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Grandma's Quilt Paint Booth Company. When you need to touch up cage bars and don't want overspray all the hell ove… http://ift.tt/2uoTgDs)

I will confirm @Tesla does have a bad rep for servicing. Here’s an example. The body shop lazily did some touch up paint work and overspray ended up on my trim. C’mon sense practice is to properly cover all areas not being painted.

Diversitech now offers a Portable Paint Fume Eliminator for paint overspray and VOC odor & fumes from spray paint and touch up applications

Our post construction cleaning starts with a rough clean (remove all construction debris including dust, caulking, paint overspray & adhesives) & final clean (in-depth cleaning of all interior surfaces). You can even call for a touch up clean when the dust settles!Call today!

Perfect for touch up and single panel blends. SYLVAN have designed a solution for fume and overspray extraction from this mobile StarScream Paint booth. 6 layer UV Filtration System and powerful 240v motor extractions and purifies contaminants. Easy, affordable and available now!

You mad because your carpet has a little overspray from touch up paint before you moved in, but your nasty ass couch looks like you pulled it out of a dumpster & let your dog roll all over it! #smh #younasty #pleasejustleave #newmoveinproblems

alfa romeo Krinkle Touch Up: Can I just do a light matt black overspray on Krinkle paint to t... #alfaromeo #alfabb

Last summer I put 55 gallons of paint, primer and elastomerics on the house. Yeah... so this summer, I plan to go up there, bring it down and put it on the walls! No, lol, it's done, save a couple overspray spots on the foundation that need touch-up. 1/2

This big tire Hayabusa recieved some ; overspray removal, 2 step correction, touch up paint, some trim protection and a ceramic coating! We are more than just a detail @ Groundwork Detailing

touch up paint overspray Q&A Review

What’s the most appropriate response to someone who does not legally allow merging drivers onto the highway by not moving over to the other lane?

Go to your local auto parts store and purchase the following: 6 cans light grey primer 2 cans white primer 2 cans black primer 2 cans dark grey primer (if available) 2 rolls blue painters tape Newspaper Now, go out to your driveway and wash your car with dishwashing soap. This will not only strip dirt, but also any wax on the paint, we want clean clean. Next, cover all windows, headlights, taillights, turn signals, license plates, really anything you want to remain clear/original, with newspaper, adhering with the tape. It's also not a bad idea to throw something over your tires and rims. Shake the first can of grey primer and begin applying to the front, as can empties, shake and use the next. We want a nice, even coat of primer over everything. Allow primer to dry until no longer wet. Start with black and start adding blobs here and there. Stand back and make sure your blobs wrap around corners so the outline of the vehicle is broken up well. Repeat with white primer and the dark grey if it was available. Stand back, admire your work, touch up with grey, black and white as needed. Some people like to add random dots here and there too. Remove newspaper and tape, a new razor blade works great to get paint overspray off GLASS. Do NOT try scraping overspread off other surfaces with a razor, no bueno. Now if you really want to go hog wild, use some acrylic paint and stencil the phrase “Freeway Tag” on the rear window, border the letters in red or orange paint so it’s super visible, being sure to leave enough room so you can actually see out the back. Allow everything to dry at least overnight. Go drive on the freeway. If peoples reactions to your crazy paint job is the same as mine was, they will happily apply brakes and let you over as soon as they see your turn signal. Be brave, if they don't want to yield, keep right on merging, sooner or later they’ll realize that they really don't want to find out what sort of maniac drives a vehicle painted in an urban camoflage pattern. I drove in LA when I did this to my 1972 Ford Gran Torino and people ALWAYS gave me room to move over. Stopping by your local Army Surplus store and buying a BDU shirt to wear whilst driving only enhances the experience. Note: Doing the above is not reversable. You can NOT do this then wash it back off next weekend. This is permenent automotive primer you are using. I should also mention that your finance or lease company may not be as excited with your new look as you and I are.

Can you use spray can clear coat to touch up the clear coat on a vehicle?

Yes, but… I know, there is always a BUT. The clearcoat on your vehicle isn’t usually the same formula as what you can buy at your hardware or large chain store. You HAVE TO READ THE LABELS! Read your owners manual about what type of paint/clearcoat is on your vehicle. Research if you have to on the internet. If you use the wrong stuff, your pretty new clear coat can and will peel away from the original, if not work down to your paint and… Uggh! Prep is another important step. Clean off all the wax, dirt, protective silicone (yes I said silicone) that a dealer may have put on. A good anti-oil dish soap will do nicely. Then carefully rough up the area around the scratch with fine steel wool. You don’t need to be aggressive here. All you want is to give your new coat something to grab onto, in the original coat. Use a tack rag to clean off any dust. Tape off the area to stop overspray onto the rest of the vehicle where you don’t want extra little dots or runs. Lightly spray in several coats, lightly steel wool, tack rag completely, repeat… until the whole thing looks like glass. Take off the tape and paper, and WAX! Yes, I said WAX IT. Re-wax the whole vehicle. You blended the clearcoat together, now do so with your wax coat. Waxing your vehicle is your vehicles first line of defense against dirt, grime, and sun fading.

What has changed in the United States in the last 50 years but no one really seems to notice?

Our air and water is cleaner, thanks to the EPA and industries closing down. Our motor vehicles hold up better and run longer thanks to onboard computers controlling the engine’s operations. Fewer and fewer homeowners bother to keep flowers growing in beds around their houses and out in the yards. They’re not being stung by honey bees as often or at all due to that. People seem to allow for their home exteriors to go to hell longer than before then just want stuff “touched-up” instead of having a repaint done. People have less common sense. People can’t find a neighborhood kid to do their yard work for less than what professional yard care companies charge. Adults driving around throwing the newspapers instead of a kid with a bicycle or wagon. The scarcity of electronics repair shops. The absence of neighborhood full-service gas stations that had qualified mechanics that could perform any repairs for a reasonable price. the absence of small Mom & Pop business districts that used to be within walking distance of most neighborhoods that had doctors, dentists, pharmacies, barbers, insurance agents, deli’s, taverns, bakeries, junque shoppes, branch libraries, shoe repair shops, tailor/seamstress shops and some old guy that could work on anything brought in. Kids were forced to go outside to play during the day and endure whatever their parents wanted to watch on the sole TV inside the house. Taking a drive on the weekends to the big outdoor fruit and vegetable stands that were only open during warm weather. Milkmen in the early morning making home deliveries and having to go out for pizza since nobody delivered. Getting dressed up before going shopping Downtown or at a shopping center that wasn’t enclosed. Seeing movies at real old theaters that would host concerts by the area’s garage bands. Getting your first car painted at Earl Schieb’s for $19.99 then scraping off the overspray from the window glass where the masking tape came loose. Wandering around the cheap discount stores like Topps, Shoppers World, Zayre, etc. to find nothing but flimsy foreign made junk and wondering who actually buys that junk?

How much would it cost to respray a car hood? Can I do it myself with spray paint?

The overspray ‘fog area’ will be what kills your project. The thing about spray paint (cans) is that it beings drying as soon as it leaves the cans. Therefore (and I’ve tried this, and you can too) … on painting large surfaces, the interior part gets the, nice, pretty (careful not to run) wet spray paint. But surrounding that area of a foot or two circle of nice, pretty paint, is t,he ‘fog area’ where the paint droplet were dryer when the landed on your hood. ,That area takes on a ,matte finish., So you get kind of ,‘bull’s eye’ effect … ,nice & shiny like a new car in the middle, but hazy & dull surrounding it. Ah … but if we move the can as we spray? … and that word great for narrow things line chair legs, outdoor furniture. The ‘fog area’ coming in from behind lands on still fresh, wet, thick paint and blends in. But if you were to paint a ‘narrow’ strip on a large object, you’d get sidelines of the ‘fog area’. With a lot of elbow grease (wet sanding) and then clear coating, you may be able to get rid of those ‘fog areas’; I don't know. I suspect with today’s almost 3D depth coating they will still show. If it were an older style paint that was pretty flat looking with just some lead reflectivity in it, spray paint might work. But these newer finishes are more finicky. That’s why if you go to a (decent) body shop, they will tell you they have to paint the whole quarter panel, or whole door, etc … they can’t just touch up a spot.

What should you do about overspray when spraying touch up paint from an aerosol can onto your car?

Overspray should be a consideration BEFORE you start spraying. Any area that you DON’T want paint, you better cover up. Also keep in mind “Wind”, if you are painting in the garage or outside, the atomized spray will leave a mist on things around you if you ain’t careful. Also keep some alcohol/acetone and some cottonballs or cheesecloth to clean up if you get some overspray on metal and plastic. Keep in mind that acetone is brutal on plastic.

What are the disadvantages of spray painting?

Overspray onto items you don’t want painted, time it takes to mask up to avoid the overspray also if you spray ceilings and walls touching up any areas later by brush will show up, so for example if I’m painting ceilings but I know an electrician is coming to put in a load of down lights, I will always cut and roll the ceilings rather than spray as touching up his hand marks will show up.

Which come first in a house construction, painting or flooring?

I am going to disagree with the answer given by Anupama Devasya, not because the logic is flawed, because it isn't, but in principle due to the flow of construction as it is done here in the U.S.A.. The great majority of painting is done by spraying and then backrolling, and there is no amount of masking that will prevent vaporized paint from settling everywhere. The additional cleaning that is required to remove this overspray from finished surfaces not only adds to the expense of the project but occasionally requires replacement of some component that will not come clean. Every painting contract, at least all of those I ever saw or authored, called for at least a primer coat followed by two finish coats and a touch-up. Anupama is correct in her prediction of bumps and marks, which occur not only during construction but also when moving in furniture and appliances, and that is why the painter returns for a touch-up. The most professional painter in the world, if they are working here in this country, will go through the house two or three times at a minimum.

What type of paint should I use to paint the inside chamber of a microwave?

Personally I would never use any paint product to paint the inside of a microwave oven. For one thing it will invalidate the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listing for the microwave, and also invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. Paint overspray can go through the various holes on the inside of the microwave and coat components that were not intended to be coated with paint overspray, possibly rendering them inoperative or reducing their lifespan. Since I am not a Toxicologist - I have no idea what impact the paint could have on the cooked foods. I took a look at the spray paint that others suggested. It contains a California Proposition 65 warning. None of this may matter to you - but now you know. If your microwave is dirty clean it. If the interior finish is scared by discharges from metallic objects placed inside the microwave - either live with it or purchase a new microwave. They are pretty inexpensive these days. If there are just a few nicks in the paint there is touch-up paint specially formulated for microwave oven touch-up. I am not suggesting this - just noting it for completeness. I had a problem with my father placing metal objects inside his microwave so I made a sign and pasted it to the microwave door for him. Initially I said “metal objects” but then found that he did not think that aluminum foil was a metal object - so I put a more complete sign on the microwave.

If you spray paint a layer of spray touch up paint in the driveway while it's windy outside and when spraying, some of the paint went onto your door (not where you intended it to go) what's the best way to remove it, now the panel looks messed up?

The best way to remove it is to prepare ahead of time by reading the label on the spray paint before you use it. Get the recommended solvent for clean-up and have it on hand along with some clean rags. That way, you can clean up drips or overspray while the paint is still wet. The longer you let the paint cure, the harder it will be to clean off a similar kind of paint without damaging it.

Can I spray paint my eyeglasses? Will it last long after getting wet?

Yes you can paint the frames of glasses, but there is a more effective versus less effective approach. You will need to use an old pair or contact lenses so you can clearly see. This process may take more than one day. The best approach is to remove the lenses by removing the small screws that keep them in the frame. Some flexible plastic frames do not use screws to retain the lenses, only to hold the arms to the frame. In this case you will find the frames relatively easy to flex to an extreme which causes the lenses the pop out. Be careful not to scratch your lenses. You can put a piece of tape on the lens marked with R for right and L for left if you are worried about mixing them up, but due to their curvature and different prescriptions it should not be hard to tell which is which later on. You should protect the heads of the screws and any metal that is showing, plus the inside channel in the frame that the edge of the lens sits directly against. Most lenses have a ridge that runs around the outside perimeter which fits into that channel so that the lens stays in place. You can use masking tape as commonly used during household painting to protect surfaces that should not be painted. The inside ridges that hold the lenses in place may be difficult. You can buy the type of putty that is used to hold posters to the wall and roll a very thin worm shape then press it inside the channel to protect it during painting. If for some reason the lenses can not be removed, you can protect them with masking tape. Put newspaper down or a cheap plastic tablecloth to protect any surfaces from paint overspray. You may want to use a dust mask to protect you from breathing in paint particles during the process. Using the correct paint is important. ,Traditional old fashioned shellac based spray paint will adhere to the plastic to some degree or another, but will tend to flake off fairly easy in a short period of time. It is too rigid and brittle, it will not flex with the plastic., ,You need to buy any one of several types of spray paint formulated specifically for plastic, and it will state this directly on the can. Krylon has a number of paints, I’ve had good results with their ,Fusion, brand. You may also want to use a primer which is used to prepare the plastic surface to hold paint more securely. You are going to be handling and washing these extremely frequently,. ,Carefully clean the plastic of all grease, oil, or dirt. Ordinary window cleaner or ammonia should be more than sufficient for this purpose. Clean them two or three times in a row. You may want to very lightly sand the surface of the plastic to give the paint or primer a bit of ,tooth, to grip onto. Use a very fine grit sandpaper that makes the plastic look slightly cloudy, it should not tear up the surface of the plastic. Test First. I would suggest painting just a small part of the arm where it touches the head over the ear which is not very visible when the glasses are being worn. Do this before painting the entire frame. If you find that the primer or paint comes off too easily, you are either not using the right paint or if the plastic is very, very soft and flexible it may be a vinyl which is a problem I will discuss later. Spray painting requires patience., It is tempting to impatiently blast it on like you are using a hose to water your garden, but this is a big mistake. Using multiple thin, light coats is the proper technique. Let each coat dry completely before applying the next. If you want the smoothest possible finish, sand each layer gently with an extremely high grit number (super fine) sandpaper, like ISO P1200 or P1500. The paper should almost feel as if it is not sandpaper to the touch. Remove any dust with a tack cloth or slightly damp paper towel between coats. Follow the directions on the can,. You really need to shake the can well before spraying ,each time, to disperse the particles in the solvent., ,If it tells you to wait for an hour, wait at least that. If it says 24 hours, wait 25. You can spray the frames two ways: Spray while resting on a surface, let it dry, then flip them over and spray the underside. Hang the frames with a thread loop that passes through the open frame and is tied or taped to an overhead support. You can use a loop through each frame to reduce twisting and the chance the thread will break. Move the thread a bit between each spraying to avoid paint from building up where the thread touches the frame. If the frames are very flexible, they may have had a lot of plasticizer added or if ,nothing, seems to want to stick to them they are made of vinyl. You can find special vinyl spray paint sold by automotive suppliers for touching up seats and dashboards, although the color will be far more limited than other types of paint. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about paint and adhesives when creating makeup special effects or costumes, and building theatrical props and custom magic tricks. We talk about all of these things over at ,Reality Check,.


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