. Cannot patrol their own borders yet, already trying with ours. We can help. Check the fine monument where the stripped hulk of legendary Russian cruiser “Varyag” of 6m draft tops ran aground off the coast of Scotland. What a ship, still helping the home team after all those years! Were you thinking what I was thinking? Could it be, there may be “less civilized tribes” south of Lowlands in need of fumigation with our genuine Novichoks? You see, large swathes of that shore appear to be even lower than water level, making it quite likely that the prevalent wind direction is from the shore out. That’s what made it so difficult for Spaniards to land their presents of Spanish Inquisitions back when. Fortunately for the more civilized tribes found elsewhere, Ivan invented special fumigation propellers that can blow Novichoks into high winds. Just need to built 17 more and can start the fumigation on periodic basis Also, of negligible draft. So, do you reckon the British dimwits may fold even before Uncle Sam through next level beats stupidity? The good Uncle seems to be beached financially and flailing around grasping for somebody else to blame, while strangely still being as fabulously rich as any entity the history ever was. Have you ever heard the adage about not bringing a wallet to a knife fight? That one doesn’t apply to Uncle Sam either. His wallet so substantial, he’ll proceed to bludgeon everybody with it anyway, you’ll see. (I am a longtime admirer of the most gracious ways of our most esteemed hegemon)

What are the most dangerous animals on the planet?

The Earth is home to many creatures, some are cute, whereas others are not. Many animals are pretty scary, read on find out which species are the most dangerous in the world. Caution :- Long answer ahead. Giant Pacific Octopus The Giant Pacific Octopus in one of the largest octopuses on the planet. Like all octopus, the Giant Pacific Octopus has 8 arms. In case you did not know, ‘octa’ means eight. Each of the animal’s arms is lined with two rows of suckers. The octopus captures its prey with its suckers which are lined with hooks. The creature’s mouth contains a beak and tongue with teeth on it. Lucky for us, they are not known for eating humans but do feed on tiny sharks. Cone Snail Even though the Cone Snail is wrapped in a beautiful shell, do not touch it if you see one! These adorable but deadly animals can be found in warm shallow waters near the equator. The snail has harpoon-like teeth that can bite anything that touches it. Once bitten, the snails release a venom called conotoxin. The toxin can do serious damage to your nerve cells and can even cause paralysis. Unfortunately, there is no antivenin on the markets yet. Saw-Scaled Viper The Saw-Scaled Viper is one snake that people need to steer clear from. These snakes kill more people than any other snake each year. Even though this viper does not grow to be more than 1-3 feet long, the snake’s venomous bite can kill. The viper’s venom contains hemotoxins and cytotoxins. These toxins can cause the body to develop bleeding disorders which can lead to an intracranial hemorrhage. Sadly, most of the Saw-Scaled Vipers are found in areas without modern medicine so people that are bitten often suffer long and painful deaths. Africanized Honey Bee We can blame human beings for the development of the dangerous Africanized Honey Bee. This bee, also known as the Killer Bee, was created by human and not made by nature. Humans created the bee by cross-breeding the African honey bee and various European Honey bees. The bee was made in the hopes that it would make more revenue by increasing honey production. When the new breed of bee was sent to Brazil in the 1950’s, a swarm accidentally escaped. Mosquito Most people think of mosquitos as very annoying creatures, but they are actually much more dangerous than just irritating. Mosquitos are known to spread diseases that kill hundreds of millions of people every year. According to the World Health Organization, close to 725,000 people each year are killed by mosquito-born diseases. Malaria, one of the more well known and dangerous diseases, has affected hundreds of millions of people. Mosquitos are also known to carry other deadly diseases like dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis. Black Mamba These deadly snakes are known to live in the savannas and rocky areas in southern and eastern Africa. Black Mambas are the fastest snakes on Earth and can slither up to 12.5 mph. Fortunately, these lethal creatures only attack when they are provoked. However, when they do attack, they will bite multiple times and release enough venom to kill up to 10 people. A new anti-venom is on the market, but it must be taken within 20 minutes of the bite! Tsetse Fly The Tsetse Fly is a large flies that bites and feeds on other animal’s blood. They are found all over tropical Africa. Even though their bite is not painful, the parasite the fly spreads is particularly dangerous. The parasite the Tsetse fly spreads in known as Trypanosomes which is the direct cause of African Sleeping Sickness. The sickness starts out with fevers, headaches, itchiness, and joint pains. As the weeks pass, the symptoms become more severe and can lead to death. Stonefish One of the most dangerous fishes on Earth is the Stonefish. They can be found in coastal regions of the Indo-Pacific. The Stonefish has the incredible ability to completely camouflage itself as a rock making it easy for swimmers to accidentally step on it. When stepped on, the Stonefish’s spine releases neurotoxins that are particularly harmful. This does not pan out well for swimmers that get inflicted with the venom. Luckily, there is one type of anti-venom that has been developed to save inflicted swimmers. Saltwater Crocodiles Believe it or not, but crocodiles are actually much more dangerous to humans than sharks are. Specifically, stay away from the Saltwater Crocodile. As a predator, they have everything working in their favor. These crocs are incredibly large and can grow up to 23 feet long and they weigh more than a ton! They are also very fast and ambush their prey. Then they drown their victims and can swallow them whole. Contrary to their name, Saltwater crocodiles can swim in both salt and fresh water. Tarantula Hawk The Tarantula Hawk is a wasp to avoid! They have one of the most painful stings of any insect on Earth. Luckily, humans do not need to worry much about this wasp as the insect prefers to focus on hunting tarantula, hence its name. However, if humans provoke the wasp, they will sting humans. Even though the sting is agonizing, it is not deadly! If stung, there is no need to seek medical attention. The pain will last for five minutes and then you can move on with your day. Hippopotamus Even though the hippopotamus is incredibly large and has very short stubby legs, do not be mistaken, because this animal can run over 19 mph to catch its prey. Even though this dangerous creature is mostly a herbivorous mammal, it tends to also be very aggressive and territorial. So, if you do spot a hippo, please stay far far away. There is no need to provoke a 3,300-pound animal that plans to run after you and eat you for breakfast. Portuguese Man O’ War The Portuguese Man O’ War is mainly found in the Atlantic Ocean. The animal lives on the surface of the water and moves according to the tidal waves. Many people recognize the animal as a jellyfish, however in reality the Portuguese Man O’ War is much more dangerous. If you are stung by one of these creatures, the symptoms can include fever as well as shock. In order to counteract the symptoms, pouring salt water over the site of the sting can really help. Cape Buffalo The Cape Buffalo, which also known as the African Buffalo, is found in Southern and Eastern Africa. They are extremely dangerous due to their erratic and unpredictable nature. Many estimate that they attack around 200 people every year. These buffalo live in a herd, and are widely recognized for their horns. The animal is closely related to the Water Buffalo and is six feet long and weigh nearly a ton. The buffalo is also well renowned for being a fantastic hunter. Polar Bear Many people think of polar bears as adorable and cuddly teddy bears, but they are not! They are actually very dangerous and are also the most carnivorous species in the bear family. Plus, they are huge and can weigh up to 1,750 pounds! They are also more likely to attack humans than many other types of bears. Luckily, they live in the Arctic and most humans do not tend to venture into that part of the world. Also, they prefer eating seals over eating humans. King Cobra The King Cobra has a reputation for being dangerous and for good reason. They are the world’s longest and most venomous snakes. Typically, the King Cobra calls India and other parts of Southeast Asia its home. The dangerous snake uses its poisonous venom to attack its prey’s nervous system. As a result, the victim experiences pain, vertigo and eventually paralysis! Sometimes the victims can die as quickly as 30 minutes after a bite. King Cobras can even kill animals as large as elephants! Pufferfish These strange looking and fascinating creatures known as Pufferfish are found in tropical seas all over the world. Interestingly, they are the second most poisonous vertebrate on Earth! They use their extremely toxic poison, called tetrodotoxin, to kill their prey. Their poison is found in the fish’s skin, muscle tissue, liver, kidneys, and gonads. Shockingly, the pufferfish’s poison is over 1,000 times more poisonous than cyanide. Strangely enough, some chefs if Japan are able to cook the pufferfish. Some eat it as a delicacy. Box Jellyfish According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the box jellyfish is one of the most dangerous marine animals in the world. These threatening fish are found in the Indo-Pacific waters north of Australia. The scary part about the box jellyfish is that they are almost invisible! They also have up to 15 tentacles. Each tentacle grows up to 10 feet long and each tentacle is lined with stingers that contain toxins. These dangerous toxins attack the heart, nervous system and skin cells. Most victims drown after being stung. Golden Poison Dart Frog Do not let the size of these little frogs mislead you. This tiny paperclip sized Golden Poison Dart Frogs are incredibly dangerous and can be found on Colombia’s Pacific coast. These cute looking amphibians have enough poison to kill 10 grown men. Watch out for the Golden Poison Dart Frogs because it only takes two micrograms to end the life of one person. Two micrograms are enough liquid to fit onto the head of a pin. One touch can kill you! Hyena Even though many people think Hyenas are not intelligent animals from how they were portrayed on ,The Lion King, ,they are actually incredibly smart mammals. Not only are they bright animals, they can weigh up to 190 pounds and they have a powerful bite that can break bones! Even though they tend to stay away from people, if they perceive the human as hurt or incapacitated, they will take advantage of the situation. Hyenas work together to hunt and kill their prey making them even more dangerous! Bullet Ant These bullet ants are much more than a pesky insect. The bullet ant is known for its powerful and lethal sting. According to the Schmidt sting pain index, the bullet ant sting is even more painful than the tarantula hawk wasp. Not only in the sting insanely painful, it attacks the central nervous system and can cause paralysis! The bullet ant is found in humid lowland rainforests in parts of South America. Just one bite from the bullet ant could incapacitate a full grown man. Nurse Shark The Nurse Shark can be found along the tropical waters of the planet. Interestingly, this shark takes shelter in the day and comes alive at night. The huge animal feeds on small fish and can grow up to 30cm long. The shark can even birth up to 30 babies in a lifetime. The shark is considered dangerous because of their very strong and sharp teeth. They will attack when provoked, meaning many divers have been injured because of them. Leopard Seal The Leopard Seal is the second largest seal in the world, and while the animal looks rather cute it is anything but. The front teeth of the Leopard Seal are extremely sharp and is actually considered the most dangerous animal in the waters, after the Killer Whale. Although the seal is considered extremely dangerous, attacks on humans are pretty rare. The last known deadly attack was in 2003 when a female biologist was attacked while she was snorkeling. We hope that is the last attack for a long time! Sidewinder Many people have a fear of snakes – and perhaps the Sidewinder is one of the reasons why. Also known as the Rattlesnake, they are venomous, although less so than other snakes. This is because their glands are much smaller than that of other snakes. However, if a human is bitten by one it should be taken extremely seriously. Many people ignore the signs after being bitten by one, as the bite apparently feels nothing more than a small pin prick. Boomslang The Boomslang is also another large snake that makes our list. The Boomslang is also venomous and dangerous if humans are bitten. However, the snake is only found in Sub – Saharan Africa. In 1957 Karl Schmidt was bitten and subsequently died after being bitten by a Boomslang. Schmidt’s downfall was underestimating the power of the snake’s poison. Since this incident there have been no other recorded fatalities because of this snake. Interestingly, for any, Harry Potter, fans, Boomslang skin is used in making Polyjuice potion. Lynx The Lynx belongs to the cat family and they are usually found living in solitude. They tend to be found in forested areas across Europe and Asia. The Lynx never attack humans unless they are provoked, however if this does occur the attacks can be pretty serious. More recently, in 2014 a Lynx attacked a woman in Atlanta. She was injured and taken to hospital, however many say that this was her own fault since she wanted to feed the animal. Raccoon Many people across the USA find the Raccoon and annoying pest, however the animal is also considered dangerous. This is because they carry diseases which are extremely harmful to humans. So, while attacks are rare on humans, they are definitely an animal to be avoided. The Raccoon is native to America and is found living in forested areas, however it can adapt to surrounding environments very easily. They can also hunt in pitch blackness due to their extremely sensitive hands. Vultures Two types of Vultures exist, and both are equally as dangerous. They can be found in Africa, Asia as well as Europe. The birds are killer and will shred anything that gets in its way to pieces. They are considered deadly scavengers, however vulture attacks on humans are pretty rare. They will generally avoid humans, as long as humans do not provoke them. At times, the birds can even be seen as shy! We think we will keep away from them, just in case! Water Monitor The Water Monitor is an extremely large lizard that can be found in Asia. They are considered dangerous because they can swim, sprint and even climb. They are extremely powerful and strong. The Water Monitor has poisonous saliva as well as a bite that can kill. Due to hunting this lizard is thought to be going endangered, since their skin is considered valuable. However, there have been many conservation efforts across Asia to save the Water Monitor. Vampire Bat Bats are the only mammals that can fly, however the Vampire Bat is the only bat that feeds off of blood. They can be found across many countries of South America. The Vampire Bat is considered dangerous to humans because they carry disease, but it isn’t all bad! The saliva of the Vampire Bat may actually have some positive uses in medicine. It is thought that it may help increase the blood flow in patients that have suffered from a stroke. Siafu Ant Even though these guys are small, they are powerful and deadly in numbers. Don’t mess with these dangerous creatures. Siafu ants aka driver ants respond aggressively when they feel threatened or attacked. The entire swarm will come together to attack when they perceive danger. An entire swarm of Siafu ants can amount to around 50 million! When these little guys bite, they bite hard and don’t let up. Sometimes, even after their prey dies, the ant’s jaws stay clamped on the carcass. Inland Taipan Another snake to watch out for is the Inland Taipan. These snakes are the most poisonous snakes in the whole world. Their deadly venom and their tendency to hunt warm-blooded mammals is a dangerous combination for humans. Lucky for us, they do not usually attack unless provoked, so steer clear of these lethal creatures. Their venom is neurotoxins which affect the nervous system, hemotoxins which affect the blood, and myotoxins which affect the the muscles. If untreated, the venom can be lethal. Assassin Bug The Assassin bug has the most fitting name. Even though the insect is fairly small, it kills around 12,000 people each year! Interestingly enough, the bite itself is not deadly. However, the disease that the bite spreads is lethal. The bug carries a disease called Chagas which is a parasitic infection. If Chagas is left untreated, the symptoms of the disease are known to cause death. Unfortunately, there is currently no vaccine for the disease. Humans use sprays and paints to keep the bugs away. African Lion The African Lion stays near the top of the food chain for good reason! The African Lion can weigh between 265 to 420 pounds and are some of the greatest hunters in the world. The territorial cats stay in groups with other lions. These groups are known as prides and they serve to protect each other. Male lions protect the territory and the rest of the pride while the female lions hunt for food. While lions do not typically hunt for people, there have been a few rare cases of African Lions seeking out human prey. Flower Urchin Do not let this pretty pink flowery looking creature fool you. When touched, these flower urchins will respond with an incredibly painful sting. If a human gets stung by this type of sea urchin, he or she should seek medical attention immediately! The flower urchin, known and named for its pinkish and whitish flower-like appearance, is commonly found in the Indo-West Pacific. This urchin functions as a home for coral reef, rocky and sandy environments and seagrass beds at a depth of around 90 meters. Clouded Leopard Although the Clouded Leopard may be considered one of the smaller of the animals on this list, they can still pose a threat to humans. Children and younger teenagers would be particularly threatened by them. The cat is found throughout Southern Asia and China, however today the animal is endangered. Experts report that there are probably less than 10,000 of them left in the world. It is more likely that the Leopard attacks once provoked. Piranha The Piranha is a freshwater fish that lives in South American rivers. Piranha’s are known for their sharp teeth and extremely powerful jaws. The fish is considered dangerous towards humans and in 2011 around 100 people were injured by a Piranha. According to some studies piranha’s tend to attack more in the dry season when food is lacking and the waters are low. Most Piranha’s attack humans at the arms and legs. Splashing can also provoke the Piranha to bite. Humboldt Squid The Humboldt Squid is located in the Pacific Ocean and is the largest of the Squid family. They can weigh up to an astonishing 50kg. It is thought that the Humboldt Squid is particularly aggressive towards humans when they are feeding. Evidence also exists that the Squid become more aggressive towards divers who have flashing lights as well as diving gear. Therefore, it is advised that divers keep away from them. However, the Humboldt Squid has also exhibiting sings of intelligence and are also curious creatures. Tarsier The Tarsier might look cute, but its in fact dangerous. It’s bite is venomous and can cause some humans to go into an anaphylactic shock. This species is found in parts of Asia and is incredibly small. They have strong hearing and are quite cunning – they wait silently for their prey. They show less activity in the daytime and are considered nocturnal creatures. Today, the Trasier is considered an endangered species and is extinct in some parts of the world. Spectacled Caiman The Spectacled Caiman is a crocodile that is found in parts of Southern and Central America. They are highly adaptable meaning it is able to live in both fresh and salt water. The Caiman has extremely sharp teeth, which can be dangerous to humans. This specific type of crocodile mainly eats smaller sized fish. The Caiman is heavily hunted for its skin and its meat, and although it isn’t considered endangered just yet there is a certain risk of this happening. Gorilla The Gorilla is the largest primate – the males can weigh up to 400 lbs, with the females weighing around 200 lbs. They are found in the forests of central Africa. Gorilla’s in general are shy and only attack if they are approached. Therefore, if humans approach the Gorilla with unexpected movements the animal can charge aggressively. However, instances where humans have been killed are rare. Today, experts believe that the Gorilla is one step away from becoming extinct. Puffer Fish The Pufferfish are highly toxic and is considered the most toxic vertebrate in the world. If a Pufferfish attacks a human and is not treated properly, the outcome can be fatal. The toxin can paralyze and stop a person from breathing. Often the Pufferfish can be eaten by mistake, especially in countries such as Thailand and The Philippines. The Pufferfish have four large teeth which are fused together in an upper and lower plate. Some Pufferfish can be up to 100cm in length. Blue-Ringed Octopus The Blue-Ringed Octopus is found in New South Wales, Western and Southern Australia. Although they are pretty small, they are one of the most dangerous marine animals in the world. They will not sting unless they are provoked, however if a human is stung, the venom that is released is powerful enough to kill. Gray Wolf Eurasia and North America is home to one of the most dangerous predators, the Gray Wolf. Even though they tend to be the size of a medium to large dog, their power comes in numbers. They are a very social animal and travel with their nuclear family consisting of the mated pair and their adult children. They have an incredible sense of smell and can smell their prey from far away. They use their keen sense of smell it to track down their prey. Freshwater Snails Many types of Freshwater Snails exist, but they are considered dangerous they can lay eggs within the human stomach which in turn are extremely toxic to humans. Experts believe that these Snails are more dangerous than Lions and Tigers put together! The Freshwater Snails are found in rivers and lakes. They feed off algae and are found all over the world, wherever fresh water exists. Some of the snails have gills meaning they can breathe underwater, whereas others do not and need to come to the surface for air. Rhinoceros Literally meaning “nose horn,” the rhinoceros is responsible for many human deaths and in many parts of the world. Don’t let the fact that it is herbivore fool you. With its thick, protective skin and large horn, the rhino can be a lethal killing machine when it needs to be. But with an abnormally small brain and poor eyesight, rhinos do have their flaws. But take nothing away from them: if they spot you, it’s nearly impossible to escape them. Yellow Anaconda Although the yellow anaconda isn’t as big as its relative, the green anaconda, it still regarded as one of the largest snakes in the world. The yellow anaconda will camouflage itself while stalking its prey. It will use its forked tongue in order to locate its prey, sensing its tastes and smells. Eventually, when the anaconda captures its victim, it will only take a few minutes before it squeezes every inch of life out of it. Tapeworm Despite being tiny and unassuming, the tapeworm is the custodian of an infection by the name of cysticerosis. This can lead to abdominal pains, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Humans are easily subject this infection if they are to eat uncooked meats such as pork, beef or fish, and the nasty parasite kills up to approximately 700 people each year. Also known as Cestoda, the most dangerous thing about tapeworms is that they can utilize a host for years before displaying any type of symptoms. Humans This may seem like a peculiar inclusion in this list. Humans won’t stand a chance in a fight against some of the aforementioned species, but they are certainly dangerous creatures for their own unique reasons. Due to our intelligence and ingenuity, we have the skills to create weapons and tools that have helped us rise up to the top of the food chain. We are the only animal to have full scale world wars. In many ways, we are the most dangerous animals. Komodo Dragon The Komodo Dragon doesn’t think too hard about what it wants for dinner. The reptile has been known to eat anything from birds to buffalos, even having its fair share of human. They are masterful hunters with the skill of stealthily pursuing its prey. When the time is right, they will tear out the victim’s throat and wait for it to bleed out. Despite having a varied diet though, Komodo Dragons only need to eat once a month. Brazilian Wandering Spider This particular spider has literally broken records. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Brazilian Wandering Spider is officially the most venomous spider on the planet. Also known as the Phoneutria Fera, the arachnid got its name for its natural tendency to wander around aimlessly. This makes them particularly dangerous, as they can literally pop up anywhere. They have been found in houses and cars, and have been spotted at practically every time of day. Rattlesnake The sound that a rattlesnake makes is enough to send shivers down any victim’s spine. Cunning and malicious, rattlesnakes are always poised to strike if a vulnerable creature is stranded nearby. In North America, rattlesnakes are notoriously the leading inflictor of snakebite injuries. But ultimately, they will rarely bite a human unless it feels under threat. Unlike the younger rattlesnakes, adults will develop the ability to regulate the amount of venom that they unleash when they bite their prey. African Elephant The African Elephant is officially the largest land animal on the planet, with the average male standing between 10 and 13ft and weighing between 10,000 and 13,000lbs. The colossus can be notoriously fierce, with the ability to run all over rhinos to their doom. African Elephants have been known to show surprisingly aggressive outbursts of rage. They have even been considered to be vindictive towards others, and there have been numerous incidents of Elephants stampeding through villages, destroying everything in its path. Black Eagle The Black Eagle can easily be identified by their long “fingers,” which they use to hunt mammals, birds and eggs. During the hunting process, the predator uses many methods to throw their prey off guard. A recurring technique that the black eagle will use is to fly into the sun. This is so that their prey will be unaware of the black eagle’s presence. Another strength of the black eagle is its eyesight, which is the best in the aviary world. Fossa Native to Madagascar, the fossa is officially the largest carnivore in the southern African country. It is also the most feared predator on the island and a hunter of small creatures like mice to medium-sized animals such as gray mouse lemur and diademed sifaka. It has also been known to feed on wild pigs. Some of the distinctive features of the Fossa include its retractable claws, as well as it’s cat-like teeth that can pierce the skin of most creatures. Tokay Gecko The Tokay Gecko is a colorful lizard with a fierce nature. Its name alludes to the noise it makes, which sounds eerily like its name – “to-kay.” The Tokay has a tendency to be territorial, being known to attack fellow Tokays and any other intruders. A tokay’s standard diet consists of insects and small vertebrates. With a strong bite, tokays can snap through the exoskeletons of insects that live in rainforests. Its strong bite puts off people from owning them as pets. Giant Otter What makes the giant otter particularly dangerous is their absolute fearlessness. The carnivorous mammal is able to hunt alone or in a group, with the ability to coordinate efficiently. With a coat of dense fur, a winged tail and webbed feet, the giant otter particularly well suited to an amphibious lifestyle. Fish, including cichilds, characins and catfish is the main staple of the animal’s diet, and a giant otter may eat six to nine pounds worth of fish every day. Dogs Even though dogs are known to be “man’s best friend,” some dogs are very dangerous! This is usually due to rabies which has been well contained in North America and Western Europe. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, around 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs every year. Luckily, most dog bites do not spread rabies in the U.S. Unfortunately, in India where there is a high rate of stray dogs, almost 20,000 people dies every year from rabies. Deathstalker Scorpions are feared by many humans, and the Deathstalker is probably one of the most dangerous types. Found in the Middle East and North Africa, although its venom would be highly dangerous and extremely painful, it would not kill a healthy human being. However, if a child is stung the venom is much more powerful and could kill. The Deathstalker is yellow in color which may mean that it is more difficult to find while out in the wild. Great White Shark The relationship between Great White Sharks and humans is a complicated one. Humans have been attacked by this animal more than any other in the world. The huge marine fish is found in nearly every ocean on the planet. The Great White Shark can live to over 70 years old, with marine biologists estimating that they are the longest lived fish. However, many are concerned that the Great White Shark is going extinct, for their numbers have been on the decline since the 1970s. Chameleon Primarily insectivores, Chameleons are dangerous due to their incredible ability to change color in order to blend in to their surroundings. Behaviorally speaking, Chameleons are feisty and won’t give easily when engaged in a fight. With a 360-degree vision and one of the fastest, most elastic tongues in the food chain, Chameleons have plenty of tools to pose a threat to many adversaries. and although their eyes are independently mobile, they can focus can them forward in unison, if they need to concentrate on their prey.