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The Dr. ColorChip Squirt ‘n Squeegee Kit makes touching up your car’s paint easy. But how exactly does the touch-up paint system work, and how does it perform?Read the review:

She picked up at vending machine I did delivery. The delivery was so easy maybe took 20 minutes I also did a trade in and they took that car at the same time. No issues whatsoever

Love hearing that. From seeing online reviews seems they overstate the imprecations on the cars too (which is great). Mustang I got has minor paint chips but they look touch up paint fixable.

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Are there any real-life examples of enlisted military personnel being promoted due to a misunderstanding or accident as in “Catch-22?” In it a sergeant named “Major” is invited to an officers meeting and is promoted to cover the mistake.

My father had a case of mistaken rank in WWII. While not an enlisted soldier at the time, he had been a US Army PFC at Hickam Field when the Japanese attacked, was wounded and with his Purple Heart in hand, applied for Officer Candidate School and was accepted in mid-1942. By 1944, he was in the South Pacific on the island of New Caledonia as a newly promoted US Army Captain in late November when his Colonel called him in to his office for a special mission. He was told a water supply system on a small Navy base on another island needed to be inspected and recommendations made for its refurbishment. As it was an imperative, he would fly to the base within a week once transportation could be arranged. He was to review the plans to familiarize himself with the system and when he got there he was to report to the commanding officer’s office to coordinate an escort to the site. So far, so good. Strange that they needed an Army officer, but my Dad said such requests weren’t uncommon for the Engineer Regiment. After five or six days a spot on a plane became available, and after a fairly long flight, they touched down. Upon exiting the plane, he was quite surprised to see a young JG Lieutenant sweating in dress whites next to a spruced up Dodge Combat Car. This is when the fun began, because the reaction of the JG was nothing short of volcanic upon meeting my Dad. What the island had heard two weeks before was that the Pacific Command was ,‘sending over a Captain to inspect’, with no other explanation or discussion, and along with all the other message traffic at the time, this particular message was discarded for a few days until it was discovered to the alarm of the command of the island. This had resulted in a whirlwind of preparation for what was assumed a ,Navy Captain, from a high command now coming to inspect for unknown reasons the entire operation of the base. The panic and manic preparation this caused was such that my Dad said every room, building, shed and metal item he saw in the entire time on the island stank of fresh paint. They must have spent multiple overnights just on painting, not even considering whatever else they thought a senior officer would stick his nose in. My Dad’s hardest task? Keeping a straight face while interacting with the absolutely fuming Navy officers he met while he was on the island. They weren’t overtly hostile to him personally as the mistake was entirely on their headquarters for not being clear (and in truth, their own over-reaction), but they were far from pleased, and his presence on the island just seemed to sour every single conversation. He didn’t get much in the way of thanks as he left from the tight-lipped commander, but it remained one of his favorite stories of the war. Everyone in his Engineer Regiment when he got back thought it was hilarious.

Less than 24 hours ago, I scratched my new Nissan Micra 2003. What should I do about the scratch?

I brought a second hand Nissan Micra 2003 for my first car, so excited as i brought it myself with no help at all. The first day i had it my mum scratched the passenger door on our drive. The scratch is deep and goes all the way through the primer. Some metal is showing. The scratch itself is not long at all however still noticeable and it's my first car! I have 2 options as my mum has offered to pay for repairs, either go to a place that will spray the whole door however my car is green (colour code j13) and i have been told that it will be a slightly different green (which is something i'm not too happy about) for £185 or get a company to come and get rid of the scratch who do the colour match perfectly- so says the reviews- for £245. I don't want to let my mum pay an arm and a leg for it especially because of how old it is however my boyfriend does car polishing and I have promised him that he can polish my car, he usually uses a power washer to wash it before he polishes it and i'm worried that the touched up paint may just come out which is something i don't want as my boyfriends business is car polishing so he would be doing this a lot on my car.

What are common scams in India?

Auto-mobile Service Sector. Always read your vehicle’s owner’s manual! Not sure, if this topic was already brought up but with my experiences, I am tempted to write this version of mine. Be prepared to sacrifice some of your time, as the answer is long. Pay attention because it is not a song! Some of my experiences may be a ding-dong to your knowledge. Automobile scams isn’t something that happens only in India but all over the world. I own a Chevrolet Enjoy back from Apr’15 bought it 1st handed from the dealership in my district. I know it isn’t a great car, the engine isn’t powerful and is a bit expensive considering other cars in the same segment available in the market. And the model was discontinued in mid 2016 and now Chevrolet are closing their doors to business in India by the end of Dec’17. But the comfort it offered was pretty much more than any car available at the price segment and bought it. For straight 2 years, the car was serviced at the dealership and not a single time, it was serviced else apart the dealership and we did everything that was advised by the service adviser. Regular oil check ups and filters were replaced as they advised. This was the first car we ever owned and never had the idea of how much long an oil change would last and when it was necessary to replace the filters and etc. Also, in no circumstances, was I allowed inside their garage.They even had a board saying, “Customers are not allowed inside the garage”. I always had a bad feel about this and in the up coming days, I found it out myself. Once during my regular visit (Happened to be the last) I happened to get furious when one of the technicians didnt align the car properly on to the hydraulic jack to hoist it up and the car slipped when all the four wheels were 5 feet above ground. It made a loud ‘thud’ and landedd on the left arm of the hydraulic jack while and made significant amount of damage to the under side of my car. The run strip or the running board in the left was battered at the front and the back, good thing it was only the runstrip and not the sides of the door or else where. And when I asked them to fix it, they just came in with a bunch of pliers and mallet to fix the bent portion of the run strip, though the car was under warranty at that time, the said that the jockey wasn’t of good condition and so on. I was not given proper treatment and after a long heated talk with all the managers in the dealership, I took my car out without them even to touch my car for service. By now, I’ve driven 1,00,000 km and it was 1 year and 11 months. This is when I came to a all car service in my locality, I was nervous the first time and so I stayed with my car during the entire process of service. And didn’t leave it at all, constantly asking the technician thousands of question about the car. Boy, was he calm enough to answer all my questions. Finally I asked him about the service had been done so far while in the garage, he said that, it is hard to say and cannot be judged by the looks of each fluid. The real turn about came when I got the bill with just 2,850Rs (before GST came into effect) which included the engine oil, oil filter as well as an engine coolant change. Which I found hard to believe but then, I was all along with him and this is what happened. Whereas the same process in the dealership would cost me about 6800Rs. Nowadays, I just get my car to the all car service station and have a developed a good friendship with all the technicians there. And with my car now not being in production, I can get to know how to get spares just as when need and not needing to pay huge amounts in terms of parts and labor to the dealer. I can get them fixed on my own or I just take it to my friendly technicians garage. All this was my story and still longing from some real hefty scam? Need some tips on getting saved? Just go through below. (All the following points are which I’ve gathered along the course of time and you are most welcome to share them with your friends and educate them about it). First and Foremost rule ,ALWAYS READ YOUR VEHICLE’S OWNER’S MANUAL,. Most of the time, the periodicity of checkups and service be it, oil change or anything for your vehicle the one mentioned in the book and the one claimed by the dealer would be different. (After all the dealer needs sale in some sorts). Service Advisers/Technicians will, try selling, almost anything from a mandatory service to optional service., ,(Heck, 5000Rs ,for an ,oil change ,and ,3500Rs of Wax and polish, for ,60,000km car??,) After all, the service guy need to make a commission. This is one thing most dealers fool people off. ,“Flushing”. ,Be it Oil Flushing, Coolant flushing or power steering flushing. It is ,Not needed at all!., In technical words, ,flushing can only do more harm than good!. ,And then charge you for a significant amount. AC Check! ,Boy do they know how to play on this one. In most cases, they just insert a temperature probe in the vent and take the car of a spin and tell you that it is working fine and no issues and gives a cooling of ,5 degree C,. But drive along in hot summer day and you’ll feel that the AC in not enough. It is probably because, they measured it wrong. Take your car and they’ll measure the ambient cabin temp and not the one directly from the vents. ,Also do note this. ,Lets say that you have this issue and get it to a dealer, they say the car needs an AC refrigerant top-up and charge you for more. ,Also ,in some cases, there is the issue of the AC Compressor not working well. (This happened to me and They tried AC coolant top up twice and each top up lasted only about for a week). Later a local AC Specialist found that my compressor is jammed. Air filters,! This is an easy take for them. Each time you need to get the car serviced (In my case 10,000kms), they swap a new for the old one. Costing 250–450Rs. But in reality carefully removing the air filter and dusting it and using vacuum to suck up the dirt from the dirt side and and reusing them for another 10,000km is possible. Just make sure that there are no holes in the filter otherwise, you need to replace it. Brake/Clutch fluid:, Be sure to check your owner’s manual before they even make you to buy this. After all it is the same company which printed the manual made the same car. So, I’d prefer you to stick to the manual. Rust and body paints: ,Each manufacturer has their own warranty in terms of rust and body paint issues. This is also mentioned in the owner’s manual and be sure to know it, as in my case, I was refused service when I found a rust patch between the hinges of my front panel and the hood. Don’t add any additives!, Once you just put your word that you don’t feel the power right as you put your foot on the pedal, the service guy would offer using additives in the least expensive cases. DO NOTE that most manufacturers claim that by doing so you are actually ,voiding your own warranty!,. And some service guys might just feed this idea into your mind sneakily and not mention a word about warranty issues. Also, do note this, additives is acceptable on a range of cars after 2,00,000 kms and even so adding additives to fuel or oil regularly is not a good idea. Saying “NO” to what you dont want:, The only thing which you needed to be serviced was just an engine oil change but they scare you saying, “Brake oil is dull, coolant has turned it’s color, power steering fluid has a burnt smell…. blah…. blah…”. ,They are just trying to sell more. ,Commonly called “,Upscaling”. ,This is a common tactic and yeah, they get a commission basically for selling more!. Power Steering oil: ,Generally the power steering oil is dark in color and has a burnt smell. Usually the color ranges from a dark pink-brown to brown color. Trust me it is normal. Usually the service guys creep you out as it is burnt and the steering is heavy and compel you to change it. But it is not needed. ,However check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for when it should be changed. Engine oil coolant: ,There are 2 types of coolant, one is an Ethylene Glycol mix variant and the other is detox(Not sure about the name will update it ASAP) type. Make sure about the type your car uses. If you are not so technical, just look at the color. The former is greenish yellow/green color and the latter is reddish brown color. And typically the coolant need not be replaced until for a min of 30,000kms. Because, they are long life coolant. ,However check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for when it should be changed. Water wash!, Undauntedly the most pathetic act of plundering your money. With 3 buckets of water you can clean up a hatch back well. But what these guys do is, water the car exterior and bottom. Then vacuum the car. Good. But What else, ,Dash board trim polish, interior plastic shine!, Now the bill goes to 650–750Rs. Why the hell did you put those two polish which I never needed when all I wanted was just a Water wash which could have been between 250–350Rs. Oh! not to mention ,gst! ,28% for a fucking water wash! Wheel alignment and balancing: ,For best treatment visit authorized tyre care center. One can guess the alignment is out of phase by just driving it. But balancing, most of the time, they just dont do it but yet charge you. And the price at the dealership is expensive. ,Another tip. Check alignment for every 5000–6000kms. Not all oils and fluid need constant change. ,Fluids such as Engine coolant, brake oil, power steering oil, clutch pad fluid, transmission oil, axle fluid need not be changed at each 10,000km and can last to about 20,000km. ,However check your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Always verify the changed part before you walk away. ,Be it the dealership or any garage. Do check what has been replaced. Always check if the oils were changed. ,Some garages or dealership dont change oil for what they were asked for and yet claim they’ve done the service and you are need to pay. Learn to say “No” if they offend you:, The service guy would definitely compel you to buy some additional services which are not needed and are optional. Say a big NO! and ask him/her to just do the needful. If the particular dealership isn’t allowing with the choice of your service requirement based on the owner’s manual, you can very well call the customer care of the manufacturer and have the dealer reported. (I have done this twice and I received royal treatment :P). Look for the particulars in the bill:, Ok! I know you are a hard working guy and you probably dont have time to read the bill. But remember it is your hard earned money that is they are trying to snatch from you in broad day light. At times, they might add up some things which they never did. Possibly the technician forgot it or possibly it was to plunder money. ,Be Aware. I know I have been against the dealer in most of my points, but hey! this can also happen at any garage! ,Be cautious at all times,. Because it is your car and it is your life!. Also, please note that, I am not against all dealerships and service guys and garages. Some are legit and some crooked beyond comparison. If you aren’t aware, you’d be drained off your money. I know you are a hard worker and dont have time to look up for your car! I get it! no worries. Even I dont have the time and sometimes, I end up taking a day off just for the car in worst scenario. But hey, Picture this, you are going in your car with your family on the highway at 100kmph and suddenly the truck in front of you is changing lane and cuts you off your lane. Which part of the car would you put your trust on? (I’d put my trust on all the thousands of pieces of parts that make up my car). On the other hand. Well, if you earn a lot and dont mind buying a new car once in less than 3 months, you can ignore everything you just read ;P It is not just CARS! Bikes, Trucks and what else?? Keep an eye open always. I have a colleague of mine who just bought a Honda Unicorn 2017 model, 2 weeks ago and he’s having a bad time with the dealer because he has only driven 30kms till date. If you want to know about his story, let me know in the comments and I’ll put it down. If you want to know more about on how to fix minor services at home, I’d suggest you to look up to these two YouTube Channels. Chris Fix: He teaches you how easily you can fix your car and also lets you know where you can get the things needed for the service also a hundreds of DO’s and DONT’s. Here is the link ,ChrisFix Scotty Kilmer: He’s almost 70 years old and still look at this guys enthusiasm and the fact that he doesn’t want to spend his days on a rocking chair complaining about neighbours. He teaches and shows what could be possibly wrong in the easiest way. BTW pay special attention to his intro and ending in each video. Just wonder how he’d have spent his youth age. Here is the link ,Scotty Kilmer,. “Rev up your engine”!! says it with a bang! ;) love this guy. These are the two channels which I watch the most in terms of fixing and if you are really into cars and wish to know about every car and how the engineering behind it works, look up to Enginnering Explained. Here is the link. ,Engineering Explained,. If you happen to know any such channels, let me know and will add them to the list. Happy and Safe driving ahead :) PS: Updates on the list of channels from the comments EricTheCarGuy, through his channel, he teaches you on how to fix things and what really stands apart is his description and attention to the details. Suggested by ,Sagar Gaigawale,. Team-BHP,, if you need reviews and get upto date with vehicles available in the market, look no further. Suggested by ,Anant Poddar,.

What is the brutal truth about owning a Tesla car?

You are a beta tester. ,Regardless of what you think about the company, it’s hard to think that Tesla has everything figured out. They don’t, so they’re using their customers and the real world as a way to figure some of the major issues out. Accidents are swept under the rug. ,This website, is documenting almost all instances of a Tesla in a crash. Anything from autopilot being engaged to a sudden burst of acceleration being reported. While some of these issues can be compared to ,most other car makers too, ,some are also unique to Tesla. Additionally, the NHTSA has a special team assigned to deal specifically with Teslas and autopilot. Model 3 speedometer is in your peripheral. ,This one is and isn’t a brutal truth. The Model 3 only has a single, rectangular screen in the center of the vehicle dashboard. On the left corner of that screen, is your speedometer. Tesla service center has really slow turnaround. ,Watch ,Rich Rebuilds here, purchase a Tesla Model X used from Tesla themselves and it taking almost 6 months for him to ,actually receive the car. ,Similarly, ,What’s Inside? Family ,had a similar issue with their Tesla that wouldn’t charge. Tesla service not only didn’t call him when the car was received, but he had to call ,several people ,at Tesla just to get a response from somebody to do their job. Cosmetic problems are expected. ,Aside from the obvious panel gap issues most Tesla owners expect with their cars, customers also complain a lot about the paint. Most recommend getting the free white coat, and then later getting it wrapped. Here is a review of someone ,documenting the paint job of his Model 3 the first day it was delivered. Model S and X drive motor breaking or failure. ,This is something that happened frequently with the initial set of cars released, but Tesla quickly has been learning from the design flaws and correcting them. Still, it is weird for something like this to be breaking at under 5,000 miles. ,Here is an instance of it failing at 2,200 miles. Right to repair doesn’t exist for Tesla. ,If you want to make a repair on your own car, it’s kind of tough luck. If you look at Rich Rebuild’s channel above, he will go through the process of talking to Tesla service. Short answer is that they simply reject selling you any parts. This is especially so if the car ,has a salvage title. Tesla has incredibly high insurance costs. ,This is primarily because of number 7. Tesla doesn’t give independent mechanics the right to repair, which they are supposed to. Since an insurance company usually writes off the car in an accident, these things just sit on an auction lot forever. Nobody will touch them because Tesla doesn’t want anybody else repairing their cars. Insurance companies can keep rates low because people usually buy salvage vehicles off the lots and they can recover some of their cost. But with Teslas, they don’t. So the person who has to pay for Tesla’s decision are the ones driving their cars. Range isn’t accurate. ,This is probably okay. Most cars come under the EPA estimate. But there are some estimates that show Tesla overestimating range by 20–40%. Again, it isn’t bad, unless you sometimes need that extra 50–70 miles. The MCU will leak eventually. ,Tesla might have fixed this with their newer cars, but up until about 2016, the Tesla Model S (Maybe the X, too) will eventually have a screen that bubbles and leaks. It needs to be replaced at about the 5 year mark, and outside warranty, you’re looking at over $2,000. Faulty power steering. ,This is an an ongoing thing, but ,Tesla voluntarily recalled about 123,000 cars in 2018 for power steering failure., Considering there weren’t much more than 123,000 Teslas on the road at that time, it was a really big deal. As of right now, there is always something cheaper out there. ,If you are driving a Tesla, you’re driving it because it’s cool, not because it’s greener. There is always something more efficient (at least for now). Autopilot doesn’t understand stationary vehicles. ,As of right now, I know of at least three instances where a Tesla has slammed into a firetruck that was stationary on a road. ,This article ,documents one particular instance where a driver rammed into a firetruck on the 405 freeway going 75 miles an hour. The car had autopilot engaged. Your Tesla does not like the cold. ,If it is really cold, as it gets on the eastern parts of the United States, your Tesla will turn off regenerative braking. For people who have not experienced the difference with this on and off, it can be frightening. Door handles. ,I’m not sure how many of my friends have had to take their Model S in for door handles not functioning. If you have owned your Model S for over 5 years, there is a good chance every single door handle has been replaced. My electric car does not need maintenance. ,Several independent mechanics will confirm that you absolutely do need maintenance work, anything from checking for salt and corrosion across brakes rotors if you live on the east coast, to an alignment. For 5 years, that cost is about $3,000. That’s not terrible, but these cars ,certainly do need to be maintained. Your car is going to be heavy. ,If you are looking at expected mileage for a set of tires, you most likely need to chop some of that life off. Whether you drive fast or not, a heavier car than your conventional internal combustion means your tires will likely need to be replaced sooner than you’d think. I’d like to add an addendum as I think this post will probably garner a lot of hate: I do like what Elon is doing. I would love to see a future where Tesla succeeds. Nearly every other car on the road where I live is a Tesla. However, I think it is important for the consumer to know about the problems and criticisms of purchasing a car from a company ,sight unseen. With that said, Tesla is probably the most technologically advanced car ever designed in history. The ,Nikkei Asian Review, confirms that. But it would be impossible for me to say that I am a big fan of a company without also being equally critical of them.

If internet browsers were cars what cars would they be?

Internet Explorer - 1995 Toyota Corolla This car is a perfectly fine, reliable car. Lots of people drive them to work every day. Nothing wrong with wanting to drive it, you say to yourself. The paint is starting to wear though, and you wish that the passenger’s window still worked. If this is the car you drive, you wish people would stop talking about their cars all the time. Microsoft Edge - 2016 Toyota Corolla It’s a flashy and peppy car, and it makes a pretty bold statement. You’re really happy that you bought it, and you drive it around town to show off. Underneath all of the high-tech features and futuristic look, you get the feeling that it’s basically the same car it replaced. If this is the car you drive, you really want to have a nice car, but you don’t really know enough about cars to pick something else. Safari - 2015 BMW 325i This car is a reliable performance vehicle. You can tell when you drive it that it was engineered with attention to detail, and that makes you really happy. Everything is only good as long as it keeps working though, because the dealer charges you an arm and a leg for repairs. Sometimes you wish that it was less complicated and small things didn’t break. If this is the car you drive, you really enjoy well-built, fancy cars, and you’re game to spend the cash for one. Google Chrome - 2016 Ford Mustang GT In your eyes, this car is the best car. Really fast on the street, flawless reliability, and an absolutely famous marquee. You’ve known ever since you were a kid that this was the car for you, and as soon as you could get one you went out and bought it immediately. It’s really fun to drive around town, and sometimes at stoplights you’ll rev the engine just for fun. Everything would be perfect, if your gas mileage wasn’t terrible. If this is the car you drive, you’re a proud owner, and you won’t ever stop talking about it. Mozilla Firefox (32 bit) - 1989 Mercedes Benz E250 You bought this car off some guy on Craigslist for $1500. Back in the day it was a great car, and you’re proud that you can still keep it on the road. It’s got a lot of wear to it, but it works surprisingly well for its age. Little things like to break randomly, and you have to do all the repair work on it yourself, because no mechanic in town will touch it. You constantly worry about the day that something serious gives out. If this is the car you drive, you’re an obsessive mechanic, but most of your cars are broken and on blocks. Edit (2/17): Adding a couple more based on comment requests. Edit (4/17): Adding some more and tweaking a few. Mozilla Firefox (64 bit) - 2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat They took your old standby, your favorite car, and they upgraded it. It’s got all the same underpinnings, but now it’s modern and fast and cool, and that makes all the difference. Unfortunately, you can tell when you drive it that it’s still a bit dated; the performance and stability aren’t quite what you were expecting. You don’t let that bother you, though, because it’s still a great ride! If this is the car you drive, you are incredibly glad that your team finally pulled through. Opera - 2016 Toyota 86 You got this car because your friend had one, and you absolutely loved driving theirs. It’s fast and fun and it looks really slick; your only complaint is that it doesn't really stand out from the crowd. But, any time you see someone else driving one, you like to give them a smile and a nod, just for being in the same “club.” If this is the car you drive, you’re very careful and particular about choosing your car, and you enjoy cars with a lot of polish to them. Vivaldi - Caterham Seven When you went looking for a car, you knew exactly what you wanted. You had seen a review of this car on the internet and immediately fallen in love with the entire idea of it, of a car that has a clear vision and a total dedication to it. You spent months digging around forums until you were absolutely certain it was what you wanted, then you ordered one special from the UK. Now that it’s here and you can drive it, you have absolutely no regrets. Except sometimes you wish it had a roof. Or a trunk. If this is the car you drive, you don’t let people’s expectations get in the way of your vision of the perfect car. Konqueror - 1988 Pontiac Fiero This car is your old faithful and your obsession. When it came out, it was cool and exciting, and you can proudly rattle off the radical designs and features that make it such a special car. Unfortunately, the years haven’t been as kind to it as you would have liked. You’ve heard that people do engine swaps and updates to modernize theirs, and if you ever get the time, you figure you’d like to do a restoration yourself. If this is the car that you drive, you like to reminisce about the good-old-days. Netscape Navigator - 1978 Oldsmobile 88 You bought this car brand new in 1978 to drive you to the grocery store. You’ve driven it ever since then (mostly on Sunday), and you refuse to give it up for one of those newfangled cars with their gadgets and gizmos and fuel injection and turbochargers. It’s slow and old but it’s yours and you like it that way. Change isn’t something you ever want. If this is the car you drive, it’s going to be the car you drive until you die. TOR - M1 Abrams Tank Someone told you once that cars aren’t particularly safe. You figured that you would solve that problem, and so you went and bought a tank. It’s questionably legal and you get some weird looks for driving it to work, but you can rest assured in the fact that you are absolutely safe from everything. Your friends continually insist that perhaps you’ve taken your concerns with safety a bit too far. You certainly don’t think so. If this is the car you drive, safety is your number one priority. All the time.

What is something you did that you think was badass?

This one is intense and graphic, but I've never shared it, I think it's time. It's about a car accident, please be forewarned. Driving down a windy dangerous mountain road, 3rd in a line of cars stuck behind someone slow and cautious, on the way up was a similar line of cars stuck behind a slow camper, a man in a sports car (a Miata, I'll never forget, God please let that man rest in peace), decided to try and pass in a small area with some visibility. He made the pass just fine, but jerked back into his lane a little too fast losing control. His car swerved and hit the truck directly in front of me, head on at around 45-50 mph. That truck rolled end over end down and to my right. The camper hit the car in front of the truck when it swerved in reaction. The Miata spun in a circle and scraped the side of my car, then hit the car behind me head on also. Crashes echoed all the way up and down the narrow canyon, and the immediate smell of burning fuel, paint and flesh hit my nose. Somehow, in just the few second it took all cars to stop... I would soon find out I was the only person not injured. I jumped out of my car and ran down the hill to the truck that had rolled. Somehow my brain had reviewed the scene and determined that this was the most pressing concern. I ran as fast as I could and helped the man climb from his truck which had landed on it's side with the driver door facing the sky. He was miraculous only mildly injured, but needed help climbing out. I then sprinted to the man in the Miata and saw he was severely injured. I barked out orders to limping, bleeding, but upright gawkers to help him. I instructed one person to turn off his radio (that was blasting classical music), and another to turn off his car, which was crazily still running, I think the gas pedal was floored. Then I did a quick running sweep to determine the extent of other injuries and put more people to work. While ignoring the fuming driver of the camper who just kept following me around complaining about the damage to his camper, which clearly was about the least of any damage to vehicle or person, I knew the road well, so found a young healthy person who had just pulled up to the scene from the downhills side (this was pre cell phones if we did have them, then they wouldn't have worked in that canyon) and ordered him to run to the house up on the hill and call for help, it was the closest occupied house in that stretch of the canyon. It took nearly ten minutes for police, fire and rescue to arrive (they held a town meeting after the accident it was so bad, and I think they said it took 7 minutes, it felt like half an hour). During that time, I turned back to the man in the Miata, who many were yelling at, after making sure everyone with injuries was being cared for or looked after by someone, and I just sat with him willing any and all care I had to go to him. It was clear that nearly every bone in his body was broken, and he had a devastating head injury, and in all that turmoil, no one cared for this dying man. I was afraid to touch him, to cause any pain. He was clearly still alive, but wouldn't be for long. But I wanted him to know that someone cared, even if he did cause this accident, it clearly wasn't on purpose. So I sat with him while he passed, and then sat with him until help arrived. Other people were starting to shake off the initial shock and help also, so I let down my unexpected duties. The moment the first fireman walked up I rattled off the injuries, starting with the worst and their locations. The fireman then sent all of his people off to help. He didn't give me another glance, and I walked back to my car. It was the least damaged of the group. I sat in it, waiting for someone to take my statement in the midst of so much damage and pain. But no one ever asked. I sat there for about two hours. I think since I wasn't hurt, and my car was barely damaged they just had other things and people to focus on. Once they started to clear the road, I just drove away. About half a mile down the mountain, I started to shake and cry. And I realized that I had just experienced a true miracle. I somehow was in some bubble of protection, right in the middle of so much devastation, literally cars spinning and crashing all around. And I survived without a scratch. And, I survived to organize and direct and keep the entire scene together until help arrived, and no one noticed. I was a silent, miraculous, unknown, hero. But I didn't even care. I cared that that man didn't die alone, and his last images and sounds were friendly. I didn't think it at the time, but now, I feel pretty badass.

Can growing food and crops be automated?

Sure, it already is automated, that is to the extent that everything else is “automated” in our life. A lot of agriculture is highly mechanized already. Today’s tractor’s, sprayers, planters, etc are computer controlled or at least have computers assisting the human operator - just like care assembly is “automated” by having machines and computer assist the human operators. In a car plant you still need hundreds (if not thousands) of employees to start the process, end the process, do quality inspections, final paint touch-ups, oversee the process, restock the computer operated machine, etc. As an example, when I plant corn my planter monitor (e.g. computer) will: monitors where I am in the word in three dimensions (via GPS corrected by cellular signal) to less than an inch; and (after I select or create the guidance line I want to use and push the “go” button) it will steer the tractor along the designated path; it will auto-turn on each row-unit to drop seed (after I drop the planter in the ground) at the proper place and turn it off; it will automatically vary the rate at which the seed is planted (the population) after I’ve loaded the variable rate map that I created; and will monitor for me how accurate the planter is planting (population accuracy, is each row planting, any skips, any doubles, depth pressure, etc.) though I have to review the information and determine how to fix or improve any performance issues. No computer is going to go out, crawl underneath the planter, and inspect the row unit, seed tube, planting disc, etc. and determine what the problem is. The computer also isn’t going to determine if that specific field is fit to plant (soil conditions), slow down for a bump, rut or hole, see that branch that blown into the field, notice a weedy spot, see a bearing start to wear early, make sure the planter locks properly when you fold it up to go down the road, slow down and pull over when you see the school bus dropping little Johnny off up ahead, etc. Now of course if you have enough money you can try to automate a lot of the above, but why would you when you still need that human operator there for some of the things. Just like those old Jetson cartoons, you could have a robot maid and automated kitchen to automatically make you breakfast each morning today. But people don’t have thus because it is too expensive, too impractical, too inflexible and often times is something that humans just want to do themselves. We tend to automate things that are very repetitive, take lots of labor, are very dangerous to do, and/or need a high level of precision. I don’t think you can take the human operator completely out of the equation for raising livestock and crops, but pieces of it will continue to be mechanized and automated, and pieces will remain under human oversight.

What should I do if someone claims I door dinged their car in the parking lot? They also claim they have access to the CCTV footage, and would like to meet to review it, he works at the grocery store adjacent to where I work.

“,What should I do if someone claims I dinged their car in the parking lot?” It happened to me, once. In this case, I DIDN’T ding her car, though she says she saw me do it. What she saw, was my door touching her truck. Hers was a brand-new, dark colored pickup. Mine was an old yellow pickup with flaking paint. What she saw on her car was a little yellow paint from my door. It rubbed right off and left no scratches (because I was careful when I opened my door, regardless of what she thought she saw). The bad part is that after it was rubbed out, she verbally attacked me at work, anyway. (She was a co-worker). She even waited around until I came back at the end of my shift (we were both delivery drivers), just so she could yell at me. I told her I was sorry. That was not good enough. She said it was a brand new truck, and she’s be damned if she would let someone driving a piece of junk to put scratches on it. I was exhausted from working, and was sick of listening to her yowling. First I told her that she parked in an industrial area (a warehouse), and should EXPECT scratches. If she was that worried, instead of parking near the warehouse door, she should park at the end of the warehouse where nobody else parked. More yowling. I said, do you have insurance? Then sue me! Get the hell out of my way, I’m going home! Later, when my boss said he thought I was being unreasonable, I told him about my other car, a new Flash Red Dodge Daytona Turbo-Z. It was a beautiful car. The day I drove it off the lot, the salesman gave me a bottle of touch-up paint. He said beautiful cars always attract more scratches than plain ones do. He was right, and that’s why scratches never bothered me. If I wanted a pristine car, I’d leave it in the garage. My boss didn’t understand. Oh, well. On the other hand, from that day on, the co-worker parked her truck at the end of the lot. Imagine that.

Can you daily drive a Lamborghini Aventador?

It’s Thank you for the A2A. In my very honest experience,, absolutely not,. Several factors make me say that. There’s barely any space in the car. There are a few videos you can watch on YouTube that describe what I’m about to say in a more fun way. Bottom line, there’s barely any space whatsoever, for your phone, your keys and so on. It’s got a frunk of some decent capacity, but it’s only good for a laptop bag or 2 small grocery bags at best. I remember being parked outside WholeFoods and a guy making fun of me: “Always knew this were great family cars mate”. In a Huracan, you can open the frunk with the key, not in an Aventador. Open the car door on the driver side, bend over, and pull the latch. That pops it up, then reach in, and open. Takes 2 minutes every time. There’s not even a space to put your crappy Audi copied Lambo key, and if you need GPS, Lambo’s onboard one is useless. You have to keep your phone between your legs, and literally every time you get out of the car you end up searching for your phone and your key under the seats. Fun to watch I imagine, since it gets a lot of stares in parking lots. It’s just reflex, on your knees, stand sideways to the car, and start searching. Night time it’s extra fun doing this routine. On a positive upside, you’re greeted by this as you head back with your groceries, which almost makes it fun and worth it. This wouldn’t be the car to do your weekly shop in, but I did try it that one time. Speaks to daily drive ability though. Here’s TGE, an automotive YouTuber, who’s to my knowledge gone through several Lambos, SV, S etc, and speaking to him he’s got an SVJ on order, so kudos to him for loving the fun more than the hassle. The car gets an insane amount of attention. All supercars do, it’s part of the fun, but Lamborghinis just have something about them that turn every single head on the road. People have various reactions to your purchasing choices, and most of them are unfortunately, shall we call them competitive. Van drivers will literally try to race you, cars will cut in front of you more, people won’t care to respect normal traffic rules and ignore basic traffic priorities, just because of what you are driving. It’s so insanely loud everyone will hear you coming. Strada mode is there sure, but then what’s the point of a lambo anymore. Watch this review by Mr DeMuro. One time I was stopped at a traffic light, first in line, stopped perfectly on the line. Someone overtook me, went in front, over the line, to prove some kind of twisted point I guess. I can tell you 1 million stories like that. You can’t park or drive through 99% of places The attention it gets is just way too insane. In a busy area, forget it. One time I found a photo shoot taking place with my car, with female models and everything. This I guess wasn’t too bad :) Another time, while street parked, a guy had stacked up boxes of his clothing company’s items on top of my car for a photoshoot, literally wtf. Every 2 seconds another passer by is going to take a photo of it, and mostly with it, and it’s a fun experience to share, but as an owner it’s deeply stressful, because any second of someone not paying attention is an opportunity for a £10 - £15k triple layer paint correction bill. People take photos of you, they hold you at traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, get dangerously close to you on motor ways, undertake you in the wrong lane to get in front, and so on. I could be doing 150mph illegally on a motorway and I swear some guy in a Prius will still try to overtake. There’s plenty of people on Quora who will say the same thing. It’s great fun for tunnel sounds though. It’s very very uncomfortable Even if you get the comfy seats, it’s a very uncomfortable car. I had carbon fibre bucket seats in the SV, not a place to be for more than 2 hours. The upside is it does keep you perfectly straight, with no room to wiggle, which is good if your back hurts. However, it won’t take long before every single muscle in your body will start to hurt. The seats are about 1 inch thick, with no cushion to them. You are literally hugged by carbon fibre. You also touch the pedals at an unusual angle, so your legs are in this weird, non 90 degree angle, which adds to the pain. The car is also extremely low to the ground, when you watch nice YouTube videos driving at high speed this is carefully masked away, yet it’s actually the biggest factor of all when driving. You have to constantly, 100% of the time, keep your eyes straight on the road, and use the lift system, or you will scrape the front. Wanna guess what a repair costs? I don’t. Most of the time, you have to drive a lot slower than any other car, for this very reason. You feel every single bump 10x in a Ford Fiesta, and in the SV you quite literally feel the paint on the road. It’s absolutely insane just how uncomfortable it is, and after 3 hours you are simply screaming to get out. If you get into any normal car after, you will feel like you’re in heaven. The single plate gearbox will make you jump with every shift. You get used to it, but it’s uncomfortable. This is me behind a wheel, friend filming. Watch the gear changes, you feel that at every change in low speed, feels stuck between gears. Moreover, there’s very little sound proofing, so after 1 hour you literally start to “hear” things, because all the usual noises are so heavily amplified. It’s not actually that great of a car You might look at Lamborghini as a brand and think it makes the fastest and most powerful cars of all. In reality, many many specialists don’t actually rate it that highly as a track car. Don’t look at the YouTube channels with a million subscribers, those guys cannot afford to say anything bad or Volkswagen Corporate won’t lend them another car ever.(Yes Volkswagen owns Audi which owns Lambo). The truth is the main thing you get with a Lambo is drama. It’s probably hard to explain, but it’s exactly what a child would describe a supercar to be like. It’s very loud, fast, menacing, turns heads, it looks like a million bucks. There’s a lot of appeal and magic to this, and to some people it may outweigh all the downsides. But in reality, strictly performance, manoeuvrability, suspension, brakes, track performance, and so on, are quite easy to beat with the competition. So even if you’re sitting on millions in bank, if you want the best possible overall car, there’s really no reason at all to buy a Lambo. The Huracan Performante will destroy the Aventador on all categories except looks for a lot less money. The McLaren 720S will make any Aventador feel like a golf cart, for 40% less money. And that’s the feeling I got in it, it costs way more money than a 720S, it’s comically impractical, but there’s 1 - 1.5 seconds of throttle response delay, the front is extremely wobbly and not very stable, the power delivery is fun, but nowhere near scary. Seriously have a look, and this is comparing the SV Aventador, the crazy one, with the “standard”, non LT 720S. It’s a humiliation in every sense, an RWD car fading in the distance off the line vs a 4WD Aventador SV. 720S has electric heated seats, perfect visibility, bluetooth, high end audio, less horse power(on paper), and it’s a car you can comfortably do 2k miles in straight if you wanted to. McLaren engineers rare simply godlike, Lamborghini ones are the McLaren rejects. It’s the noise that makes you think “holy crap” I’m going fast, but in reality I’d be driving comfortably at twice that speed in a Tesla, on the exact same road. The compromises also make no sense. They removed the cup holder and filled all the space in the centre console, but in reality that would have 0 aerodynamic impact etc. No bluetooth and crappy speakers is just lazy engineering, since you do have audio anyway, it’s not like they are weight saving. And that’s what you’re going to think about every single compromise, it makes no sense. You’re not buying a 4x4 family car, and you expect it to be compromised, but you also expect some performance, looks, aerodynamics, something for your trouble, and that’s the oddity in a Lambo, you don’t really get anything but some notion of strange “bragging rights”. “Look how track focused my car is”, when in reality less than 1% of owners will ever track their cars and the things you do get don’t really make a track focused car at all. It’s massive, heavy, very wide, completely wobbly and unstable, the gear changes are so brutal they can literally throw the car sideways in a corner, and so on. A 4000lbs 2m wide Lambo sold as a super light track car is just total bs, serious lap times in Aventadors take place only in shooting marketing videos at the Nurburgring, with drivers crazy enough to take them, and tires you can never buy as a “civilian”. As an “average” owner, it’s seriously dangerous to extract anywhere near the performance advertised, the car is just not planted and you can lose the front end easily, in spite of the 4WD and weight. To quote a YouTuber, Lamborghini doesn’t make supercars, Lamborghini makes Lamborghinis, and I think that’s a very important easy to ignore aspect. Visibility and manoeuvrability are beyond terrible Again one of those points where you might say “so what, aren’t all supercars impractical?”. Very true, but this is one more vertical where an Aventador is in a league of its own. Visibility is quite likely the biggest of the two, but it’s properly scary to park your Aventador. Going to the mall parking lot? That takes proper balls, and getting out of 90% of all parking lots is a three person job. The rear pillars completely block the view, and there’s quite a lot of glare. It’s very very hard to park it properly, without touching the kerb and so on. Huracans are better, as they are far more nimble, but not great. A Lambo will automatically cut all audio when you go in reverse, so that tells you something right there, even the factory guys know how ridiculous it is. The turning radius is very big and the car is 2m wide, which means you simply cannot drive on most European roads, or at the very least in most cities. I only drove it at specific times through London, where it’s always full of traffic, and traffic calming road bumps. Every single bump, every single hole in the ground is one more opportunity for a £5k repair bill, or more. Squeezing through traffic is only for the bravest of all. You do get used to it, but it’s extremely scary, especially because most people feel this dumb urge to cut in front of you every single time they can. Driving at night time is not for the faint hearted. You are so low to the ground most beams from the cars behind go directly into your eye line, so the glare you get is very big. It’s easy to ignore this, but you’re basically half blind, in a very expensive massive car, it’s pretty frustrating and you don’t feel it’s an experience, you’re just dying to see it parked up. You need dry weather to drive it If it rains, then you’re really just gambling with your money. The first puddle deeper than half and inch you go through has a good chance of frying up some electronics, weird things happen. The first and last I ever went through that was deeper than a drop of rain caused the car to go crazy, the start stop system broke, I got all kinds of dash warnings, turned around and went home instead. I’ve never ever driven it through rain again. The visibility in the rain is another notch of crazy up. If you can’t see in crystal clear broad daylight, just dare to imagine what it’s like in pouring rain. All sane people will simply pull over, you just don’t stand a chance, you can’t see anything at all. I have a short video of it below, in a Huracan Spider not the SV. The tech inside is crap To add insult to injury, not only is it an enormous car, people constantly want to flip you off, and the visibility is terrible, there’s no 360 parking or any modern driving assistance systems. All you get is a sorry ass rear view camera from the 2000s. Did I mention it’s like £2k for that option? It’s really bad, and absolutely ancient, and worse than the standard camera on any Toyota. Judge for yourself. Lamborghini’s high end audio system, Sensonum, is an absolute joke. Every scrapyard purchase with a tape audio system will beat it, and I’m being very serious here. The SV has no bluetooth audio whatsoever, so you only get radio unless you use this weird 3 cable system. No USB ports either, just a single 12V port in the centre console. You do get a CD player though, on a 2015 car(wtf). You get radio for free, but it sounds beyond terrible, and doesn’t do enough to mask the outside noises(since there’s 0 sound proofing), and same thing for CD audio, you start to hear ringing noises in your ears after 2 hours. And the absolute killer feature? You have an iPhone 3 plug as your only smartphone feature. Yep that’s right, 2015 $500k car with an iPhone 3 connector, because people with $500k to spare upgrade everything but their phones, according to advanced research by Lamborghini. The hands-free audio is another wonder of the modern world, and I think they worked extra hard to make it this bad. Every hands-free phone conversation you will have in this car will be spoken in Klingon, good luck understanding a word of it. You just end up telling people you’ll call them later, which means you simply can’t touch this car on a workday, you have to be fully on it at all times. Cost would be insane These cars depreciate very heavily if you put miles on them. Most of the people who own one will put the car on the trailer nearly every single time they want to go “drive it in Italy”, or go to track, and this is the biggest reason. If you’re a first timer and not familiar with the extortionate cost of replacing brakes and pads, you might be tempted to floor it every chance you get, and use full brakes to come down to normal. That’s a young fool’s game, because in 3 miles Lambo will love you for the £25k ceramic disc replacement bill, £2k pads and so on. Sounds ridiculous? Have a look, it’s about £5k for every single ceramic disk, not including delivery or labour. Eurospares are the worldwide number 1 supplier of the complete range of new and used Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Coupe parts FRONT BRAKES DISCS CCB 077 Rear wheels are £655($800+) a piece. That’s not even funny. ,355,/30 R21 Pirellis or Michelins are nearly on par with a Bugatti Chiron(,365,/710 R 540) they are simply enormous. They need a big contact patch to put the power on the ground, but if you get one nail in the tires, and you need to replace both, son of a biscuit. You can’t have unevenly worn tires in a car of this power, add in labour, special order costs, your friendly local garage or dealership will invoice you £1500 - £1600(2k USD) for a nail in one tire. Supercar tires are expensive might be a very obvious point, but very few cars of equivalent HP need that big of a tire, and this is another angle where I personally think the Aventador is just not well engineered. Why else does a 720S McLaren “only” need 305 tires for way more performance feed to rear wheels only, and an all wheel drive car of lesser performance needs 355s? A rear wheel drive Koenisegg Regera, with 1900 BHP, has ,345/30, ZR 20 rear tires, smaller than an Aventador, for 2.5x the power feed only through the rear. Lambo engineering seems to like building Lego more than cars. Fuel economy You might say “you bought a Lambo what do you expect??” No one buys a supercar for fuel economy, but the Aventador is on a completely different league to all other cars, it’s just that much more thirsty. I dare say only F1 cars are in the same ballpark of 40 - 45L/100km or 5 - 6 miles a gallon. I joke with friends by saying while most cars come with fuel economy, this one doesn’t. There’s no way whatsoever to even view your consumption on the dashboard, it’s hidden well away somewhere 10 menu button clicks away, I never found it but legend has it it’s there. It’s common to average a max of 7 - 8mpg in urban traffic. That’s 35 - 40L/100km. This car drinks more than Charlie Sheen in a weekend in Vegas, even the oil rich Sheiks of Arabia would dread to daily this thirsty beast. It’s not even funny, you literally have to burn through a full tank in about 2 - 3 hours of mildy spirited Sunday driving, where you could get ~120 miles of range per tank without even trying to floor it every time you can. Look closely at the photo below. On the left is the fuel tank, at 50%. On the right, I have 60 miles of range left. SV has 90L capacity fuel tank. That means with 45 - 47L of fuel, you can do another ~95 kilometres or 60 miles. Floor it a bit and you will get to 50L per 100km easily. Ok so why did I buy it if I’m just complaining? Why buy it at the end of the day? 1) I didn’t know any better, and 2) to fulfil some long overdue childhood dream of owning your bedroom trophy wallpaper. Not really much else going for it, and I think even for the vastest majority of petrol heads owning a Lambo is a “temporary phase”, though I fully appreciate some people love the drama these cars bring to your life, and care a lot less about the running costs than I might. Conclusion: ,This is a 2k miles a year car at best, weekends, track days and things like that. Some people daily drive these cars, kudos to them, but I didn’t find it rewarding, it’s was actually quite frustrating, and offensively expensive. Overall, I don’t really recommend owning an Aventador, or at least it didn’t do it for me as a complete package. I’m a McLaren fanboy all the way, because the cars they make are on a completely different tier engineering wise, even if a lot of people don’t think they are “as fun”. They are so much more powerful they will shame any Lambo for way less cash, and with barely any compromise. Stick a Novitec exhaust on your 720S, and voilà, you have a killer machine. Full honesty, it seemed to me the only reason why you would want to own this car is the attention it gets and what people think of you, whether it’s the girl you’re trying to impress or friends or the random passer by. If you care a lot more about that than about having a real supercar, and if you’ve got the funds, that’s pretty much the only reason why you ever daily an Aventador, or own one for more than a few months. Rent one for a few days, and get it out of your system, that’s all you need.


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