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donielleWe’ve all been there, squeezing through a tighter-than-usual spot in a car park and ending up

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updated for 2020.Both the Alphard’s and Vellfire’s list of safety features have been bumped up

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Instead, the material feels plasticky and rough to touch, because of the rougher surface, it is also

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penny.Soul Red Crystal Metallic uses a three-coat Takuminuri painting technology which gives the red paint

No more Tambah Nilai at PLUS exit lanes

This is to help ease congestion caused by long reload times, which may take up to 3 minutes.Based on

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More Honda cars on the road translates to higher Body and Paint (BP) service intakes.As of October 2019

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Proton has filed for several new trademarks.The trademarks that Proton has filed for include “iN-Touch

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The cabin is furnished with high-quality soft-touch materials at all the important touchpoints.Mazda

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Every click of the button felt premium and the soft-touch material at every touchpoint was amazing.

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Things dry up and age faster when exposed to UV rays.

WapCar Weekly News Round-up

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WapCar Weekly News Round-up

19 - 25 October 2019 Fuel price update: RON 97 up by 1 cent Monday PLUS highway celebrates successful

WapCar Weekly News Round-up

or the Aero Edition accessories package for all variants.The X-Tremer package comprises a two-tone paint

To cost RM 300k++ in Malaysia new, Rocket Bunny cut up this 2021 Toyota GR Yaris!

All this is before paint and fabrication work.

Ratings Comparison: 2019 Toyota Yaris vs 2018 Honda Jazz vs 2020 Mazda 2 Hatchback

Door 113 103 C-Pillar 117 123 Tailgate 105 Roof 127 Average paint

Mazda CX-5 Turbo CKD looks good on the outside but dated on the inside – Ratings

and despite having a low average paint thickness of 88.9 μm, every panel has a consistent finish

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compared to May.Although sales figures over the past two months were encouraging, year-to-date figures paint

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not help to repair car scratches.While toothpaste contains mild abrasives, it is not enough to remove paint

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PS and 260 Nm of torque.Exterior features on the new Nissan Kicks include LED headlamps, dual-tone paint

Perodua holds its first-ever Body & Paint skill contest

Perodua has successfully held its first-ever Body & Paint (B&P) Skill Contest in a move to step

Ratings: 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Good grade in Driving Performance, 165/170 overall

Although the suede/leather combo feels pleasant to the touch. 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Noise

Honda Malaysia’s new HondaTouch app makes it easier to get in touch for your next service

app so they can go about their business comfortably before returning to the service centre to pick up

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Theres another trashed up Kancil back on the streets and it is owned by the same man.

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in the third-row seats with relative comfort as the second-row seats can slide and recline to free up

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Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

New 2020 Honda BR-V facelift comes with paddle shifters, priced up RM 9k

New Front Fog Light Garnish**for V variant only The multiple configurations enabled by the 60:40 One Touch

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for @jonathon_klein’s consideration for Guides and Gear: how to touch up paint on your car. finding the right paint code, ordering from OEM, which brushes to use, priming, the painting process, etc

Paint chip herstel amstelveen: amstelveen, HARLEY DAVIDSON XL 53C: Klein chip in de verf, ik heb al de touch-up ... http://bit.ly/oZGaSU

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Did only the Queen band perform live at Wembley Stadium on July 12, 1986?

On 12 Jul 1986 Queen performed in London at Wembley Stadium for 72000 fans. The support bands were INXS, Status Quo and The Alarm. Queen came on after 8 or 9 p.m. The day before all the four bands performed at the same venue. Ticket stub Flyer Backstage pass Staus Quo on stage The second night at Wembley Stadium is probably the most famous and well-documented concert of Queen's career. It was filmed by 15 cameras with the initial intention to air it on TV in October. David Bowie was rumoured to join the band on stage for Under Pressure, but it never materialized. Mick Jagger was in the audience, and hung out with the band before the show. Freddie backstage on that day. The band, particularly Freddie, seem to be a bit nervous at various points tonight, knowing well that this was the big show that was being filmed to be seen by millions of people throughout the ages. His voice is in not quite as good shape as it was last night, which led to many vocal overdubs being done for the TV/radio simulcast and official releases. Brian's nerves also reveal themselves early on, as he messes up the tapping solo in the middle of One Vision (the only time he ever missed it), and later he completely omits the first half of the Hammer To Fall solo (which he also did in Brussels). Brian in the concert All of these slight flaws aside, the video demonstrates how Queen had simply mastered their craft, having arguably orchestrated the perfect stadium show. It reveals a band who, through the unparalleled showmanship and charisma of Freddie Mercury, were able to connect with every one of the 72,000 people on hand. Brian May would later refer to Queen's touring work ethic as becoming "a well-oiled machine" when in the swing of things. The blow-ups of the band members were released into the sky during A Kind Of Magic. One of them was found by an old lady in her back yard the next morning. Before Who Wants To Live Forever, Freddie insists, "we're gonna stay together until we fucking well die, I'm sure." There is a mighty truth to the statement which he certainly may have been aware of at this point. After the impromptu, Brian May puts on a clinic of how to construct a guitar solo. A polar opposite of last night's mediocre solo spot, tonight's rendition is simply magnificent, and perhaps the definitive example of his musicality in the spotlight. This is another one of those shows where Freddie shouts "Go Johnny!" during the instrumental part of Now I'm Here, referencing Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. The bobby hat Mercury is seen with in the acoustic set he stole from a side stage officer during the Newcastle show, in clear view of the audience! Roger was in a good mood and counted Another One Bites The Dust in without waiting for Freddie who looked a bit surprised but they both laughed. Can be seen on the official video. The band attempt a couple more covers tonight, both for the last time - Gimme Some Lovin' and Big Spender. The songs had been tried out earlier in the tour, and the latter had been performed often throughout the 70s. After the show, billed as "Dicky Hart And The Pacemakers" for fun, Queen and some other stars, including Cliff Richard and Samantha Fox, had a jam session at the Kensington Roof Gardens Night Club. Tutti Frutti and Sweet Little Rock And Roller were among the songs played. Spandau Ballet and Gary Glitter were present as well. Short video clips have turned up in documentaries, like The Magic Years. The Pacemakers Freddie Mercury and Cliff Richard Larry Lurex and Gary Glitter Samantha Fox recalls: "I sang with Freddie Mercury at a party once and that was fantastic. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled me up. It was their private party in Kensington. As soon as you got into the lift there were naked women painted green, like a forest. They had midgets with little trays of drinks. You just knew it was going to be a brilliant party. Queen took the stage and they jammed for about an hour [the party itself went until about 9am]. It was amazing. And Gary Glitter got up, too! He pulled me up and asked me what songs I knew. And you know when you can’t think? I asked if he knew Touch Me and he laughed and said, 'What about Go Johnny Go?’ We ended up singing that together. It was amazing to do a duet with Freddie." The party itself was a tame affair for a mere 500 guests, including designers Yves St Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, David and Elizabeth Emanuel, and Queen's old colleague Zandra Rhodes, who'd designed outfits for them in 1974. One publication recalls, "Queen held a famous party after their Wembley concert in July 1986 at the Roof Garden above Kensington High Street where 500 guests included Cliff Richard, Spandau Ballet and Gary Glitter. 'The uniform of every waiter, boy or girl, was body paint,' remembers Gary. 'At first you didn't notice they had nothing on, then you did a double take and thought, Wow! Only Queen would have thought to do this.' Among the other delights laid on for the guests were a scantily-clad woman on duty in the men's toilet and an equally under-dressed gent in the ladies ready to render whatever assistance was asked. That night Freddie made a point of being seen with Mary Austin on his arm. His boyfriend Jim Hutton was nowhere in sight." In an interview (likely taped on the afternoon of the second show) Brian said: "I think we're functioning now better than we've done for years and years. We actually like each other and enjoy being together. It's a great moment for us. We're full of energy. The only choices are to go back in the studio after this tour, or else take the tour to some place else, 'cos we feel like we're hot; we're going on all four." Neither would turn out to be true. Mercury would spend 1987 away from the band, and the fruits of his labour would be an opera album with the Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballe called "Barcelona." Without a doubt his health would greatly impact his life choices during this time. Sources: ,Latest news from the Queen world [QueenConcerts],, ,information on concerts; reviews, pictures, and more,.

What are the most impressive sights on Hollywood Boulevard?

The replica of the Babylon Gate built into the Hollywood and Highland shopping center is pretty impressive. It is based on a massive set built for D.W. Griffith’s ponderous silent epic, Intolerance. That set is long gone. If you walk north from Hollywood and Vine a little over a block, on the east side of Vine, the Capitol Records building is a masterpiece of Mid-Century Modern architecture. Designed to look like a stack of LPs on a record changer, it has been seen so much in movies and TV, but when you actually see it in person your heart will skip a beat, it’s that cool. The TCL Chinese Theatre (the big room, not the smaller 6-cinema multiplex) was restored and re-equipped for IMAX Laser Projection 6 years ago. It is a reference theatre for IMAX 70mm, IMAX Digital, and Dolby Atmos sound. The original theatre began construction in January 1926, and the house opened in May, 1927. The building style can be catagorized as “Chinoiserie Exotica.” The decor includes real artifacts from China, and actor and artist Keye Luke (Best known for being Lee Chan in the Charlie Chan series of movies, Master Po in the ’70s Kung Fu TV series, and Mr. Wing in Gremlins) designed and painted the original murals in the lobby. Of course, the forecourt and all the hand and foot prints are the big draw, but honestly, take in a movie at the Chinese, the more epic the better, and get a good look at the theatre itself either before or after the film. Unfortunately the rest of Hollywood Boulevard invariably disappoints. It was seedy in 1969 when Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood was set (well, an alternate-universe Hollywood, actually) and it got alternately seedier, then cleaned up, then went to seed again in the decades since. Beware the costumed performers who are basically beggars. They will pose for pictures, but always charge a price. Some have been known to attack people who stiff them. Beware the guys giving out mix CDs of music: they also want their money for it, even though they will not tell you up front how much it costs. Beware the open-air hot dog grillers: they don’t call those sausages “Danger Dogs” for nothing. The neighborhood decays further once you go east of Hollywood and Argyle. Hollywood Boulevard was perhaps one of the first places, other than Skid Row in Downtown, that people experiencing homelessness would set up encampments. This began when Governor Ronald Reagan cleared out and closed the State Mental Hospitals in the ‘60s. Within Metro Bus distance, however, is Paramount Studios, and Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I need to briefly touch on these, because if you really want a feel for the era when the area was legitimately glamorous, those two places will not disappoint. Take the 210 bus southbound down Vine St. to the 10 bus on Melrose Av. eastbound — get your TAP card in the Hollywood/Vine Metro Red Line (The B Train) station, and add about $5 to $10 in stored value — and you will get to the famous gates of Paramount. The studio is over 100 years old, and the lot broke ground in 1926. Now owned by ViacomCBS, Inc., the studio actually does run tours that make the famous Universal “Studio Tour” pale by comparison with regard to actual authenticity and a feeling of being around almost 100 years of history. If you go on the tour during weekdays, you will likely see some actual production going on. The basic tour costs $60/person, which is $40 cheaper than general admission to Universal. The VIP and After Dark tours cost more. However, they provide some unusual features that Universal can’t touch. During the Halloween season, the gate between Hollywood Forever Cemetery and Paramount swings open for some extra-special True Crime/Weird Hollywood themed fun stuff during the After Dark tours. If you want to see Hollywood Forever Cemetery in the majestic light of day, you get off the 210 southbound at Santa Monica Boulevard. It’s not a hard walk to the gates of the final resting place of many, many Golden Age stars. Maps to the Stars’ Homes are not worth the paper they are printed on, but a Map to the Stars’ Graves is something you can rely on to visit with departed celebs like Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Judy Garland, Mel Blanc, and John Huston. Sorry, Marilyn Monroe is interred at Westwood Cemetery several miles due west of there. Obligatory disclaimer: I have no monetary interest in TCL, The Chinese Theatre, Capitol Records, ViacomCBS Inc., Paramount Pictures, or Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I just consider these the coolest places to check out when visiting in Hollywood.

When did Homo sapiens develop the concept of spirituality and religion, or does it predate sapiens?

When did Homo sapiens develop the concept of spirituality and religion, or does it predate sapiens? There is some broad consensus that ancient cave art represents more than simply “snapshots” of people, their hands, their tools and the animals around them. Indeed it’s thought that there may be a “magical” or spiritual link, in so much as capturing an animal’s likeness on a cave wall, especially one that is relatively difficult to reach and may be unlit by natural light, conjures up the ,essence, of that animal, either out of respect or awe, or to invoke good fortune in the next hunt. Or perhaps as thanks for recent success, ,. If that appeals as an hypothesis then you can pick your dating (around 40,000 years ago, roughly) from caves at Sulawesi, ,, El Castillo, , or Arnhem Land, ,. And many more, of course. (The El Castillo art is attributed to ,Neanderthals,, at least by some.) Likely as not there are earlier examples waiting to be found. Spirituality, , and religion, , are broad, overlapping, well-explored but ultimately poorly or loosely defined concepts. A catch-all for the seemingly inexplicable. And the further back in time you go, the more inexplicable everything appeared to be. Variations on this theme might include questions like ,‘why do we die?’, ‘why does the sun rise and fall?’,, and ,‘where does it go at night?’,, and ,‘why is this mountain shaking and spitting flame?’,. When the earth is shaking and your local mountain is smoking, just before it blows its top, is probably a great time to ask ,‘is this my fault?,’. It’s also a great time to blame someone else and throw ,them, into the nearest crater instead. If the eruptions cease, it obviously worked. And repeat, as needed. Voilà,, a religious practice is born. You don’t need language to throw your least favoured companion into a crater of lava, but you do need the cognition/imagination to at least make that (probably erroneous, I didn’t know the guy) link. And then again to expand the concept to encompass a ‘mountain spirit’ or a ‘wind god’. But language may have grown out of a set of mutations that also brought us improved cognition. So it all gets mashed up together. And we largely discuss and share such ideas (like making human sacrifices, although I admit that’s an extreme case) using the spoken word. Gesturing gets us some way there, as does art (painting or dance, for example). But ‘probably’ not far enough to make a compelling case, or one that will sway the majority of the clan or tribe to carry that sacrifice up to the edge of oblivion. It’s therefore tempting to say that there were ,no, such truly ,sharable, concepts, at least as we know them, before ,some, form of language arrived. But what ,minimum, form of language is needed to express such ideas? How complex, how representational, does it have to be? Many things can be expressed with grunts and gestures, ,, of course. Emotions, including sadness, sympathy, fear and anger, can be communicated in this way. Could awe be expressed in this way? It’s probably a stretch, but perhaps a respect for life or beauty could be passed on to others with only a limited range of gestures, soothing sounds, touches or hugs. But if it’s truly scary, all the better. With that sort of (pretty loose) definition in mind we’d be looking at our separation from the Chimpanzee/Bonobos, somewhere between 3 and 4 million years ago, ,. I suspect, however, that most people ,wouldn’t ,accept this sort of ‘bare minimum’ definition of spirituality, and they would reject the idea of any sort of “religious” aspect to an ancient or even modern Chimpanzee or Bonobo lifestyle. So we’d better move forward in time. We could ,speculatively, put moderately complex representational language (and associated ‘religious observance’) at around 300,000 years ago, ,, about 100,000 years after our line split from our Neanderthal cousins, , ,. They are believed to have had the specialised brain regions and ,some,, if not most of the physical attributes needed to produce the range of sounds we use during speech, ,. There remains a debate about that, however. Nevertheless there is some evidence of special treatment for the dead, ,by Neanderthals, which suggests ,something, is going on. If you looked at it genetically, you could make a case for serious neuron-related developmental changes at 3.4, 2.4 and around 1 million years ago, ,. But is it evidence of the origin of spiritual thought? As important as it is, I doubt it helps pin this down. If you looked for language-related genetic changes alone then you can choose between 100,000 and as early as 50,000 years ago, ,. I’d probably split the difference, on a hunch. If that correlates with anything, prehistoric hunting practices circa 70,000 years ago and the later shift to agriculture (from around 12,000 years ago), leading eventually to a more sedentary lifestyle, is reflected in the evolution of ‘prehistoric religion’, represented by cave art moving out into the ‘built environment’ and meeting a different, more modern context, ,. However there’s also the strange case of ,Homo Naledi, ,, of which substantial numbers of remains have been found in a cave. Because considerable effort was needed to carry and dispose of these bodies (at least 15 persons), some debate has commenced around whether this represents true ,ritual, behaviour, a feature of modern humans and possibly Neanderthal, too. The problem (one of several, really) is that it’s dated at between 335,000 and 236,000 years ago, ,. Which is a long way back for what appear to be small-brained creatures (which really shouldn’t be there at that time anyway). The most plausible explanation is possibly just that dead bodies have to be disposed of ,somewhere,, and a deep cave is as good a spot as any. Mind you, such things as the behaviours we express when dealing with the ,practicalities, of death can arguably morph into habits, or perhaps even ritual. We can even create backstories to ‘explain’ why we did this or that, long after the real reasons are forgotten. Much later again we write these down on a few scrolls and build a religion around it. However if we accept such basic things as indicative of “respect for the dead” then should we not also include elephants and dolphins here, ,? They too display ,some, recognition of ‘death’. Again, I doubt that we can push it that far, but it demonstrates just how hard it is to pin down. At the end of the day beliefs and rituals don’t fossilise very well, leaving us with inferences based on clues like a common location for multiple burials, charring (suggesting cremation) or artifacts seemingly left ‘purposely’ with a body. In other ways we can imagine and speculate that ancient humans, catching sight of ‘something” in their peripheral vision, or sensing a presence in the dark might conjure up something resembling a ‘spirit’. (The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck as I write this.) The taming and management of fire, the flickering of the light against cave walls, the sudden flash of lightning and the crack of thunder are all things that inspire fear, awe, and conjecture, both now ,and, then. So we go into our cave and paint a bison, or whatever. Add in some coincidental hunting success the next day, and ,bingo!,, we’ve forged a new habit, a ritual and a belief that may endure for a thousand years (or more), ,. It’s amazing what a predictive, creative and pattern-detecting brain can do.

How do you save on a bathroom remodel?

If you have the skills, do the work yourself. Spend time creating a budget and clear vision of how you want it to turn out within that budget, and stick to that vision; changing your mind in the middle is expensive. Pick up all of the things you’ll need for that transformation prior to starting (don’t forget painting supplies, drop cloths, masking tape, caulk, wall anchors if the things you’re changing will possibly need them); if you have everything you need on hand before you start working, you can do it all in a weekend. (Clear room Friday night, wash walls, remove towel rods/TP holder, and put up masking tape so you can paint first thing Saturday; Saturday morning, remove vanity if changing cabinet and get painting so you can do a second coat in the evening; Sunday is primarily for vanity/toilet/faucet/towel bar installation, though touch-ups can be done on paint if needed.) Don’t mess with the tile if you can help it. Tile is expensive to buy and a pain to install if you don’t already have the skill. Take a bleach solution to the grout and maybe do another layer of grout if there’s a lot of loose or cracked grout, but don’t mess with trying to re-tile if you can avoid it. If the existing tile is some horrible color, like a pink, think about color schemes to make that color work. Pairing a bubblegum pink with dark gray can take it from uber-girly to more adult quite quickly, especially if you use dark gray bathmats to cover part of the floors and paint the walls with the dark gray and the doors/moldings in a neutral white. A bathroom with harvest gold or avocado can look less awful if you can find a multi-colored bohemian shower curtain or use a sari looped over a second shower rod like you would a window scarf; paired with colorful chindi (rag) rugs and a brass-framed mirror, it becomes an exotic retreat rather than 70s fabulous. If you have the problem that everything is white, pick a color to paint the non-tiled part of the walls, and a shower curtain, rugs, and towels in a coordinating color/print to give it life. You can paint 2–3 coats out of a gallon that costs $50 and still have plenty for touch-ups later, and replacing the shower curtain and rugs can be done on around $100. Don’t move plumbing if you can avoid it; it takes a lot of time and can require digging into the foundation if your house doesn’t have a crawlspace. Unless the bathroom’s layout is completely awkward, like one house I’ve lived in where you had to zigzag around the toilet to get to the showers/baths, it adds a few thousand dollars to the cost that you probably don’t need to spend; even in that house, with a crawlspace, it added $300 in plumbing costs plus the $300 costs of completely replacing the bathroom floor and its tile (luckily, there was only about 30 square feet of tile needed). Changing out the vanity can make a HUGE difference in the feel of a bathroom; a 30″ sink cabinet will allow much more counter space than an 18″ one and more enclosed storage space, and will fit in all but extremely non-standard US bathrooms (code requires 30″ spacing between centerlines of plumbing fixtures, and has for decades). A quick look at current Home Depot prices says this can be done for anywhere from $150 to $500, depending on what you choose. Replacing a toilet is similarly doable for anywhere from $150 to $500; there are lots of $200–300 toilets out there in all combinations of height and bowl shape and look, but the cheapest start at $95 new. Faucets and showerheads are another place that can really change up the feel of a bathroom; this is one area where costs vary wildly, though. Inexpensive, very generic bathroom faucets start at $15, while the high-end designer ones can run north of $1200. They’re also something you can change out later; changing out a faucet takes a wrench, screwdriver, teflon tape, and half an hour, and maybe drying time for fresh caulk. Showerheads can be changed in 5 minutes, with no drying time needed; shower control knobs or bathtub faucets are more involved, requiring an hour or more depending on the existing plumbing, plus the aforementioned tools and caulk, and at least 24 hours for the caulk to cure. The vanity faucet makes the most difference, since a shower faucet is often hidden behind the curtain/door, but it’s possible to replace a boring 1970s-standard shower control, showerhead, and vanity faucet with something with timeless personality for around $250 for the three. Sometimes you can find kits which include new towel rods and toilet paper holders as well, which are nice for an inexpensive refresh. So, to sum up, if you have $200 to spend, paint, new bathmats and shower curtain will give it a much-improved look. If you have $500, get those plus either a new vanity cabinet/sink/faucet or a new toilet. If you have $1000, you can probably afford new faucets/showerhead, new vanity, new textiles, new towel bars, and possibly even an updated toilet.

What is your favorite painting and why?

Short answer:, This is ,IKB 79 ,by ,Yves Klein. The letters IKB stand for International Klein Blue, a distinctive ultramarine which Klein registered as a trademark colour in 1957. He considered that this colour had a quality close to pure space and he associated it with immaterial values beyond what can be seen or touched. The announcement card for his one-man exhibition at the Galleria Apollinaire, Milan in 1957 described IKB as 'a Blue in itself, disengaged from all functional justification'. By this time Klein had arrived at a means of painting in which the incandescence of IKB could be maximised. First he stretched his canvas or cotton scrim over a wooden backing, which had been treated with a milk protein called casein. This assisted the adherence of the paint when it was applied with a roller. Then he applied an industrial blue paint, similar to gouache, which he mixed with a highly volatile fixative. ,When the paint dried the pigment appeared to hover over the surface of the canvas creating a rich velvety texture and an unusual appearance of depth. Long answer:, It is really tough at times to give the title of 'favourite' to one single work. Its like asking your favourite song. It all depends on the phase of life you're in, or your mood. Nonetheless, in my current state of mind, the ,IKB 79, is my 'favourite'. The song on repeat in my head. I'm going through a colour phase where somehow everything I think about is in terms of colour. Colour in art is what chaos is to existence. No matter how extensively artists' have spend their lives to explain the phenomenon of colour it still eludes us. Among those artists is Yves Klein. In the post World War II era, artists were exploring new way to express reality. But the anger of the war pushed them into a kind of nihilist thinking which made them want to escape the influences of representation or expression that normally existed in painting. Inspired from surrealism and dadaism which also emerged from the ashes of World War I, Abstract Expressionism came into being. It started with Wassily Kandinsky and his 'compositions' and picked up by action painters like Jackson Pollock and De Kooning. A more subtle and peaceful expression of this movement was Colour Field painting where colour was treated as the ,subject, itself and artists like Mark Rothko created works full of fields of colour. People would sit in front of such paintings for hours, mesmerized and lost in the world of colour. Some people even cried. This particular 'Rothko' effect was seen as a sort of shamanism in art by art critics but no one could deny this emotional effect of colour on human. There was another shaman around that time who was quite selfishly trying to paint nothing. In fact, he was trying to go beyond this – he felt that the blue colour he managed to produce was the closest he could get to painting “pure space.” He had invented the colour and patented it, which kept it free from assocations with anything else. Essentially turning colour into art. ( Maybe think of it as alchemy, creating a new colour is not something trivial.) It isn't the colour ,of, anything, and although it’s ,like, other blues, it isn’t quite. It was simply blue for the sake of being blue. So Klein felt this was as close as he could get to painting which was liberated from the restraint of having to be something. Klein took this idea to its extreme conclusion in 1958 at an exhibition called ,The Specialization of Sensibility in the Raw Material State into Stabilized Pictorial Sensibility, the Void. ,He managed to get 3,000 people to queue up to see a case containing nothing at all. Yves Klein Scroll back up to ,IKB 79, and look at it again., Do you find it unsettling? We immediately try to see something in the picture, but we can’t. It doesn’t look like anything, it doesn’t communicate anything, it doesn’t connect with anything in your brain. If you find that unsettling, then good – I think that’s where Yves Klein wanted to take you. Cut off from what you expect or want to see in a painting, so all you’re left with is International Klein Blue. Some people will question whether ,IKB 79, is actually art at all. Lot of us are taught to think that the value of a work of art is found simply in the ability of an artist to faithfully recreate a visual image. And for hundreds of years that was probably true. But as the world changed and became 'enlightened', notions of what it meant to communicate the truth changed. And people invented better ways to capture visual images. It probably isn’t overstating it to say that the foundations of how people thought about reality were shaken, and artists were freed up to explore what that meant. In a way, Klein was trying to dig away at reality, to get rid of the clutter and to explore what was behind it all. In a world where the concept of truth and meaning were being questioned and pulled apart, work like Klein’s was the exploration of what reality is all about, what it means to experience it and to express it. And it was Klein who helped me to start to see that this is what modern and contemporary art is about – in one way or another, exploring what reality and existence is all about., and what it means to be a part of it. Usually there are more questions than answers, or it’s about exploring the bit in between. P.S. : Thanks for the A2A.

My landlord didn't fix any of the problems in my house so I stopped paying rent until he did. He said he will fix it and now suddenly I get an eviction letter. What can I do?

First in for most I hope you do read what I wrote below because I was in your situation identically years ago. Second make no mistake your time living in this landlord’s property is over. They are a sleazebag they are probably pull this nonsense on others and they will never be honest with you and they will make no mistake about this point not be renewing your lease when it expires. Third be advised they will probably try to get you evicted. Fourth and this is very important if you plan on having anything go to court where they try to take you to court you need to arm yourself very well with knowledge. Find out your rights as a tenant in your state and/or county or town. Fifth find out what your rights are and what the laws are surrounding covertly recording people either just simply audio over the phone or audio and or video in their presence. The sleazebag will probably admit to a lot of things in front of you when no one is around to be witness so covertly recording him or her will be very helpful toward winning your case. Your state will probably have very specific laws on whether or not people can be recorded covertly without being told that is or as in my case in New Jersey the law is that if I want to record somebody either over the phone or in their presents audio or video as long as I have another person with me either on the phone or in presence as long other person knows that there is a covert recording being done the recording itself will be admissible as evidence in a court of law, in New Jersey you do not have to notify the person that you were recording if there is another person present that does know the recording is being done. Please remember this is New Jersey law it will vary in your state but you should very definitely look into it to outsmart the sleazebag that’s your landlord. What follows below is everything that I went through disgustingly. I was in this exact same situation a while ago when I rented an apartment in a less the nice town. I was desperate to find an apartment quickly but I was having severe problems in my life when I had a relative that was gonna be paying for it for me so I couldn’t afford a normal modeling apartment. When I finally did find an apartment that was within the price range that my cousin was giving me it was something in a two family house that was built back in the 1920s. The landlord was a sleazy old Greek man and a piece of crap also. He was a misogynist and believed in renting to women’s we could take advantage of them because he believed they would not fight back. He did upgrade to his side of the two family house for his family over the years but intentionally left the other side intact because he did not give a crap about his tenants. And when I was discussing signing the lease with him I had pointed out three things that I wanted done and he agreed to them I was naïve and I did not have him write those three things down on the lease or what I thought was a lease which later turned out to be a month-to-month contract that he stared me in my face in front of my cousin said this is the lease. He never did any of the three things even though I checked in with him several times before my move date I still kept believing in the goodness of people and did not renege on the rental because he hadn’t done anything. I had so many other things going on my mind but because of things that of been happening in my life that I didn’t think straight about the deal. I moved in to the apartment and he never followed up and did any of the things because he knew we finally had me and there was nothing on paper I could force upon him. Things got worse he told me that his son who is using the driveway for his business which was a contractor plumbing and heating business was looking for a proper warehouse to store his stock and his trucks and when he would find a place I would be allowed to use the driveway without any problem which was exceptionally large. The driveway was a very large driveway with a separate garage that was A double detached garage as in good for two cars in the garage was not attached to the house. The sun was using the property outside of zoning regulations as the property was only zoned for private residential usage including the garage only being for private residential usage but he was using it as a warehouse to get deliveries on a regular basis for all of the businesses backstock and supplies including very dangerous acetylene tanks for welding purposes for the plumbing part of the business. When I got good and fed up with the husband being a liar which is something his wife admitted to me in a private conversation that I recorded I started going to the town with the exclamation of what was going on in the condition of the apartment which included one of the old radiator units that had been jury rig attached to an updated hot air furnace instead of being attached to an old-school boiler which two types of systems are not compatible was not working in my bedroom and all he kept doing was coming up and bleed the system which does nothing. I also believe that there was a lead paint in the apartment but in New Jersey you don’t have a child the state doesn’t give a crap about there being lead paint even though the paint on top of it was peeling exposing the lead paint. I forced him to have to spend the money to get a lead paint test in but I didn’t realize that I should be there to force a person to test the spots where the paint was peeling so that he could test the paint underneath and I also didn’t realize that as long as he paid for the lead paint test the company was not obligated to give me any real details on the test and the outcome. I went back to the town the town kept telling me we can’t force the guy to open the garage to see the contents so finally one morning I got up extra early one of the rooms in the apartment faced out to the back of the property where you could see when they were doing their morning load up on the trucks the garage was open and I took video and photographic footage and brought it to the town. I prove to the town that the old fart misogynist and his misogynistic son both of them were cheap the sun too cheap to rent a proper warehouse for his business and the father too cheap to fix up my apartment properly and be honorable by his word given up on a handshake was found guilty in a court of law of violating zoning ordinances which the town went ahead and find both of them for and ordered the sun permanently to get off the property with the business. The sun did finally get off the property and I started using the driveway because the guy also lied to me about parking on the street being available. Yes parking on the street is available only during the day when everybody is at their 9-to-5 job but me who works in a job screw you the guy didn’t even care that I would have to park my car all the way out somewhere on another street and walk home alone in the dark as a woman he especially didn’t care even when somebody on our own block which had a cheap sleazy trailer park at the top of it wound up getting stabbed to death at night. Once the sun was off the driveway I started using the driveway and the guy had the nerve to tell me oh you know use the driveway I charge $200 extra month at that point the son had already issued a fraudulent letter of evection to me writing it as though it was his father writing it and signing it himself which I promptly paired the signature on the letter which I knew to be a fraud because the father has no clue about computers because he’s too cheap and too stupid and too old to deal with them and when I compare that signature on the letter to the signature on the fake lease which was a month-to-month contract that the father signed in my presence I was proven correct that the father Did not sign the letter of addiction it was signed by his son who issued the letter himself. I did go to tenant landlord Court they tried to pull a fast one on the judge and the judge would have none of it. The two sons tried to claim that they were there to help their father who didn’t speak such good English even though he was in the country for over 40 years and did speak good English with an accent yes but good English. The judge said no you’re not allowed to translate for him and if he can’t speak such a good English I will be arranging for a court appointed translator. All of a sudden the father said to the judge or white I can manage I can manage to which the judge said no I’m not giving you grounds for any sort of the PO where you can cons did not sign the letter of evection it was signed by his son who issued the letter himself. I did go to the tenant landlord court they tried to pull a fast one on the judge and the judge would have none of it. The two sons tried to claim that they were there to help their father who didn’t speak such good English even though he was in the country for over 40 years and did speak good English with an accent yes but good English. The judge said no you’re not allowed to translate for him and if he can’t speak such a good English I will be arranging for a court appointed translator. All of a sudden the father said to the judge always I can manage I can manage to which the judge said no I’m not giving you grounds for any sort of appeal where you can attempt to claim you didn’t understand. The two sons and the father were furious but I didn’t care. The end result was I kept using the driveway got to call him what he was with every expletive of the word to the old geezers face and finally found a better place to live. Do not mistake your time living in this place is done the landlord will never give you the ability to have the lease renewed. In the future anything that you need done to unit before you move into it you make sure to see that lease ahead of time read it over make sure it says a lease term of one year or two year make sure it is not a month-to-month contract and make certain that the landlord put down in writing all of the work that is to be done ahead of time of your move-in date and make sure it also says that the landlord is to keep in touch with you and advise you with the process of what repairs are supposed to be made before your move-in date. Also try to work in some penalty if they do not keep up with the appointed work. You will also want to consider putting in that the work is to be done on a significant time before your move-in date so that you have the luxury of backing out if they do not match or meet that work completion date which is prior to your move-in date . Do you not give any landlords any wiggle room they will take it vantage of you and not be worth their word even on a handshake. Like I said your time at this place is up they will not renew your lease and if you stay there even if you are with in your lease. Before it is supposed to be renewed that landlord is going to make your life hell document everything they do to you record everything and find out about the recording laws in your state. Some states may be a single party notification stayed about covert recording or they may require that people be notified they Will be recorded. Should you ever need to use anything that this sleazebag says to you in a court of law you need to make sure you got your eyes and crosser tease on the recording laws in your state otherwise that recording which may be your only evidence of how sleazy the person is will not be allowed to be entered into the case in court at time of trial.

Do kitchens and bathrooms sell a house?

There are a few things that help sell a house. Location is a big one. The number, size, and layout of the rooms are also heavy hitters. Houses with kitchens that are well-laid-out and enjoyable to cook a holiday feast in, with room for 1–2 other cooks or space for a couple of guests to sit and chat with the cook, will usually sell faster than houses with small closed-off kitchens which don’t allow for social interaction. Many people today want to be able to interact with their guests while they put the finishing touches on a meal, or be able to set up an island or peninsula as a buffet for a holiday feast or a party. Personally, I look for: a nice faucet like a high-arch with a pull-down sprayer; a 30″ or larger stove width; a dishwasher; and enough countertop space that I can leave some regularly-used small appliances (microwave, coffeepot, toaster, stand mixer, etc.) out all the time and still have room for preparing ingredients, cooking, and a dish drying rack; space for a trash bin and compost bucket next to where I’m preparing ingredients; room to maneuver my wheelchair on days when I can’t walk; and plenty of space to store spices that doesn’t involve having them nested 6 and 8 jars deep in a cabinet. As far as bathrooms go, a little bit of a luxurious feeling in the master bath invites a prospective buyer to soak in the tub, or linger a little longer in the shower. Other folks looking at the house may be aging and considering whether there’s a seat and handheld showerhead, or room to use one, and room to get around with a walker or wheelchair. Young parents or couples planning a family may be looking for a little extra floor space to put a toilet-training chair. Creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, with a little extra space for maneuvering, goes a long way toward a potential buyer falling in love with the bathroom and how it can work for their family. The reason kitchens and baths weight so heavily in comparison to other rooms is because they’re the most expensive in the house to remodel—tile, cabinetry, countertops, and appliances can easily push a moderate kitchen remodel to the $40–50k USD range. Because of that, doing a major kitchen or bath remodel isn’t usually recommended in order to sell a home, but putting, say, $5000 into a facelift for them (maybe a nicer high-rise kitchen faucet, new cabinet doors, under-cabinet lighting, and/or a coat of paint in the kitchen; for the bathroom, perhaps new faucets and a new vanity, removing and replacing old caulk, fresh paint or wallpaper, or replacing old and damaged tile) will often result in a higher selling price. The key is to choose inexpensive options that people viewing the home will see as positive enhancements.

What early songs by The Rolling Stones, are your favorites, and why?

The early Stones records are owned by ABKCO, an Allen Klein company. So, in current Rolling Stones tours, you don’t really hear much of the early stuff except for the obvious huge hits like ,Paint It Black, Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No), Let’s Spend The Night Together,, or ,It’s All Over Now., Understandably, a business decision. The Stones got f**ked over real good by Allen Klein and mismanaged by Andrew Loog Oldham. So, you don’t hear much of the early stuff unless you yourself go searching and digging for the sixties albums, which is what I did, Their early sound, especially when doing covers of other artists material, before the Jagger/Richards songwriting team existed, is rich with bluesy, rootsy, R‘n’B. Brian Jones is doing some incredible slide guitar on blues songs. Ian Stewart accompanies on a few with his keyboard work. Keith Richards has the Chuck Berry riffs down to a science, Jagger with his teen anger/angst vocals, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts keeping the bottom end and making the band sound so good they’re greasy. Here are a few of the early Stones tracks that I like: What A Shame ,from the album ,The Rolling Stones No, 2 Some not too shabby blues harmonica from Brian Jones and some solid piano flourishes from Ian Stewart highlight this bluesy teen angst tune as sung superbly by Mick Jagger. Listen to Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts hold down the bottom end. I believe Keith takes on the solo but overall I think Jones and Richards both share the lead and rhythm parts. Mona (I Need You, Baby), from the album ,The Rolling Stones, Now! Here they do an incessant and heavily reverbed Bo Diddley beat to a song lyric about one man’s obsession. Jagger sounds like an angsty teen, bluesy and raw at the same time, but with an English twist. Brian Jones shines on this one. Can I Get A Witness ,from the album ,The Rolling Stones England’s Newest Hit Makers Here they’re covering African American soul and Motown. Jagger has been listening to his Marvin Gaye, Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke, Lee Dorsey records. Ian Stewart keeps it bouncing with his keyboards. Grown Up Wrong, from the album ,12x5 Here they do a rompin’ highway blues boogie that just swings, mainly because of Wyman and Watts doing admirable bass and drum work that keeps the Terraplane flying down the highway. Jagger’s harmonica accents the lyrical dismay and frustration of a guy and his woman troubles. Jones does an awesome slide and Richards maintains a steady rhythm over Watts and Wyman engine vroom. Good Times Bad Times ,from the album, ,12x5 Here they are covering a slow country blues. They've got that Mississippi Delta sweltering heat and fly-infested juke joint sound down pat. It’s amazingly good for a bunch of English white kids from urban middle-class backgrounds doing backcountry blues. Jagger’s moaning on about more woman troubles to his blues harmonica. Suzy Q ,from the album, 12x5 Here they are doing a cover of the Dale Hawkins rockabilly number, but they rock it up a notch while anticipating a hoodoo voodoo swampy vibe brilliantly fruitioned in Creedence Clearwater Revival’s version a few years later. Bill Wyman’s bassline and Jagger’s handclaps keep up the tempo. The solo guitar might be Richards as it has Chuck Berry-ish elements to it. We all know Richards was a Chuck Berry freak back then. Probably still is. It’s a greasy song, man! Lady Jane ,on several album collections, my source is ,More Hot Rocks (Big Hits and Fazed Cookies) Here they are anticipating psychedelia. It’s a love song in Elizabethan courtliness and gentlemanly noblesse oblige. Jones plays the dulcimer that adds a touch of Renaissance minstrel charm and Jagger sings like he's Sir Francis Drake or Christopher Marlowe, or some foppish Pre-Raphaelite prince. Already, Jagger was playing up his bisexual appeal to males and females in the Stones’ listening audience. Jack Nitzsche is the harpsichordist keeping it very baroque. It’s All Over Now,, ,my source is, More Hot Rocks (Big Hits and Fazed Cookies) Here they are covering a Bobby Womack tune. It became a huge hit for The Stones. so huge, Womack was at first miffed that he wrote the song and his wasn’t a hit, and he feared being ripped off, but then changed his tune when he realized the popularity of the Stones version of his song was earning him filthy luchre in royalties. Keith does a funky Chuck Berry solo. Wyman and Watts keep the bottom end chuggin’. It’s brilliant. This song gets greasy. Down The Raod Apiece ,from the album, Rolling STONES nO. 2 Here the boys get into an old jazz-blues number from the 1940s and Chuck Berry it up. Keith handles lead while Brian does rhythm and piano courtesy of Ian Stewart. Little Red Rooster, ,from the album ,The Rolling Stones Now! Here they’re covering what’s become a blues standard. I believe Big Mama Thornton first recorded it, if I have my blues history right. The Stones smoke it up with their version, it’s so backdoor monkey man creepy. Jones's slide is brilliant. Watts and Wyman just nail it. Richards guitar glides along to the tempo, a seedy nightclub tempo. This song gets greasy. Off The Hook, ,from the album, The Rolling Stones Now! Here they do a train rollin’ down the track tempo to a rockabilly tune that just makes it greasy enough to get my hips doin’ the hippy hippy shake. Jagger sings about more girl troubles when his lady keeps her phone off the hook. Somebody To Love ,from the album, Rolling Stones, Now! Here the band ventures into Solomon Burke and Wilson Pickett territory covering a signature song of both men in their live shows. The Stones used to open their sets in 1965 with this number and it set the tone. Audiences were electrified by the energy of the Stones on stage. These are just the tip of the iceberg of gems and precious rocks in the Stones' musical past. You just have to go hunting for them. My listening has made me aware of how indeed they were the anti-Beatles, they were grittier, meaner, dirty ass in contradistinction to the cleaner cuter lovable moptops. I can see how someone like the former lead singer for the Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick liked the Rolling Stones and thought the Beatles were lightweight fluff and silly. With the Stones, she thought them more like ‘’now this is it, snide and with attitude, and they don’t take themselves too seriously.’’ I tend to agree with Grace. But don’t get me wrong, I love The Beatles too. they made some incredible music after they outgrew the lovable mop-top phase. In the rearview mirror, I now admit that I have a nostalgic appreciation of The Beatles mop-top Beatlemania era, before Pepper. So its confectious pop, so what, it's still feel-good music. But let’s get something straight. Although Grace had her opinion of The Beatles, they were part of the impetus for her and husband Jerry Slick forming the band, The Great Society, that and a band she saw in live performances at The Matrix in San Francisco, The Jefferson Airplane. The Beatles did that. They inspired bands to form. The Rolling Stones inspired hundreds of garage bands too. They were a pretty good covers band for English white boys and they hit their stride when Andrew Loog Oldham steered them into writing and performing original material.

What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

Some Useful Windows Shortcuts Most of the Windows users out there would be familiar with this - ',F5,' keyboard shortcut - to 'Refresh'. (Even if not, now you know it :). So, here I present some more keyboard shortcuts / key combinations for Windows users that I find useful while I'm busy with my keyboard and do not want to touch the mouse, and once you'll learn these, you'll find them handy too - First, some ,basic keyboard shortcuts, - ',Ctrl +C,' - Copy a selected item. ',Ctrl + X,' - Cut a selected item. ',Ctrl + V,' - Paste a selected item. ',Ctrl + Z,' - Undo an action. ',Ctrl + Y,' - Redo something that you undid. ',Ctrl + A,' - Select all. ',Ctrl + P,' - To print something. ',Alt +F4,' - To close application. Now, some ,more, - 1., Use ',WinKey + E,' to open 'Windows Explorer' window or 'My Computer' as known by Windows XP users. 2., ',WinKey + F,' - Opens a window to search for files and folders 3., ',WinKey + 1/2/3/...,' - Launches the corresponding program in your taskbar ,1 2 3 4 5 ... 4. 'Alt + Tab' ,- Switch between active applications/open windows. You have to press & hold 'Alt' and then hit (not hold) 'Tab' (most recently used), hit 'Tab' again without release 'Alt' (2nd most recently used) and so on. For example - Too many windows? Switch like this - As you can see in the image above, I have 7 Windows opened + my Desktop. Say, I have to open Windows Media Player & I'm using Paint right now (1st window), then I'll use - press & hold 'Alt', hit 'Tab', hit 'Tab' again (don't release 'Alt' key till you reach your destination), then release 'Alt' key. Now, if you think you've gone to far, say I hit 'Tab' thrice and reached 'Firefox' window (don't release the 'Alt' key now), but Windows Media Player is my destination, so in addition to 'Alt' key (which I never released), press & hold 'Shift', then hit 'Tab', now you'll move in the opposite direction. Hence, ',Alt + Shift + Tab,' for this or any time switching to least recently used window. Similarly, if you get tired of holding 'Alt' key, try using ',Ctrl + Alt + Tab,' and then use arrow keys to toggle. Edit:, As suggested by @Anoop, you can also use this feature, also known as 'Aero/Windows Flip 3D', for switching windows - ',WinKey + Tab,' (for Windows 7/Vista users only). Looks nice, isn't it? 5., ',WinKey + D,' - Go to your desktop. or similar effect can be obtained with ',WinKey + M,' - Minimize all. 6., ',WinKey + L,' - Lock your PC or Switch users. It looks like this or even with more icons if no. of accounts > 1. 7., ',Ctrl + Shift + Esc,' - Open Task Manager ',Ctrl + Esc,' - Opens Start Menu, but it's not useful. 8., The famous ,"three-finger-salute", - ',Ctrl + Alt + Del,' - provides you a screen with a few useful options when you're computer is stuck with something and you're stuck with your computer. 9., Now, a few more built-in Windows Explorer shortcuts - ',Alt + Left,' - Navigate backwards. ',Alt + Right,' - Navigate forwards. ',Alt + Up,' - Move a level up. ',Ctrl + Shift + N,' - Create a new folder. ',Ctrl + N,' - Open a similar new window. ',Alt + Enter,' - Open properties of selected file/folder. ',Shift + Del,' - Permanently delete selected item/s. 10., Re-sizing a window - ',WinKey + Up,' - Increase size. ',WinKey + Down,' - Decrease size. ',WinKey + Left,' - Push window to left. ',WinKey + Right,' - Push window to right. In addition, you can use these single-keys too - ',F2,' - To re-name files/folders. ',F3,' - To open 'Search' Window (Use this instead). ',Alt,' - Toggle/View hidden Menu bar. ',Backspace,' - Backward navigation. ',Tab,' - Jump to next field/option. ',Home,' - Go to top of webpage/document. ',End,' - Go to end of webpage/document. ',Page Up/Down,' - For easily browsing documents/webpages. Some more suggested by ,@,Al Klein 'Ctrl + F4', - C,loses the current window, but not the application. 'WinKey + R', - Opens Run Window. I hope that these will work for Windows 7/8/8.1 at least, may be even for Windows XP too. Windows 8/8.1 have a lot more new shortcuts too. Hope you find this useful too! For even more, visit sources mentioned below. Sources, - 20 essential PC shortcuts - Windows Help *Actually Useful* Windows Keyboard Shortcuts - including new Windows 7 tricks. • www.reddit.com Windows 8 users can try this too - Pwn your computer with these Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts 99 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8 Thanks for your time! >> ,Thanks to @Bigshots Qian for promoting the answer.

Where do I get more information on the masks?

Problem — Living in Japan, I have been following the YouTubes of John Campbell (Ph.D. in Nursing Education) and Chris Mortenson (Ph.D. in Toxicology) for about a month now … and Chris Mortenson has been especially critical of the U.S. Federal Government getting caught flat-footed without either knowledge (or up til now, interest in) the efficacy of masks, current production, and capacity to produce. Chris is particularly good about advocating the use of masks, as well as the YouTubes of Canadian Prepper. Here is Chris’s latest, and from around 13:00, he gives a brief breakdown of cultural - government response to the virus regarding masks. ,At 16:30 you will see a clear example of the fundamental contradiction between the values of Corporate Capitalism and those of human communities. The Guardian gives an example of America Inc.’s priorities up until now … Trump privately appeals to Asia and Europe for medical help to fight coronavirus But the former Empire can’t afford to throw stones either … Doctors threaten to quit NHS over shortage of protective kit On a lighter note … here is a funny, and somewhat accurate overview of the types of masks you are likely to encounter … Msi Sakib's answer to What’s the best mask to wear to avoid the current coronavirus we’re getting right now? Solution — 1 — Especially for those in countries which do not have a culture of using masks during the flu-season or hay-fever season, keep an eye on Amazon for if, or when disposable surgical masks are available … but for most Americans, that option does not seem to be of immediate practical help. 2 — ,User-11076068587505040784's answer to What if we can't buy a mask? Klaus Breslauer’s, Quora answer is worth its weight in gold. 3 — Once you either buy or make masks, don’t dispose of them after a single use. Whereas microwave ovens will not disinfect those masks, and even gentle hand washing will significantly diminish the effectiveness of the masks … a U.V. light box ,may, prolong the usefulness of those masks. This virus is still new, and I haven’t yet seen studies showing the effectiveness of U.V. light on this virus. But U.V. light has been shown to be effective on most other bacteria and viruses. Here is Canadian Prepper’s take on the importance of a U.V. light box. Most of us can not find or buy such a fancy piece of kit at this point … BUT there is a cheaper way. Make your own. The total cost for the light, a box, and reflective liner can be as cheap as $50.00, portable, cheap to run, and built in less than an hour. I’ve made a small one, just big enough for a mask, smart phone, and house keys at this time, but am starting a re-build with better reflective material to line the box, and a taller box to hold multiple masks. Some practical advice: 1 - Don’t be fooled by the low wattage of these lights (typically between 5 and 20 watts) … these are not the ‘black light’ toys of your bong-water, shag carpet, dorm room days. They don’t put out much heat, BUT these CAN cause eye damage — up to blindness, and skin damage — up to cancer. Installing these in a closed box is important for your own health. Here is an almost exact replica of one of two lights I am using … ,Amazon.com: LAMPTOP 8W 110v 60Hz UV Sterilizer Ozone light with 24 Hour Plug-in Mechanical Timer,UVC Light Cleaning Light Sanitizing for Cabinet Household Shoes: Home Improvement Here is a post leading up to my first build … ,Steve Martin (Steven Martin)'s answer to With the current coronavirus outbreak creating a shortage of disposable masks, can or should those masks be used, sterilized, and reused?,. Functional, but shoddy compared to what I hope to post in a day or so … For those not familiar with Japan, it is not unusual to see most of the store staff in disposable surgical masks … and I observed only half of customers, including myself, with a mask. But I didn’t know whether to laugh, or clean my pants when I saw this guy passing in front of my car in the parking lot … full hazmat suit and mask … so I compromised, and took a couple of pics. A couple of lessons learned from my first build — • two lights are overkill, one should be enough with all that reflective lining, and • the box is too short. I will disassemble this build, and reassemble into two separate boxes (one for a local community cafe), and the next boxes will have lift-off tops, cover a bit more floor space, and be taller — so that several masks can be hung by their ear straps from hooks attached to the bottom of the lift-off lid. A cheap plastic box is fine, especially if … 2 - lined with aluminum or some other reflective surface. I used aluminum foil in my first build, but bought some higher quality reflective material used in kitchens here in Japan. The U.V. light is effective only in line-of-sight to the DNA and RNA of the target bacteria and viruses. The reflective lining will both protect the user, and multiply the lines-of-sight for maximum effectiveness. 3 - It appears that the virus can remain dangerous for several days at a time … on a surface and without a host … so make your box tall enough to install little clips from which to hang several masks at a time — and if you have enough masks per person, rotate between a dozen or so, using a freshly disinfected mask each day. 4 - If U.V. does prove to be effective on cutting down these critters as with past viruses, it appears 30 minutes of zapping will be enough. 5 - Don’t rely on masks as the end-all and be-all. Flatten the curve to keep hospital beds open for those who need it. In addition to masks, this means: • Try to keep a couple of meters distance between yourself and others. • Wash your hands with soap frequently. I think it was a MedCram YouTube that explained how soap cuts through one of a lipid layer encasing the virus’s RNA. • Think about wearing tightly fitting goggles. This thing can enter through the eyes as well. Swim goggles are cheap, and I bought a couple … but for now, I feel somewhat secure with a cheap pair of plastic glasses that have a silicone liner to keep out pollen. • Keep small things clean … including door handles, smartphones, keys, etc. The U.V. light box will not damage your phone, and in fact, some enterprising minds are making a small killing on selling UV light sanitizers for your phone on Amazon. • Try learning to enjoy a bit of down-time at home. I realize we are social primates, and so for those who are somewhat intellectually antsy when it comes to extended reading, writing, learning some new musical chops, etc … there is always social media. I get a kick out of ,Trevor Noah,, and YouTube is a wealth of adventure ... everything from Marlin fishing from kayaks, to great moments in sports, to exploring those great physics videos of ,David Butler,, and a special passion of mine … jazz … though Esperanza Spalding might be cutting a little too close to the jugular with this one … ‘Endangered Species’. For better or worse, nothing will be as it was, tomorrow. … while enjoying my down time with a little 6% alcohol / grapefruit juice concoction by Suntory, trying to make the best of a bad situation. Tokyo will be going under ‘advised lock down in a couple of days. Clever virus … becoming a danger only AFTER the Olympics has been officially postponed. Clever virus indeed. 🤔 Take care all. – steve ——————————————————— p.s. I wrote the above a year ago, and acted on the best information I had at the time. A year has come and gone, and now I know … it is NOT a virus I should be afraid of. It is the ruling elite, their puppet governments, and technocrat enablers. Among the socio-historical precedents I call on include Howard Zinn … Noam Chomsky … Naomi Klein … Michael Sandel’s ‘The Tyranny of Merit: What Has Become of the Common Good?’ Soshana Zuboff … Some of the more ‘scientific’ sources that have further caused me to lose faith in all institutions … T.S. Kuhn … Karl Popper … Joe Scott’s YouTube videos, particularly this one … Reminds me of the late William Blum, CIA analyst and author. Shortly before he died, I was in touch with him about a volunteer project for an audiobook version of ‘Killing Hope’ … But back to ‘science’ Judy Mikovits … (notice that Wikipedia does not have a well deserved page for this book, and her wikipage has been heavily edited to paint her as far less the professional that she was … is … ) Kary Mullis, (Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR, and NOT a fan of Fauci, and a VERY entertaining read) … And now for the names who are being demonetized, shadow banned, banned, or methodically erased from digital history … I first began to suspect something was not not quite right with the officially approved narrative thanks to Chris Martenson (Ph.D. Toxicology, Duke) mentioned earlier. His YouTubes regarding the virus are still up, but demonetized, and his Wikipedia page has been removed. Much thanks to Chris for the heads up about the furin cleavage site, and perverse incentives behind the official narrative. A sample … New Zealand’s own Dr. Sam Bailey … a national treasure that piqued my interest in Kary Mullis and finding out exactly what the PCR can and can not do … and how profit and power driven institutions are purposely using a high cycling to magnify and detect RNA bits, and a low cycling to ‘prove’ effectiveness of more than questionable vaccines. Dr. Lee Merritt (decades as a military medical doctor) … Senator and Doctor Scott Jenson … No perverse incentives for Dr. John Lee. He’s retired, and that little blue WHO tag means the video is most likely demonetized. And countless others I have been saving to hard disc … mostly those who have migrated from Alphabet Inc. (Google/YouTube) because of censorship … The Last American Vagabond, The Corbett Report, Geert Vanden Bossche, the interview with the undercover nurse in New York, etc. In light of the above … this is more than believable … If no other, I urge the reader to read this link … well worth the time. I am sitting here updating this as of Sunday, May 2 … midway through Japan’s ‘Golden Week’ holiday. And wouldn’t you know it? The cases of those testing ‘positive’ (deliberate, disingenuous misuse of PCR fear-porn) have peaked at just the right time to put the greater Tokyo Metropolitan area (Kawasaki and Yokohama) and Osaka into partial lockdown, further putting community owned businesses and minumum wage contract workers at risk. Pubs and restaurants are forbidden by emergency law from serving alcohol … as are are families are also prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages outside their house at a barbecue or picnic. This is driving people to the safety of their houses and the constant drone of corporate - state media. Clever virus. Clever enough to know that institutions and a few individuals representing concentrations of wealth and power need to suck up real wealth of natural resources and the sweat of the working class to keep those neo-liberal gears a grinding. Clever virus indeed. A year ago, I was resourceful enough, scared enough, and compassionate enough to make disinfectant UV light boxes for friends and local community centers. Now, I am more inclined to follow and chat with the likes of Bull Hansen … Ron Paul … And thanks to the above, a new find in the Pholosopher … Her interview on the Ron Paul show was spot on. It is not the virus we should be worried about. It is those faux-leaders who are ambitious to compete for their spot in a zero-sum game of King-of-the-Mountain, and rule over others, those among us governed by ‘dark-triad’ personality traits … the pathological narcissists, machiavellian opportunists, and morphologically defined psychopaths among us. Our institutions … education, science, journalism, governance, public health … have all been captured by corporate interests. Beware that Elysium/Matrix possibility of forced injections of experimental gene therapy and vaccine passports … for the bulk of us. We disposable human capital. Disposable, yes. But not without ‘Tower of Babel’ consequences. ‘’Thus, Norse society’s structure created a conflict between the short-term interests of those in power, and the long-term interests of the society as a whole. Much of what the chiefs and clergy valued proved eventually harmful to the society. Yet the society’s values were at the root of its strengths as well as of its weaknesses. The Greenland Norse did succeed in creating a unique form of European society, and in surviving for 450 years as Europe’s most remote outpost. We modern Americans should not be too quick to brand them as failures, when their society survived in Greenland for longer than our English-speaking society has survived so far in North America. Ultimately, though, the chiefs found themselves without followers. The last right that they obtained for themselves was the privilege of being the last to starve.’’ Diamond, Jared. Collapse (p. 276). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. Don’t take my word for it … I am just a run of the mill conspiracy theorist. A witch. ‘THIMK ,for yourselves’. Cheers all … and thank YOU, anonymous Quora moderator, for forwarding my outdated answer to a thousand readers … so that I could follow the scientific method and revise my answer. — steve