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I thought it was supposed to be Elf on the Shelf Looks like Elf on the @Tesla touch up paint to me #12DaysOfChristmas #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelf2019

That’s great! Can you make the touch up paint on the Tesla Shop Pearl White as well then? Sadly bought it and noticed the fine print after the fact that it’s not for pearl white. And no returns. Also #pearlwhiteisthebest!

Nice application of touch up paint. Seems like they didn't even lookup a how to on YouTube.

@Tesla @elonmusk I have touch-up paint covering a rock chip on the hood of my brand new model 3. Rockville service center claims it was the factory's doing and won't fix it. Car has 400 miles, is two weeks old. I'm extremely disappointed. #tesla #ElonMusk #model3

Yeah, I have seen some touch-up jobs on white Model Ys that look like they used Wite-Out.The paint to the right of the chip doesn't look right either, tbh.

@Tesla why is there no touch up paint for the Red #Model3? I bought PPSR mistakenly because there was no other Red option on your site. Where can I get PPMR? #tesla @elonmusk

My neighbor’s newly delivered 2021 Model 3 had paint issues on the trunk. The Service Center Luxembourg “fixed it” with a touch-up applicator. Looks really ugly now. @elonmusk, @Tesla this is a really bad customer service experience for a brand new car owner.

That'll buff out. Bit of elbow grease, some touch-up paint, back on the ~~track~~ road in a day.

Hey Mel! I'm not sure what wheels you have on your Model 3, but if you have the aero wheels, I've found that the Ford Dupli-Color AFM0360 Dark Shadow Gray touch up paint is almost a perfect match (to the rim underneath the aero caps). Feel free to share:

@tesla I sure wish the online store weren't always out of stock on very basic things - I could use some touch-up paint, and I'd prefer to buy it direct from your store. :(

paint touch up on tesla Q&A Review

How much out of a pocket do people pay for Tesla charging, insurance, and service center visits?

I drive a Model S P85. As a Model S owner, I pay NOTHING for TESLA charging. (It’s included with the car.) Insurance costs will vary based on liability limits, coverages and deductibles (plus tickets & accident ratings) so it’s impossible to give you an answer here. Mine is ~$100/mo. I’ve been to the Service Center maybe 5 times and my total costs were ZERO. Although, I did buy a jacket & some touch up paint one time….about $100. That’s it!

Have you had a Lemon Model 3?

No. Which isn’t to say that never happens (though neither am I aware of anyone whose new Model 3 was a lemon). Mine has had the following issues since delivery: Paint defects (bits of dust/dirt in the paint mostly) and scratches under the car at delivery Excessively loud A/C compressor Knocking sound when turning right All fixed under warranty (paint touched up, compressor replaced, knocking part isolated and repaired), all at zero cost to me. All hassle free, except that you have to take the car into a Tesla service center for most things (including all of the above things). That can be inconvenient if the nearest Tesla location is over an hour away, as it is in my case. And crucially, none of those issues have anything whatsoever to do with how well the car actually drives. That’s been superb since day one, and given that Teslas have fewer components and fewer moving parts than most cars it’s likely that lemons are comparatively rare. Most of the things Tesla owners complain about (panel gaps, paint, loud aircon) are ,really ,nitpicky. If the cars tended to have serious problems, owners would complain about those instead.

Why is there so much hate towards Tesla?

Let me put it this way… Let’s say that you love playing basketball. What’s more, let’s say that you’re pretty good at it. Every Friday evening, you go to the local park, and spend a few hours playing. The other guys are pretty good too, but not as good as you; you make them all look like amateurs. As usual, as the evening proceeds, the trash talk starts. Everyone trash talks everyone else, but no one dares trash talk you, because they know that you are untouchable. You have their respect. Week after week, you are king, and you like that. No, you really, really like that. Then one day, another kid comes to play. At first, no one pays any attention to him because even though he’s tall, he’s scrawny. However, very soon, it becomes evident that that kid has got the moves. He’s good – really good, and actually, a lot better than you. Now the trash talk touches you. All those guys who let you alone, start respecting that kid, and giving him the respect that they once gave you. What’s more, they make it a point to tell you how good that kid is, and how lame your game is compared to that kid. How would you feel? I’ll tell you – you’ll hate that *#**#** kid, from the bottom of your heart. Right? That’s how the oil industry feels about Tesla. For the past 100 years or so, oil was king. But oil is now dying because there is a new like on the block – electricity for cars, and Tesla is the kid who is a wizard and using it making cars go. Or let’s put it another way… Let’s say that you are a woman blessed with remarkable beauty. Everywhere you go, men gawk at you. They just can’t help it. You love the attention, and you dress up to show your good looks. Time passes by, and your age shows. And then, one day, the inevitable happens – another woman enters your circle, just as beautiful as you used to be. Guess what – men stop paying attention to you, and give her all the attention you once received. How does that make you feel? You hate that *#**#** woman, You feel like stomping on that woman with the heel of your shoe, and grinding it with every ounce of strength you have. You feel like pouring acid on her face and watching here weep. How dare she take all the attention that you once got? That’s how the gasoline and diesel powered automobile companies feel too. The BMWs, the Jaguars, the Porsches, the Lexus, the Audis, the Infinities – who once were the beauties who got the attention – are now like old hags. Why? All because of Tesla – the company that makes electric cars that wow their customers. Let’s paint a third picture… You are an teenage girl – innocent, pure and fresh. Your life is before you, and your heart is in your hand, ready to be given to some lucky young man. Ah, there he is – tall, dark and handsome. Unabashedly, you approach him, and say, “Here, take me; take my heart, it’s yours!” Alas, he scorns you!! It turns out that he’s already in love with someone else – some plaid, homely, unsophisticated lass, who is not even half as good-looking as you. How do you feel? It is said that hell hath no fury than a woman scorned – and I’ve seen it to be true. That’s how the media feels. The media once loved Tesla, and gave Tesla its heart. But Tesla scorned it. Musk is not a man of idle word (maybe an idle tweet, I guess) but he is a man of action. All these media guys, all they do is talk; why on earth should he give them his time or money (aka advertisements), right? So there you have it. That’s why Big Oil, Big Auto, and Big Media hates Tesla. Just today, I read that Chevron was caught with its foot in its mouth – on the one hand, it announced that it will set up some EV charging stations in its gas stations, and on the other hand, news came out that it was trying to get its retirees in Arizona to convince lawmakers to block electric utilitiy companies from installing EV charging stations in Arizona. Note the underhandedness – it didn’t tell its employees to write to lawmakers, but its retirees. Why? So that there would be no easy way to link them back to Chevron. That’s like the has-been basketball player trying to stop that whiz kid from playing on his turf. Michigan (the automobile state) doesn’t let Tesla sell or service cars there. Texas (the oil state) and some other states don’t let Tesla sell cars there. Texas even tried to pass legislation to prevent Tesla from servicing its cars there. And the media will try to nitpick every flaw in Tesla and blow it out of proportion and tell it to the world – not once, but ad nauseum – just like the scorned teenager who will make a mountain out of every acne on the face of the girlfriend of the guy who scorned her. Ah, the depths of depravity of human nature at its worst! But you know what? All this will make Musk, and Tesla employees, ever more determined to succeed. It will make them focused as never before. It will breed loyalty and hard work to the highest. The same human nature that is often displayed at its worst, is also capable of grit and determination, and can be displayed at its best. Who needs soap operas nowadays? Or even reality TV? Reality is far more interesting, and Tesla’s story these days is a fine example. Why do you think the negatively on Tesla has increased so sharply in the past few months? My take is that it is because Tesla is on the verge of magnificent success because of the Model 3 – the safest, most secure, most efficient, smartest and (over the life of the car) cheapest car you can buy today. Big Oil and Big Auto know that, and they are by no means gracious enough to accept that fact. Tough luck! I believe Tesla will prevail.

How good or bad is the actual build quality of Tesla Model 3?

I got a Model 3 in late November. From the VIN, the production number is 116k. The build quality is just fine. Panels are straight, gaps are fine - not as tight as my Audi but fine. Interior material quality is also not quite at the Audi level. The seats are a little squishy, the visors feel a little cheap. I love the sparse, Scandinavian look of the dash. The paint is fine. No runs or splotches. I got the dark grey color. It doesn’t have quite the depth of my Audi but more depth than a Toyota or any US make I’ve seen. The quality of the touch control screen display is outstanding. The UI is outstanding. Way better than any other car I’ve driven. I hate using the screen in my Audi in comparison, and the Audi MMI is the best IMO of any other car I’ve driven, which includes Porsche, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, Range Rover, and American cars. (I travel quite a bit and am in rental cars, so I’ve tried a lot of different cars over the past few years). The navigation UX is outstanding. I have hated the nav on every other car I’ve driven. So painful to enter an address, so painful to use. I’d just use Google Maps instead. But on my Tesla, the nav is great. And it integrates with Google Maps, so that I can look up the address in Google Maps on my phone and then share it to my Tesla. Super slick. So much of the car is really well thought out like that. Tesla is very far ahead in terms of software and control surfaces. The handling dynamics of my Tesla are outstanding. I love driving the car and look for excuses to drive it. Enhanced auto pilot is a revelation. I had a problem with the screen not always coming on right away. Sometimes it would take about 30 seconds to come on, and it came on with a reboot. Not all the time but a few times a day. I was told it needed a firmware update. And I was told it was a problem with a part from a supplier and they needed an updated driver from that supplier. I called Tesla last week to inquire about the update. I was getting impatient. I was connected with a tech who was knowledgeable and responsive over email. He was able to run remote diagnostics and looked at my logs. He confirmed a firmware update was needed. I told him of my impatience and he escalated my issue with engineering. The next day I got a firmware update that fixed the problem. Impressed. See if that can happen with any other car company! There is no doubt in my mind that we are beta testing a car and a car company. They seem to be learning fast and fixing issues as they arise. I am thrilled with the car and the innovation in the car, so I’m willing to be patient as they evolve. I understand there is a shortage of spare parts, so if you have a wreck or need some parts, it may take a while, longer than it should take with a mature car company. Hopefully I will not be in that position. PS 1. I had a closer look at the gaps on the Tesla compared to my 2018 Audi Q5. By my eyes, it was hard to tell the difference except for one, where the gap between back of the rear doors and the body was a little wider on the Tesla. It doesn’t bother me, but when I A/B eye ball the two, I can see the Tesla is wider. For all the other gaps, they looked very similar. I got out my digital calipers and indeed they were similar (except for the one just mentioned) with the Tesla a mm or 2 tighter than the Audi. PS 2. One of the most pleasurable aspects of the Tesla is that the car keeps getting better as Tesla continually adds new features via over the air updates. I’ve gotten 5% more power, Sentry mode, Dog mode, improved auto pilot, improved Navigation on Autopilot and much more. It’s a paradigm change to have the car improve on an ongoing basis.

Is it true that the materials used in Tesla's and the finishes are really low quality?

No. The materials are good. It’s the build quality that is inconsistant. Like the hood might be misaligned. But you might also get one that is perfectly fine. This happens for all car makers, but the other ones have a dealership, who can double check everything and touch it up before they sell it. They realign the hood, fix paint scratches (happens durring transport), give it a wash, and other such things before you see it. Tesla sells direct from the factory, so there is no one buffing out a paint chip before you see it. They will still do all the touch ups under warrenty, usually coming out to your house. But you need to do your own inspections, and in the worst case you may need to wait for it to get repaired. But, in general, you are far more likely to hear about the one time something goes wrong than all the times it went right. It’s not a news story about all the people who got their car that was in perfect shape.

What's something that sucks about Tesla?

[Info below from Jan 2019, updated info from June 2020 further down the thread] I have my Model 3 for 4 months now. As I always say when I answer questions about Tesla: I love the car and the company, but I’m not a fanboy. So I try to be impartial and do real comparisons with my previous cars (mostly German, same price range): Finishing quality: it does not compare with cars like BMW, considering both in the same price range. I see some imperfections in fit on plastic inside (dashboard) and outside (near the side mirrors) of the car and on the top glasses that I never saw in any German cars. Turn signal actuator: it simply doesn’t work well: sometimes it engages for long so I can move 2 lanes in sequence, sometimes it goes off before I finished moving 1 lane! (BTW, I know how this type of 2-level actuators work, my old BMW has the same type) The glovebox compartment opens only via touchscreen - why not also a button on the glovebox itself? So simple and so practical! You don’t need that to show your car is high-tech… Acoustic insulation: simply not good in comparison with German cars… although the car is almost noiseless by itself, you hear too much noise from traffic, especially trucks. Waiting 30–40min in line for support: I tweeted Elon asking why not introducing a call back system? (Even DMV has it!). It seems they now do have it, so I can cross this from the list… :) Autopark: sometimes it simply parks the car completely misaligned! When I see it happening I simply give up, cancel it and do it myself. Summon: great feature for coming in and out of the car in tight spots, including my own garage at home. But still fails a lot - you never know if it’s in “good mood” day and works flawlessly or simply doesn’t connect to the car. Simply bad quality programming, needs to be improved. Self-driving: the algorithm seems to only centralize the car in the lane when it senses the tires are touching or near the lane limits, making it dangerous when there are side barriers or cars/trucks nearby. They need to add an additional rule-based algorithm that constantly tries to centralize the car in the lane. My car recently started losing internet connection and doesn’t recover it until I do a soft reboot (and you thought only Windows required that, huh?). And the thing I hate the most: having to wait 30–40min for a Supercharger during my trips. With so many cars being sold, Tesla must keep up with demand and add more locations and more chargers per location. It’s one of their main differentiators. And that’s it - can’t think of anything else I don’t like about Tesla and my car…! I simply love everything else, and that’s why I got rid of my BMW (my list of things that suck in it was much much longer…! :) Thanks for reading, Arnaldo. Edit on 06/01/2020: Time to update my original answer, after 1.5 year with the car: * Finishing quality: Still the same - I heard you can ask Tesla to repair imperfections, but they have such bad service (more on that below) that I'm OK with the car the way it is… On this topic, I took the car to polish and add protection to the paint and the paint experts mentioned that Tesla's paint and paint job is not of good quality as it get scratched easily (which is true); * Turn signal actuator: it was defective and was exchanged under warranty at no cost (actually at the cost of my patience to deal with Tesla's service); * The glovebox compartment opens only via touchscreen - I learned why from another Quoran: Model 3 was designed to be a future robotaxi (if that ever happens), so they can block the button in that case (same reason why there's an internal camera - that unfortunately Tesla still doesn't use as a security tool by emitting an alarm when identifies the driver is sleeping. Which is a simple enough thing to build with deep learning); * Acoustic insulation: Still bad - I reduced the problem by using low noise tires (as recommended by Tesla) and by using Air Pods Pro with noise canceling on. * Waiting 30–40min in line for support: Became simpler with scheduling within the app, but service still sucks… * Autopark: still hit or miss… I prefer to park myself and never used the feature again. * Summon: still has failures, sometimes it doesn't connect - it's faster to just jump in the car and drive than trying to use it. Same thing with "Come to me” feature: tried to use it a couple of times in a mall's parking lot and don't believe it's mature enough to risk using it. Still lots of improvement needed here. * Self-driving: My favorite feature (the reason I bought the car) and still improving regularly with over-the-air updates. Getting better and better - the lane centralization improved, although you still get scared sometimes when it gets too close to the car on the adjacent lane. It also has some bugs like breaking for no apparent reason (no cars in front for at least 2mi - I was almost hit in the back by a bus once when it reduced the speed for no reason). * My car recently started losing internet connection - it improved a lot with software updates, although I still need to do a soft boot every now and then (you lose the screen for a couple of minutes but the car is still drivable) * And the thing I hate the most: having to wait for 30–40min for a Supercharger during my trips - that improved a lot with faster superchargers and more stations. But it's still not enough (especially with so many Teslas on the road now): in locations with few stations, I still had to wait for 15–20min a few times in the last year during my long trips (monthly). New Things that suck about Tesla: Service: it is, by far, the WORSE service I've ever seen. And not only when comparing with BMW, but also with all my previous cars: Land Rover, Nissan, Fiat, Volkswagen… I think only Citroen was worse… You cannot talk to anyone, you do all in the app. Availability dates (at least in the Bay Area) are horrible, you need to schedule 2 weeks in advance to find a spot. No flexibility to customer needs: when your insurance needs to inspect the car (mine demanded to be at the location that will perform the service) they cannot allow them to come in, I had to complain for them to allow me to keep the car in the external parking lot so the insurance agent could inspect it. If you're late more than 30min, they cancel your appointment with no notice - and you have no way to call them to let them know you're going to be late. They don't have parts available - the rear bumper took 3 months to arrive!! And no option to get a temporary car while they're repairing: you get $100 credit on Uber (which doesn't work for me as I live 60mi away from the nearest shop - again, no flexibility here). Supercharger locations: it's not true that all superchargers are located in locations with good food options. I've been at a couple supercharges that are isolated in a parking lot of a mall and if the mall is closed I only had a convenience store to buy some hotdogs and keep going - no real meal available anywhere. Also, not all options around are good - with time and regular trips, you learn which locations are good and try to plan around them. No extra tire: I had a flat tire and had to call their service. It took them 30min just to arrive. I don't know what I'm gonna do if I have a flat tire in the middle of the desert on my way to Vegas and no cell phone connectivity (I keep an air pump and tire repair kit in the trunk just in case). I'm considering buying a spare and keep it in the trunk, but will lose much of its space - but safer than getting stuck in the desert, isn't it? Range count not reliable: I drive faster than average and due to that, I can't trust the expected mileage. This gets worse when it's very cold: one time I was coming back from the mountain in winter (very cold, but not snowing) and I had to stop at a regular (and very slow) EV charger just to have enough range to reach the nearest supercharger (and I had plenty the day before - I lost a lot of range overnight due to cold weather). Auto wipers: very bad… turn on when there's no rain, doesn't turn on when it's pouring and you have to manually override them. I heard it improved with "Deep Rain", an AI-based software to control wipers. Turn on "lag": everytime I need to use the app or the car itself, there's an annoying lag: It takes 3–5 sec for the car to “wake up”. You open the door, get inside the car, touches the screen… and nothing! it takes this time for it to recognize your touch and respond to it (BTW, if you get impatient and touches again, it will double-touch it! Just like the old slow Android cell phones…). And that's it! But again: with all that said, I still love the car. Self-driving, over-the-air updates, and instant torque are my favorite features. But I won't mention them here - there are plenty of Tesla/Elon fanboys answers in Quora for you to find "what's great about Tesla"! My main objective with this answer is to provide an honest, unbiased and detailed view of the bad things of a great product, from a daily (and very picky, I know) user - and, hopefully, help the company to continue improving the product while helping potential buyers to make a good and informed decision. Thanks for reading!!

Is Tesla really a low-quality car?

No. I’ve owned a few low quality cars in my life. The Tesla Model 3 is not one of them. Bob Lutz, former Detroit auto executive, wrote this about Tesla quality: Bob Lutz Talks Panel Gaps, Tesla, and Why Every Detail Matters It’s strange, but I don’t remember looking for fit and finish problems in cars I’ve purchased in the past. A quick walk around was all I did. If you wait till delivery to evaluate the quality of a car, it’s too late. The first car I ever bought new was a BMW. Great driving car. I loved it until things started going wrong. Have you ever been on a road trip and have the exhaust manifold break off the engine block? Since those days, I’ve learned to look a lot deeper to judge the quality of an automobile. When I was considering buying a Tesla Model 3 I did tons of research. I especially wanted to hear the testimony of Tesla owners. That’s easy to do these days using the internet. The problem is that forums devoted to a particular car attract more posts from people with problems than from those who are completely satisfied with their cars. There were numerous posts about early Model 3 fit and finish issues. People shared long check lists to walk through when taking delivery. It made me a little nervous, so I decided to do a walk through for the first time ever when I picked my Model 3 up in Tempe, AZ. Sure enough! I found two places where the paint was damaged. Both appeared to be damage caused when the headlights were being inserted into the body of the car. The woman at Tesla filed a ticket to have the blemishes repaired. Truth be told, I never followed through with the appointment. Months later I purchased a Tesla paint touch up kit to repair a couple of rock chips that happened on a road trip. I fixed the above imperfections as well. You’d never know unless I pointed to them, and even then it’s hard to see where they were. In the year I’ve owned my Model 3, the only thing I’ve needed fixed was the horn. It was harder to sound the horn pushing on the left side of the wheel than on the right. I had it fixed the same day I had the “Dual Motor” insignia placed on the trunk lid. My Model 3 was number 93 thousand and something. Tesla was still working out the bugs in their manufacturing lines as I recall. I’ve looked at other Model 3s since and see no fit and finish quality problems. Unfortunately, there are people with an agenda who are intent on making past build quality problems a reason not to buy this car. Baloney! I say, if you are at all concerned about cosmetic quality, drive to a Tesla store and judge for yourself. Take a test drive at the same time. I’m betting you will be immensely impressed.

At a stop light, while waiting for the light to turn green, I found myself looking down at the scraped rims of the car next to me. Looking up, I was surprised to find it was a Tesla. Given the array of cameras, does anyone know why this would occur?

Tesla owner with scraped rims here… None of the cameras point at the place where wheel rims hit curbs. If you are trying to park really close to a curb, because the street is narrow, its really easy to brush the curb, and you don’t have to touch it very hard to make visible scrapes. I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding doing that (and pretty good at fixing up the rims with epoxy and touch up paint.) But I sure wish they made a rub ring on the tire sidewall that stuck out a few millimeters past the metal…

What is the brutal truth about owning a Tesla car?

You are a beta tester. ,Regardless of what you think about the company, it’s hard to think that Tesla has everything figured out. They don’t, so they’re using their customers and the real world as a way to figure some of the major issues out. Accidents are swept under the rug. ,This website, is documenting almost all instances of a Tesla in a crash. Anything from autopilot being engaged to a sudden burst of acceleration being reported. While some of these issues can be compared to ,most other car makers too, ,some are also unique to Tesla. Additionally, the NHTSA has a special team assigned to deal specifically with Teslas and autopilot. Model 3 speedometer is in your peripheral. ,This one is and isn’t a brutal truth. The Model 3 only has a single, rectangular screen in the center of the vehicle dashboard. On the left corner of that screen, is your speedometer. Tesla service center has really slow turnaround. ,Watch ,Rich Rebuilds here, purchase a Tesla Model X used from Tesla themselves and it taking almost 6 months for him to ,actually receive the car. ,Similarly, ,What’s Inside? Family ,had a similar issue with their Tesla that wouldn’t charge. Tesla service not only didn’t call him when the car was received, but he had to call ,several people ,at Tesla just to get a response from somebody to do their job. Cosmetic problems are expected. ,Aside from the obvious panel gap issues most Tesla owners expect with their cars, customers also complain a lot about the paint. Most recommend getting the free white coat, and then later getting it wrapped. Here is a review of someone ,documenting the paint job of his Model 3 the first day it was delivered. Model S and X drive motor breaking or failure. ,This is something that happened frequently with the initial set of cars released, but Tesla quickly has been learning from the design flaws and correcting them. Still, it is weird for something like this to be breaking at under 5,000 miles. ,Here is an instance of it failing at 2,200 miles. Right to repair doesn’t exist for Tesla. ,If you want to make a repair on your own car, it’s kind of tough luck. If you look at Rich Rebuild’s channel above, he will go through the process of talking to Tesla service. Short answer is that they simply reject selling you any parts. This is especially so if the car ,has a salvage title. Tesla has incredibly high insurance costs. ,This is primarily because of number 7. Tesla doesn’t give independent mechanics the right to repair, which they are supposed to. Since an insurance company usually writes off the car in an accident, these things just sit on an auction lot forever. Nobody will touch them because Tesla doesn’t want anybody else repairing their cars. Insurance companies can keep rates low because people usually buy salvage vehicles off the lots and they can recover some of their cost. But with Teslas, they don’t. So the person who has to pay for Tesla’s decision are the ones driving their cars. Range isn’t accurate. ,This is probably okay. Most cars come under the EPA estimate. But there are some estimates that show Tesla overestimating range by 20–40%. Again, it isn’t bad, unless you sometimes need that extra 50–70 miles. The MCU will leak eventually. ,Tesla might have fixed this with their newer cars, but up until about 2016, the Tesla Model S (Maybe the X, too) will eventually have a screen that bubbles and leaks. It needs to be replaced at about the 5 year mark, and outside warranty, you’re looking at over $2,000. Faulty power steering. ,This is an an ongoing thing, but ,Tesla voluntarily recalled about 123,000 cars in 2018 for power steering failure., Considering there weren’t much more than 123,000 Teslas on the road at that time, it was a really big deal. As of right now, there is always something cheaper out there. ,If you are driving a Tesla, you’re driving it because it’s cool, not because it’s greener. There is always something more efficient (at least for now). Autopilot doesn’t understand stationary vehicles. ,As of right now, I know of at least three instances where a Tesla has slammed into a firetruck that was stationary on a road. ,This article ,documents one particular instance where a driver rammed into a firetruck on the 405 freeway going 75 miles an hour. The car had autopilot engaged. Your Tesla does not like the cold. ,If it is really cold, as it gets on the eastern parts of the United States, your Tesla will turn off regenerative braking. For people who have not experienced the difference with this on and off, it can be frightening. Door handles. ,I’m not sure how many of my friends have had to take their Model S in for door handles not functioning. If you have owned your Model S for over 5 years, there is a good chance every single door handle has been replaced. My electric car does not need maintenance. ,Several independent mechanics will confirm that you absolutely do need maintenance work, anything from checking for salt and corrosion across brakes rotors if you live on the east coast, to an alignment. For 5 years, that cost is about $3,000. That’s not terrible, but these cars ,certainly do need to be maintained. Your car is going to be heavy. ,If you are looking at expected mileage for a set of tires, you most likely need to chop some of that life off. Whether you drive fast or not, a heavier car than your conventional internal combustion means your tires will likely need to be replaced sooner than you’d think. I’d like to add an addendum as I think this post will probably garner a lot of hate: I do like what Elon is doing. I would love to see a future where Tesla succeeds. Nearly every other car on the road where I live is a Tesla. However, I think it is important for the consumer to know about the problems and criticisms of purchasing a car from a company ,sight unseen. With that said, Tesla is probably the most technologically advanced car ever designed in history. The ,Nikkei Asian Review, confirms that. But it would be impossible for me to say that I am a big fan of a company without also being equally critical of them.

How good is your Tesla Model 3 finish? I am kind of disappointed after such a long wait.

I found two scratches on the finish of my Model 3 that appear to have occurred during installation of the headlamps at the factory. Tesla offered to fix the scratches, but it was easier to do it myself with the paint touch up kit I bought to fix the nicks and chips that inevitably appear in daily use. There were no other paint finish flaws anywhere on the car. The paint is softer than I remember on cars I’ve owned in the past. I’m told it’s because oil based paint is now banned to reduce environmental impact. I always hand wash my Tesla to keep the finish looking its best. After a year since I got my Tesla, I still do. That’s never been the case for any other car I’ve owned. LOL. Special cars get special treatment!