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DIY: Scratch your car’s paint? Here’s how to fix that at home

donielleWe’ve all been there, squeezing through a tighter-than-usual spot in a car park and ending up

To cost RM 300k++ in Malaysia new, Rocket Bunny cut up this 2021 Toyota GR Yaris!

All this is before paint and fabrication work.

Myford Touch Misleads? Owners Could Get Damages!

Proton Saga armoured up a new infotainment system in the mid-life facelift.

Perodua holds its first-ever Body & Paint skill contest

Perodua has successfully held its first-ever Body & Paint (B&P) Skill Contest in a move to step

What do you get when purchasing Mercedes Original Tyres?

Choosing a set of new tyres can be a daunting task to many and understandably so.

Should you get your tyres plugged or patched?

Even if you have run flat tyres, a puncture still needs to be fixed.

My New Car: Interior feels more expensive than Audi and Mercedes - My 2020 Mazda 3 Sedan High Variant

Every click of the button felt premium and the soft-touch material at every touchpoint was amazing.

More Body and Paint Centres for your Honda to look good as new

More Honda cars on the road translates to higher Body and Paint (BP) service intakes.As of October 2019

Do larger wheels and lower profile tyres give better performance?

generally heavier and that affects acceleration and fuel consumption.Smaller wheels with higher profile tyres

Ratings: 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Good grade in Driving Performance, 165/170 overall

Although the suede/leather combo feels pleasant to the touch. 2020 Mazda 2 1.5 Hatchback - Noise

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Why do automakers prefer Continental tyres?

Tyres, the round, black donuts that are often overlooked by its users.

What are those hieroglyphs on tyres?

Think of how a tailor measures your size, its similar for tyres as tyre sizes are rather specific.Let

A "cheap tyre” is going to kill you, here is why good tyres costs more

I don’t know about you, but tyres are a fascinating subject to me.

Selling your car soon? Here's how to ensure you get the highest price

If the tyres’ tread has reached the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI), it’s highly recommended to

Mazda CX-5 Turbo CKD looks good on the outside but dated on the inside – Ratings

and despite having a low average paint thickness of 88.9 μm, every panel has a consistent finish

Sarawak state government has added 5% state sales tax on tyres

just learned that the Sarawak state government has already imposed an additional state sales tax on tyres

Are there any good tyres for 13-inch rims?

Plenty of reputable brands available 175/70 R13 tyres often seen on Proton Saga and Wira Prices range

Front or rear: Where do you put your 2 new tyres?

Perhaps in this MCO period, youre looking to get new tyres, but prefer not to overspend.

All-new 2021 BMW M4 debuts - up to 510 PS/650 Nm with a manual and a...Drift Analyser?

twin-turbo straight-sixes, mated to either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic.Two M4s are up

New Michelin Pilot Sport tyres launched! But it’s only for EVs

The tyres are known as Michelin Pilot Sport EV and they were specifically developed for electric vehicle

How much does Proton X70’s 19-inch tyres cost?

Standard and Executive variants roll on GITI Comfort SUV 520 tyres measuring 225/65 R17 and 225/60 R18

Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

How many PSI / kPa do I have to pump into my tyres?

So now you know the benefits of checking on your tyres constantly and keeping them well filled, but do

Proton files for “iN-Touch”, “iN-Power”, and “iN-Drive”, hints at rebranding key features

Proton has filed for several new trademarks.The trademarks that Proton has filed for include “iN-Touch

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

For this, manufacturers have given us full-sized spares, space-savers, run-flat tyres, and even tyre

Here’s how to correctly inflate your tyres

You don’t even need to see a mechanic to get your tyres properly inflated.Before you go to a petrol

Owner Review: An Overlooked French Gem – The Renault Fluence

For one, the paint finish on my car seems to be a bit off, in that it chips rather easily.

Closer Look: 2021 Toyota Fortuner 2.8 VRZ - worth the RM 31k bump from 2.7 SRZ?

Before we begin - the table above is how the Fortuner line-up is marketed now, after the variant shake-up.The

Here are your top SUV tyres in Malaysia for 2020!

Following last week’s buying guide on highly-recommended tyres for 13- to 17-inches, as promised

No, toothpaste can’t repair scratches. We bust these 5 car body repair “lifehacks”

not help to repair car scratches.While toothpaste contains mild abrasives, it is not enough to remove paint

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@frogbikes @RutlandCycling The way to build a kids bike super light . Spare Winter tyres & tubes & touch up paint

The Powell is ready to ride. Campag mixture groupset. 9 speed. Need some touch up paint. Will get new inners and outers soon and need to decide on bar tape. Ideas? I’m thinking black/blue splash. May also go amberwall tyres...

White Wall Tyre Paint $45.00 a tub, can do 50 individual tyres- to create new white walls or touch up existing i... http://fb.me/DLg3S1sj

But my hobby is expensive. New shocks, new tyres, new mats, paint touch up, new seats, vinyl roof... Maybe an exhaust too. #targets

just painted part of my tyres with touch up paint, now i feel strange

Getting 2 tyres, touch up paint, washing & doing MOT pre-checks on KArlos. Proper manly day.. But going to a hen do later to make up for it!

While attempting to be a responsible adult and checking my tyre pressure I managed to lose a valve cap. It has taught me a valuable lesson on the futility of responsible adulting.

See, this is how they get you: You check your tyres, you lose the cap, you have to go to Halfords to get a new one. Once you’re there, floor mats, seat protectors & touch-up paint seem like a good idea. Before you know it - BAM! You’re a responsible adult. Don’t do it... #Resist

Fit haul loopsFit tyresPaint numbersweld lugside stand springcheck nutschange sprockets/chainremove rusttouch up paintclean bike

For Sale:16" Ronal VW Alloys. ET42 6.5j. No tyres, Would need a touch up of paint or refurb as do have some... http://fb.me/140GNZeZq