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As a mechanic, what are the most common issues that can easily be done DIY?

Oh yay I had a customer come in to change her tire; she drove with the flat all the way to me. Needless to say her husband was with her…and didn't know how to do it either, so a tire that needed a plug now needed to be replaced. Learn how to change tires before you get a puncture. WIPER BLADES - so simple yet so hard for some. On some vehicles the wiper just needs to be pulled out, turned and pushed out of the bracket. On newer vehicles you just press a button to swap. Hardly anyone comes back to change their wiper blades after I have shown them. I had a customer come in for a service on his new car complaining that his seat sat too low, until I showed him it could be raised… And then another customer who recently bought a used 4x4 and didn't know how to engage the front wheels. Yes I knew how to switch it on but still showed him that the owner's manual shows how to do that and more. Always check your owner's manual before phoning and bothering us if it's something you don't know how to operate! Windshield washer fluid - open the bonnet, look for something that has a diagram like water coming out (check in your owner's manual) and fill with WATER (my one buddy’s wife thought it takes car shampoo and filled it up with THAT ONLY), then put a few drops of dishwashing soap to take out that dried bird poop blocking your field of vision. Looks like this and your car can also show you when it's low by a warning on the dashboard with a similar symbol. Thank you to everyone who said you shouldn't be adding water to your windshield washer if the temperature is cold or near freezing; this most probably would crack your bottle. Personally because I live in South Africa, I have never really experienced cold weather hence why I didn't mention it. Small paint chips - buy a can of touch up paint and just touch your car up like you painting your toes. Not advisable on anything bigger than 2mm. Some cars come with them and most paint places can make up a batch of the exact colour for you. Topping up your fluids. No I'm not going to explain how to as each car is different. All you have to do is look in your owner’s manual and it will show you exactly how to check and top up your car's fluids. This includes oil, automatic transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid and much more. No you’re not supposed to be driving in sport (where it says S below your D in an auto). Had a customer come in complaining that their car's fuel consumption is extremely high (this was a VW Polo Vivo 1.4 Comfortline automatic), was extremely puzzled as with spirited driving I still couldn't match up the fuel consumption to my customers until I had a chat with him as he was about to drive off and saw he was driving in S… Check your service intervals - for those cars that don’t show you, check when the next service is due. Some people, like me, write them down on the pillar or something similar, but if you forget it can be a disaster, so make sure you do check them every week or so and make a booking in advance. Roughly 1500kms before the service date is acceptable. Had a customer come in with their car running rough, was serviced 60 000 kms ago - oil was the consistency of thick syrup…luckily damage wasn't too bad and he never missed a service again. Fuses - if something electrical is wrong, that's the first thing you can check before visiting me! Will save you and me a lot of time and money. Fuse locations are shown in the owners manual as well as what fuse is which, either on the manual or on the fuse cover. Remove the fuse and check the centre if it’s burnt, if it is, go to the auto shop and buy a fuse for about 2$ and plug it in, should work just fine, but if it doesn't, then visit your mechanic. There's nothing else I can recommend besides doing what the owners manual says you can do, don't think you can do something without checking it up and how complex it is. I've had customers come in with their cars on a tow because they attempted DIY without checking how easy it is just to save 50$, now ending up costing triple that to correct the mistake.

If a cop uses canine assistance and the dog 'hits', yet the officer finds nothing after tearing my car apart, do I have any recourse for the damage done to my car?

Well I basically told a cop if his dogs paws and claws scratched the paint, I ,will try to have, the mutt euthanized. He felt obligated to allow dog to scratch my car. I took the video of the altercation ,with my promise, into the police chief. He told me they had “immunity” I asked him if he desired a real and honest legal fight? So easiest way to explain is the chiefs belongings were set up so same mutt K9 cop scratched up and damaged the chiefs belongings. You can buy this liquid that makes a cars exhaust smell like specific things, and it does cool with dogs. It's developed to cover the eye watering exhaust of methanol race fuel BUT it also works in gasoline, but in cars with catalytic converters it needs to be much stronger. You see ,when the k9 mutt tears up the officers belongings, it's on record much easier. If Joe shmo off street complains it gets filed and ignored. AFTER chief has to find someone to repair HIS damaged goods, complaints then get addressed. His cop car got 15 bottle of weed scent in the gas tank. Eventually I got a check for $1100 for damages. Estimate for three to primer scratches and a complete exterior detail ,buff,polish. Check was summarily donation material(is I donated cash and did work out of my pocket). Little touch up and rebuff car all is good.

I backed my car (Honda Civic 2010) into a tree, what do I do next ?

Most, if not all, the scuff marks can be removed with a good quality car wax or a light grade rubbing compound. However, you obviously have a coupe of areas where the paint was taken down to the base black plastic of the bumper itself. Those areas will have to be touched up with touch up paint. You can find the paint color code for your needed touch up paint listed on the information sticker posted on the door frame of your Honda.

What was the most outrageous repair quote a mechanic has ever given you to fix your car?

I was about to go into a coffee shop with a friend when, immediately after I parked my car, I opened my door and a huge gust of wind caused it to fly out of my hand! It bashed into the car beside me (I left a note - I’m very honest!) and caused minor damage on this pretty old looking car. My brand new car sustained a small dent at the edge of my door, as well as a missing chip of paint. Right after our coffee, I went to my dealership which was practically next-door to the coffee place. I had no appointment but I drove into the garage with the hopes that somebody could do something. A man from the body shop came to look at my car immediately. He said that he would take it out of the garage so that he could see it better in natural daylight. 10 minutes later, he drove my car back into the garage where I was waiting. He told me that he had fixed my car! He touched up the drop of paint and he was able to bang out the very small dent from the inside of the door frame. It was very subtly noticeable, but only to me. No one else would have ever guessed that there was a dent there. Here’s where the outrageous part came in – I asked him what I owed him and he said “nothing”. I was in complete shock! Never in my life have I had an experience like this - and this was the garage at my dealership, no less! I was so impressed with this man’s kindness and generosity. Needless to say, I speak very highly about this garage and my dealership. It’s nice to know that there are some people out there who don’t feel the need to take you for a ride. Edit: It was suggested to me by a fellow Quoran that I mention this dealership so that I can give credit where credit is due - it is the Chevrolet garage on Sources Boulevard in the West Island of Montreal!

What is your most "you've got to be kidding me" experience at a car mechanic?

At the time I was driving a 330xi that I absolutely adored. For my birthday I decided to get the car thoroughly detailed, engine bay steam cleaned, carpets shampooed, the works. Off I went to the dealership to drop off my favorite car (at that time). At the close of business I went back to pick up my car. Ooh it looked sharp! Paint was glossy, tires were black, every crevice in my wheels was clean. Ahhhh yes. Then I opened the door and the interior lights didn’t come on and the door locks were locking and unlocking by themselves, and the trunk wouldn’t unlock without the key, and the headlights completely refused to turn off. It was a nightmare! It was like my car was possessed. It turns out that the steam cleaning of the engine bay allowed moisture to get into the electrical module. Nothing electrical in the car was working as it had been before the cleaning. The part had to be shipped in from Munich. Because the mechanics hadn’t touched my vehicle (only cleaners) there was no way to prove my car was in working condition before I brought it in so the dealership would not assist with repairs. The chain reaction was that even though I got the part and had the car repaired the emissions port would never communicate properly again. So I had to throw myself on the mercy of the MVA emissions department. I told them my story, told them that I loved my car but another 2k repair just wasn’t feasible. The gentleman had mercy and gave me a three year waiver ‘to figure it out’. My take away is that I will never, ever steam clean the engine bay of any car I own. I hand clean in there. That experience was agonizing. Edit: I named that car Melee because it was just a crazy car. Anything that could happen would happen to that car. It HATED my husband to the point that he wouldn’t drive it because ‘things’ happened if he tried to. This is just one of a couple of strange things that went on, here is another, How the car and I met back up by accident for old times sake after I finally sold it. ,Lisa Stewart's answer to Have you ever been so attached to a car, that you couldn’t or could barely part with it, even though you needed a new one? What kind of car was it and why the strong attachment?, Who says cars don’t have personalities?

What is the brutal truth about owning a Rolls Royce car?

I own a 1959 RR Silver Cloud II ,Home I guess the brutal truth is RR have always been a luxury chauffeured car. Until the 60s they were never designed for the owner driver. If you had to ask what they cost then you couldn’t afford it. RR are charming and everything is pretty much hand made. Designed for the owner passenger. No seat belts or airbags. Any maintenance tends to be expensive. Mechanics complain it’s over engineered but it never fails to turns heads. Reactions from children is always surprising. They know it’s special. It always starts. I've had a few things replaced because they just wore out after 50 years but the car tends to stay in good repair. I need to attend to the paint work and get the carburettor overhauled by ProCarb in Launceston, Tasmania. This guy is a living legend! I guess the most amazing thing I've heard is that I can get another piece of book matched timber panelling from RR if I call up and give them my Vin number SRA21. They go to the package of wood that was used to make my car and carve out another piece of veneer. I've heard of another story of 17yo Allan. He saw the Queen in her Rolls Royce in Sydney in the early 50s and was stunned by the amazing deep dark red colour of the cars. The colour is called Royal Claret and is for the sole use of the Queen. In that light bulb moment he promised himself he’d buy a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and paint it that colour. Prior to that he’d seen the regal Rolls on black and white tv and always thought they were black. 20 years later he bought his long wheel base roller. It has a solid piece of glass housed in the front seat that goes up between the chauffeur and the backseat passengers. The RR Silver Cloud is designed to be chauffeur driven and has the dials in the middle not on the drivers side. He spoke to the Rolls specialists in Sydney who said it was not possible to paint his car Royal Claret. After a bit of convincing the RR specialist garage put in a call to RR in England who were able send out a quart of Royal Claret. The spray painters used two sheets of aluminium painting one with Royal Claret and the other with their guess and eventually were able to match it exactly. Apparently the garage had made up some story about the vice regal roller needing some touch up paint. Allan now has an award winning concourse roller. Oddly enough only white wine gets served in the back seat not Claret. The Silver Cloud III was the end of the classic era. Later models don’t quite have that charm or the curves. They were for the owner driver. Within the Rolls Royce Owners Group there is division between the pre and post war cars. The Wraiths and the Phantoms are just amazing cars and way out of my price range. As a child I remember my mother occasionally saying to me “Oh there goes a Rolls Royce!”. It was a big deal in Tasmania. So when I saw mine a RH drive version with white wall tyres advertised in a car magazine in Palm Springs, CA I bought it and shipped back to Australia.

How much will it cost me to repaint my Hyundai Verna in India?

0 items US 100,000 Happy Customers HYUNDAI VERNA TOUCH UP PAINT Home, » ,Touch Up Paint, » ,Hyundai, » Hyundai Verna 100% Colour Match Guaranteed Touch Up Kit for your Hyundai Verna. A paint colour match guarantee for all makes and models Seamless, professional results thanks to the high-grade blending and polishing solutions Clear, simple and user-friendly instructions A complete set of accessories Three sizes to choose from These features make Chipex the best option on the market for tackling road rash. Try it now! Did you know stone chips and minor bodywork scratches can knock hundreds of dollars of the value of your much loved, Hyundai,, but they are also easily repairable! Protecting the value of your ,Hyundai Verna, with Chipex touch up paint repair system is a job that can be done by most DIY’ers. The Chipex touch up paint system has been specially developed to work predominately on stone chips however it also works well on paint scratches. To ensure you get the perfect finish and paint match we have an easy to use, web based colour code lookup tool. Chipex comes in three sizes to ensure you get enough exact colour match paint to carry out your ,paint damage repairs,. We also offer a unique guarantee that if your paint isn’t an exact match, then we will replace it free. We also include all accessories and application instructions that you’ll need, so the price you pay will be the total cost of the paint repair. This saves the expense of a visit to a professional paint repair specialist. Read our ,testimonials, from our satisfied, impressed and happy customers. Chipex is a cost effective solution to restoring the paint damage caused to your ,Hyundai Verna, by everyday motoring. So to get a superior finish compared to that of the conventional touch up paints, use ,Chipex Hyundai Verna Touch up Paint. The problem of stone chips and road rash The roads habitually spit grit and loose stone chips at the bodywork of cars, causing a spray of paint scratches to form. This is called road rash. What is Chipex Verna Touch up Paint? Chipex Verna Touch up Paint, is the road rash repair solution you’ve been waiting for. Why is Chipex better than traditional methods? Chipex offers a unique ,colour match guarantee, – it promises paint that’s exactly matched with the colour code of your Verna. Standard inclusions are easy-to-follow instructions, all the accessories you need and ready-to-apply paint. The flawless finish makes a full respray an expensive and unnecessary task. Unlike repairs by professional paint scratch repair companies, you don’t need deep pockets to get a Chipex repair.

When have you been cheated by a car dealership?

I’ve been cheated at dealerships more than not, to be honest. It’s not a blatant cheat usually… but it’s ancillary things that I’ve repeatedly been lied to about. 1) I bought a certified pre-owned Honda Odyssey from a Michigan dealer. The sliding door, while in the lot, stuck every now and then. I said I’ll buy it if you repair that. He called me a day later and said it needed to be re-oiled, and it was done. I picked up the car, and within days I took my car and moved out of state. Well a week later the door stuck again and wouldn't close nor open. Within a few weeks it was never working. So when I got around to it, I drove 250 miles back to the dealership and told them… you told me you fixed it. They basically refused to do anything without a standard service fee. $500 later, the door is repaired. It just really irks me when someone says they’ll do something, like repair the door, and they don’t do it or they don’t do it well. The dealer was aware he didn’t do it properly, he clearly just wanted it off his lot. 2) Another time, at a Buick dealership, the headphones with the TV screen didn’t work. I was promised and promised I’d get new ones. They never came. Six months later I get a call from a manager over there who apologizes and says he just read my file, and it looks like this wasn’t taken care of. He said he’ll ship it out. I received them. And they were broken. 3) Yet ,another ,time, buying a new Nissan, the dealer agreed to toss in a very small inexpensive bottle of touch-up paint. He went back to get it, and said they don’t have them in stock and he’ll ship it to me. I’ve heard this before. So I said I’ll just come back when you get it. I had to return four times back to this guy. It’s not the paint that’s the issue - it’s the integrity that’s the issue.

How old is your car? Why would you not change/buy a new one?

My car is exactly 15 years old and in fact next week I am going to apply for green tax. And it is this bullet-proof beauty: Not my car, but the same model and year. It is 2004 model Toyota Corolla. During 2008 crisis I got a sweet deal on 3.5 year old used Corolla. Snapped it up (though I was looking for a small hatch). And it has never disappointed me even once and left me in a lurch. I have driven it for almost 1 lakh kilometers, it has taken me to Pune from Chennai few times, touched almost all districts in TN, frequent visitor to Konkan from Pune and the only problem I have ever had was punctured tire. Uncomplicated mechanicals, yet still luxurious and safe. All the luxury I need in a car is ABS, airbags and good AC, period. This car has all this. Although I have another car, I will keep this car until it is ready for scrapping. My daughter is 10 years old, I hope I can teach her driving in 8 years time with this car. The car was bought when she was born to make things comfortable than a two-wheeler and if she can pass her license exam with this car, the cycle would be complete. I maintain my cars well so there is no reason why it should not. The only hindrance would be my daughter’s readiness to pass the exam with the car which calls as “old boy”. Why I would not sell this car ever: Durability, - Sheet metal used is so solid it is very difficult even to dent this car. And except for few patches original paint is still shiny. Even Toyota does not make it like this anymore. Mechanicals, - No fancy electronic gizmos. If you know your car well, it is so easy to procure the parts and ask your local mechanic to do the job. All it needs is periodic replacement of wear and tear parts. That is it. It takes a lot abuse. Performance, - Used to give 10 km/l in city traffic when I bought it and gives 9 kmpl now, not bad for an “old boy”. Though age has slowed it down (could do unspeakable speed 10 years back), still can manage 120 kmph on highways. As I also have aged, I have come to live with the fact that 120 kmph is all the speed one needs in life. Still our daily driver. 50 liters tank gives enough range for frequent highway runs. Even though it is “only” a 125 bhp, I can still outrace some automatics with higher displacement. Stickshift is the only proper way to drive :) Few years back I once braked at a not so legal speed, the crossing buffalo was very grateful. Had it been a dog, it would have wagged its tail to the Corolla. Old Corolla is not a car, it was a deceptive attempt by Toyota to sell a tank disguised as a car. Hopefully our “old boy” can celebrate its 25th jubilee and go to Toyota India’s museum :)

Do you regret something you did as a police officer?

Do you regret something you did as a police officer? Yes, but not in a way that most might imagine. I was raised to be scrupulously honest. This has not always served me well in work situations although my conscience has remained clear. I was working deep nights when a storm was approaching, and while checking the National Guard armory a gate that I needed to drive through and secure got pushed by a huge gust of wind. A little piece of metal wire made a scratch in the white part of the vehicle paint barely above the running board on the rear passenger side (full sized SUV). Instead of saying nothing and hoping that no one could pinpoint when it occurred or trying to cover it with touch up paint, I followed the department policy to the letter and listed it on my end of shift vehicular report. I mistakenly assumed that I might have nothing happen or might get charged the nominal cost for a bottle of touch up paint from the dealership which at that time cost less than 5 USD. Nope. I had a sad excuse for a supervisor who was known for being petty, racist and a bully. He wrote me up for discipline as if I had caused major damage doing something reckless like speeding on ice or off-road for fun. Unfortunately, those higher up the chain of command did not stand up against the obviously petty bullying, and I got a full day off without pay. It was enough money to pay for my gasoline for the month or to pay a utility bill, so it hurt. We were not bn unionized, but that incident definitely showed me the value of having a union to stand up for individual workers who are otherwise fairly powerless in at will employment. Some more senior officers from a nearby agency told me that I should have called one of them to bring me some white typing correction fluid to fill in the scratch if it was in the white paint or a black permanent marker if it was in the black paint instead of giving a known @$$hole a chance to mess me over for no good reason. They said I should have gone to the dealer and bought the touch up paint once they opened right after my shift ended because that's all those jerks who messed me over ultimately used on the vehicle anyway. It was a hard lesson in “the real world.” If this “discipline” taught me anything, it was that “fairness” is often a convenient illusion or talking point and that bullies and cowards often prevail over those who try to do the right thing. Shortly after my tiny scratch cost me more money than if I had paid to have the entire door painted at a repair shop, two white male officers caused ,major, damage to vehicles. Neither were treated as they should have been if policy was equally applied to everyone. One was near retirement and had horrible eyesight and bad habits. He hit a citizen’s vehicle in the rear. He had run a stop sign that he had been seen to run regularly while making a right hand turn only a few blocks from HQ. He was driving the same SUV that I had given a two inch, light scratch near the running board. He was ordered to have multiple unpaid days off, and he told them to piss off instead. The department had to pay out for that accident with the citizen and repair the department vehicle, and it cost the officer ,nothing, because he ,refused to accept the consequences,. They didn't dock his pay or write him up for insubordination, ,which should have happened per policy. A second young officer who was already a screw up (but connected to others with influence) disregarded direct orders during a big ice storm. Everyone was directed to ,not, patrol and to go from HQ to various protected positions spread out where we could wait safely in heated buildings with our cars close and relatively protected in case of emergency calls only. Even routine call responses were suspended due to the extreme weather hazard, but this young idiot decided that he was ,bored, and wanted to drive around the empty streets in ,subzero, weather on solid ice. He barely made it two blocks from where he was supposed to be before he hit a high curb so hard that it took the patrol car out of service with major damage. Others were placed at risk even to go to the accident location in such harsh conditions. The supervisor who had to respond to work the collision on that occasion was the same jerk who wrote me up for a scratch in the paint, so his hypocrisy was obvious when all of the idiocy was smoothed away despite thousands of dollars of damage being done. Once again, someone who exercised bad judgment placing others at risk (and in this case additionally violated a direct order) didn't get disciplined or lose any money. I was angry and disappointed. I decided after the second incident with nonsense excuses for the disparate treatment that I was ready to leave the agency and go to law school. There had already been other issues with ridiculous behavior from a few male officers, and it gets exhausting after a while being the odd person out carrying extra burdens related to race and/or gender in addition to trying to simply do one's job. I left for law school in 1991. If I was going to put up with $#!+ in every job, I would rather be paid decently for it and not sustain any additional permanent damage to my body. There are no decisions that I made with regard to my interactions with the public that I regret. I am a woman of color who started in law enforcement in the 1980s when I was a rarity. I was the first person of color (male or female) at one city to ever be on patrol, and it was a hellish experience a lot of the time for me. I was raised in a family that was keenly aware of the consequences of people being treated poorly because of ridiculous things like their color or gender, so I would never do that to someone else. I believe that people should be allowed to keep their dignity when possible even if they make mistakes and get arrested. I spoke to people even while arresting them to keep them from serious physical harm, and when force was necessary I used my professional training and good judgment based on actual conditions to make decisions (not fear or biases and stereotypes about certain groups). I never caused serious injury even to people who tried to harm me, but I took care of what was needed to keep the public safe (often despite their choices). I believe that a measure of how well I treated people even while known to be an officer with lots of activity including enforcement actions was that I frequently had people thank me for how I treated them. I can still recall the astonishment in the face of a dispatcher who once saw me doing a release from our city's holding cells of someone I had arrested hours earlier for multiple charges. The gentleman paused just before exiting to our lobby which was by dispatch. He thanked me for the way that I treated him, giving him the information he needed to get his moving violations and other legal issues handled as well as treating him “like a human.” He was an openly gay man in a place and time where being treated decently was sadly not his usual experience. He was clearly moved at being treated with basic respect, called “sir” and not roughly handled. He asked if he could give me a hug, and as my gun was still in a lock box, he had been searched by me earlier and he was no physical danger, I gave him the hug and some personal encouragement. I told him that he seemed like a nice person who had made some bad choices but that was no excuse for anyone to treat him poorly. I told him that the best way that he could thank me would be to get his life together and to not use the ugly behavior of some as an excuse to mess up his life with drugs and foolish legal problems. Not only did he fix his legal issues, but he came back to let me know that he had given up all drugs (mainly marijuana) and that he had gotten his life on a better track in general. In addition, he had contacted the city manager and chief of police to let them know about the positive things from our interaction which could have gone a very different direction. I only discovered what he had done when they called me to the city manager’s office where I was met by him, the chief and my now reformed former arrestee. It was one of those days that reminded me of why I became a police officer, to help people. The dispatcher was a white male a couple of years younger than me who hoped to be a police officer. He asked me a lot of questions about my interaction with the guy I had released including what I had done in the field, which charges were filed or not and why, etc. He asked many questions at other times following that incident as well. He was honest about me being a different type of officer from what he had observed to that point, and it appeared to intrigue him that I was quite effective and professional but so different in my approach from the norm at that time. I sometimes wonder what kind of police officer he became and if I had any influence over his path.