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Perodua holds its first-ever Body & Paint skill contest

Perodua has successfully held its first-ever Body & Paint (B&P) Skill Contest in a move to step

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro: Ginormous HOOD?

Parading its phenomenal velocity, the black version of AMG GT R was caught testing on the road.Times up

Will the CKD Proton X70 be as well built as CBU units? – Ratings

Fit and finish is impeccable for both the exterior and interior.

Almost all Perodua cars sold out for 2020, sales target of 210,000 units achievable

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for car sales with the biggest dip taking place in April.

The Suzuki Hanare concept belongs in a Sci-Fi movie

The electric motors are placed in the wheel itself, freeing up movement from each direction and all the

Proton files for “iN-Touch”, “iN-Power”, and “iN-Drive”, hints at rebranding key features

check with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) revealed that Proton has filed for

Proton Iriz: 7k units sold last year, can Proton hit 10k units in 2021?

It took Proton five years to sell over 50,000 units of the Iriz.As for Perodua, the company has sold

Myford Touch Misleads? Owners Could Get Damages!

Proton Saga armoured up a new infotainment system in the mid-life facelift.

More Body and Paint Centres for your Honda to look good as new

Honda Malaysia has maintained consistent sales growth for the past 5 years, an average of 30% increase

UMW Toyota Motor makes final call for last few units of Toyota GR Yaris

Only 25,000 units of this homologated special are being produced by Toyota with less than 200 units earmarked

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Myvi driver's frequent loud exhaust testing leads neighbour to shoot car with air gun

But what is worst is when they decide to rev their cars hard just for fun, breaking the peaceful quietness

23,476 units of Hondas recalled for airbag replacement

Honda Malaysia announced today that it is recalling of 23,476 units previously recalled Honda vehicles

Touch ‘n Go to waive parking surcharges by Q1, eWallet reloadable cards planned

Touch ‘n Go has reiterated yet again that it will soon remove all parking surcharges.

UMW Toyota Motor recalls 12,997 units of Hilux and Fortuner for brake booster replacement

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has announced a recall involving 12,997 units of the Toyota Hilux and Toyota

How much will car prices go up after 31-Dec 2020 – SST returns, don’t forget new OMV

will return with a new Open Market Value (OMV) calculation, which could see car prices increasing by up

Quick Review: All-new 2021 Isuzu D-Max 3.0 X-Terrain, Malaysia's new best pick-up truck?

idea of how closely-matched the current arena isExterior - Familiar, but evolvedIsuzu has thrown the kitchen

DIY: Scratch your car’s paint? Here’s how to fix that at home

donielleWe’ve all been there, squeezing through a tighter-than-usual spot in a car park and ending up

Aston Martin Rapide AMR launched in Malaysia – Only 2 units, from RM 1.1 million

The production version is only limited to 210 units with 2 being brought over by Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur

WapCar Weekly News Round-up

28 September - 4 October 2019 Fuel price update: RON 97 up 12 sen Monday The largest national eSports

2020 Jaguar F-Pace launched in Malaysia, from RM 436k, 20 units only

The F-Pace comes with a host of creature comforts inside too, including a 10-inch Touch Pro infotainment

2020 MINI Convertible Sidewalk Edition launched in Malaysia, 20 units only!

MINI Malaysia follows up the highly anticipated launch of their MINI Convertible with a special Sidewalk

Toyota Alphard, used units from RM 40k, here’s some tips for buying one

sale.One main reason why the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire shot up in popularity is because not many cars

UMWT recalls 10,350 units of Toyota and Lexus models for potentially faulty fuel pump

vehicles in Malaysia, announced a Special Service Campaign (SSC) to replace the fuel pump on certain units

Proton X50 sets record for highest monthly sales for any SUV in history – 3,345 units

into 2021, it seems that the hype of the Proton X50 has not yet died down with Proton announcing 3,345 units

Car sales in Malaysia rebounded by 94.7% in June, SST-free period to drive sales up

The upward trend for vehicle sales in Malaysia has continued into its second month, as data from the

120 units of Mitsubishi Tritons got knighted

Mitsubishi Malaysia jacks up the Triton Adventure X variant with special accessories.

2020 Toyota Alphard and Vellfire adds Toyota Safety Sense, new infotainment, price up by over RM 20,000

status symbol wheels – the Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire twins – have been updated for

No, toothpaste can’t repair scratches. We bust these 5 car body repair “lifehacks”

not help to repair car scratches.While toothpaste contains mild abrasives, it is not enough to remove paint

14,989 units for March 2021, Proton's best month in 7.5 years but Perodua is doing much better

Proton announced today that it has recorded its highest ever monthly sales in 7.5 years, with 14,989 units

Proton aims to sell 4,000 units of Proton X50 for 2020, exports earliest by end-2021

Proton is aiming to sell 4,000 units of its B-segment Proton X50 for 2020.

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touch up paint for kitchen units Post Review

@MagnetUK had a magnet kitchen for just over a year. The initial experience wasn’t the best but let that got but had a few recent issues with panels warping and cracking, screws showing through units and touch up paint, no reply from the store. Money not well spent!!!

@Wickes do you do a touch up paint for the Tiverton slate kitchen units please?

touch up paint for kitchen units Q&A Review

At what age did you purchase your first home?

I was 22 when I purchased my first home. I was living in an apartment and it was kind of a rat trap, it wasn’t infested with anything, it just wasn’t maintained well. When I moved in the paint wasn’t fresh and was chipped up and worn around corners. A previous renter had a dog that chewed on the corner of the cabinets in the kitchen and had scratched up the carpet in a few areas. When I moved in, the rent was $333/month (how they came up with that figure I’ll never know, but that’s what it was). After the first year they upped it to $373 (about 12% increase). I asked if they’d at least touch up the paint and do something about the fraying carpet. They declined. I grumbled, but it wasn’t enough to make me move. The next year they wanted to up the rent to $413! I was incensed as they still wouldn’t do a darn thing about the issues in the unit! The apartment complex had dozens of vacancies and there were 1000s of other apartments available in the area. So, I said forget that and bought a place. You can read about that experience here: James Smith's answer to How is it possible to make money in real estate without having lots of cash?

As a handyman, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in someone’s home?

Happened in a condo unit that was being rented. The renter was Section 8 and refused entry for inspection for 4 or 5 years by anyone including the Section 8 staff, who are required to inspect once a year by law. She would call the police and her free legal aide lawyer when someone showed up despite scheduling the inspection. At some point she lost Section 8 status and she stopped paying and, following a year of court visits and extensions, was evicted. When I went in I discovered she had made a lot of changes all without permission and in violation of the rental agreement (and condo rules). I found she had changed out all of the 15 amp outlets for 20 amp GFCIs (not just the bathroom and kitchen - all of them on the first floor). Seriously dangerous. changed most of the lighting switches to dimmers added can style lighting in the kitchen ceiling (cutting into the plaster ceiling) and ran them to a dimmer on the wall (more on the wall in a moment) started but never finished adding crown molding to the master bedroom (2 and a half walls give or take with terrible miters that had to be redone) started but never finished painting in several rooms and closets (paint went only as high as she could reach without a ladder) replaced the kitchen cabinets but never attached them to the walls and didn’t hang the upper cabinets properly - also dangerous. And the plumbing to the sink faucets and drain had to be redone as well. But the worst was that she had actually removed a plaster wall to open up the kitchen to the dining room. Luckily it wasn’t a supporting wall. I didn’t notice it immediately since just before moving out she rebuilt it with studs and drywall. It caught my attention when I bumped it while removing some fresh paint splatter and the wall moved. It had not been anchored to the floor due to wires she had run under it - yes, under it, not through the studs. The movement caused the can lights in the kitchen to flicker. THAT really caught my attention. I opened up the switch box and found she had not used electrical connectors (twist nuts) but simply taped the wires together without even twisting them. I opened the wall and kitchen ceiling cans and found similar wiring issues. With no way to know what she had done, I had to open up all of the switches and outlets, check everything and redo anything I saw that she had touched; replace the 20 amp outlets with 15 amps; rebuild the wall; and finally add a breaker due to some re-wiring she had done that overloaded the circuit the refrigerator ran on. Oh yeah - I also found that the batteries for the smoke/CO detectors that had been mailed to her (including new batteries) hadn’t been installed. (No one could get in to inspect or replace batteries on the original ones so new ones were sent by registered mail - if a fire started and they didn’t work the owner gets fined or, if someone gets hurt, goes to jail). It was a small miracle there was no fire. There were signs of arcing in several places. And local governments wonder why there are not enough rental units in their towns and cities. A year to evict for non-payment (lost rent and legal fees) and thousands in uncollectible damages. (For those who would say she could have been sued, there was a long line of other creditors already in line). And it could have been far worse since the building housed other families in addition to hers.

Are short-term rentals more lucrative?

Are short-term rentals more lucrative? More lucrative than a long-term tenant? Probably not. With a long-term tenant (with a 12-month lease), you only need to have the unit cleaned, painted, advertised, etc once a year (less, if the tenant stays for several years). You have no expenses for anything else, except those you choose to pay (such as HOA fees, trash, sewer, property taxes, mortgage, etc). With a short-term rental, such as an AirBnb, you have to thoroughly clean every time a renter leaves. That alone can get expensive. We have a lady who cleans the boss’ AirBnb (two rooms with a shared bathroom, and access to the common areas). It takes her four hours to do the laundry, make the three beds, and clean the bathroom and kitchen and the living room. That’s a minimum of $65 every time a renter leaves. Then there are the “amenities”, such as coffee, breakfast bars and fruit, and muffins that we put out for the guests. And we have to replace things like toilet paper, laundry detergent, bath soap, etc periodically. This is all in addition to the other expenses such as HOA fees, trash, sewer, property taxes, mortgage, etc. We clear a hair over $155 for a two-night stay in the AirBnb rooms. It’s impossible for us to be booked 365 days a year - it just wouldn’t work. So we average about 20–25 days a month. So we gross maybe $1550–2000/month, at most. If those are all 2-night stays, that’s $650–700 just for cleaning, which means we might get $800–900/month, minus the costs for the breakfast and amenities. Assume that’s another $100/month, which brings us down to $700–800/month, minus a share of the taxes, mortgage, etc. The smallest home we have for rent is 2-bedrooms and it goes for $1,250/month. We only have to pay to clean, touch up the paint, etc when it’s vacant. Most of our tenants stay 7–12 years, so it doesn’t happen very often. For us, the long-term rentals bring in a lot more money, and it’s steady money. We know a year in advance how much we’re getting each month. With AirBnb, we don’t know until the month is over.

Would you ever buy a new-build house?

Would you ever buy a new-build house? Absolutely! This is a wonder that not everyone will be able to enjoy in their lifetime. I have had two new-build houses, one I bought while nearly completed and the other I had custom built with everything the way I (thought) I wanted. Both of them have been great and I still own both of them. Just like the “New Car Smell”, there is also a “New House Smell”. A house that hasn’t been lived in by anyone else ever is a special kind of place (and least for me). Having a new-built home also comes with security in most cases as the vast majority come with warranties. Our custom built home came with a 1/2/5/20 years warranty. This was defined in the contract as follows: Year 1: 100% of anything goes wrong in the first year is covered by the builder. The builder set an appointment and we conducted a full walk through of the house. They caught a few things that I didn’t even notice, including touching up paint scuffs and re-caulked a shower that looked iffy. Year 2: Anything in the house that wasn’t purely cosmetic, such as paint and normal wear & tear. The builder send us a form about 60 days before the end of the warranty to outline anything we found. We only had some hairline cracks in the mud on a few bullnose fittings. They promptly sent a drywall expert to patch and paint. Year 5: This was different as the warranty wasn’t handled by the builder anymore, it was a contract with a home warranty company (American Home Shield) and a $75 deductible applied to any call. Anyone can buy these and that’s all the builder did, they just bought one in our name. The warranty covered anything core to the infrastructure of the house. Foundation, Wiring, Plumbing, HVAC, Water Heater, Appliances, and fixtures such as faucets and lights. One of our A/C units stopped functioning in the 4th year. It turned out to be a capacitor and it only cost us $75 total with no arguments or add-ons. Year 20: Foundation and structure only. At 10 years old we have found no issues with our foundation or other structural components. Frankly it’s very unlikely anything will show up after the first 5 years, so it’s good to know that we have the warranty, but if it hasn’t gone bad by now, it won’t. There are some downsides to consider when buying a brand-new house. There will be a lot of those little things that aren’t done when you are buying a older house that may require a lot of work and/or money. Landscaping: Landscaping on most builder designed new-build houses will be rather basic and the vegetation will be small and immature. Unless you are directly involved in the design and pay for how you want the landscaping to look, you’ll probably be investing quite a bit of time and money here. New House issues: A new house hasn’t had time to settle in and mature to the house it will finally be. A newly poured foundation will settle in the ground. Sometimes this doesn’t create any issues, but sometimes it can create big and expensive issues. Make sure your new home comes with a long-term structural warranty to guard against these issues. Conveniences: Most owners are continually adding the little things to their home to make it better for them. Maybe it’s handles on drawers in the kitchen or an extra electrical outlet in a corner where you want to have a lamp, but these little things add up over time. There is certainly nothing that would stop me from buying a new-build home. If you are debating between buying a pre-owned home and a new-home, don’t let that status sway your decision. Focus on the features and location that you want. Good luck and enjoy what ever home you buy!

In California, are landlords required to paint walls before a tenant moves in?

A2A Certain colors will make the place unrentable to anyone but hippies or potheads. So avoid various shades of purple. While accent walls are “cute”, they’re going to tend to make the place look smaller. So will different types of flooring; for example, living room to kitchen on the same level will make your space seem a lot smaller. My personal take on things is that the best makeover you can do on a place is a new coat of paint. After that, it’s laundry facilities, and after that, it’s doing things to the kitchen. You can offer to replace a dining room light with a light+fan as encouragement to re-up the lease. As far as paint itself, the #1 paint color, at least in this area, is cafe latte. If you go to a place that has Kelly-Moore paints, your looking at something like KM4560 — that’s as dark as you want to go; darker colors will make your space look smaller. I think it’s necessary to do the paint. I don’t think it’s optional. If you’ve painted in the last 3 years, you might be able to get away without doing touch-up, but you’re definitely looking at doing some spackle over the holes from where things were hung up by the previous tenant, so you will minimally need to repaint over that area. Doing all the walls and ceilings, and trim molding in another color (usually: white) is going to cost you about $1500 on a one bedroom unit, if you have the Home Depot folks do it. Otherwise, it’s going to cost you a case of beer for 4 of your buddies, if you do it yourself and trade beer for labor. Rule of thumb: if you can tell it hasn’t been painted recently, then you probably need to paint it.

What are costs associated with owning a house over a couple years?

2-3 times each year: clean gutters, condition lawn twice in Summer (weed killer, lime, fertilize), trim back hedges / bushes, mulch and weed flowerbeds. Every 1-2 years: plant flowers (annuals), rake autumn leaves, patch lawn, install/remove window screens/frames, install/remove window A/C units, touch up peeled paint and repair rotted/cracked exterior wood trim, seal wooden deck, trim dead branches from trees, repair damage from animals (squirrels, birds, etc), have someone inspect furnace & A/C system, repair roof and eave soffit and fascia. Every 10-20 years: replace roof shingles & kitchen appliances & furnace & A/C units & pumps, scrape and repaint wood siding and trim, replace exterior decking, replace most horizontal exterior wood trim, replace toilet and plumbing seals/valves, replace seals of faucets and plumbing (some entire fixtures), trim away tree root encroachment in outer drain lines, remove dead trees (replant?), repair/replace window screens and frames, repair damaged/leaking gutters and roof flashing, test house for air circulation & insulation & moisture problems. Every 20-50 years: sewer line replacement, repair/replace major water feed lines, fix foundation settlement and ensuing wall/floor misalignment, replace concrete/asphalt driveway, replace sidewalks, replace exterior rain drain tile, repair window sashes or counterweight cords, replace sliding glass doors (esp. exterior), patch foundation cracks, clean and patch / repoint / replace damaged exterior masonry, replace roof sheathing and flashing. Pay curb and gutter levy, and other special assessments.

What type paint can I use to paint my Kitchenaid Mixer?

I had an older Kitchenaid mixer that had served two generations well and it needed some TLC to fit in a new kitchen. I ended up going to the local Kitchenaid store, bought the normal wear item replacements and with a background fixing up old stuff had it like new with all new bearings for under $50. A full service overhaul would have been more than double had I not been able to do the work. I would have still have gone for it as those old units were built like tanks. When I had it all apart I chose to paint. Most was already removed, but there were a few plates and stickers that required very careful masking. I could have just painted over them, but wanted an even better looking job. One required a very fine brush and some black paint to do touch up. I painted with a white epoxy appliance paint. It required painting outside wearing a good 3M dual cartridge respirator with organic vapor cartridges. It was fast drying so was not worried about getting contaminated or would have painted in the garage with cars gone and all covered in plastic. The results were stunning.

What could possibly motivate you to buy a home instead of renting?

What could possibly motivate you to buy a home instead of renting? Thanks for the A2A Not what could, but what did. I was motivated by ever increasing rents and poor maintenance by the apartment complex. In 1989 was living in an apartment and it was kind of a rat trap, it wasn’t infested with anything, it just wasn’t maintained well. When I moved in the paint wasn’t fresh and was chipped up and worn around corners. A previous renter had a dog that chewed on the corner of the cabinets in the kitchen and had scratched up the carpet in a few areas. When I moved in, the rent was $333/month (how they came up with that figure I’ll never know, but that’s what it was). After the first year they upped it to $373 (about 12% increase). I asked if they’d at least touch up the paint and do something about the fraying carpet. They declined. I grumbled, but it wasn’t enough to make me move. The next year they wanted to up the rent to $413! I was incensed as they still wouldn’t do a darn thing about the issues in the unit! The apartment complex had dozens of vacancies and there were 1000s of other apartments available in the area. So, I said forget that and bought a place.