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DIY: Scratch your car’s paint? Here’s how to fix that at home

donielleWe’ve all been there, squeezing through a tighter-than-usual spot in a car park and ending up

Nio ET7 detailed, gets RTX 3080 but no in-car gaming or Bitcoin mining for you

, whilst costing way less.Despite costing less than the Tesla, the Nio ET7 still has some surprises up

More Body and Paint Centres for your Honda to look good as new

More Honda cars on the road translates to higher Body and Paint (BP) service intakes.As of October 2019

Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

Global shortage of semiconductor chips for cars will drive prices up

manufacturing cost for at least the next 6 months as chronic shortage in semiconductor chips for cars drive up

Think the Perodua Myvi is a simple car? Here's how much it relies on microchips

actually has a number of electronic circuitries going on inside.Also Read: Sales of Perodua Myvi hit by chip

Mazda CX-5 Turbo CKD looks good on the outside but dated on the inside – Ratings

and despite having a low average paint thickness of 88.9 μm, every panel has a consistent finish

2021 VW Tiguan facelift, Tiguan R joins the line-up.

For the first time, there will be a proper 320 PS Tiguan R in the line-up too.The front end is completely

Four-month waiting period for a brand new Perodua. What's going on?

global parts supply for automotive manufacturing, which probably means another round of semiconductor chip

Sales of Perodua Myvi hit by chip shortage, adjustment in production plan required

Whilst the chip shortage mainly affects the Perodua Myvi, this rationing exercise will spread the available

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4,345 units of the Perodua Ativa delivered, overtakes X50 and X70 to become Malaysia's best-selling SUV

X50 last month is about 3,400 units, while X70 did about 2,300 unitsIn fact, the Ativa also help bump up

Legendary trashed up Perodua Kancil makes a return to the streets!

Theres another trashed up Kancil back on the streets and it is owned by the same man.

Myford Touch Misleads? Owners Could Get Damages!

Proton Saga armoured up a new infotainment system in the mid-life facelift.

In Brief: New Toyota Rush 2019, practicality with a touch of ruggedness

in the third-row seats with relative comfort as the second-row seats can slide and recline to free up

Longer waiting period for Perodua Myvi, Aruz, and Alza as chip shortage slows production

spotted, it appears that Perodua is bracing for a shortage in semiconductor chips.Also Read: After MCO, chip

2020 Toyota Alphard and Vellfire adds Toyota Safety Sense, new infotainment, price up by over RM 20,000

updated for 2020.Both the Alphard’s and Vellfire’s list of safety features have been bumped up

Reports: Supply of Perodua Myvi to resume in two months, chip shortage issue to be fixed

Saga, but that may not be for long.According to Caretas report, sources close to Perodua say that the chip

Mercedes-Benz and Nvidia hook up to build AI in-car infotainment

Mercedes-Benz cars will be powered by Nvidia’s next-generation Drive platform.The computer system-on-chip

My New Car: Interior feels more expensive than Audi and Mercedes - My 2020 Mazda 3 Sedan High Variant

Every click of the button felt premium and the soft-touch material at every touchpoint was amazing.

Ratings: 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Good grade in Driving Performance, 165/170 overall

Although the suede/leather combo feels pleasant to the touch. 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Noise

Proton files for “iN-Touch”, “iN-Power”, and “iN-Drive”, hints at rebranding key features

Proton has filed for several new trademarks.The trademarks that Proton has filed for include “iN-Touch

Global chip shortage could remain until 2022, warns Bosch CEO

ranked no.1 with worldwide parts sales to automakers amounting to $46.56 billion in 2019.The ongoing chip

How to start the Engine if the smart key battery is dead?

shortly and thats better than running around to get a new battery.Another way to open the door is to touch

2020 Land Rover Defender media test fleet handed over to Red Cross

LR’s communications director, Richard Agnew, also followed up with an announcement on his own social

Perodua holds its first-ever Body & Paint skill contest

Perodua has successfully held its first-ever Body & Paint (B&P) Skill Contest in a move to step

No, toothpaste can’t repair scratches. We bust these 5 car body repair “lifehacks”

not help to repair car scratches.While toothpaste contains mild abrasives, it is not enough to remove paint

After MCO, chip supply shortage is slowing car production in Malaysia

capitals.In December alone, Volkswagen lost nearly 10,000 cars in production in China due to the global chip

Perodua outsells Proton with 20k units in April 2021 – Ativa still Malaysia’s SUV King

By comparison, Proton sold 15,017 units in the same month.Out of that figure, the Perodua Ativa made up

Ratings Comparison: 2019 Toyota Yaris vs 2018 Honda Jazz vs 2020 Mazda 2 Hatchback

Door 113 103 C-Pillar 117 123 Tailgate 105 Roof 127 Average paint

SST exemption 2021: Honda prices in Malaysia - 2 months left for cheaper Hondas

However, the global chip shortage has caused supply for some models to be tight, so do check with your

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RT Honda WHITE ORCHID NH788P C paint Touch up brush scratch chip repair ##auto …

#DIY Dupli Color Paint Chip Repair Touch up Pen Marker Rust-oleum DIY -

Well, Chibi and I went well longer than we intended, but I think Gunter & Nacht are done. Olga & Changa are not far behind - just wait til you see Chibi's tiger stripe work!Back with another Sythe creative, Tuesday at 7pm EST.http://twitch.tv/thegoatvg

Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Touch Up Kit Subaru Color Code 22W Red $55.00 #Cars #Autos

RT erhankaraman Color N Drive Car Paint Chip Touch Up Remover & Repair Kit http://fb.me/IH28ZxtP

MERCEDES Paint Chip Touch Up PEWTER SILVER DB 723 #Car http://ift.tt/1l4FdaJ

Custom matched #car touch up paint pens for road rash & stone chip paint repair only £8.95

The dealership is getting my recall taken care of and I got some touch up paint for the chip on my car. I wanted to cry when I noticed the chip.

I can help! - Maybe my paint chip touch up skills can be put to good use? xD

#BaSCoDirect #Chip_Ex Car Touch Up Paint Vehicle Scratch, Chip, Minor Accident Repairs http://youtu.be/uzKoYQLcFks

paint touch up chip Q&A Review

How do you touch up paint chips?

I assume you are thinking of paint chips on trim work or even doors? But I suspect that it could work for chips on almost everything: use a very course grain of sand paper to reduce the edges around the depression. Then use a medium one to begin to smooth the transition then use a fine one around the edges of what you have sanded. Paint using leftovers from paint already on the wall. Feather it around the edges of the painted area once the paint has dried. If that doesn't work the first time, repeat but paint a larger area. It will then be harder to see the repainted spot. But always finish by feathering the edges with fine grade sandpaper.

What would a typical body shop charge to touch up and polish paint chips on a hood and bumper?

There are alot of variables, how many chips, how bad, color of the vehicle, condition, going rates in your area and if you worked with the shop previously. I am more apt to help out a regular customer than one that just wants something like that done then takes there major work elsewhere. Getting back to the question it would be a min of 75 to 100 bucks upwards

What is the best touch up paint for a Toyota Corolla Crystal Pearl White (Tricoat) code 070? I need it for a small chip on a metal boot.

Back in my paint days Toyota did not have a tricoat white, and I could not figure out how one paint pen could create a tricoat as the white’s hiding is high enough that it will hide the pearl coat if they were in the same pen. I went on-line and one of the sites I look at said that 070 is the pearl coat. The what basecoat is still needed. That makes sense. As I imagine it, one would have to buy two pens, the white base coat and the 070 pearl coat. One would put the white basecoat first and after it dries then puts the pearl coat.

I took my car in for a car wash and noticed 2 paint chips afterwards. The carwash manager told me it was most likely touch-up paint that was revealed after the car wash. Can this happen or is he lying to me?

It’s more likely that either: you had some loose paint from a scratch or parking lot door impact and the car wash knocked it off. a rock or something was stuck in the flappers or another part of the car wash and it whacked your car and chipped the paint. You’ll never prove it though. Get some touch up paint.. clean the chips well, and paint.

What is the best way to disguise light scratches on a silver fender/bumper of a car?

There's something called 'airbrush paint touch-up,' and that's what you want when it comes to hiding scratches and paint chips, especially on bumpers (which are often plastic). If you try to use touch-up paint, you'll probably draw attention to the spot rather than hide it. If you try out the tricky "no paint" scratch removal kits, you'll find that the scratches reappear after a few months (because these 'removal' kits are actually just wax). Your local used car dealership can recommend a good airbrush touch-up person. Heck, they might even let you bring your car down the day the brush-touch person comes by and do your vehicle at dealer cost.

What is the best way to touch up small chips in silver car paint?

Silver is about the hardest to match or touch up. If you can, go to the dealer or a reputable automotive paint supplier and ask them about ‘touch up pens’ or paint. It will be handy if you have the manufacturer’s paint name or paint code.

Do those small vials of touch-up paint that can be purchased from the dealership work well on small chips the surface of the car? Is any special prep required for the touch-up area?

I would suggest Dr Colorchip paint chip repair kits. Much better results and easier to work with. It is a fast drying paint, you put a dab next to the chip and wipe it across. Then use the solution to clean up around the chip. It fills it more even, and looks cleaner. Dark colors come out better then lighter colors.


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